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jojostuff Local Star

I like rainbows and long walks on the beach.

Joined 18 February 2009 Sydney, NSW

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  • Mr. Wong

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I can't believe I haven't reviewed before. I love what Dan Hong and his team have made this place out to be. Mr. Wong is one of our favourite go-tos for "fancy" Chinese. I love the feel of the place. It is a little dark and sometimes noisy, but I really only care about the food.

    The food doesn't stray far from traditional Chinese and it's like a good Chinese restaurant, but just better all around.

    We have our usual favourites - the wild mushroom dumplings and scallop and prawn shumai from the dim sum menu, the crispy fried Balmain bugs with spicy salt, and almost all of their desserts.

    On our most recent visit, the chef sent out a complimentary dish of poached chicken served with a sesame sauce and Szechuan chilli oil. The chicken is perfectly poached - Hainan chicken style, served cold (room temperature), with pickled cabbage and topped with a vibrant red sauce which looks incredibly spicy, but is actually very balanced.

    Try the cocktails and the desserts too; you won't get stuff like that at your neighbourhood Chinese restaurant. Book ahead if you have a group of 6 or more, or come for an extravagant weekday lunch. Whatever you do, just make sure you come.
  • Automata Restaurant

    Restaurants Chippendale, NSW
    When I went to uni across the road, this area was a complete dump. We used to come over for drinks at The Clare Hotel, but frankly there was not much else around.

    I was in for a huge shock when I came back to the area on Saturday (years later) for a dinner at Automata. Located within the newly refurbed Old Clare Hotel, the space is made up of two narrow floors of industrial-chic overlooking the open kitchen.

    Most of the seating is at long shared tables, so be prepared to overhear your neighbour's conversation (and have them eavesdrop on you too). The service is warm, and we had dishes brought out by various staff members including sommelier Tim Watkins and floor manager Abby Meinke (ex Claude's, ex Moon Park).

    The menu is a five course degustation meal priced at $88, and optional wine pairing at an additional $55. An amuse-bouche is also served at the start of the meal, and house-baked bread and an amazing anchovy butter is served with your main courses.

    As we are seated, Abby Meinke asks if we have any special dietary requirements. My husband notes that I am pregnant, but that I eat pretty liberally. She nods in approval.

    Every dish we were served was delicious, with their strengths leaning toward the savoury. A lot of ingredients used were Japanese in origin - yuzu, shitake, bonito, wakame - were Japanese, and the increasingly popular Vietnamese herb shiso made an appearance in our dessert.

    I loved the mains - the perfectly steamed hapuka, and a smoked beef rib cap. They explained that they left out an egg yolk component in the fish dish just for me, but honestly it didn't seem to take away from the flavout at all. The cured roe emulsion, sauerkraut, bonito butter and wakame powder it was served with were a delight. The beef was served pink, and again they explained that it is completely cooked through and pregnant-friendly (not that I care), served with shitake and wood ear mushrooms and the most fragrant tamari butter sauce. I am in heaven.

    However, my favourite dish for the night was probably the stracciatella served with pumpkin strips and possibly freeze-dried mandarin pieces. An absolute delight for the eyes and the tastebuds.

    What an incredible addition to the Sydney dining scene. Automata serves up really clever dishes without the reliance on extravagant ingredients. Hats off to the team and the great work they are doing. I'd absolutely recommend giving it a go, and I'd expect them to receive one or two chefs hats.
  • Button Bar

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    Another great little bar in Surry Hills. This one is close to Central Station so you can stumble home by train.

    There are several cosy booths which tend to get snapped up way too quickly

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  • atan7 Local Star reviewed Tokkuri
    Came here for an impromptu lunch with the family and really loved it. Super fresh ingredients and really interesting menu items. Popcorn prawns, miso cod, teriyaki salmon, everything was delicious. They are a sister restaurant of Sake but in a more relaxed setting. I will definitely be back!
    • They're not a sister restaurant of Sake in The Rocks. I believe they just "took inspiration" from some of Sake's popular menu items. :)
  • Expanding from its already popular shop at Enmore, Great Aunty Three opened a new takeaway corner at the edge of Sydney CBD and Surry Hills. The modern, intimately sized shop braces the outside air from its slightly open atmosphere and provides a few seats for consumers who prefer to eat their food at the premise.

    Great Aunty Three serves all things Vietnamese, ranging from bread rolls, noodle soup, salads, and rice paper rolls. The barramundi noodle salad was freshly made, and although the portion was a little small, it tasted delicious. The rice paper rolls were very fresh and came with thick garlic gravy sauce on the side instead of the usual peanut sauce.

    One good thing about Great Aunty Three is they accept tap payments even on small transactions, something that is quite rare for a small takeaway shop. Having been there several times, I can say that all the staffs are friendly and accommodating.
    • Great tip re: tap payments! I saw your review after I just visited for the first time. I did a tap credit card payment for my purchase, but I was greedy and ordered a couple of things, so it's good to know they accept card payments for smaller purchases too.
  • Easternian Local Star reviewed Mary's CBD
    If you happen to come to Mary's Burger CBD at around lunch time, then expect to line up at the slightly long queue outside this whole-in-the-wall takeaway burger shop. The wait can then take up to around 10-15 minutes and the food preparation another 5-10 minutes, so if you are not really in a rush to try this burger, I would suggest visiting at less busy hours like 5pm.

    The burger offerings are quite limited. At the time of my visit, there were only 5 burgers ranging from $10 to $12 each: Mary's Burger, Cheeseburgers, Chicken burger, Veg burger, and breakfast burger. There are also shakes, soda, and fried to add to your order and make it a perfect combo.

    I bought a cheeseburger and was surprised at how small it was. The presentation was also very bland, and the taste was just alright I could almost compare it with McDonald's $2 cheeseburgers. It certainly did not warrant any return on my behalf. Maybe I should have their fried chicken burger for next time.
    • The fried chicken is worth a try. Would be keen to hear what you think.