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  • I recently bought a car from a car dealer that uses Evolution for Roadworthy Certificates. Evolution passed the car off as roadworthy, I took my car to my own mechanic 3 days later for an inspection and the car was deemed not only un-roadworthy, but dangerous and should NEVER have been passed for a pink slip. Good to know I was driving around in a car with a buckled wheel and a loose/worn N/S Tie Rod End, brake pads with less than 30% remaining, O/S Tie Rod End had minor play, a worn and leaking steering rack, a knock from the gearbox, oil leaks from the gearbox, a leaking rocker cover gasket, 2 different sized wheels and nothing to notify me when my timing belt was due for replacement. Just the type of car you want to be driving!
    • You do know that a pink slip is not a comprehensive check of the vehicle right? It only checks certain things that the RTA require. I am a 22 year old female & i know this. Sounds to me like 'your mechanic' was trying to make a bit of money off you by telling you your new car needed a lot of work. If you trust your mechanic that much i am surprised you didnt take it to him to be inspected BEFORE you bought it. Strange you didnt......