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  • Jetstar

    Airlines Sydney, NSW
    We just flew to Hawaii on an unbeatable and unbelievable deal. $1380 for two adults and a baby return including luggage. The flight was on time, the plane was beautifully refurbed and a smooth flight.
  • Lighting Town

    Home Decor Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    The staff here were exceptionally helpful, especially in describing products and ensuring you don't order something that won't suit your space. And they will order in what you require. They have a gorgeous dog behind the counter which is great to occupy the kids.
  • Bronze Kiosk

    Takeaways Mona Vale, NSW
    I found the service when ordering to be lacking. Orders are placed at the cash register and they were too busy talking to notice I was there for too long an amount of time. However this was saved by the friendly waitress who brought our order to the table, who was kind and chatty. A prefect location.

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  • We grabbed $1k in Usd for our last trip and it was so quick and easy to do here. I arrived about five minutes before closing with no hassles for my request. They only had twenty dollar bills left or they offered waiting until the morning if I preferred. Small notes were fine. The only thing I didn't like was them counting the currency high on the bench in front of the window where it could be seen by any passer by. Perhaps doing it lower on their work bench might be a bit more suitable. However a brilliant service.
    • mins Local Star 
      Paul my absolute apologies for reviewing the wrong business, I will have this rectified by True Local. And next time I travel I will be sure to use your business and say hello when I come in. Thank you for all your information also!!