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Joined 29 June 2011 Manly , NSW

  • Middleton Design

    Furniture Manufacturers Brookvale, NSW
    These guys seem to be well set up to make quality cabinets but there is certainly a price to be paid. I stumbled across them and one of the guys who makes the cabinets helped me and was exceptionally helpful in chatting about what I wanted, two basic partitions and three small shelves between. Only problem was nobody got back to me. So I popped in again and had to wait for them to contact. All up this took over a week and I was keen to make an order asap. However at 2k I thought the price excessive, it did include fitting but this was substantially more than a quote I ha received for a complete cupboard from Timberline. I do believe they would do an excellent job it is just then a decision of affordability of their pricing.
  • Lawrence TV

    Audiovisual Equipment Installation Manly, NSW
    I came here with a corrupt USB and the guy I dealt with here was fantastic. He checked it on a couple of different systems and whilst he was unable to recover it was exceptionally helpful and gave me some other companies who might be able to assist. I would definitely go back with other TV or computer problems if they arise in the future.
  • Sanctuary Cafe

    Cafes Warriewood, NSW
    This cafe is located in Flower Power. The food is excellent. I had avo tomato on rye and it was delicious. The service was great too. I unsuspectedly ordered something off the lunch menu and the staff said they would see what they could do. It was a mistake, so not expected to even try, which they did try and whilst unable to do I thought the gesture of trying very accommodating!! I wasn't mad on the decor, especially given all of the beautiful options in the homewares right outside their door however the company I was with who were locals were Erving about how lovely it was.
  • Chicken Chop Pty Ltd

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    It's not the place I thought I'd end up on a Saturday, as it's more a mid week passing by with with proximity to Hardware and General I happened to stroll by on a Saturday and glad I did. They make a fabulous roasted chicken. And also great roasted vegetables. There was a fair crowd going in and out as I ordered so that is always a good sign.
  • Harry Phat

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    For a new, empty and well staffed restaurant we weren't impressed with the service. We stood idly waiting for sometime for someone to seat us, despite staff walking around us. We're offered water which never came and had to ask for in the middle of the meal and they were slow to take our order. There seemed to be more attention to keeping the restaurant clean and tidy than attending to guests. We watched the most professional table cloth change I have ever seen without exposing the table whilst we sat with no drinks and no order taken. The menu was interesting with some really unique dishes but a little missed on flavor. I'm glad we tried it, I would go again if it was a group of friends to try more of the menu but I wouldn't be the one to suggest going.
  • Royal Far West

    Medical Centres Manly, NSW
    We really enjoyed their open day this year. There was the opportunity to go through the buildings on tours where you learnt lots of amazing facts about the incredible services they provide in particular in health. There was live bands and sausage sizzles. Such a fun day!! They just needed a sign at the entrance advising of the open day as there wasn't one and lots of people were peering in but not actually going in thinking it was a private event. Cannot wait for the next one!!!
  • Bayfields.com.au

    Bottle Shops Dee Why, NSW
    They have excellent sales here but you need to keep an eye on the Manly a daily to know about them as it's not a drive by bottle shop rather in the car park of Dee Why Grand. Though I find this handy as I can easily access my car with bulk buys.
  • Pittwater Cellars

    Bottle Shops Mona Vale, NSW
    I have been coming here for about twenty years and cannot fault their service. They have a great range of red and white and really knowledgeable staff who can help you select a wine to suit your taste and budget.
  • BCS Strata Management

    Property Management Mona Vale, NSW
    I've been dealing directly with this company for a year and have found almost every interaction to be difficult, unresponsive and lacking in knowledge of our property and laws. I have sought assistance from upper management and this has also fell on deaf hears. I would not recommend them at all.
  • Coles Supermarkets

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Balgowlah, NSW
    They have a section that is all set up for fresh and take home food. Lots of pastas in packs that are made in store and ready to eat. I'll definitely try one when I need a convenience option for dinner. They also ha a great looking salad bar and a space to sit and eat. Quite a trendy little zone in the supermarket.
  • North Steyne Laundrette

    Dry Cleaning & Laundry Manly, NSW
    I never feel overly comfortable here but to be basic I'm just coming in to get my clothes washed so it's not a big exchange. However there are no signs to show you how to work the machines, as simply as which of the three holes to put detergent and that you need to exchange your coins for a token. When the staff spend their time in the back room and don't even shout out some assistance it complicates it somewhat.
  • Locantro Fine Foods

    Cafes Leichhardt, NSW
    I had a quiche here and whilst I'm not a big quiche eater this quite simply has to be the best quiche I have ever ever eaten. So delicious, simply amazing, too good to be true. It was the kind of food my Dad would have travelled from or end of Sydney to the other because it was so good. It was a caramel used onion and red pepper quiche so maybe I wasn't expecting much. Wow!!!! I will come again.
  • Cafe Cherry Beans Ashfield

    Restaurants Ashfield, NSW
    The cafe was clean and the coffees were good. Thy did take a while to come though, and it was rather empty. It's right at the entrance to the mall so a handy location.
  • Kmart

    Department Stores Chatswood, NSW
    They have a really big selection of children's books here, bigger than other stores I have been to. They also sell great little leather look notebooks for only a few dollars.
  • Sydney Taps

    General Retailers Croydon, NSW
    This I quite simply the WORST customer service I have ever received from a company. I bought a vanity and had a choice of free delivery or a reduced price. I chose free delivery and after the purchase was told it was only one driver so unable to get it into my first floor flat however they would deliver it with one of their better companies, one that typically didn't break things. I reluctantly continue with purchase despite this lack of in house delivery being difficult. I was emailed it would be delivered the following Wednesday, it never arrived. I hoped that afternoon to be told it would be delivered the following day, Thursday. It never arrived. I phoned the company, who I had been very specific in needing it before Friday as I was going away for two weeks. After Sydney Taps consulting with the courier was advised it would be delivered the following day Friday at 10.30am and if it had not arrived to phone by 11.40am as I was leaving at midday. It never arrived, I phoned and they said they would follow it up and get back to me. They never did. I proceeded to phone 33 times over the course of the afternoon. They never responded. When I used the plumbers phone they called him back immediately so I would suggest they were voiding my calls. As I had no contact despite three failed deliveries I contacted them, to which they blamed the delivery company and suggested I organized someone at my home and they would 'see what they could do". This I in stark contradiction to their website claim of prompt delivery and customer service. I proceeded to deal with Stephanie their sales manager whose customer service was deplorable. She said they never advise of delivery so I could never have been told these times. I was advised try had to store the vanity whilst I was away and the inconvenience and cost to them was an issue, never once an apology for their inconvenience to me. I requested two delivery drivers to get the vanity I into my home as I could no longer organize assistance and whilst first being told by her they would rectify the issue she did not. I advised I would be going to Fair Trading as I requested a refund which they would not give as they had failed in their contract of sale. She refused and they delivered the vanity without my knowledge this was being done. I would never ever use them again and I my experience would sway others from doing so.
  • Ali Baba

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    I found it quite a small kebab as in quantity of fillings than most others. It wasn't flavor some either. That being said the service was friendly and fresh ingredients looked fresh.
  • Garfish Manly

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    We enjoyed a 40th birthday celebration in their private room and it was jut excellent. They ensured everyone's wines were always topped up, took orders efficiently and kept to a time fram as we had another venue for the after party. Highly recommended for a function.
  • CIBO Bathroomware Factory Outlet

    Ceramic Manufacturers Brookvale, NSW
    When I stumbled across here driving past I popped in and was disappointed that I had nearly bought everything for our bathroom Reno as I found they had some great pieces. I loved their dark mirrors with another normal glass mirror taped on the front for a border effect. However I couldn't find a sales assistant in either floor so shouted out into their offices. I then found the service to be indifferent to being almost rude.
  • Yok Thai Manly

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    We had a girls dinner and as there was quite a few of us we got to try a lot of the menu. The snapper is such a show piece, perfectly sitting on the plate and tasty too. The betel leaves are jut delicious as is the pork entree. Great service that is unobtrusive also.
  • Helen Rodrigues Bridal Wear

    Bridal Wear Retailers Neutral Bay, NSW
    I came shopping here with a girlfriend who was and from interstate to try on their gowns in particular the pricey designer ones that come at a $15k price tag. She had to pay to try them on and was offered a one hour time slot. This meant she couldn't try on all the gowns she liked and were were promptly ushered out the door for the next appointment. Which I do appreciate as they need to keep timely appointments however we came out feeling rather unsatisfied. I asked do they ever offer longer appointment such as for someone coming interstate and they said no, but you were welcome to book another appointment, suggesting it typically takes three appointments. I didn't feel this was particularly considerate of the consumer and thought they could possibly be more flexible even if it meant showing your airline ticket. We felt really rushed and being not able to take photos we really didn't find we remember details about gowns or even which one we liked. The staff were professional but certainly not overly friendly and it felt a bit production line like, as in quick try on, quick get out as we have another appointment. I certainly wouldn't go back if it was my purchase.