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mins Local Star

Joined 29 June 2011 Manly , NSW

  • Plonk! Beach Cafe

    Restaurants Mosman, NSW
    Service was attentive and efficient. The seafood platter was great, I don't normally like battered fish but demolished this one. Perfect setting on the water by the boats.
  • Three Beans

    Cafes Manly, NSW
    We walked in on a freezing weekday morning and the place was so busy, all but one table spare. The staff were hence working under pressure but still super helpful and friendly, even when we confused them by changing tables. It would be nice to go on a sunny day and utilise the tables outside in the sun.
  • Oporto

    Takeaways Brookvale, NSW
    The chips were nice and fresh, so was the burger. The service was excellent, suggesting that chips and burger alone would cost the same or more than a meal deal, so a worthwhile upsell. They even came out from behind the counter to give you the bag of food.
  • Aces Charcoal Chicken

    Takeaways Mona Vale, NSW
    I had a delicious roast pork roll with coleslaw. Pork was cooked to perfection. It's great they have a few tables to eat outside also.
  • Jeans West

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    This is the only store that sticks easily wearable and comfy maternity jeans. And when they have their 40% sales, which is frequently enough they are an absolute bargain!! My black pull ups have lasted so well as they are great quality.
  • Tree Of Life

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    It's a pokey little store but that means it abounds in treasures!!! I love the jewellery and appreciate that you can see nearly all of the prices so I don't have to ask for sales staff on every piece I'm
    Interested in.
  • Sussan

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    This is my favourite place to come for pyjamas!! Especially their slippers. For $20-25 they are great value and my last pair lasted for years.
  • Hospitality Warehouse Pty Ltd

    Restaurants Brookvale, NSW
    I love coming here for chef quality kitchenware. Especially the pots and pans. My saucepan I purchased here, whilst expensive I know cooks amazingly and I can only hope I too make better food out of it.
  • Pin-Hi

    Sewing & Alterations Curl Curl, NSW
    Every bridesmaid dress I have worn I've had made here and recommended loads of purple too. Sharon is affordable and does and excellent job, and is a lovely lady too.
  • Warringah Mall Library

    Libraries Brookvale, NSW
    We come to the children's story time and absolutely LOVE it. It is so interactive with songs, stories and props for the children to play with. They do it brilliantly!!!
  • Rainbow Sushi

    Takeaways Mona Vale, NSW
    My little boy loves the sushi here, eating it at least weekly. I like that they can make fresh to order anything they may have run out of. And I love their gourmet type cut rolls. Delicious and popular!!
  • Aldi

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Mona Vale, NSW
    I always forget this store is here as its a little tucked away in the building despite being in a prominent location near the Bungan and Waratah roundabout. I always have trouble getting a car park downstairs so it's easier to park on the street. We bought some great kids wooden kitchen toys this week including fruit they can cut in half.
  • Aldi

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Warriewood, NSW
    It's so fantastic that this store has been opened in the Square. It's near the exit so close to the car park and just a really well laid out store, wide aisles and so clean and so many bargains!!!!!!!
  • Babyology

    Maternity Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    This place provides me with all my inspiration for my my baby's nursery. Such great offerings on baby cots and furniture that are all the latest styles.
  • Dome Hairdressing

    Hairdressers Manly, NSW
    My most recent visit began with a little mini bottle of bubbly as I waited for my appointment....perfect!!! My hair has been really suffered of late after a baby and with consistent treatments and care from Bec I've noticed a huge improvement in condition and style.
  • St Johns Kirribilli Church By The Bridge

    Churches Kirribilli, NSW
    We attended the Church playgroup session and it was just lovely!!! It was around two hours which included free play and then morning tea and group time. The content was a little heavy on sinning for the little ones but they loved listening to the stories and the music time also. So looking forward to go again. And it was only $5.
  • Em Nabil's Lebanese Kitchen

    Restaurants Milsons Point, NSW
    Delicious!!!! I bought a little variety pack which included felafel, lady fingers, hummus, baba ganoush and salad with some assorted condiments on the side. It was very large for one for about $25 and I relished the leftover dips for days. I'd love to eat in with a group to sample some more.
  • Kivari

    Clothing Retailers Freshwater, NSW
    I love the clothes in this store but they are very overpriced for what they are, think short sundress for well over $100. I did go to their big sale recently and as everything was so affordable I managed to buy a dress, cardigan and top for $120. Much better value!!!
  • Australia Post

    Post Offices Mona Vale, NSW
    This store is very much a community post office with knowledgeable staff. However one annoying factor is there is no express post box out the front, instead you have to go into the store and queue to hand it over but easier is to go around to the can rank. Apparently they are not allowed due to peak hour road restrictions in the front of the store.
  • Australia Post

    Post Offices Warriewood, NSW
    The new store has opened at Warriewood Square and it's soooo much better than the last little pokey store. It's easily accessible from the car park too. So fresh and new!!