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Joined 29 June 2011 Manly , NSW

  • Centennial Parklands Dining

    Restaurants Centennial Park, NSW
    The queue in their outdoor cafe was rather large however the wait time to receive your coffee was almost nil. By the time I paid there was only one coffee ahead of me. What an awesome barista!!!!!!!!!! Great location with a children's park handy and doc friendly.
  • Pop Up Picnic

    Party & Event Planning Surry Hills, NSW
    Pop up picnic organised a company family fun day we attended and they did a fantastic job. The staff were excellent, all so friendly, the lunch was delicious, divine salads especially, fun activities for kids like a jumping castle and races. Everything was well catered for and planned.
  • Beach Road Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Bondi Beach, NSW
    We went for the afl grand final and it was all so well organised. Huge screens about, a band and a really funky vibe too.
  • Moreish Foods

    Bakeries Balgowlah, NSW
    Lots to chose from at this shopping centre cafe. I had a barley sausage roll and it was delicious and "meaty" in the sense it was solid and filling
  • Forever 21

    Clothing Retailers Sydney, NSW
    I bought the best pair of jeans today in their sale for $35 that are just so slimming. They were reduced to $50 but there was even more savings when I made it to the register which was an awesome surprise. I also got a lovely soft fabric and soft blue denim shirt for $80. So stoked with my purchases and cannot wait to wear them.
  • Just Jeans

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    I haven't been here in ages and found the store to be really well organised and easy to find everything. The jeans are so clearly labelled with their style and fit so made choosing easy. There are heaps of change rooms for busy days, combined for both sexes, however a number of them were full of boxes.
  • Ouzeria

    Restaurants Manly, NSW
    It's been ages since we ate there so headed back. The staff were very accommodating of us turning up without a booking early on a Friday night and with a pram, finding a good table and tucking the pram away. I had the squid and it was just as divinely tender as ever. I had the roasted potatoes on the side and they were delicious also. Tho together as a meal I felt a bit heavy on the oil by the end adn should really have ordered a fresh salad too.
  • Schnitz

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Oh my....YUM!!!!! We had a wrap and it was just delicious and the chips are excellent too. Great any time of the day to cure a craving!!
  • Dotti

    Clothing Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    I found a fabulous suede vest in this store with tassles that I hope I get wear out of as it is just so fantastic that I couldn't say no to it. They were clear in their 30 days refund policy however.
  • Ozsale Pty Ltd

    General Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    they had a pop up sale in Brookvale on the weekend and the clothes were positively awful! However that I guess is only my opinion as we all have different tastes in life. They did however have an Arsenal football kits for kids so that will keep the husband happy for $15.
  • www.iinet.net.au

    Internet Services Perth, WA
    We have been using Iinet for years now and never had a problem with connectivity, however we are releasing our plan. When I called to cancel they were very informative and offered to refund some money if we didn't see the month out.
  • Humphreys Newsagency

    Newsagents Manly, NSW
    Looks like they are starting to get ready for Xmas, as I bought a fantastic Scholastics book about the Day Before Xmas in Australia, which will be an excellent gift to send overseas. They also have a train set to occupy little ones in the shop.
  • Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Manly, NSW
    We bought ice cream for all of the kids, at $3.70 the price was good, with choc dipped cones and extra toppings if they liked, however the scoop was a little on the small side. On a busy day it is hard to chose a flavour as there is three cabinets and its hard to see, a board with flavours might assist the ease in choosing.
  • 'yes' Optus

    Mobile Phones Retailers Balgowlah, NSW
    I queued to get an iPhone 6s and the store had the morning so well organised and informative. A staff member Jarrod organised the queue which they maintained outside the store so it was orderly and kept in order. He had a clipboard and folder taking down colour and GB we wanted and even assisted in speaking to my former company with advice on how to release the number so they could take it over on Optus. Nothing was too much trouble for either him or Brendan who assisted me with my order which proved to be problematic. I would highly recommend the staff and the store.
  • Optus World

    Mobile Phones Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    I spoke to a staff member here in preparation for buying a phone from optus and transferring a phone number from another provider to Optus. He was incredibly helpful and informative and in fact knew more about how to release the phone number from Telstra than any of the Telstra over the phone team.
  • Telstra Store Warringah Mall

    Mobile Phones Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    I dealt with a girl called Jessica in store who arranged the portal of my phone number from a business account so I could take it to another provider. She was so knowledgeable and efficient and helpful, I would recommend people to the store based on my experience with her on what was a very busy day with the release of the iPhone 6s.
  • bohemian luxe

    Fashion Bondi, nsw
    I love love love this shop, although I do find it very expensive, such as the lovely light cotton dresses that are selling for over $200 when you know how cheap the fabric is. That being said I know a lot of effort goes into the design as they are always cutting edge.
  • Manly Public Hospital

    Hospitals Manly, NSW
    First day of school holidays and with a playground mouth injury we were in and out in 2 hours with exceptional service from all of the medical team.
  • Oceanworld Manly

    Aquariums Manly, NSW
    I bought a yearly Merlin pass which includes Oceanworld so that was our first place to visit. My boy is maybe a bit young to really enjoy all of the exhibits however loved the children's play area which is all safely padded. I think it I made a trip to visit here I might be a little disappointed but I am not a big underwater / fish fan so maybe that is why it didn't sustain my interest for too long.
  • Swish Furniture And Homewares

    Furniture Stores Warriewood, NSW
    I am a celebrant and have found some wish jars at Swish that are so fantastic for special event days like baby namings, weddings and engagements, I send everyone here! They are jars with a reel of message tags and a pen and lovely label for the special event.