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  • Parkway Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    We were there with some friends on a Thursday night. It was our first time there, so we weren't too sure what to expect although we had been warned of its age.

    Yes, the place looked tired indeed, dark, worn and reeked of stale cooking and cigarettes. The kitchen staff was overloaded with crowd but was still maintaining their cool and friendliness. But the staff at the bar was a different case. They stayed chattering with a regular customer even though we had gestured to them we would like to order some drinks.No, they weren't friendly with us because we eventually broke their chatter up.

    Our dinner was nice and of decent proportion, which was a consolation after our drama of having to wait in a long line to order our dinner and a longer wait time at the bar for our beverage. Yes, the dinner was nice and affordable but not compelling enough for us to return in a hurry.

  • Sushi Bar
    Takeaways    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    Some things I won't understand is how this business is still buzzing with customers.

    Counter staff would holler to another employee while in the middle of serving a customer and with that, you get something else other than what you've ordered.

    To make things worse, I open up my sushi box to find that the sliced fish on my sushi were paper thin whilst the rice is sickly sweet and so heavily compacted it is rather difficult to eat. Something I would not expect after paying premium for.

    To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. NOT going back.

  • Morning Tea
    Home Decor Retailers    Northbridge, NSW

    It is evident that this lady at the shop loves what she sells and is passionate about her business, as I learnt that when we started talking about her inventory.

    A small shop it is, but don't be fooled as it is literally packed to the brim with every cooking and baking paraphernalia that any creative woman could want, from the staples to the seasonal. This little gem is indeed a woman's treasure trove, or rather a woman's dream 'hardware' store.

    The shop owner is friendly and helpful, easy to approach and chat to. I'll definitely drop in again whenever I'm in the vicinity. On this occasion, I scored a Christmas cookie cutter for less than what I would pay at the supermarket!

    Thumbs up!!!

  • Sushi Joy
    Restaurants    Northbridge, NSW

    This place warrants a second glance and that is what triggers me to dine there. It is a tiny tiny restaurant in a corner that is separated by glass windows that run from ceiling to floor. There aren't many tables at all so you will have to wait if you end up there right in the middle of meal times when they are busy.

    One little annoyance is the glare from the street facing side of the restaurant at lunch time, where there is no shade or curtain to mask the light that flows inside.Besides this little flaw, the menu looks great! Extensive choices for such a tiny restaurant and their dishes are affordable.

    On this occasion, my companion had a chicken lunch box while I a bowl of prawn tempura with noodles in soup. The chicken was tender and delicious accompanied by a variety of side dishes, but not limited by radish and fried tofu. They were all yum! My noodles were cooked right so they were not at all soggy or mushy, which was nice to begin with. The broth was not too salty, slightly smokey and really flavoursome. A slight let down is not serving the tempura prawns on a plate so the batter was already soggy when it arrived on my table. Apart from that, it was all good!

    Yes, I'll come back again. Next time I'll arrive earlier and try something different. Recommending!

  • Grand Hyatt Melbourne
    Hotels    Melbourne, VIC

    I thought the room was ordinary for the standard of Grand Hyatt. This is of lesser than impressive for the rate they charge.

    Breakfast is great though and it's on a convenient location.

  • Crown Promenade Hotel
    Hotels    Southbank, VIC

    Wouldn't say it's in the heart of Melbourne but it is convenient enough.

    It is luxe, rather glamorous and contemporary in design, somehow it lacks a sense of coziness.

    Great breakfast spread and service.

  • Westin
    Hotels    Melbourne, VIC

    Decent hotel on a great location. Nice clean bathroom with great shower and water pressure. Big comfy bed like most hotels of the same grade. Good breakfast.

    Great stay on the whole.

  • Place Settings for hire
    Party Supplies    Port Melbourne, VIC

    This is a difficult one because the person I have the pleasure of dealing with has comprehension issues and lacks not only common sense but also customer service and communication skills.

    Staff was unfriendly and unwilling to discuss my plans over the phone, didn't reply to my emails. Dealing with this person was unpleasant and I sincerely hope that nobody will have to endure what I did with this staff.

    I cannot honestly put a nice word out to this business if this staff is the only person to deal with customers.

  • Jet Flight Simulator
    Computers Retailers    Alexandria, NSW

    My first non home desktop computer flight simulator experience. The sceneries are realistic and so is the cockpit. Would be so awesome if the seat would 'move' with the 'motion of the flight' for a more exciting simulation but it is nonetheless a great experience.

  • Pack & Send
    Couriers    South Melbourne, VIC

    What can I say, this business is efficient, friendly and hassle free!

    After ringing around for quotes to have some furniture transported from Melbourne to Sydney, Pack and Send is by far the best! Not only the most affordable, the transaction was swift ( totally hassle free), my items arrived VERY quickly and Mark was so easy to deal with. With such an excellent service, I will definitely use them again and also recommend their service!

    I should also mention that their delivery person was also very friendly, helpful and considerate. I honestly cannot ask for a better service! THANKS!!!

  • Soban and Towon
    Restaurants    Chatswood, NSW

    I haven''t been back to this restaurant for a while and thought today is a good chance to try a new lunch dish as I was at the mall. So glad that I did as I loved it!

    The waiting staff was friendly and attentive, recommended a meal that I would love to have again and again! I must mention that like most Korean restaurants, the meal came with accompanying side dishes; an assortment of pickled vegetables were very tasty and appetising.


  • Yenikoy Cafe & Restaurant
    Restaurants    Newtown, NSW

    What a great first experience at this restaurant!

    My teenage kids and I were strolling on King Street when we stumbled upon this neat establishment. It has an open dining concept as well as indoor behind big glass windows. By judging the way they present and decorate their tables, you can tell they take pride in what they do. Flowers and plants everywhere making the place very pleasant.

    High tables, lovely bar stools on the verandah with soft colourful blankets for customers to use - what a thoughtful gesture! Open concept kitchen where you can watch the chef prepare pastries, breads and roasts. The smell of their cooking was luring and appetite inducing.

    The staff were excellent! We were greeted immediately with a big smile and the vibe there was welcoming and friendly. Service was prompt, staff were approachable and all smiles.

    We weren't hungry so we only ordered drinks and a serving of Gozlame (spelling?); a pastry with spinach and cheese filling to share. Our hot chocolate was really good and so was our pastry. It was visible that our pastry was made fresh by hand.

    I would go back but this time for a meal. I definitely recommend this place.

  • Trims Fresh Leichhardt
    Fruits & Vegetables    Leichhardt, NSW

    I really enjoy shopping here; produce are fresh and prices are fair. Love the deli department where it is packed with a variety of yummy salami, olives, pate, olives, cheese and other cold cuts.

    If only I live close enough to this store...

  • Thai Kitchen Frenchs Forest
    Restaurants    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    If you want a hearty yet affordable Thai takeaway that is fresh and tasty, you won't be disappointed here. Although a takeaway business, this joint has indoor dining as well as outdoor with toasty gas heaters for their guests on a cooler occasion.

    Run by a bunch of Thai, this place serves up some really good noodles and rice dishes and you won't be let down by their generous serving portions either. Just be warned, they can get really busy and meal times, especially on a Friday.

  • HomeWorks Bed Bath N Table
    Department Stores    Chatswood, NSW

    A nifty little shop tucked away on the Archer Street end of the building, away from the main crowd, I think it deserves more attention. This Bed Bath N Table stocks some items different to the other ones I have been to, which I really like.

    The shop assistants are friendly and easy to approach, making my purchase a breeze. What I like about this store is that I can browse and not get hassled and yet I can easily get the service I require. This place has now become one of my favourite haunts.

  • San Ma Ru Korean Cuisine
    Restaurants    Chatswood, NSW

    This restaurant looks new, it has glass walls and bi-fold doors that open up to an al fresco dining, contemporary interior with plentiful natural lighting which nice. However, one thing to note is the acoustic within the premises; so bad it makes having conversation rather difficult.

    Food is just ordinary although the seafood pancake is not too bad. The grilled beef is quite sugary, not fantastic but the kimchi accompaniments are very tasty.

    Pricing is affordable, especially the lunch menu. I can't say that I will be back in a hurry but if I do, I will definitely try different dishes.

  • Domino's Pizza Forestville
    Takeaways    Forestville, NSW

    This Domino's outlet has in the past months served up some bad pizzas more but this time it is WORSE! Scant topping is not the only problem, the base has hardly any sauce while several slices of our pizza have virtually nothing on it, besides cheese. Disappointed, or rather VERY disappointed to find out only after we've been home. NOT going back ever again!!!

  • Wheel & Barrow
    Department Stores    Chatswood, NSW

    It's a great shop stocked with nice kitchen and table wares and some beautiful decorative items. Unfortunately, I was not able to find what I was looking for on this occasion even though the staff was very friendly and helpful.

    I will definitely return in the future.

  • Lang Suan Thai Street Food
    Specialty Food    Eastgardens, NSW

    It's a cute little eatery with the concept of street food Thai style, just like its name suggests. The table settings are a tat funky made from recycled materials, but far from comfortable with a couple of tables a little low for dining.

    The food is otherwise very tasty although the portion is smaller than ideal. A side dish would be in order to help supplement the main.

    I just found out that they are open for dinner only on Thursdays as they close early on other days of the week.

  • ANZ
    Banks    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    This is a small banking facility with open concept where you'll walk past several desks providing difference services before you get to the tellers. In this case, you'll hear every bit of a conversation or, argument while waiting to be served by a teller due to the complete lack of privacy and soundproofing. Rather disappointing that the bank overlooked the privacy and noise factor.

    On a positive note, the teller who served me was although not the quickest, she was friendly and full of smiles, also efficient at her tasks. I was pleased that my transaction was completely quickly with ease.

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