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  • Tanoon Mai Modern Thai
    Restaurants    Chatswood, NSW

    My husband and I have travelled to Thailand many times, have had many Thai meals so good we'll always remember. At Tanoon Mai, I can assure you will return for more after your first meal there.

    Their crab fried rice was the dish that was fought over! And so were the dumplings and salt n pepper squid.

    The ginseng chicken was awesome although it was a little too salty, still it was no show stopper; it was all polished up in no time.

    The pork belly noodles are much like the street carts in Bangkok. Only this serving is size of a whopper!

    The jungle curry was REALLY good. Clean curry that's full of flavor. A dish we can't miss when we dine there.

    Will I recommend? Definitely yes!

  • The Rice Den
    Takeaways    Chatswood, NSW

    Ok, not much to rave about.

    The curry was sickly sweet smothered by too much coconut cream. The rice serving was meager.

    The rice rolls were what you'd buy in a box from an grocer to steam at home, but they served them with a sauce that's heavily sweet and salty, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Flavor was right but seasoning was too much.

    The satay skewers were nothing to talk about, really. Just another adapted recipe, far from authentic.

    Will I go again? Unlikely. It wasn't a cheap lunch.

  • Subway
    Restaurants    Torquay, QLD

    Yes, the bread is baked fresh daily; you see them in their oven. The filling ingredients are all there on display; are all real and fresh. So your sandwiches are assembled upon your order, it's all fresh. I get it but somehow the taste of their sandwiches is often simply mediocre. That's purely my opinion, my taste buds.

    Not a sandwich I'd buy frequently.

  • Golden Chicken
    Takeaways    Urangan, QLD

    We've been driving past this little brightly lit building and have noticed each time how busy it was, especially in the evenings. So we decided to check out what the hype was.

    It was busy when we walked in but I ordered my son's dinner anyway, only because I promised he could have a try. It was none other than an expensive greasy fast food.

    I wouldn't have even thought of ordering any such food if we weren't on a holiday, if I hadn't made my promise. It was hideously expensive for junk food and the chicken was salty beyond consumable standard.

    NEVER going back there again.

  • Clarence Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Maclean, NSW

    After a long day on the roads we were tired and eager to stretch our legs. Well, and hungry. So we walked up and found this pub bistro at Clarence with a menu we couldn't resist.

    The staff were wonderful and thoughtful, not just friendly, they gave us insect repellent when we were getting swallowed by the mosquitoes.

    The food was great, fresh and tasty, portion was just right for us and kids were happy.

    Pity we were exhausted, we didn't stay out long enough to enjoy its casual outdoor setting on that one balmy evening we were there.

  • The Great Australian Ice Creamery
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt    Torquay, QLD

    OMG this place is a heaven of ice cream. Real flavors from real ingredients that you can see. REALLY. Chunky ingredients! In fact, you can smell it!

    If you're a fruit lover like I am, you're going to have a tough time deciding. Or, you'll be back there alot!

    Their best, my bias opinion, is the pineapple ice cream. Or watermelon. Maybe it's the fig. Possibly mango. Well, it's really DIFFICULT to decide!

    You should have a try for yourself to judge. They're all good. I mean GREAT.

  • Harbour View Caravan Park
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks    HERVEY BAY, QLD

    This caravan park sits right on the harbour of Urangan in Hervey Bay, a quiet spot with plentiful sea breeze and little traffic even though the boat club was literally metres away.

    Situated 5 minutes drive from the nearest mall and other major malls not much further away. Lots of restaurants and takeaway shops nearby too.

    There's a beach only 5 minute stroll away where we swam with dolphins not too distant, which was really awesome. There many other beaches not too far away and they were all great too.

    Our villa was bright, clean and spacious, well ventilated with lockable windows and a ceiling fan. A little disappointed there were no sheets on the queen bed and our fridge was as small as it gets. No show stopper, we still had a wonderful time.

    The local boat ramp was really close by, probably no more than a 100 metres away.

    In a nutshell, this park ticks all the boxes in our case and we've enjoyed our stay there. We're now looking forward to our next holiday there.

  • Aquatic Caravan Park
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks    Port Macquarie, NSW

    It's a tight caravan park, literally but we did manage to fit our car and boat into the parking spot next to our cabin.

    The cabin is pretty good. All merry when we found an air-conditioner in the unit which helped keep us cool during that very warm summer night.

    The kitchen had everything one would need to prepare a meal and a full size fridge with a freezer on it, which was a plus.

    The bathroom was small but the shower stall even smaller! I honestly cannot image someone of a large size in it.

    Our stay there was flawlessly easy. I rang up to inform them we would be late so the staff left our key in the cabin for us with the porch light on for our late arrival. We left the key the way we found it when we left as we had to be on the road early. Although I've never met any if the staff members, they were all friendly and considerate. That's helped make our stay more pleasant.


  • Compass Claims
    Car Rental    Crows Nest, NSW

    True, it wasn't my fault!

    I needed a replacement car quickly after an accident and I was referred to Compass Claims just for that service.

    The transaction was a breeze. All paper work was paperless, completed in less than 10 minutes at the time of delivery.

    The car was delivered like I was promised, a model similar to my current car except the replacement car was brand new! And with the tank full of petrol.

    The return was too easy; all I had to do was leave the car key with the car repairer and hop into my car that's already waiting for me.

    Well, after reading my review you would by now know who to call when a replacement car is necessary!

    Thumbs up!

  • Northern Beaches Smash Repairs
    Vehicle Body Work    Brookvale, NSW

    I've had the easiest, fuss free repair at Northern Beaches Smash Repairs!

    I was referred to NBSR by my car insurance and it was too easy right from the beginning. I was greeted by the business owner who was friendly and genuine. He even offered to check my car (no charge) to make sure I could drive home safely even before I agreed to use their service.

    They completed the job on time as promised and I haven't seen my car in a better shape! My car looked new and shiny not just on the outside but inside too! The interior was cleaned up and polished, smelling like new!

    I couldn't be happier! Thanks NBSR!

  • Youi Insurance
    Insurance    Sydney, NSW

    I can still remember my first experience with Youi, it was easy and fuss free. Got the low premium I wanted with the cover I needed all in a phone call.

    Now it is no different even though the situation changed. This time I needed to report an accident that's not my fault. It all went smoothly without much of a wait on the phone at all, I was given an appointment with an assessor at a convenient time and location and had my car repaired in a fortnight! Yes, I even had a replacement car in that time, all through the phone!

    It's all too easy, I'm pleased! Thanks Youi!

  • Hi-Tek Aquariums
    Aquariums    Brookvale, NSW

    Yes, these guys sell tropical and marine stocks but they are so eager to sell they don't care for the welfare of the fish which I pay a premium for.

    I couldn't believe it when I was told it'd be ok to add a bunch of new fish into my existing aquarium just the day before I go on a two-week holiday! A smile turned into a smirk when I turned them down!

    Not so sure about going back there for live stock.

  • Finnian's Irish Tavern
    Pubs & Bars    Port Macquarie, NSW

    Not a bad place, really. We were just passing through and needed a good dinner at a place where we could relax and stretch our legs after a day-long drive. This was the place.

    The atmosphere was casual and relaxed. Staff members were friendly and helpful; qualities which we value highly.

    Our meals were spectacular; pleasantly presented, generous in portions and most of all, tasty. Our kids loved their chicken schnitzels while my husband had a burger and I a huge serving of creamy pasta.

    All of us left rather pleased with our choices and definitely will return to Finnian's next time we pass through.


  • Eagle Boys
    Takeaways    Pialba, QLD

    I'm not sure if Eagle Boys Pizzas are considered as fast foods but I can say their ingredients are fresh, pizza base is thin is crusty and all in all a very flavorsome meal that is quick and easy for a lazy night. Yes, they're quick!

    Moreover, it is way cheaper than cooking my own.

    Perhaps some may not agree with me that Eagle Boys make great pizzas but they do each time I order them.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Tanoon Mai Modern Thai
    Restaurants    Chatswood, NSW

    This restaurant is hard to miss with colourful flags and banners out its frontage. Its ambience is obviously Thai with a contemporary twist.

    Food is great here, with the king prawn jungle curry first on my list. Well, maybe the fried dumplings should come first! The salt and pepper squid is awesome and more than generous.

    For those pork belly lovers out there, you don't want to miss this. You can have a serve of beautifully braised pork belly on its own or have it in a bowl of rice noodles, it is really tender and delicious.

    These good Thai people serve decent chilli to add some spice to your meal too!

    This wonderful restaurant is nestled in the fresh food market where it goes quiet after 5.30pm. Don't fret, Tanoon Mai is open for dinner!

    Thumbs up!

  • Maddigan's Seafood
    Takeaways    Torquay, QLD

    "Woweee!!!" was what I said when I set foot into this busy little takeaway shop. The lines were long; people waiting to be served and others waiting for their orders to arrive but it was worth the patience.

    The Maddigans sell really fresh seafood (I mean really FRESH), great variety including mud crabs and the usual array of shellfish on display amongst an assortment of local fish.

    The hot food menu was impressive; from meals for a single serve to massive party packs, and their prices are reasonable compared to many holiday destinations. They were flexible too with swapping and mixing menu items.

    The staff were friendly and helpful, I just couldn't ask for more. Perhaps more dining area at the the premises.

    Definitely recommending!

  • Maclean Riverside Caravan Park
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks    Maclean, NSW

    We were passing through and stayed overnight at this riverside caravan park.

    The owners were friendly and easy to deal with. We were upgraded to a nicer cabin which was quite spacious and clean.

    The double bed was nicely made up with clean linens and comfortable to sleep in. Our children slept comfortably too in the separate room where the bunk beds were.

    The cabin also had air conditioning unit strategically installed which ensured we were cool on that warm summer's day.

    The cabin had everything we needed and we couldn't ask for more. An open space next to our cabin where we could park our 5 meter boat safely.

    It was more than we bargained for at very reasonable summertime rate. Will be back if we get a chance.

  • UltraTune Brookvale
    Mechanic    Brookvale, NSW

    This business transaction was too easy and smooth.

    After ringing up several auto service businesses in the neighbourhood I realised that Ultra Tune was the one to go. All I required was standard braking system fully replaced to put my car back on the roads safely. Ultra Tune did just that fuss free with a very competitive price.

    The business owner was friendly and acknowledged my needs without questioning nor tried to market a better product to me. In fact, he even advised me on my new brake system.

    I'm definitely going back to Ultra Tune.

  • Thai Yum Yum
    Restaurants    Torquay, QLD

    I'm disappointed to see no review on this restaurant. I've had one of the best Pad Thai here! Having lived in SE Asia for best part of my life and a big lover of Thailand, I'd say the cook in this kitchen is excellent.

    Tucked away in a corner, you'd have to look twice. The waiting staff was soft spoken, very friendly and considerate.

    After tasting my first Pad Thai there, I had to go back again. And again. 4 times during my week long holiday there. Now I wish I were still there so I could have more of their Pad Thai!

    Did I mention the portion was more than generous? For the chilli fans out there, they have good quality freshly cut red chilli, spicy the way Thai have it - to die for!

    I'm coming back!!!

  • Mu Cha Cha Mexican Kitchen
    Restaurants    North Curl Curl, NSW

    I'm a big fan of Mexican cuisine. I found this place one day when I was looking for a Mexican restaurant in my neighbourhood, I decided to give it a try after reading a raving review.

    When I got there, the restaurant was buzzing. Well, it's a small shop with a few long tables. It appeared to me that there were a few families dining as a group in separate tables. They had taken up all the tables so we decided to have our Mexican dinner taken home instead.

    The kitchen appeared shorted handed although I could see through the window they prepared the food fresh including the tortilla, which was excellent.

    Our dinner looked really good although we were rather puzzled why the cabbage slaw that's full of mayonnaise. It also did not taste right with the other ingredients which were quite meager. The cabbage slaw was in all the burritos we ordered and none of them tasted right. The fish was deep fried in batter and was mostly batter with little flavor.

    Our dinner was a total let down; there was no hint of any Mexican taste but smothering mayonnaise and little meat filling even though the tortilla was good, it wasn't enough to bring us back.

    To make it worse, it was NOT an affordable dinner at all.
    Sorry, not recommending.

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