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  • Thanon Khao San Thai Restaurant
    Restaurants    Sydney, NSW

    This is a Thai restaurant where I would return in a heartbeat. It has my favourite dish which is hard to find in Sydney and am so glad that not only do they serve it, but it is as authentic and tasty as in Thailand. I can still remember the first taste!

    With a cute tuk tuk on display at the restaurant, you can't miss it. And not to mention the array of freshly made desserts at its frontage; very eye-catching!

    The service is fast, no matter how busy they are. In fact, they are always busy even on a weeknight. It is evident the restaurant is popular judging by their fleet of Thai staff, and the many ever faithful Thai and foreign customers dining there.

    The taste of Thai dishes is rarely subtle but with flavours in full force, be it fish sauce, coconut, lime or chilli. The one dish I cannot miss there is the spicy papaya salad with crab and anchovy, a full-on fishy and heady recipe not for the faint-hearted. A small point to note is a flaw with their curries is the amount of coconut cream which masks the spice flavours.

    Another dish I would rave on about is their BBQ beef tenderloin. It is cooked to perfection, flavoursome; sweet, salty and slightly tangy, still pink on the inside. This is one taste I cannot forget.

    The Pad Thai is great too. I'd say I've had a fair share of mediocre Thai stir-fry at various locations but this one will put a smile on anyone's face. Sweet, it is no doubt but it is cooked well; noodles still firm but cooked enough and beef is tender. Love the crushed peanuts on the side but the lone wedge of lemon is usually not enough for my liking, so I have to ask for more.

    The prices are reasonable on the whole and definitely worth travelling for. YUM!!!

  • Yasaka Ramen
    Restaurants    Sydney, NSW

    Last night, my son and I were scouring the streets of Sydney CBD looking for a Japanese restaurant. After a long tedious hunt, we finally settled for Yasaka Ramen and so glad we did. Here's why:

    The ramen noodles are made on the premises, assuring customers of the freshest noodles. There is a gallery at the entrance where you can see the making of the noodles, which is pretty cool. Their ramen bowls are kept warm in a contraption with hot water in it so you know your noodles will stay piping hot for longer.

    We sat at the counter where the kitchen is in full view, where you can witness the kitchen staff meticulously prepare the food, much like many small restaurants in Japan. They were busy but it was a relief that none of the staff members were stressed out or yelling at one another. Quite the contrary, they were orderly and organised, spoke in courteous manner.

    We ordered the most spicy ramen in the house, crispy chicken cutlets on rice, teriyaki tofu, lotus root chips and pork dumplings as well. It would be difficult to pin-point which dish was the best because they were all good. Yes, all of them were good. The chips and chicken were crisp, crunchy and flavoursome, the tofu super silky on the inside but crunchy on the out; they were really delicious! The pork dumplings were simply excellent; they were succulent and we could just taste its freshness too. Lastly, my ramen! The texture of the noodles was just right, slightly firm with a little chew and not too thick, definitely not soggy. The broth was spicy, slightly bitter as you can expect with the bowl filled with mostly chilli, even then the miso flavour could still be identified. The ramen was of generous portion with a thick slice of rolled pork, corn kernels and a sheet of nori. I also noticed that the broth was only mildly salty, just ample so you can taste the ingredients in the bowl.

    The bill was a humble one even though we ordered more than we could manage. I must say that my son and I had one of the best Japanese dinners last night, no different than the restaurants in Japan. Yasaka exceeded our expectations in taste, professionalism and cost and given these reasons we're bound to return soon.

  • Coles Supermarket
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    North Manly, NSW

    We all know what Coles are about but today, I'm writing a review about their service, something I've been meaning to do so for a while now and today just warrants it!

    I should commend on the attitude of the staff members whom I have interacted with. They are from but not limited to the bakery, deli and dairy, they are always happy to answer my questions and help me with my requests even if it means going round the store to look for the appropriate person for assistance. Today I've had the pleasure of dealing with a young gentleman who provided me with such excellent service, whose work at the Asian food aisle was interrupted by me, diligently went hunting down a staff member from the dairy department so I could have the products I needed. Now I wish I took notice of the name of the gentleman who did all the legwork!

    Thank you for your help today!

  • The Great Australian Ice Creamery
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt    Torquay, QLD

    This place now has plenty of benches and tables outside where customers can sit down to enjoy their ice cream, which really is way better than the few odd tables and chairs that they had in the past. That's the good news.

    The lesser of a good news is they no longer sell the pineapple ice cream. They still sell many great flavours of ice cream which still leave their customers a difficult task of choosing.

    As one can imagine, customer service isn't equal throughout the week depending on who is on duty. Some are not only friendly but also considerate while others care a little less, their service is pretty good on the whole and definitely will return when we are in the area again.

  • Maddigan's Seafood
    Takeaways    Torquay, QLD

    We have the pleasure of visiting Hervey Bay again this summer and most importantly, taste the great fresh seafood that the Maddigans prepare.

    This time, we dine in every other night and there isn't a meal there that we don't enjoy. The grilled salmon and barra, salt & pepper quids, oysters, etc. But, the king of seafood there is the mud crab. Although it isn't cheap nor is it something one would have frequently, it is certainly worth every penny. The crab is so fresh you can taste it. It is cooked to perfection, its flesh naturally sweet and salty at the same time, so good that every inch of the crab is savoured preciously!

    On the service front, the staff is friendly and efficient. And quick! But the wait is always worth it! Will definitely return if given the chance.

    THUMBS UP!!!

  • Hawa Charcoal Chicken
    Takeaways    Granville, NSW

    Trotting along South Street one day, we notice there aren't many dining options, so my friend and I settle for Hawa. At lunch time on a Thursday, this place is busy with a line out the door, but the service is reasonable quick and we are able to order quicker than anticipated.

    Looking for seating, we wander into the dining area to discover that this place is spacious with cool air-conditioning perfect for that particularly warm afternoon. As non smokers, we are disappointed that there is a smoking section within the enclosed dining area, nearer to the toilets.

    Our food comes quite quickly even though the kitchen is obviously busy. Our platter of kebabs and dips is of great portions and not to mention the fresh bread that comes with it. All the kebabs are very tasty, really tasty. The chicken is great, however, I wouldn't rave about it. Perhaps I should give it another chance and try it again on another occasion, it may very well change my mind. But to me, the highlight is actually the baba ghanouj! It is smokey in flavour, creamy and full of eggplant. It is so good, I can't stop thinking about it. I know that I'll be back again for it, no doubt.


  • Fix It Now Plumbing
    Plumbing    Narrabeen, NSW

    Paul is undoubtedly the one whom I will recommend to anyone in need of plumbing service, big or small. His service is simply the best. He is honest, reliable, patient and quick. As a customer who has used his service before, I did not hesitate calling him up again to help solve our problem. And indeed, Paul is once again our go-to man. Thank you very much for your help!!!

  • Ipoh on York
    Restaurants    Dawes Point, NSW

    This place is always buzzing like a frenzy whenever I walk past, thought I'd find out why.

    My only time there, I had the Ipoh hor fun, which is a rice noodle dish. I hadn't anticipated a bowl of soupy noodles as my Ipoh hor fun experience in Malaysia was noodles in gravy. The broth wasn't too fantastic although mildly tasty. I'd be happy to try a different dish next time.

  • The Naughty Chef
    Restaurants    Sydney, NSW

    This place gets really busy at lunch time so if you don't want to wait, turn up early.

    I noticed their noodle salads are the popular dish, I've only tried the spicy lemongrass noodle soup. It's tasty although I couldn't taste the spice nor lemongrass but sugar in the broth. Will try something else next time.

  • Tasanee Operations
    Sewing & Alterations    Sydney, NSW

    This cash-only business is but a tiny hole in the wall with very basic setup, purely for functionality. Set back in the basement level of the Wynyard station, along the walkway you can see a seamstress at her machines, a small counter and a floral curtain.

    Don't be deceived by its simple appearance because I have received only the best service here. They are superbly efficient, finishing my request at lightning speed - the next day. The business owner is always friendly and approachable. He not only knows his trade well, he also gives out great advice. Today, I walked away not having to spend a dime because of his wise suggestion.

    I have had only wonderful experience at Tasanee and I'm confident there will be more to come in the future. Thanks!!!

  • Parkway Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    We were there with some friends on a Thursday night. It was our first time there, so we weren't too sure what to expect although we had been warned of its age.

    Yes, the place looked tired indeed, dark, worn and reeked of stale cooking and cigarettes. The kitchen staff was overloaded with crowd but was still maintaining their cool and friendliness. But the staff at the bar was a different case. They stayed chattering with a regular customer even though we had gestured to them we would like to order some drinks.No, they weren't friendly with us because we eventually broke their chatter up.

    Our dinner was nice and of decent proportion, which was a consolation after our drama of having to wait in a long line to order our dinner and a longer wait time at the bar for our beverage. Yes, the dinner was nice and affordable but not compelling enough for us to return in a hurry.

  • Sushi Bar
    Takeaways    Frenchs Forest, NSW

    Some things I won't understand is how this business is still buzzing with customers.

    Counter staff would holler to another employee while in the middle of serving a customer and with that, you get something else other than what you've ordered.

    To make things worse, I open up my sushi box to find that the sliced fish on my sushi were paper thin whilst the rice is sickly sweet and so heavily compacted it is rather difficult to eat. Something I would not expect after paying premium for.

    To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. NOT going back.

  • Morning Tea
    Home Decor Retailers    Northbridge, NSW

    It is evident that this lady at the shop loves what she sells and is passionate about her business, as I learnt that when we started talking about her inventory.

    A small shop it is, but don't be fooled as it is literally packed to the brim with every cooking and baking paraphernalia that any creative woman could want, from the staples to the seasonal. This little gem is indeed a woman's treasure trove, or rather a woman's dream 'hardware' store.

    The shop owner is friendly and helpful, easy to approach and chat to. I'll definitely drop in again whenever I'm in the vicinity. On this occasion, I scored a Christmas cookie cutter for less than what I would pay at the supermarket!

    Thumbs up!!!

  • Sushi Joy
    Restaurants    Northbridge, NSW

    This place warrants a second glance and that is what triggers me to dine there. It is a tiny tiny restaurant in a corner that is separated by glass windows that run from ceiling to floor. There aren't many tables at all so you will have to wait if you end up there right in the middle of meal times when they are busy.

    One little annoyance is the glare from the street facing side of the restaurant at lunch time, where there is no shade or curtain to mask the light that flows inside.Besides this little flaw, the menu looks great! Extensive choices for such a tiny restaurant and their dishes are affordable.

    On this occasion, my companion had a chicken lunch box while I a bowl of prawn tempura with noodles in soup. The chicken was tender and delicious accompanied by a variety of side dishes, but not limited by radish and fried tofu. They were all yum! My noodles were cooked right so they were not at all soggy or mushy, which was nice to begin with. The broth was not too salty, slightly smokey and really flavoursome. A slight let down is not serving the tempura prawns on a plate so the batter was already soggy when it arrived on my table. Apart from that, it was all good!

    Yes, I'll come back again. Next time I'll arrive earlier and try something different. Recommending!

  • Grand Hyatt Melbourne
    Hotels    Melbourne, VIC

    I thought the room was ordinary for the standard of Grand Hyatt. This is of lesser than impressive for the rate they charge.

    Breakfast is great though and it's on a convenient location.

  • Crown Promenade Hotel
    Hotels    Southbank, VIC

    Wouldn't say it's in the heart of Melbourne but it is convenient enough.

    It is luxe, rather glamorous and contemporary in design, somehow it lacks a sense of coziness.

    Great breakfast spread and service.

  • Westin
    Hotels    Melbourne, VIC

    Decent hotel on a great location. Nice clean bathroom with great shower and water pressure. Big comfy bed like most hotels of the same grade. Good breakfast.

    Great stay on the whole.

  • Place Settings for hire
    Party Supplies    Port Melbourne, VIC

    This is a difficult one because the person I have the pleasure of dealing with has comprehension issues and lacks not only common sense but also customer service and communication skills.

    Staff was unfriendly and unwilling to discuss my plans over the phone, didn't reply to my emails. Dealing with this person was unpleasant and I sincerely hope that nobody will have to endure what I did with this staff.

    I cannot honestly put a nice word out to this business if this staff is the only person to deal with customers.

  • Jet Flight Simulator
    Computers Retailers    Alexandria, NSW

    My first non home desktop computer flight simulator experience. The sceneries are realistic and so is the cockpit. Would be so awesome if the seat would 'move' with the 'motion of the flight' for a more exciting simulation but it is nonetheless a great experience.

  • Pack & Send
    Couriers    South Melbourne, VIC

    What can I say, this business is efficient, friendly and hassle free!

    After ringing around for quotes to have some furniture transported from Melbourne to Sydney, Pack and Send is by far the best! Not only the most affordable, the transaction was swift ( totally hassle free), my items arrived VERY quickly and Mark was so easy to deal with. With such an excellent service, I will definitely use them again and also recommend their service!

    I should also mention that their delivery person was also very friendly, helpful and considerate. I honestly cannot ask for a better service! THANKS!!!

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