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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

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  • Discount Party Supplies

    Party Supplies Melrose Park, SA
    Here's a story with many twists and turns. It begins with me looking for party goods with a tiger theme. An easy task, I thought.
    Til I looked in stores...everywhere...and found them...nowhere!
    Then along came the hero of our story, Discount Party Supplies. Not just one type of tiger 'party thing', but all sorts: invites/serviettes/paper plates/all sorts of other things! And all at a reasonable price.
    But then there was a twist in our story. Because I'd spent so long looking, the days were few til the party. What would happen if their response was slow, or they had poor delivery?
    (This, by the way, is where they lost half a star as I literally am often 5 minutes away from their warehouse, but they don't offer pickup).
    Once again our brave hero Discount Party Supplies smashed through barriers of time and space by packing the goods faster than a speeding bullet, got them out to the courier and I received the goods before you could say '#goodnessmethatwasfast'.
    The result? A happy customer, a great party, and undoubtedly repeat business for our hero company.
  • Spend-Less Shoes

    Shoe Stores Adelaide, SA
    I didn't expect much other than cheap shoes when coming here. What I found was genuinely helpful frinedly knowledgable staff who were actually interested in spending time with me to help me find cheap shoes (without making me feel like a grub for wanting cheap shoes). They were happy to go looking for what I wanted in my size, to suggest options without sending me to the more expensive options, to take shoes that didn't fit back to their spot, and to check prices on shoes that it wasn't clear for.
    I was impressed - and I'll be back.
  • BankSA

    Banks Modbury, SA
    Anyone that works at a business is only as good as their product. The staff here, upon a recent trip to open an account, were great. Friendly, efficient, helpful, took the time out to do their job well.
    But seriously - what decent bank charges a 10 year old child $5 every time they want to get money out of their account? And what modern bank says your older child can avoid monthly charges by depositing stacks of money into their account (instead of just not charging the charges in the first place)?

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  • Step one to good rental service: Don't show a rental house with a stink, mouldy food, cans & bottles strewn round, furniture broken & broken locks.
    Step two: If someone like us puts our faith in the promise that it could be cleaned & that you'd contact us to arrange the rental in our required timeframe then just do it.
    Not sure either of these are unreasonable but since you don't seem to be able to do them then it's 1/2 star for you & advice to pull your act up or be ignored.
    • Hi Ray White.
      Hoping this helps jog your memory.

      On Saturday 19th December 2015 at 11.20am my family inspected your property on Altola Rd Modbury (the property in question).
      One other party inspected the house - they were Iranian.
      A male showed us the house, he wasn't the agent but assured us he would pass our interest on to Jane (the agent). He took our name & number on his sheet.
      The house has a glass door leading through to a living room coming off the dining room, and a/c in the living room plus one of the bedrooms.
      I believe the previous tenants had been forcibly removed.
      We also rang your office at 9.05am on the 21st December to advise we'd bring our application paperwork in after speaking to Jane. The receptionist told us Jane was on the phone but would get back in touch with us.
      We have never heard back from Jane.

      Hopefully this helps you follow this up - I did not contact you as we were no longer interested in the property due to the above experience.
  • opinionatedsean Local Star reviewed KFC
    Visiting here today was like a rerun of a bad movie. Maybe the movie 'Frozen' - you'll see why in a minute!
    After 3 years of not visiting here, in a rush we came through today. Order taking was a bit quicker than 3 years ago, but it still ended up being a long visit as it took them ages to prepare our 3 tiny meals. It's a tiny kitchen but I counted 5 staff in it all looking at each other, perhaps trying to work out where the chicken was (they actually did run out of fillets after my order?!?)
    Then came the frozen bit. As my wife bit into her original fillet burger, she mentioned it was cold. Then she noticed the bread & lettuce was actually not just cold, but frozen! I took one feel of my zinger works burger and sure enough it was also cold. A bite confirmed that my bread & lettuce too was...frozen!
    So I went up to the counter (we were the only customers in the store). The staredown began as the 5 staff looked busily around at each other in the kitchen & I waited at the counter. After 1 minute had passed, I actually had to call out to them. To their credit when I gave them the burger they immediately offered to replace it (my wife had just taken off the frozen parts because she doesn't like lettuce anyway!). There was no apology, just an offer to replace it.
    After a couple of minutes they brought my burger to the table with a rather muted and very quick apology. I'm a bit confused about this as it was incredibly clear that there was a problem with the bun & lettuce: anyone who even took a brief feel of it would know that it was frozen, even through rubber gloves.
    Can you guess what happened next? Yep, a frozen re-run! I honestly thought I must have been imagining it, but got my wife to check and lo and behold my second zinger works burger also contained frozen lettuce and partially frozen bun. I really truly can't believe they didn't notice this this time.
    So I followed my wife's lead, took the lettuce out, broke off the frozen part of the bun & left vowing to never return again.
    (I did give them half a star as my daughter's popcorn chicken wasn't frozen...Infact they were so hot she couldn't eat them at first!!)
    • Just thought it fair to add that after I wrote this review they called me to sincerely apologise & offer a voucher for a free meal. Well done on their behalf.