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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Birks Chemists

    Chemists Hope Valley, SA
    An old fashioned chemist (it has been there forever) with staff who listen to what you have to say, actually give advice, and they don't sell all sorts of weird things like chocolate bars that some chemists seem to think fits into their scope. Prices are a bit higher than the cheap pharmacies, but service is something worth paying for. It's not slow service though - they've filled numbers of scripts for me in good time.
    As an added bonus, the carpark here is huge and rarely full.
  • North Eastern Podiatry

    Podiatrists Modbury, SA
    This podiatrist has been here forever, and if I'm not mistaken it's been the same one for quite some time. Got a lot of help and advice on ingrown nails and some nasty foot type stuff it's better I don't go into in a review ;-) and though it wasn't painless I was sure helped. Health fund covered most of the cost though it wasn't cheap if you had to pay the whole lot yourself.
  • Carrington Street Snack Bar

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    One of the things I love about inner city Adelaide is that little sandwich bars like this can still be found. It's not pretty and clean, but it's a great place to pick up a sausage roll and Iced coffee. From memory the eat-in isn't huge. They've been around forever, and I for one am hoping they'll stay around - even though their prices aren't the cheapest.
  • Hungry Jacks

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    On more than one occasion since last reviewing this 'fast food' spot I've zipped through at the end of a lunch break or on the way to somewhere else.
    And waited.
    And then perhaps had a staff member lazily pass their eye over me.
    And ordered.
    And waited.
    Just to receive some pretty average food - even for HJ's.
    If it weren't so cheap I wouldn't ever go back.
  • Aces Bar & Bistro

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    This is a pub. Hiding in the middle of the Central Market. It doesn't really fit the feel of the rest of the market, smells like beer, is noisy and full of pokies and is dark and dingy. It's probably been there forever but it's not a nice place to sit in. They do offer reasonably priced meals but there's better places to eat.
  • City Cross Cafe

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    It's funny to find a little cafe sitting in the middle of a food court - but that's pretty much what this is. I love their range of Balfours treats, a real South Aussie tradition. Apart from that though to be honest I'm not sure there's much to set them apart from the dozen food court dining/drinking places around them. They don't ever seem to be busy so I guess that's good if you want quick service.
  • The Hungry Hippo

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    It's hard to find somewhere as unique and genuinely family-friendly/'social without noise and stinkyness' as here. I'm regularly getting invites from friends who say they just discovered this place and no-one has had a single bad word to say about it. The range of games is awesome, and they do have tournaments every now and then too, and entry fees are ridiculously affordable (eg 'bring your own board'!).
    My only negative is their opening hours could be a bit longer.
  • Revive on 5

    Cafes Adelaide, sa
    This is the best place to eat at the Royal Adelaide Hospital - far better than the downstairs sandwich shop. Visiting someone in hospital isn't usually a pleasant experience, but the bright open spaces here mixed with a great range of food at reasonable prices makes it far better - you can even sit outside and look onto the botanic gardens if you're early enough to get a seat there.
    My one complaint is they're not super organised, it's hard to work out where to order what and it does get busy.
  • Michel's Patisserie

    Cafes Modbury, SA
    Had a chai latte here the other day. I like them warm (not boiling hot) and so it was just the right temperature for me. Friendly staff with quick service, there's a nice little spot to sit while resting between shopping.
  • BTS Cafe

    Cake Shop Adelaide, SA
    I've never seen anywhere with a range of cupcakes as big as this place. I've never had one I don't like. And they're HUGE too, a real morning tea in themselves. I've had the coffee from here too, it was ok though without a doubt the cupcakes are the highlight. Service was fast, takeaway easy enough and they have a cute eat-in area which isn't huge but would be nice for 2 or 3 people. Friendly staff.
  • Gouger Fish Cafe

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    This is a nice place to sit, food is good but it's not the cheapest fish cafe in town. Lots of seating though, so it's good for large groups. It does get busy on weekends especially so booking ahead is my suggestion.
  • Cafe Michael 2

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    Lunchtime would be my choice of dining time heree - you still get the same nice service, glasses and cutlery are shiny and clean but you don't get the big crowds of a nighttime - and their lunchtime prices are very good. Food is the same quality but you don't have to wait and wait for it!
  • Hungry Jack's

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    The bonus of this Hungry Jacks is that the eat in doesn't ever seem to get busy. Oddly enough, however this doesn't equal fast service. Maybe that's in part because the drive through often is queued down the road. It's marginally faster to park and go in than wait most days.
    Food is about on par with other HJ's, not much more to say really...
  • Subway

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Not really my favourite subway at all. Although one day they proudly announced to me that they were Adelaide's busiest subway, I've found their service to be slow, their staff to not listen when I pointed out that the salad was brown, and the taste to be average. With 4 other subways in a 2 minute walk this isn't the one I choose.
  • Quebec Fries

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    There's not much to the success of this store: take fries and add yummy things on top. And that is what they do. Given this secret recipe, they're not so cheap, but they are tasty. They don't stinge on toppings either.
    I just had a large and to be honest it was filling but I wish I'd shared it with someone and some 'real food'.
    But it was yummy!!!
  • Yum Yai Express Thai Kitchen

    Restaurants Mawson Lakes, SA
    This isn't somewhere you'd take that someone special on your first date. It sort of lacks the niceties like cutlery (though there's plastic forks/spoons or chopsticks), and the atmosphere is more 'streetside roadstall' than 'romance'. However if you like Thai food and don't like paying too much then this is a good spot for you and anyone like you.
    The Pad Thai was the standout, good serving size and strong flavours. The honey chicken was a bit disappointing (though it's not really Thai) in that it was doughy and overcooked. Fried rice was also a bit disappointing in that it lacked flavour but serving size was good. Another dish we had was good - can't remember its name but it had a good combination of flavours. Drinks were cheap, and food was cooked right there on the spot so we knew it was fresh!
  • Lunch on King William

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This isn't a big spot, but it's got character. And good coffee! Unfortunately there's only a couple of tables indoors and the outside ones are pretty hard to talk at as the traffic and people roar past. Staff are friendly though service is really not fast - I could even call it slow, given that all we ordered was 2 coffees and it took over 5 minutes. Friendly staff.
  • Chemist Warehouse

    Chemists Modbury, SA
    This is a squashed-in redundant shop (there are literally 2 other Chemist Warehouses within 100 metres of TTP, and another 4 Chemists inside TTP). Upon attempting to look at their perfume/aftershave stock, I was told rather abruptly by the staff that I couldn't stand where I was (which is where the stock is). To be honest it felt like a bit of a weird place to stand - right behind the checkout - but it's the only place to see the stock.
    I won't be back.
  • Peter Rabbit

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This funky cafe/bar lights up the area around it with its relaxing vibe, friendly staff, range of all sorts of yummy food and drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and inside or outside seating - and plenty of it for the size of their plot of land.
    Their coffee is top class, it's not often I find coffee at the right strength and temperature for me and I loved it. Quick service too - including that you can pre-order quite simply from an app which I did and mine was ready when I arrived.

    Party & Event Planning St Agnes, SA
    I've seen this guy a couple of times now, and he's good.
    Good - not what I'd call great. The other week I saw him at a show mainly aimed at smaller kids (3-9 years old) and it was all a bit above them, not sure they really saw the magic in it and although they all wanted to be involved (they put their hands up excitedly when asked who wanted to help) I didn't feel the magician really engaged with them. Pulling boxes out of boxes with no idea of where they came from (and I don't know where they came from - it was pretty magical!) doesn't really excite a kid.
    I suspect he'd be quite good with a young adult to adult age range, but seemed to struggle with this audience. Also he struggle with what I would have thought to be basic things like making music play at the right time.
    He was fun and magical overall.