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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Adelaide, SA

  • Elizabeth Shopping Centre

    Shopping Centres Elizabeth, SA
    My one complaint of this shopping centre is that no matter where I park, it's always a long way to anywhere. The layout isn't intuitive, and some stores like JB just don't have anywhere close to park.
    Other than that, it's a whopper of a place to shop, can't think of any type of store there isn't at least 2 or 3 of.
    Not the cleanest shiniest new shopping centre, but they do a nice job at Christmas and other special occasions.
  • Victor Central Shopping Centre

    Shopping Centres Victor Harbor, SA
    Since its major upgrade a few years ago, I think this shopping centre has been a beacon of hope for dying Victor Harbor. Big W, a massive Woolies, Allphones, Target, Prouds, Strandbags, EB Games & a Flight Centre - all 'known' stores, not just country type overpriced shops like are in the local area. It still keeps a local feel though with fun activities for kids during holidays and the coffee shop that's been there forever. Stacks of parking, and not hard to get around.
  • Munno Para Shopping City

    Shopping Centres Smithfield, SA
    Not a huge shopping centre, but that's got its advantages - it doesn't get anywhere near as busy as its 'cousin' up the road. Enough parking for the size, and a good range of shops - there's a little bakery in here that's especially nice, but it's also got the big guns in Coles, Aldi & Foodland.
    Right out the front are a massive line of big shops too like JB Hi-Fi, Freedom furniture,Dan Murphy's. To be honest I don't really see them as part of the shopping centre but I guess you could park in between - it's not that much of a walk.
    Clean centre, has a nice feel about it.
  • The Australian Cider Company

    Vineyards & Wineries Lyndoch, SA
    This independent winemaker makes a number of really delicious drinks - especially great for drinking cold on the back porch on a hot day. Scrumpy's is a favourite of mine, it's like a port but made with apples. Hard to find anything else to compare it to. Do yourself a favour if you can find it (you might have to come to their cellar door in Lyndoch, which wouldn't be too horrible!!) ande buy a bottle. If you don't like it...well I'll have it!
  • Medibank

    Insurance Adelaide, SA
    I've gotta say that walking in and being ignored in such a small office while one staff member was in deep conversation about random things on the phone and another intently discussed somethings with a customer wasn't a great start. At least a simple 'hello' wouldn't have gone astray when I was the only other customer in this small office.
    Thankfully after some minutes of awkwardly standing there another staff member came out and things got 1000% better then. She took my claim, filled in the basic details needed while holding a friendly enough chat with me, and I was out the door with the claim paid in 3 more minutes.
    It would have been a 5 star experience had I not been ignored first.
  • Adelaide Discounts & Souvenirs

    Promotional Products Adelaide, SA
    I got an incredible price on AFL gear here, and it was good quality gear. Other bargains abounded too, and staff were actually friendly.
  • Angler's Inn Hotel-Motel

    Motels Melbourne, VIC
    At $80 a night, this hotel is pretty much about the right price. It's your standard run-of-the-mill country motel.
    A couple of positives that stood out were the security screens - they both kept the heat out on a stinking hot day and kept any noise out too (though it did make me wonder about my car outside the door as I couldn't see it), also there was a nice block out the back door with grass and trees where kids could run or you could meet with others staying there.
    Other than that, the beds were ok, the aircon worked, check-in wasn't hard, an all round fine enough experience.
  • The Memorial Hospital

    Hospitals North Adelaide, SA
    This hospital is getting on a bit in years, but that just adds to the stay (though it can feel a bit odd walking around and wondering if the balcony will drop off under you).
    Both of my parents have spent time here, one had over a month in and I honestly can't say a bad thing about the quality of care they had. One memorable night it was my birthday, I went in to visit Dad and the staff found me a meal even including a small bottle of wine - that's the most unusual birthday meal I've had but speaks volumes about their compassion.
    Rooms are large and facilities are good - though some of them look a little aged like the building does.
    On the negative side it's impossible to get a free carpark anywhere near here which is a shame especially for those regularly visiting patients.
  • North Eastern Community Hospital Inc

    Hospitals Campbelltown, SA
    I love going to visit people here - have even had a close family member had a close call with death here, and the staff are just so caring and professional that it feels like a privilege to be there.
    Every room I've been to is clean and comfortable and large, can't count the number of newborn babies I've visited here and every mum has talked about how positive the staff made their birthing.
    I hope I don't get sick enough to need to go to hospital, but if I do maybe I'll just ask them to take me here!
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital-Cardiovascular Unit

    Cardiologists Adelaide, SA
    After a recent heart scare that had me in the ED of the Royal Adelaide, I had follow up appointments here. Very impressed with the patience of the staff, the timeliness of the tests, the equipment available and the professionalism all round.
    Public hospitals can get a bad rap, but I give this experience 6 out of 5. Whatsmore the cost to me was $0 and you can't beat that price - especially for such excellent service.
  • SA Ambulance Service

    Emergency Services Eastwood, SA
    Upon starting to feel chest pain recently, it was decided I should get an ambulance. I was worried that the officers would do one of 2 things - either take it so seriously that I'd get wheeled off in a screaming rush or that they'd shrug it off.
    Thankfully for me the incredibly compassionate effective calm but incredibly efficient officers gave me absolute confidence that whatever they did would be right. Turned out in the end after a few hours in hospital that nothing more needed to be done - but I'm honest that I started out in great hands.
    Response time was fine for what I needed, and even though they might have been a bit quicker the phone response people talked the guy that called the ambulance through what needed to be done.
    Half a star off because if I hadn't had private health insurance the less than 1 km trip would have cost about $1000 - though having said that, the skills of the officers can't be beaten nor can a price really be put on what they do.
  • Mei Wei Asian Cuisine

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Let's be honest - you don't expect much from 'fill your plate' Chinese take-away in a food court. Well, prepare to be surprised here. For between $8-10 they'll fill your plate with 1,2 or 3 varieties of the regular choices of Chinese food. I was particularly impressed with the honey chicken, it wasn't too sticky or sweet or greasy like often happens and was instead just tasty. The Beef & Black Bean was a bit of a disappointment after that, think I should have had it first - not that it wasn't nice, just not as nice as the honey chicken.
    They do put a reasonably large serve of rice on the plate, if I were serving there wouldn't be as much but it was tasty rice and I certainly was full after eating up my plate's worth. I'll be back.
  • BWS

    Bottle Shops Adelaide, SA
    I didn't expect much from this BWS, being tucked away inside the city Woolworths as it is. So I was pleasantly surprised when I went in to find it as big and as well staffed as many metropolitan BWS' Doubly so when I asked about a particular product that there wasn't any left of on the shelves and they easily found more for me.
    All the prices were the same as other BWS', and they had a bargain bin too that looked like whatever they had left there.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Salisbury, SA
    There wasn't a lot horribly wrong here, though there wasn't much to write home about either.
    We had 2 burgers, and both were squashed down with thumbprints on them. One lot of our fries was more salt than fry. The kids' meal was absolutely tiny, honestly not sure that it would have filled any child older than about 5 years old.
    We had crushers which were quite tasty but too runny.
    There was leftovers that sat on a table the whole time we were there.
    Pretty average all up.
  • Coles Express

    Petrol & Service Stations Windsor Gardens, SA
    This servo is often the first or among the first to drop their prices in the cycle - I think it's because they're in such a noticeable spot right on the corner of 2 main roads. They also seem to keep low for a little longer.
    It can be a hassle to get in to, especially if you're not in the far left lane, and it's not a huge servo but I've never had to wait too long in a queue.
    Open long hours too.
  • Coles Express

    Petrol & Service Stations Valley View, SA
    Sssshhhh - don't tell anyone about this servo! If you do, it might not be as quiet as whenever it is that I'm around. It's not small, just in an unusual place that you wouldn't run into unless you knew where it was. The bonus of this is quick service and no rush so you can wash your windscreens without worrying about others waiting. Prices are competitive too.
    But don't tell anyone, otherwise it'll get busy!
  • Coles Express

    Petrol & Service Stations Modbury North, SA
    There is an advantage to this servo - it's rarely busy. However I think that's because it's not often cheap, and there's only 2 rows of bowsers so it couldn't handle more than 4 cars at a time. Also during the day the Kmart Tyre & Auto attached to it has cars around.
    It's not a horrible servo, but I avoid it. And as another reviewer said, it's also only got a tiny and not really clean shop.
  • Wallis Theatres

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Gepps Cross, SA
    This is Adelaide's last remaining Drive-In, and it's been there forever. These days although not always popular they have great prices on car loads or double features and what they show are newly released.
    Sound quality is great, no dodgy boxes sticking in through your window - just tune your radio or the like.
    Really worth a visit, even if just to remember the good old days...
  • Foodland

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Para Hills, SA
    Love the genuine friendly staff here, willing to help with things that you don't get at bigger chains (like carrying bags out to your car - that's just fantastic!). Range is what you'd expect, it's a nice open area with room to move.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Kilkenny, SA
    This is a nice bright newly renovated Woolies, with lots of space and lots of trolleys - a lot fresher than the Coles in the same shopping centre. Good range and lots of checkouts, what more could you ask for really?