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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Redwood Park Chicken Bar

    Takeaways Redwood Park, SA
    Still my choice of chicken shop when in the area.
    Great size chickens with real juicy meat on them, no hassle for them to cut a chicken into however many pieces you desire. Prices are fair.
    Chips are expensive in my mind but they are delicious and crunchy.
    Staff have been there forever and very friendly.
  • Bp Surrey Downs

    Petrol & Service Stations Surrey Downs, SA
    A tiny not so clean hard to get in to servo.
    What's more they used to support foodland with fuel discounts but now don't.
    No shopping area to speak of, and not cheaper than anywhere else.
  • Bakers Tray

    Bakeries Adelaide, SA
    I'm not sure I've eaten a doughnut as big as this one was for a long time. I just kept eating and eating. Still full 4 hours later!
    Admittedly a lot of it was dough - but it is called a 'dough-nut'! The chocolate on top was yummy too, and the price was fair especially for the size.
    Staff were a little slow on service - were happily chatting to each other as I waited - but it wasn't busy. Their other products looked equally yummy, though I actually think some of them were overpriced - like their Apple turnoever type dessert that was about $6.
  • The Coffee Bean Shop

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This store really fits with the feel of the Central Market where it's located. With a whole range of beans, some snacky type things and a nice open layout. There's a lot of staff too, though what I couldn't work out is why it took a while to get served and for my coffee to get made as the staff didn't really seem to work well together.
    When I asked if they served Iced Coffee, there was a blank look too - I didn't think it was a hard question.
    My Iced Coffee (it seems after they looked to see if they had ice they could make it) was fine enough though I've had better.
  • Autograph

    Clothing Retailers Burwood, NSW
    The sales assistants here are very helpful and friendly and have a good range of clothes in bigger sizes. My wife always finds something in their markdown area (which makes me, her money wise husband, happy ;-)) including something really nice that she'd been looking for for a long time.
  • Maenam Lao Thai

    Restaurants Strathfield, NSW
    This is very good food. And a wide range of it - the difficult part is choosing. I went with a group of 12, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they served us despite being busy. More amazingly though is that every one of the 12 asked when they could come back again because it was so good. And at $180 for 12 people you can tell the prices are fantastic. Can't think of any negatives at all - apart from the fact it is busy so you should book or be prepared to wait if you haven't booked.
  • Subway

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    One of the tastiest Subway I've had in quite a while. Fresh, lots of toppings, accepted my voucher without hesitation, fast service, decent sitting area.
    Only cons are they don't allow refills of small drinks and they didn't clean the tables in the half hour I sat there. Also their WiFi didn't connect first time. Minor really.
  • Krispy Kreme

    Bakeries Adelaide, SA
    If it weren't for their overpricing, this store would probably get 5*s. Certainly their deliciousness is worth it, and friendly staff, fast service. They didn't even flinch at my poor pirate talk impersonation a minute ago and happily gave me my free donut!
  • Latitude

    Gymnastics Greenacres, SA
    If Latitude were $5 an hour cheaper it'd be a great place. But at $19 per hour it's hard to justify more than 3.5 stars. Yep, it's great - every kind of bouncing activity you could imagine, wall climbing, a sky walk - all are a lot of fun and great for every age range. Just not worth $19 per hour in my mind.
    Had a birthday party here yesterday and although I appreciate the staff member they were really just a supervisor rather than a 'party host'. Food was good. But again price - at $33+ per child - is overpriced. Parking is a nightmare though there is a shopping centre next door.
    Good for an occasional visit with a rich friend I think.
  • Pathway Community Centre

    Community Service/Non-Profit Modbury, SA
    This morning I dropped by here as I regularly do. Once again they had handed out over 80 food parcels as they regularly do - almost all with food recovered from supermarkets across the North/North East of Adelaide. Once again they did this with barely any government funding - they're run 90% by volunteers [many of whom are past clients] and their overheads are low. Once again they did this without making anyone feel bad about their handout.
    I know that this week, as they regularly do, they will do the same every day. Whatsmore they will administer NIL (No Interest Loans), lovingly give personal counselling (both formal and the sort of counselling you get when you just need someone to hear you out), offer financial counselling, and refer people on to other agencies who can help even more.
    They'll probably also set some people up with furniture for their homes from the furniture store their op shop next door (Treasured).
    I can't recommend them highly enough - when I've needed a hand they've helped me and I'm certainly the better for it.
  • Treasured Designs Op Shop

    Used Goods Retailers Modbury, SA
    This store has grown over time to include a furniture shop and I have bought more tables and desks there than I could imagine anyone would ever need. But they're just so cheap!!
    I drop in most weeks too to see what they might convince me to buy, quality is fantastic and prices are genuinely cheap so it's not hard to find something. They also have these incredible $1 racks that I've picked up some great clothes from, not sure what makes them a dollar but better that I don't ask because it works well for me!
    Not just great for saving money but also at raising funds for the community centre next door which I'm told gives away hundreds of food parcels each month among many other things.
  • Jb Hi-fi

    Home Entertainment Retailers Modbury, SA
    This JB is one of the stores I still love wandering through. Picked up a few bargains in my wandering too - some of which I didn't even realise I needed...
    It was one of the few stores to have stock of 'Full House' when I was looking for it recently, and so cheap that I bought 3 seasons worth!
    Have also picked up or looked through cameras, electronics, and their quite solid and well-priced computer section.
    I must say the staff can be a bit hit and miss, some seem to have incredible knowledge - especially in the computer and camera dept but others especially in their TV section are clearly biased towards selling based on price, or alternatively have just seemed disinterested in me.
  • Liquorland

    Bottle Shops Modbury, SA
    I've dropped in here fairly regularly (well, it's just down the road - so it's pretty much required, right ;-)) and found it never busy, and often at least 2 staff on which gives plenty of chance to chat about what's on special and the like. Always found them to be friendly and despite the fact the store's not huge they pack a lot in. Easy parking too.
  • Terry White Chemists Rundle Mall

    Agriculture Adelaide, SA
    Before I started coming here, I didn't think I would be the sort of person that has 'my' pharmacy - I'm usually about the bargains. But these guys have won me over. Their fast service even in busy times, ability to go the extra mile like calling my Dr to ask about a script, very friendly manner, willingness to check my blood pressure even when it's busy, and that their prices are competitive all have made this 'my' chemist.
  • KFC

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    At $2.50 for large chips and gravy I thought I'd drop by here again. The chips most definitely had that 'KFC flavour', though they weren't completely cooked through. The gravy was bland, a disappointment. Also disappointing was that despite it being lunchtime there was only one staff member taking orders and another one packing them - so there was quite a queue and I had to wait longer than I would have expected to get my order.
  • Koorong

    Newsagents Adelaide, SA
    I can't count the number of times I've been back to Koorong. Whether it's just to browse (usually a mistake because I'll find something I never knew I needed!) or because they've got one of their regular % off sales or to find a gift - which they're great for, from cheap to very nice and pricey - I always walk away happy.
    There's a nice feel at this store, plenty of staff, a little bit of free parking across the road, and they can get stock from any of their other stores nationally which is a plus too.
  • Child Support Agency - Head Office

    Federal Government Belconnen, ACT
    There's nothing easy about relationships separating, especially when children are involved. But I've seen firsthand how Child Support can make the 'paying money to the other person' part of this easier. Of course there's no perfect system, but what I appreciate here is that on the whole the staff here are prompt in answering the phone, take time to hear and explain how the system works, and administer it fairly.
    I hope you never have to use them, but if you do then you're in good hands.
  • Dr Glen L Benveniste

    Specialist Medical Services Ashford, SA
    Varicose vein treatment can cost literally thousands of dollars (though I'm not sure why). That's why I am astounded that Dr Benveniste bulk bills his treatment. Yep - not one cent was payable. Whatsmore the treatment was well explained beforehand, good materials given to help understand what would happen, staff were very polite and understanding and professional and the procedure was so fast and painless it was hard to believe anything had actually been done. But it was, and I can't speak highly enough of him now.
    It might take a while to get a booking, but it's worth it.
  • Allianz

    Insurance Melbourne, VIC
    Comparing car insurance quotes recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find Allianz could save me about $100 per year on my premium. Not just that but they included their roadside assistance for the first year for free - saving me from having to renew it elsewhere. Can't complain about that! Happy with the level of cover too, hoping I don't need to use it but if I do it covers what I need.
  • Murray Valley Beef Producers

    Butchers Golden Grove, SA
    Going from their name and advertising, I went in here expecting to meet a butcher, talk over cuts of meat, get recommendations, make good choices.
    Instead I found the equivalent of a mass-market meat department found in woolies/coles/etc.
    It's quite possible the meat is great, but it was slightly pricier than regular meat departments and I couldn't see any good reason to spend more. Their frozen seafood section was probably the best value I could find (odd for a business called 'Beef producers'), and their mince/mince products were slightly cheaper than elsewhere.
    No real reason to return.