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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Adelaide, SA

  • British Hotel

    Pubs & Bars North Adelaide, SA
    The steak was great,
    And pork was too,
    No-one used the cook your own BBQ.
    Kids menu as you'd expect,
    And garlic bread was cooked perfect.
    Drink prices surprisingly reasonable,
    Didn't get dessert for my credit card would've been full.
    Staff were friendly but overworked,
    And there's not enough space for waiters and people waiting for a table to lurk.
    Altogether this visit was nice,
    Though I'm not convinced it was worth the price.
  • Dimonds Gallery - Picture Framing Gifts

    Framing Adelaide, SA
    I dropped in here hoping for inspiration for a family member's birthday, and walked away happy.
    Happy because what I found was just right (actually a trinket rather than something framed, they have an impressive range of all sorts of oddities!), And happy because even though it was only a few dollars the assistant gladly bubble wrapped it, gave a gift bag and was generally very friendly.
    I saw some of their framing too, good quality. I'll be back!
  • Elizabeth Aquadome

    Swimming Pools Elizabeth, SA
    I've been here and loved it. My kids have been here and loved it. My friends have been here and loved it. That's a pretty uncommon trilogy!
    I love it because there's lots of space to just sit around and veg.
    My daughter loves it for the waterslide (though it's a real shame that it's not often open - only weekends, otherwise this would be a 5* review)
    My friends love it for the lap swimming.
    We all like the price, especially because there's a family package.
    That's a lot to like!
  • Waterworld Aquatic Centre

    Swimming Pools Ridgehaven, SA
    I went here last week after a long time of not visiting, and I was impressed. They've put a lot more covered areas in with large sails including over the smaller pool and (more importantly) the grassed areas surrounding the pool so you don't get sizzled while watching the kids swim.
    The waterslides are great too, as is the little kids' play area though to be honest apart from them and the pools there's not much else to do for older kids/adults - it feels like a bit more interactive equipment or the like would help.
    Entry prices are ok although I don't understand why a spectator who isn't using their facilities at all pays $4.
    My kids saw the pool guards/lifesavers do something incredible a couple of times the other day so full kudos to them.
  • The Middle Store

    Cafes Melrose Park, SA
    The staff here are lovely and genuinely friendly. Food is really fresh and what they offer is tasty. I guess this might be because they cook what they're best at, but it does mean there's not as big a choice as I'd like. Having said that, if you're looking for great Lebanese cuisine at a reasonable price ($7 for a light meal or $14 for a main) then this is one place to put on your bucket list.
  • Piccadilly Cinemas

    Cinema North Adelaide, SA
    I like that this cinema still has old world charm, but also modern technology. Sound and vision is great, and their prices are cheaper than the cinema chains - especially as they regularly advertise specials on shop a dockets or facebook with great deals. Unfortunately parking is a real pain in the area, especially on Friday/Saturday night, and there's no real public transport at those times either, so come early if you want a park. Cinemas aren't the hugest either so come early if you think it'll book out. They are very supportive of community groups, often have fund raisers here too which I respect.
  • Mainline Drive-in Theatre

    Cinema Gepps Cross, SA
    It's hard to beat a drive-in. Especially because this is the only drive-in left in Adelaide!
    What's not to love about the prices (especially for the multi-movie nights), the fact that no matter where you are here - even at the back - you can see clearly, that you no longer have to stick a little box in your car to hear (just tune your radio instead). The atmosphere is great. The snack bar is expensive but BYO food and be happy is my motto!
  • Beachouse

    Tourist Attractions Glenelg, SA
    My pro tip if you're heading here? Make sure you bring a nice big fat wallet. There's sure a lot to do (and a lot of it is great - like the waterslides) but it will set you back some moola. The mini golf is probably the best value in my mind, and good for all the family. Bumper boats are fun for all but expensive. The carousel is historic and good for little kids. The arcade games are really just arcade games like you'll get anywhere else.
  • Adelaide Airport Car Parks

    Parking Adelaide Airport, SA
    I'm not sure what ever possessed someone to build a massive carpark and charge a gazillion dollars per hour here. Honestly I got lost going round in circles just trying to get in, and had the same experience getting out. There's only about 4 places to pay, and because I came at the same time as a busy flight I had to wait behind people to sell my second child to pay for my hour and a half parking.
  • Youth With A Mission

    Religious Organisations Norton Summit, SA
    It'd be hard to find a more passionate excited group of people than you find here. If you don't believe me, drop by to any of their public meetings or special events. The property here is amazing in itself too, worth a visit for a contemplative day or the like. The DTS' that they run also have introduced many to a whole variety of concepts they've never encountered before, and I love the fact that they follow this up with practical experience cross-culturally.
  • Interserve (Australia)

    Religious Organisations Keswick, SA
    These guys can place anyone who has a passion for serving God in a mass of places (and with a mass of job type) all round the world. I've met people who've done just about everything with them.
    They prepare and support well too, which is important if you're in the middle of nowhere. The only area that I struggle with (but others see as a positive) is that support raising needs to be very intense as their support figures include a lot of costs.
  • Subway

    Takeaways Hope Valley, SA
    You'd find it hard to believe the length of discussions my 3 family members had about what we did or didn't want in our individual Subs. The great thing is the staff here didn't roll their eyes or show any signs of impatience, instead they made them exactly to order.
    One bonus is this shop's rarely busy so it wasn't holding anyone else up.
    Nice little eating area, clean, and certainly easy parking too.
  • Subway

    Takeaways Modbury, SA
    Picked up a platter from here the other week, had to mess around a little bit to order it online and when I called I wasn't convinced that they actually had my order - but when I went in it was ready fresh. They also weren't super convincing when I asked whether products had nuts in them or not, would've thought that would be a common question.
    Quick service with friendly staff, the subs were individually wrapped and filled sufficiently. Good value to feed a little crowd.
  • Colorado

    Clothing Retailers Modbury, SA
    It's not so much that I don't like what Colorado have. It's just that I can't even afford to walk in the door. Shoes? Expensive. Clothes? Expensive.
    Welcoming smile at the door? Well, I can't put a price on it because it wasn't there. Turns out I didn't need to worry about bothering the staff as everything there could be found with just as good quality for a cheaper price at any of a number of other stores at TTP.
  • Taste Of China

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    It was refreshing in a food court to find a Chinese restaurant with more than just the regular fried food choices. Enjoyed a chicken rice which was plain - and that is just what we wanted. Enough flavour to enjoy it but not overpower. Price was good, and it was cooked in super quick time.
  • Her Majesty's Theatre

    Theatres Adelaide, SA
    I've heard this theatre is up for renovation and I think that it's probably about time. What I'd really love them to do something about is the fact that it is impossible (not just 'difficult' but actually not possible) to walk in front of anyone who is sitting down. They have to stand. I saw it the other night regardless of their size/age/build etc, and so anyone who came early got a seat and spent the rest of the pre-show time standing up to let people past. Seats were also a tad stingy in width, though they were comfortable enough.
    Even though we were about halfway back in the stalls we could see and hear fine, lighting was good too.
    It is a grand old theatre although I was disappointed too that in the ceiling where the lovely chandelier was they'd cut rough hewn holes in the gyprock to install lights. Not a great look. The 'bar' could do with expanding too, and the waiting area.
    Altogether it was 'fine' but not much more.
  • Ao Dai

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Funny thing about the main dish I had here - it wasn't Vietnamese. But it was amongst the best Pad Thai I've had anywhere (and I've had plenty!). Whatsmore, for $12 the price is hard to beat. Generously sized, flavoursome, just great. The only unfortunate thing is it took a little while for them to make, and given that this is the lunch hour I'd hope that they could be quicker.
    The Vietnamese Iced Coffee I had was bursting full of energy and zap and I'll certainly have that again too. Great choices.
  • Rickshaw Inn Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Modbury North, SA
    I had some visitors round so thought we'd pick up some Chinese for tea. Hadn't been here for ages so thought we'd grab it from here. Step one - should've rung ahead...It was busy, probably 6 people ahead of us waiting for pickup!
    Having said that, it only took about 15 minutes for our takeaway to be ready. It was certainly fresh and hot.
    Prices weren't the cheapest but they were fair, about $12-20 for a main takeaway. They did give a free drink because we spent over ?$50. Unfortunately they've got a minimum on paying by card so when we wanted to add prawn chips and another drink after we'd paid and they would have been a few dollars they wouldn't do it even though we'd just spent $75.
    The special fried rice was a bit disappointing, not much special about it. The honey chicken was great, not burnt or too sticky or thickly battered. The other dishes were ok too. Wouldn't rush back but it wasn't horrible either.
  • Mums Kimbab

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Who expects much from food courts? Not me. I was genuinely surprised here though. Personalised service (including offering me a mass of Kimchi when I mentioned how much I liked it), a friendly chat with the order taker. A really good selection of 'real' food - as opposed to the stack of other fried Chinese food offerings along the rest of the wall. I chose the Bulgogi. Certainly filling, a decent size. It felt like it lacked a little bit of flavour to me & had a bit much onion, but it wasn't horrible. Price was great. I'll be back!
  • Origin Energy Power Limited

    Gas Supply Adelaide, SA
    Easy changeover process as these are one of the few companies that just do gas, didn't have any need for electricity at a new house. On the phone to get some clarity, explained in easy language and only took about 10 minutes to sign up. Timely response, all good.
    Only negative is that (like pretty much every energy provider) it's very hard to work out what somethin actually costs, and it's overpriced. They do offer a better price than others in my situation.