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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • United Office Choice

    Wholesalers Adelaide, SA
    This is perhaps the ugliest stationery interior I have seen. Nothing is in any order, there's bizarre products like cleaning products next to highlighters, 7 styles of carpet.
    I could perhaps understand that if it was cheaper so saving money. But they're expensive and understocked in many areas. Staff are a rarity.
    Their only redeeming point is they've got lots of pens.
  • Ted's Cameras Adelaide

    Photography Stores Adelaide, SA
    The word to sum this store up best? Expensive.
    Of course they don't actually have prices on most of their gear and it's hidden away behind glass doors so you have to be harassed by their staff to actually find out it's way out of your price range. They do have catalogues out with discounted goods, but on the whole I've found them disinterested in those.
    Perhaps they are professionals - they certainly spend a lot of time talking their goods up - but after a couple of visits I know I won't be back unless photography becomes my job.
  • Derringers Music 'Focuss On Fretted'

    Musical Instruments Retailers Adelaide, SA
    Their range is amazing - though when I chatted with them I'm not sure they were really what I was looking for as they certainly aim more at the professional (read 'more expensive') end of the market.
    Having said that, they were more than welcome to give advice and talk me through options - even though I didn't really have an idea of what exactly I wanted. And stock was available straight away.
  • Golden Grove Arts Centre

    Pubs & Bars Golden Grove, SA
    This is huge. With basketball courts, theatre, function rooms, open spaces, and probably other things I don't even know about.
    All kept in good condition too, despite it being 20+ years old.
    Cafe is not bad either when it's open.
  • Jaspers Cafe

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    This is just a cafe in a railway station, so I guess I shouldn't expect much more. But the steak in the steak sandwich was not pleasant - too tough. And the chips were soggy. Price was ok.
    A bonus is they're open at times others aren't - and just before a Crows game this is a big plus. But I wouldn't rush back.
  • First Choice Liquor

    Bottle Shops Golden Grove, SA
    When I go shopping for alcoholic beverages, there's a couple of things I want: Cheap prices and a mass of range. This store has both (though I think Dan's next door might be a touch cheaper). It's really well laid out so you don't have to be a wine afficiando to look around, and some of their sale prices especially are quite amazing.
    Whatsmore they always have tastings on, not just at special times, which I enjoy.
    Friendly staff though today when I dropped by it was a bit hard to find someone who wasn't on the checkout - til I needed to check out when there was initially noone at the checkout!
  • Foodland

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Surrey Downs, SA
    A couple of years back this store pretty much got knocked down and rebuilt and it's certainly made a difference. Lots more space, more fresh food, a much bigger frozen food section and yet still a mass of car parks out the front. Wider aisles and still the same friendly staff, only thing is their prices still don't always compete with the big guys - but there's a lot of good to say about this store regardless.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Golden Grove, SA
    After my last review, this store had a huge renovation and upgrade and it's certainly for the better. Clean, fresh outlook, huge aisles, more checkouts and more range. Their bakery/delicatessen had just what I was looking for today which was a pleasant surprise, and it didn't take long to get in and out.
    Parking is still an issue though.
  • Things Decorated

    Home Decor Retailers Golden Grove, SA
    This store, from the outside, looks like just another cheap homie type goods store. But walking inside gives a whole new outlook. From the cheap to the expensive, the mundane to the fascinating, wall coverings to collectables - they somehow squeeze it all in here.
    Having said that, it's more a store I browse round to find that 'unique' gift rather than if I'm looking for a specific something as their range isn't incredibly broad.
  • Prouds The Jewellers

    Jewellery & Watch Retailers Golden Grove, SA
    Prouds here is a different sort of jeweller - one that both regularly offers excellent discounts and offers quality products. On a visit the other day I was actually astounded at their value for money, yet there were a number of really nice pieces I seriously considered. Staff were a good mix of friendly but not pushy, and happy to answer questions on products. Certainly somewhere I'll be back to next time I'm looking for that something special - or just if I see them on sale again!
  • Golden Scissors

    Adelaide, SA
    For $20 for a men's cut, this was an OK choice. Hairdresser didn't necessarily have a huge vocabulary to ask/explain what I would like or how he would cut it, but he did a good enough job. Very very meticulous - to the point that it actually took too long in my mind, he couldn't seem to get happy about his work.
    No wait though, and again for $20 it was fine enough.
  • Sushi Train

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    On the fly through the city a thought struck me: that it was tea time & I only had $10.
    The answer? Sushi train!
    Walked away with 3 rolls of tastiness, and 50 cents change. And not that greasy fast food feeling. And soon after I discovered my tummy was scrumptiously full.
    Happy not hungry not poor me!
  • Subway

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Dirty tables. Primarily lettuced sub. Average customer service. This store had it all.
    At least it was warm on a cold night.
  • Wok In A Box

    Takeaways St Marys, SA
    Desperate for a healthier takeaway option that the family would like, we pulled in here the other day. Very glad we did.
    The range is generous, especially given they're in a servo (albeit a big servo!), and the seating area was certainly big enough to not be squeezy when we were there. Prices were certainly good, especially as the serving sizes genuinely filled us up.
    Taste was absolutely yummo delicious. I honestly wouldn't have been unhappy had I eaten exactly the same meal off a lovely ceramic plate surrounded by flowery loveliness in a restaurant - instead eating it from a well insulated box with plastic spoons cost half the price of what the flowery loveliness would have cost but with the same flavour. Same could be said of my family.
    The half a star came off because it did take them a little while to get it ready - they were busy-ish so I understand, but if I'd wanted a super quick option I would have been disappointed.
  • Swanny's On Main

    Used Goods Retailers Modbury Heights, SA
    This store has now moved from Lobethal to Modbury Heights, and man they're a fresh addition there. More welcome than Taylor Swift's next love story, or the most recent sighting of Elvis riding on the back of the Lochness monster. Of course you will find plenty of Elvis here, not so much Swifty though they do have some more recent CD's. But what I love is bringing back memories of the past when playing music meant taking something big and black out of a cover and finely placing the needle where you wanted to play it, and then enjoying.
    I suspect I shall spend a lot more time here drinking their very affordable coffee/hot chocolate/cakes and finding my inner self here again.
    BTW, not all records are expensive here - there's a good choice of $3 ones, as well as a not huge but interesting selection of older books for sale as well.
  • Sports Power

    Sporting Goods Retailers Golden Grove, SA
    From the outside this looks like a store with lots of bargains.
    And there is.
    But if you don't happen to be looking for 'that specific that they have one of' size 7 pink pair of Adidas netball shoes that are cheap, a lot of the remaining stock isn't a bargain.
    Staffing is low too, I walked round for more than 10 minutes unapproached.
  • Nepalese Temptations

    Restaurants Hahndorf, SA
    This is a cozy friendly location where you could happily bring a special someone or a small family. Service is personalised, though there's a drawback with that. It's not very big, and if it gets busy as it did the night I was there ('busy' being 4-5 tables) then there's not a lot of staff to move things along - so ordering takes longer and cooking times aren't the quickest. Plenty of time to stare into the eyes of that someone special I guess - but not great if you're needing something quicker.
    They brought some lovely naan out first and I really enjoyed that. Menu was really full of lovely temptations. I don't know how genuine it was (somehow I don't imagine steak being Nepalese - and the waitress wasn't sure, though she asured me the chef prepared it in Nepalese spices and cooked it in Nepalese fashion), but the choices were all very challenging to choose between because they looked so good.
    In the end I chose a mixed plate, and a glass of red - it was very well matched to the food. Food was most certainly tasty and varied, I also got a side of their chutneys and I have to say I think they were the highlight of the main - just the right amount of kick for me, sweetness to match that and the meal.
    Dessert I went for a Kheer, I was actually pretty full so thought about not having it but I'm VERY glad I did. It was just lovely - warm, sweet enough but with spices roaming throughout it, a perfect ending to the meal.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Melrose Park, SA
    I have never ever been through a faster drive thru than here tonight. Even with 3 cars in front we had our order taken, paid and picked up in under 2 minutes.
    Food was as expected though the chips could have been a touch saltier.
  • AT Thai Kitchen

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    At first I chose this establishment ('restaurant' is a stretch - it's a shop in a food court!) because it was literally the only one that had an EFTPOS machine - though minimum of $12 was 10 cents more than any of their meals.
    Having done that though, I'm glad I did. My meal was very generously sized and really genuinely tasty. I had the Pad Thai, just the right amount of zing and varied fresh ingredients. They were quite quick to make it too, it literally took longer to eat than it had been to make.
    I'll be back!
  • Orange Story

    Cards & Gift Shops Golden Grove, SA
    This store has a little bit of everything you might want...from a cheap homewares store. And everything is on special. They've been saying for over 6 months that it's a closing down sale, yet stock keeps getting added! That's for the good as far as I can tell, because now you really can get just about whatever you could imagine - from landscape pictures to keyrings to stuffed toys to funny sayings on mugs to who knows what else they might have. And it's all on sale. All the time!