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opinionatedsean Local Star

I'm opinionated Sean & I'll tell you what I think about every type of business! I've been local (lived) in Sydney, Adelaide and Launceston & I've visited every state of Australia - giving my opinion wherever I am of anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! So no matter where you are I reckon my experiences will help you avoid the bad and find the good. If so, let me know by leaving a comment (even if you disagree).

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Witchery

    Clothing Retailers Adelaide, SA
    Nice clothes, but really not on the affordable side. Having said that, their discount/last of stock/end of season prices make it more attractive to shop here, but that's the only time you'd find me back.
    Staff were only really interested in upselling rather than hearing what I wanted, after they realised I wasn't rich it was all pretty muted.
  • Haigh's Chocolates

    Wholesalers Glenelg, SA
    It's expensive, but tasty. South Aussie icon but I can't afford more than a little choccy frog!
    Friendly enough staff though I haven't seen them run out of their way for customers.
  • Msy Technology

    Computer Services & Repair Adelaide, SA
    Having been to other MSY's, I didn't expect a whole lot in terms of helpful customer service here - but I was incredibly pleasantly surprised. Asked about what I would need for a certain project (that probably seemed very basic to them, but bamboozling to me), they looked up the parts, got them for me, showed me how to use them, and whatsmore the price was better than advertised. All done in a very friendly manner, not rushing me even though it was the lunchtime rush. Gave me great confidence in them, I'll be back.
  • Shoe Shed

    Shoe Stores Adelaide, SA
    I guess my review is really not as great as it could be because I expected 'Shoe Shed' (from their jingle and ads) to be full of all these wonderful discounts. $10 off an RRP $150 pair of shoes doesn't hit that mark for me. Infact pretty much all their shoes were $10 off - didn't see any more than that get taken off the price. I can get better than that on sale just about anywhere - and these are Shoe Shed's everyday supposedly special prices.
    My tip? Go next door to Rivers, they've got real specials every day there - and their special specials are even better again.

    Confectionery Glenelg, SA
    It's hard to find things not to like about this shop. Lollies - well they're certainly likeable! Prices - I was genuinely surprised, they have an incredible range of $2-3 bags of very tasty choices. Staff - knowledgable. Range - Again I was very surprised, there were choices from soft to hard, sour to sweet, local to imported. Perhaps the only thing I could complain about is I bought too much because it was all too good! Actually it was also a bit ssqueezy in the store, especially as there was so much stock.
  • The Reject Shop

    General Retailers Glenelg, SA
    My usual experience of cheap shops is if you're looking for something, a grunty nod is about the best you'll get. Not here. Asking about a couple of items resulted in a very cheery explanation of what they had (and didn't have), exactly where I'd find it (right down to which level of the display it was on), a recommendation of what else might be there or suit, and a happy customer - me!
    Prices were great as you'd expect, though it's not the biggest Reject Shop around so stock was a bit lower than I'd expect. But service was literally up there with the best.
  • Aldinga Bay Cafe

    Cafes Aldinga Beach, SA
    This little cafe is frustratingly fascinating. I think it's confused - is it a chic Indian restaurant or an atypical Aussie fish and chip joint? Not sure they've pulled off trying to be both - the Indian food looked and smelt delicious but I wouldn't pay the prices they were charging to take it away and the seating area is 'ok' but not nice enough for a meal at that price. Then when it comes to fish and chips, $15 for a piece of Barramundi??? Oddly too when we ordered a hamburger they'd run out of patties. Not what I'd expect from an atypical Aussie fish and chip shop.

    Despite all the above, the food was fresh and the chips lovely and hot, good sized serving, the $15 Barramundi was nice though not worth $15. Service wasn't fast especially given it was a quiet day, I wouldn't want to be there on a busy Summer's day. Staff had some problems understanding our order but did seem to be new. It was all up an 'ok' experience but could do with more work to be more than 3 *'s.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Aldinga Beach, SA
    Drive thru looked like quite a quick easy way to go through. Only trouble was there was one person manning 2 lanes - so we had to wait. Then when we got to the window, they'd gotten confused about our relatively simple order. Thankfully it didn't take long to get it sorted and they were quite polite but it could have been easier had it been right the first time x 2.
  • Coles

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Aldinga Beach, SA
    I wasn't expecting a lot from here, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's big for a start, and there's a decent amount of local foods/deli type foods some of which are from the local area. Aisles are wide too, so there's no bumping into random smelly strangers in the aisle. It's nice and bright too, so at least you'll see them if you might run into them ;-)
    There's a good number of checkouts so if you do happen to see them again you can avoid them, even about 6-8 self serve if you've just got a couple of things.
    Plenty of parking outside.
  • Hungry Jacks

    Takeaways aldinga, SA
    Fast is a good word for here. Not just because they are 'fast food', but because they actually are fast. Almost had my order ready before I ordered it. Friendly too, and the food was hot and tasty. There's a few seats where they are and a few more seats round the corner too.
  • OTR

    Shopping Centres aldinga, SA
    What an amazing petrol station. I know that sounds dumb - if you think of it as a place that sells petrol. But add in that there is actually a stack of petrol pumps (doh!), sells great coffee, a Brumby's, a Hungry Jacks, a Wendys, a pretty decent sized grocery section, and probably even some things I've forgotten - plus seating areas from all of the above - and it really is pretty amazing.
    Fast friendly service too.
  • Brumbys Bakery

    Bakeries Aldinga, SA
    I actually think there's a better range at this Brumby's than their larger retail stores - at least of sweet things. I loved my cream honey log, others in the family loved their jam filled donut. The muffin was 'nice but not as fresh as expected'.
    A word of warning though - don't bother with the pretzels. Maybe because it's not fresh, it was chewy and not nice.
    Prices were very reasonable, certainly better than most smaller bakeries.
  • Subway

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Not all Subway are created equal, but this one shines!
    Fresh, tasty, fast service. Friendly staff who even wished me 'happy birthday' when I redeemed my birthday offer, and weren't stressed that it was free.
    Great job.
  • Chemist Warehouse

    Chemists Glenelg, SA
    This is a pokey Chemist warehouse, still a lot of stock but not in wide aisles because of the space. They have a lot of staff but honestly my experience wasn't that the staff were keen to help nor had knowledge when asked. I only wanted 2 things, both common, had to wait for ages to get one and then they had no idea about the other until I googled it and showed it to them then they themselves were surprised to find it on their shelves.
    I would have expected better.
  • Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery and Dessert Bar

    Cafes Glenelg, SA
    This is the best Ice Cream bar in Glenelg (and yes there are several).
    For a start, their prices are the best - they even include the chocolate dipping of their deliciously fresh waffle cones in their price. Their toppings are free too, the chocolate fudge sauce is divine.
    Also they offer 3 scoop cones. Now I must warn you that depending on the weather, a good amount of that ice cream will disappear before you eat it (and even the seagulls will rush for it!). I must also warn you that it will be hard to only choose 3 flavours.
    Their service is quick and staff are more than happy to let you stand and drool at the flavours and give you tastings so you can decide.
    All up it's very yum. As others have mentioned, for a family the price can be a bit but for a treat it's a real treat.
  • Hog's Breath Cafe

    Restaurants Glenelg, SA
    Went back here for my birthday today, not all that impressed. It wasn't so much 'bad' as 'not great'. Opened up my wallet for their special slow cooked steak and I have to say it tasted like spam to me. The dressing (for which I paid $2.20) made the steak better, as did the Caesar salad on the side, but I've certainly had better steak for less than the $30 I paid.
    Others had the lunch special and one child ate free due to a special, so the price was ok all up but I was disappointed.
  • Aldinga Central Shopping Centre, Centre Management

    Shopping Centres Aldinga, SA
    This shopping centre is fairly new, certainly well kept and clean, lots of parking and a great range of stores including Coles and Foodland for 'big choice' plus smaller stores like butchers and newsagent, and a few food places. All up it's got it all - a great addition to the local area as the nearest similar stores are a ways away.
  • Fox Creek Wines Pty Ltd

    Restaurants Mclaren Vale, SA
    Rarely have I come across such a family-friendly winery. Not just in name, but in what they actually do. A scavenger hunt on the property that has prizes for kids that complete it, and staff who are actually happy to give the prizes out (not just 'a part of their job' attitude).
    The same staff also went through a tasting of their products with me without any high-pressure sell techniques, just chatting and giving information and their opinion, it was a really pleasant experience.
    The grounds are relaxed and there's lovely places to sit both inside and out, you wouldn't want a big crowd but great for a few car loads. They have well-priced platters of local produce to buy (as well as their wine!), the wine is priced on par with the market and there's some lovely choices - especially enjoyed their sweeter varieties.
  • Edo Sushi Adelaide

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    At $2.50 per roll, I was looking forward to a cheap lunch here. And it was cheap, and not un-nice. I was disappointed in the chicken sushi, but their san fransisco roll was yum, and I was full at the end of it - $10 doesn't always do that. It was self-serve so service was quick (because I was quick!), but all choices weren't available which was a bit disappointing.
  • Redwood Park Chicken Bar

    Takeaways Redwood Park, SA
    Still my choice of chicken shop when in the area.
    Great size chickens with real juicy meat on them, no hassle for them to cut a chicken into however many pieces you desire. Prices are fair.
    Chips are expensive in my mind but they are delicious and crunchy.
    Staff have been there forever and very friendly.