I am a bored soul in search of entertainment in Sydney. I don't seem to be able to stick with one venue at a time, and must keep going to new ones to satisfy myself. Unfortunately, some places are very bad, and being a good citizen I would like to warn others of some places while recommending places I like.

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  • Muse Karaoke

    Restaurants Haymarket, NSW
    Muse Karaoke is probably my favourite out of all the places to hang out in the city. All the prices are reasonable and sometimes the staff hands out free drinks! I mostly like the fact that they are brand new. Everything is spotless and dazzling, the hardware is of the highest quality, and even though the place is below ground, there is phone reception! They are also one of the few places that serve food as well, as well as a huge range of cocktails, many of them invented by the staff there.
  • CEO Karaoke

    Party Supplies Sydney, NSW
    CEO is a decent place to go for karaoke...if you have a bottomless wallet. Everything there is overpriced. They have a nice interior and amazing VIP room, but seriously not everyone is that rich. Also, no mobile phone reception is a big killer for me.
  • Big Echo Karaoke Box

    Party Supplies Sydney, NSW
    Many of my friends like to go here but personally I hate it. For some reason, the place always smells like vomit when I get there. The seats and interior also seem to be getting old. The only thing good about them is the sound quality, but otherwise everything else is unbearable.