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  • Domayne Auburn

    Mobile Phones Retailers Auburn, NSW
    It always astounds me how pathetic Domayne is compared to Harvey Norman? I mean they are the same company and Domayne used to be quite good.
    But all they seem to be interested in doing is overcharging for things. I got something from Harvey Norman for FAR cheaper than Domayne.
    I know that Domayne is the 'higher class' brand but really...this shouldn't mean there are NO negotiations in price. It isn't like I was looking at something below cost?

    Just don't bother with them..
  • Harvey Norman Auburn

    Department Stores Auburn, NSW
    I never thought I would be writing a great review for Harvey Norman but after my experience on Saturday I just HAD to. Despite the place being PACKED during a massive sale the staff were all helpful and offered great deals. They managed to answer questions and actually HELP you make an informed decision.
    The range of all sorts of things allows you to get a few things done at once as well.
    The reason for only 4 stars is because they don't carry STM laptop bags!
  • Kathmandu

    Outdoor Gear Retailers Chatswood, NSW
    Kathmandu I have come to learn is a great source of good quality products even if you are NOT a hiker. They also have GREAT sales!!! I just recently went and bought some warm but very lightweight jackets at half price which will be invaluable in winter holiday destinations! The service was well beyond the call of duty as well as they went out of their way to track down your size and particular style best suiting your needs. I just love this store!