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I live on Sydney's North Shore with my partner and our pet dog. I enjoy time with family and friends, fitness and pizza!

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  • Wasabi Express

    Takeaways St Leonards, NSW
    I can't believe I am only just reviewing this place now. I LOVE WASABI EXPRESS. The guys who work here are so nice, that alone is enough to keep me coming back! Their selection of shushi and rice paper rolls are delicious and always super fresh. They have a grab-your-soy-sauce-wasabi-and-chopsticks station on the way out, which is refreshing (given that other sushi places can be quite stingy with these sushi-enhancing-extras). Price wise they are very reasonable - $5 for 2 rolls with sushi boxes priced at $5+. They also do bento boxes, fried dumpling, chicken sticks and more. After 3pm all prices of pre-made food are halved making it even more affordable. They also take card with no minimum - what's not to love!?
  • Surf Dive & Ski

    Sporting Goods Retailers Brookvale, NSW
    Pretty nice little surf store. I needed to get some wax and found it in abundance here.

    The clothing was nice but I didn't buy any.

    Good size store with plenty of surf gear. I didn't have time to check it out too much but will probably go back at some stage for a better inspection.
  • Subway

    Takeaways St Leonards, NSW
    This is a fantastic Subway. From time to time I will get a few sub-platters for an office lunch. Whilst it is not super classy it is a really cost effective and popular option. The guys here are really helpful and always have my platters ready on time. And they give me bonus cookies - yay!

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  • Bourke Street Bakery is the answer to world hunger, world peace and the meaning of life all at once.

    It is one of the many establishments sprinkled throughout the inner west like stars in a beautiful night sky or glitter on the chests of The Village People - shiny, scary yet friendly, soothing and warmly beckoning with a sultry finger.
    People from North Sydney may argue, "but we have a better view!" but we in the Inner West will answer, but we have the Bourke Street Bakery.
    Those from the Eastern Suburbs will say "we have beaches and the best tourist spots!" but we Inner Westies will whisper, Bourke Street Bakery.
    Those in the far West and Sydney's South will say "awww give us a durry bruv?" and we will answer, NAY! NAY peasants! For we are Inner Westies and we only have rollies! But we will welcome them into the warm oven glow of the Bourke Street Bakery like Jesus did the leper!

    The Bourke Street Bakery is not just the best thing since sliced bread, they took sliced bread and made it an artform.
    The Bourke Street Bakery doesn't make pies or sausage rolls, they took the word of God and baked it for your oral pleasure.
    The Bourke Street Bakery offers coffee and milkshakes but delivers liquid poetry.

    Seriously though. This place is amazing and the service is wonderful.

    All hail the Bourke Street Bakery!
  • As a regular at St Ives village I was initially excited by the opening of this cafe, particularly when I saw they used Campos coffee beans. Unfortunately, after three chances I've decided never to venture into here again. 1) The management has been terribly rude 3/3 times despite me being a very friendly and accommodating customer at all times. Management has this bizarre manner which makes you feel guilty for asking for a table and when I asked for 3 high chairs today (for 3 infants under 12 months), despite seeing a stack of approx. 6 of them, they looked at me in bewilderment and said they could probably only manage 2! They seemed quite put out to get them for me, despite seeing that I was carrying my baby. 2) The food is overpriced and very bland. I ordered a barramundi burger when it first opened and it lacked flavour immensely. It was basically a piece of fish on a soggy burger bun with a small amount of mayo and a lump of soggy iceberg lettuce. Today I ordered a pumpkin and balsamic vinegar bruschetta for lunch. Boiled pumpkin slices on soggy bread? Not very appetizing at all. 3) I was under the impression a cafe had to maintain an excellent standard of coffee-making to use the Campos logo but unfortunately, despite friendly feedback from me in the past, my coffee has been weak 3/3 times. It was reasonably ok today but that was because I ordered 3 shots in my large soy cap. That shouldn't be necessary in my opinion. Would highly recommend avoiding this one.
  • I love this place. Massages are really deep and relaxing. There is huge variation between masseurs... so if you go with a friend and get the same treatment dont expect to receive the same thing! Just make sure you book (even if only a little earlier than when you go) as they are very busy.
    • Just went back here. Had a great experience again. Prices seem good and the service was great.