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rina.v Local Star

Joined 26 September 2007 Summer Hill, NSW

  • Alegrias Spanish Tapas

    Restaurants Balmain, NSW
    I enjoyed this Spanish tapas restaurant! I felt like I was somewhere in Barcelona. There was live entertainment with ladies singing and dancing. The wine we had was lovely. The paella was very nice too. Different as it had other ingredients in it like capsicum which I've never experienced in a paella before. The calamari we had wasn't the best. It tasted like it was frozen from a pack.
  • The Rag And Famish Hotel

    Pubs & Bars North Sydney, NSW
    Hot and no air conditioning! I only came here for a drink and was satisfied with my Róse. The bathrooms were cooler and a lot cleaner than the entire pub.
  • Three Williams

    Cafes Redfern, NSW
    I have mixed feelings about this cafe. The food that I ordered (wild mushrooms on sourdough) came out cold. I didn't complain about them because I was hungry and in a rush. The flavors were nice though although I couldn't really taste any truffle. The mango yogurt my friend ordered was too sweet and didn't really taste like mango yogurt. It tasted like Jalna vanilla yogurt from the tub with a whole lot of fancy mango/ jelly things on top. My chai almond milk latte was bland. Over priced too.
  • Mejico

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Delicious!!! What an amazing modern Mexican restaurant in the heart of Sydney. I love, loved the Guacamole that they make right in front of you at your table. The theatrics! Cocktails, service and food is tops. They also catered for gluten and dairy free which can always be a hassle.
  • Kafeine

    Cafes Balmain, NSW
    I love this cafe in the heart of Balmain. The food is so delicious and so are the Marsala Chai teas. They also have almond milk which can sometimes be hard to come by. The was a little bit slow but I guess that was because they were full and we had to wait a couple minutes for a table but all worth the wait!
  • Juju Catering

    Caterers Annandale, NSW
    I ordered some catering through an online website on Monday for my work event on Wednesday and this caterer delivered the goods! Their menu is simple but offers a wide variety of foods to select from. The food was delivered on time in hotboxes because they had other jobs to cater to afterwards. The food stayed warm and was so delicious!! I'm so happy with their service and pricing and I will definitely be using them for future events.
  • Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Watsons Bay, NSW
    Drinks and cocktails are lovely. They are watered down though. We ordered about 8 jugs of cocktails and didn't really feel the alcohol. The food isn't the greatest either. I would stick to the burger or the fish n chips. You can't really go wrong with fish when your so close to the water.
  • Annandale Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Annandale, NSW
    Awesome yummy, cheesy, meaty, greasy Burgers By Josh!! Huge burgers, cool and relaxed atmosphere and easy drinks. Good selection of beers on tap.
  • Moorish Cafe

    Restaurants Darwin, NT
    Delicious! Had a lovely Haloumi salad with fresh greens and yummy fried fruits. The staff are extremely friendly and makes you feel like you're on holidays.
  • Madame Nhu

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Great pho! Huge bowl of goodness and very cheap and affordable. I have had better pho at other places but it's always a good place to go when your in a rush
  • Custom Gear

    Promotional Products Bondi, NSW
    Loved these guys! They were so helpful when I called and asked if they could help me with some promo merchandise for my new business. They were happy to help me with a quote over the phone and then they followed up with an email stating prices and delivery times. Easy to work with and I received my items within 1 week. I'll definitely use Custom Gear for any future promo items & strongly recommend them to other small businesses.
  • Automoda

    Mechanic Five Dock, NSW
    I currently own a Fiat 500 and was told by a friend that I should have it serviced by Automoda. I called to schedule in a service and a guy named Vince who I spoke to seemed friendly and polite and said for me to bring it in the following week. When I brought my car in they said they'd have it back to me in 2 days. I received a call that morning of the second day and they said it was ready to be picked up! There were no issues with the car and I was charged the amount that they quoted me. Very happy and would recommend this mechanic to others.
  • Hungry Grasshopper

    Cafes Haberfield, NSW
    This is my local. I love coming here every weekend. The owner is really friendly and the food is always consistent. They recently changed their shared table to smaller tables which is a better fit I think. I really love their maple banana bread. It really hits that sweet spot!
  • Ikea

    Furniture Stores Tempe, NSW
    This is my favourite IKEA! I love wandering around looking at all the beautiful furniture. There are plenty of staff on the floor so if you ever need help looking for something you're guaranteed to always find someone. The car park is huge and you'll always find a car spot. Underground or outdoors.
  • Il Cortile Caffe

    Cafes Glebe, NSW
    One of my favourite Italian cafes in Glebe! You're guaranteed an authentic Italian breakfast. Piadina for lunch, toasted to perfection. The coffee is delicious and you're always greeted by the friendly Italian owners.
  • Chon Thai

    Restaurants Balmain, NSW
    Excellent Thai restaurant!! The food was absolutely delicious! I can't fault anything about the dishes we selected. Pork belly was cooked to perfection. I would have liked a little more roti with my curry but it was still really enjoyable. Only negative about this place was that it was very loud. Owner appears to know what he's doing :)
  • Butter

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Awesome, funky, fried chicken joint!! The chicken is crispy and spicy and delicious! Cool, unique sneakers in the window too.
  • Peckish

    Cafes North Sydney, NSW
    Lovely little cafe! They let me use the wifi whilst working. Nice coffee, a bit too hot though almost burnt my tongue.
  • Mary's

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    This is the worst burger joint I've ever experienced. I felt embarrassed to even have this food in front of me. The chicken is so fried and drenched in oil it looks like it's been sitting in the fryer for over a month. The skin isn't event crispy. I managed to peel it off and noticed that it was still slimy and white. GROSS. The cheeseburgers are below average. Slap a beef patty in between two thin slices of burger bread and there you have it. The drinks menu is ridiculous! The waiter was kind enough to let me taste some wine... VINEGAR. You have to be drunk or really high to enjoy this place.
  • Stamford Plaza Melbourne

    Hotels Melbourne, VIC
    Lovely hotel! Staff are very welcoming and friendly. The room was perfect. Decent sized that included a separate lounge area. The only downfall was that the coldness from outside was radiating through the window which made the bedroom a bit cold. I had to turn off the air conditioner. Great location too, in walking distance from hip restaurants and shopping spots.