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Joined 26 September 2007 Summer Hill, NSW

  • Brooklyn Hide

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    BEST coffee in Surry Hills that I've had so far. I waited about 20 mins but it was all worth the wait! Their bagels are really tasty too! Such an original place, my office is recently moving to Surry Hills so I'll definitely be coming back for more coffee and more bagels!
  • Third Village

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I decided to go here one lunchtime to try out their food and was enticed by their coconut/ vanilla/ chia seed smoothie. It was really quiet so I sat down inside and ordered and ham, cheese toasted sandwich. The guy behind the counter was really lovely and polite. Its a cute little cafe you would probably just walk past and not notice. I plan on coming back to try their coffee because I've heard great things about it.
  • About Life

    Health Markets Surry Hills, NSW
    This cafe/ grocer/ organic/ gluten free retail store is great when you are looking for that certain product that you cannot buy anywhere else. About Life stocks all of those unique products! They also have freshly made salads, and a food bar that you can select what you like and then take it away to have as your lunch in a little box. They also have a frozen section that stocks frozen berries and blocks of spinach. Really convenient when you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle and are time poor.
  • Madam Char Char

    Delis Surry Hills, NSW
    I used to go here quite often, they have really great roasted chickens and are very generous with their salad servings. Although I stopped coming because the salads appeared to be same all the time. I wanted a change. 6 months later I've now returned and they have fresh new tasty salads! They also have hot meatballs and dahl which are also delicious and can be paired with the salads. I'm yet to try the roast chicken, chips and gravy. Maybe when I'm not being strict on my diet! Its also so convenient for me as its only a 2 minute walk from my office. The staff are also really polite and friendly too.
  • Summer Hill Village Fruit Shop

    Fruits & Vegetables Summer Hill, NSW
    This fruit shop is so inviting! Everything outside the front of the shop makes you want to buy. Every time I walk past they always have lovely fruit and veg outside. They also sell Sonoma bread which I love and my boyfriend loves too. Although the prices are a little steep its worth going in and having a stroll around the shop. I bought a few items from here that you normally wouldn't find in your local supermarket. I also bought a couple cans of organic beans that were more expensive but they taste so good! The staff are very polite and friendly.
  • Soul Pattinson Chemist

    Chemists Summer Hill, NSW
    I've only be living in Summer Hill now for 10 months and I'm finding little gems all the time. What I love about this chemist is that they sell cleaning products, body wash products outside the front of the shop for dirt cheap. I buy my Dove soaps here for $1.50 each which is cheaper than the big supermarket prices. The lady at the front counter who served me was friendly too.
  • Goro's

    Pubs & Bars Surry Hills, NSW
    This bar/ restaurant/ games room is awesome! I was pleasantly surprised after we ordered some share plates of food. I honestly thought this place would not produce anything tasty but I was proven wrong. The pork goyozas, the fried chicken, the beef rib slider, the pork belly skewers all made my mouth water and I wanted to go back for more! Only problem was there was a little too much salt on the chicken. The drinks are cheap and they also have this mango beer which keeps you going back for more. Love this place, cannot wait to go back again, I want to bring all my friends here.
  • Despana

    Restaurants Glebe, NSW
    This small tapas restaurant is a little gem in the hear of Glebe! I was able to book a table the day before which was really convenient. I've been here twice now and both times I've been really impressed. The food is so delicious and comes out fairly quickly. The waitress said that the paella would take up to 45 mins but was brought to our table within 30 mins. The staff are very tentative and are so friendly. When we walked past the kitchen the chefs said goodbye and thanked us for coming. Highly recommended Spanish restaurant!!
  • Petrol Restaurant

    Restaurants Potts Point, NSW
    I felt like I was in a cosy cafe in New York. They provide blankets for you to cover your legs if you're sitting outside on the porch area because at 7am it gets quite chilly. I ordered the porridge because apparently its award winning. It definitely lived up to its name! I loved it! I could have had three bowls. They are very generous on their portion sizes and so I was very satisfied after one. They were a little slow bringing out our meals but it was all worth the wait. The menu is reasonably priced, you definitely get what you pay for. I can't wait to come back here again, in fact I've already planned a cocktail night with the gals.
  • Stop Valve Espresso & Bar

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    This cafe just recently opened. Its so convenient because its located right next to the car park near my office so I grab my coffee on my way to the office. They coffee is delicious and the man that takes my coffee order is friendly and polite. I'm yet to try the food there but the food looks really appetizing too. They also serve alcohol so I would like to try this place at dinner time especially in summer. They offer Spritzers!
  • The Tea Salon

    Cafes Sydney, NSW
    Such a lovely little tea room right in the middle of the Westfield shopping mall. The food is delicate and very delicious. They offer an assortment of teas plus champagne if you're feeling daring. They use these antique tea cups and pots which make you feel like you're Alice in Wonderland. Cute place for a ladies brunch or just a pit stop when your shopping.
  • Single Rosetta

    Cafes Haberfield, NSW
    Yep I'm pretty happy with this little cafe. Its a 15 minute walk from my house and they make delicious coffee and breakfast. Its quiet and relaxing and the few guys that run it are really polite and friendly.
  • Cremeria Deluca

    Cafes Five Dock, NSW
    Agree with the previous reviewer, best granita and panna outside of Sicily! However their customer service is embarrassing. You don't really feel welcomed when you walk in. They are too busy 'making money' and don't put any effort into their customers. This is the main reason why I won't ever go there again. I'd rather save my money and travel to Sicily again to taste the real deal.
  • Envy Cafe

    Cafes Summer Hill, NSW
    This cafe looks the part but the food and coffee wasn't the greatest experience. The food was bland and my coffee was very watery. I visited here about 6 months ago so maybe its changed since then. I would come back here again to give them another go.
  • Plunge Cafe

    Cafes Summer Hill, NSW
    I've been here a couple of times and enjoyed both times I've been here! The coffee is really good, the staff are warm and friendly and they have these little falafels on the menu which are a tasty treat! I now live around the corner so I will be coming here more often.
  • T2 Tea

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Sydney, NSW
    T2 is my place to go whenever I need tea. I love all their herbal teas and the staff are always willing to help you look for something different. I love all their new tea sets and whats great is they offer free gift wrapping.
  • Caracalla Pizzeria

    Restaurants Haberfield, NSW
    This restaurant has changed its name so many times its hard to keep up. Its always been Italian influenced but never really hit the nail on the head until now. I ate at this restaurant last week and was highly impressed this time round. They have a wood fired oven in the middle of it which produces quality Italian traditional pizza. We also ordered pasta and those too were delicious and couldn't get enough of it! I'm happy to say that this good authentic Italian restaurant is just around the corner from my home and can visit whenever I like. Keep doing what you're doing! Fantastic place to eat.
  • T2

    Coffee & Tea Suppliers Sydney, NSW
    I love coming here. I always buy tea and tea cups as birthday gifts. The staff here are always here to help you if you are looking for something in particular or they always offer suggestions to help you choose something special. They also offer gift wrapping as a complimentary service.
  • Sushi Maru

    Restaurants Leichhardt, NSW
    WOW!! This is the BEST sushi train I've had so far! Its a new restaurant in Leichhardt and they have really outdone themselves. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and the food and fish is the freshest I've had. The prices are reasonable and we didn't have to wait long at all for a seat. I can't wait to go back here again.
  • Secure Parking

    Parking Surry Hills, NSW
    I park in this car park regularly. They've made it so convenient to secure a spot. If you book online, they offer early bird parking for only $14.00 for the day! And you can book 15 mins before you arrive. Great rates and very convenient! Also the staff are tentative and lovely.