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rina.v Local Star

Joined 26 September 2007 Summer Hill, NSW

  • College Lawn Hotel

    Restaurants Prahran, VIC
    Great local pub! Huge outdoor/ beer garden area you can sit and have a drink and some food. Although when we got there they told us that the kitchen was closed and it would re-open after 5pm. Drinks are cheap here and the waitstaff are nice and friendly.
  • Katuk

    Pubs & Bars South Yarra, VIC
    Great place to come if you're looking for a nice drink and a casual chat with friends. Came here late one night, ordered some cocktails from the friendly bar staff and sat in the corner to catch up with some friends. Great little place!
  • Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind

    Cafes Brunswick, VIC
    Ummm loved this little cafe we stumbled across in Brunswick!! The food was such a treat after a big night out the night before. Pulled pork roll with slaw, pork belly with a side of apple granita and tastiest Dukkah chips! So many reasons why everyone should visit Melbourne.
  • City Of Sydney - Prince Alfred Park Pool

    Local Government Pyrmont, NSW
    I love coming here of a lunchtime during the week. Its a great way to break up your day by either going for a jog around the park, playing a bit of tennis, doing a couple of laps or simply lazing in the sun. Theres plenty of room in this park so you don't ever feel like you're stuck sitting or laying next to someone you don't know.
  • NGV International

    Museums Melbourne, VIC
    Came here with a few friends to see the Andy Warhol Art Exhibition and was really blown away. The art gallery itself is a beautiful piece of arcitechture. Although one thing that annoyed me was that we had already purchased our tickets online, when my friend showed her e-ticket the person and the front said she had to pay extra because there was a performance on the night which they did not mention to anyone earlier than that however when I showed my paper ticket they let me straight through without paying extra.
  • Two Birds One Stone

    Cafes South Yarra, VIC
    A hidden gem! Second time I've visited Melbourne and fell in love both times! This beautiful cute little cafe has a great breakfast menu. The omlette was delicious and my coffee was the best coffee I've had in South Yarra. I can't wait to come back here again.
  • Lucy's Florist

    Florists Summer Hill, NSW
    Great little local florist! I walked in and asked if they could make me a custom bouquet. The little old man gave some suggestions and helped me pick a nice wrap paper. They are also reasonably priced. I will definitely be going back again for any other flower needs.
  • Bar Passalaqua

    Cafes Leichhardt, NSW
    Ordered a takeaway coffee from here one day whilst I was walking past and the coffee was beautiful. I would like to come back again one day to try other things on their menu.
  • The Grumpy Barista

    Cafes Petersham, NSW
    Loved it! Had the figs with ricotta on toast. Yummy dish and those cronuts are to die for! I also love the design of this little cafe. They made use of their small space very well.
  • San Valentino

    Cafes Haberfield, NSW
    Came here once to grab a quick take away coffee. Coffee wasn't the greatest I've had. The coffee was boiling hot and I had to wait for it to cool down before I could take a sip.
  • The Retreat Garden Bistro

    Restaurants Croydon, NSW
    Beautiful food! Tucked away in a local club lies a good hearty restaurant that you know you'll always get a great meal from. All the staff are very friendly and always give you suggestions on what to order. The fish!! So tasty and always fresh. I love coming here for a weeknight meal.
  • Sugarcane Restaurant

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Yummy! The restaurant was very busy. We were able to get a table straight away because other guests were just leaving. The entrees; crispy tortilla with crab but I couldn't taste any crab. I couldn't even see any actually. The beef spring rolls were a little strange. It tasted like spicy Italian bolognese sauce. Nice but not very Thai. The mains were a winner. Although we wished that the blood plum sauce was either served on the side or less of it. The chicken was swimming in the sauce which I think simply over powered the dish. The waiter also kept forgetting about us. Maybe they were understaffed but he was very polite.
  • Snap Fitness

    Gyms & Fitness Centres Surry Hills, NSW
    Great new gym!! The guys here are really friendly and got my friends and I a great deal. No lock in contracts and you can cancel at anytime. All new gym equipment and the gym doesn't smell of bad body odor! Hope to see more group classes though.
  • Din Tai Fung

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    Although I wasn't very impressed with the lady who was standing at the front, wasn't very friendly and kept talking over the top of me when I was trying to ask her a question. The dumplings and the rest of the food are the best!!!
  • Anita Gelato

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Chippendale, NSW
    I've discovered my new favorite gelato bar! They have a huge range of flavors and toppings you can choose from. The last behind the bar was also really lovely and friendly. Yummy gelato can't wait to go back!
  • Strawberry Hills Hotel

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    Great pub! Had lunch here and ordered the eye fillet with veggies. Was delicious although meat cooked a little too much. Will definitely come back here again to try their other dishes.
  • Il Girarrosto

    Restaurants Hunters Hill, NSW
    Where do I start. Very disappointing! Poor hospitality! I?ve been to their sister restaurant (Via Napoli) many times and can safely say that I?ve always enjoyed myself but this experience I would have to rate a 2/10.
    Firstly, when we arrived we were greeted nicely but a lovely waitress who asked us to wait until someone would come and seat us. A man came along and said that we had to wait a until another table before us would leave so they could clear the table. I looked around and noticed that there were many other tables free so I asked the waiter if we could sit on one of those free tables. He said yes. No biggie here.
    We noticed everyone eating these beautifully set meat or seafood platters so we asked if we could get both. The waiter said yes but it would take a while to prepare so he offered the anitpasti platter to us while we waited. Bread arrived at our table including our antipasti, but then 10 minutes later our meat and seafood platter came out! They said we?d receive 5 types of meat but we only received 4. The ribs were missing.
    The meat was tasty it did have nice flavour and so did the seafood but for a $280 platter (just the platter alone) it was not worth it. I?ve eaten at Via Napoli and paid $45 per head and I ate like a Queen!
    My partner also ordered a beer that never arrived to our table. The semifreddo that we ordered for dessert came out half melted. It did not look anything like the photo you see on this site, but more like a sad, melted plate or unflavored cream and gelato sloshed on the plate. We also ordered the tiramisu but we also never received that.
    They ended up bringing out small shots of limoncello which we never asked for.
    The after when my partner went to pay at the counter the man that took his money also said they would bring out some amaros but we also never received them! We weren't sure if they actually charged us for the missing items we ordered. We really felt like they took advantage of us and ripped us off! Won?t be coming here again.

    I could have had the same amount of food at my place on our BBQ for less than half the price.
    If you love Italian rustic food but hate hefty price tags, DON'T COME HERE.
  • El Loco

    Restaurants Surry Hills, NSW
    Not a fan at all. I've had better, tastier tacos at Harry Harpoons. The fish in the tacos was cooked well but my taco was dripping with juice everywhere from the tomato. The pork taco was bland! We also ordered some shredded meat salad which was not appetizing at all. The meat was tough and not tender and didn't go well with the rest of the dish. Shredded cabbage and a big squirt of chipotle mayo? I had a nice glass of wine which I think was a Shiraz.
  • Paramount Coffee Project

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Awesome, hip, contemporary cafe! I love coming here because of the beautiful architecture and great coffee. The staff are super friendly too! I have also had breakfast here once before but was a little too fancy for me. My avocado toast came with a strange vegemite spread that wasn't very nice. Must be an aquired taste.
  • East Ocean Restaurant

    Restaurants Haymarket, NSW
    The food is average here. Maybe I'm just not a yum cha kind of person. The staff were a little pushy and almost over charged us for extra plates that we didn't have. It took 4 people to figure out who wrote down the extra plates that we never consumed and argued with each other whilst standing over the top of us. I might go back here again for Chinese dinner but not for Yum Cha.