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Joined 26 September 2007 Summer Hill, NSW

  • Pier Eight Group

    Cafes Millers Point, NSW
    As good as it gets! Yes they are the best caterers I've dealt with!! They provide fast and efficient service and ALWAYS deliver. Guaranteed you'll hear back from them within half an hour. The food is always delivered on time and is always great quality. I love their friendly customer service and they are always happy to help for whatever event it may be.
  • Grill'd

    Restaurants Leichhardt, NSW
    I love Grill'd burgers! This franchise recently opened up in Leichhardt and has been busy since it opened! The staff are super friendly and very helpful if you aren't sure what to order from the menu. I ordered the $12 beef sliders which were delicious. The sweet potato fries are my favourite!
  • Cafe City Edge

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    This place is awesome! A colleague of mine told me to visit this place as they do good healthy salads especially if you're looking for a good feed after a good gym session. I cannot believe how cheap the menu is! I ordered the chicken, quinoa, feta, sweet potato salad and was very impressed! I got a really good amount of chicken (they weren't stingy on the serving) and the salad part was perfect. Full of flavour! I also ordered a beetroot juice which was cheap too only $3 for a small. Quick service, friendly guys behind the counter, and the line is out the door so I was impressed with how quick they are! I'll definitely be making an effort to come here more often!
  • UTS Haberfield Club

    Interest Groups Haberfield, NSW
    Visited the newly renovated rowers club last night and its so much nicer than what it used to be! The food was delicious and we didn't wait very long for our food to arrive. The staff are friendly young guys and didn't mind us being the last people to leave, they cleaned up around us and told us to relax and take our time. I'll definitely be coming back here when the weather gets a little warmer and enjoy a drink by the water.
  • Alpha

    Restaurants Sydney, NSW
    I visited this restaurant about 6 months ago and was highly impressed! There were 4 of us and we ordered the banquet. You can't go wrong. There was so much food and the main attraction was the lamb shoulder! OMG drool worthy. I wasn't really happy with the dessert (loukomades), I've had homemade ones that were a lot more delicious. The only downfall was that we had to wait for our table for about 20 minutes. They asked if we want to sit at the bar and wait but the bar was full. Oh and the floor is very slippery! I saw more than a handful of girls almost slipping over while walking to and from the bathroom.
  • Summer Hill Licensed Post Office

    Post Offices Summer Hill, NSW
    Small, local and convenient post office. I think it's family owned, they seem friendly but don't really smile much.
  • Cafe Sydney

    Restaurants Melbourne, VIC
    Wow what an experience! I'm rating this restaurant a 9/10. I visited here for a celebration on Wednesday night and am quite impressed with the overall experience. Money was no problem for us so we slightly indulged in the menu. We order the seafood platter to start with. Freshest crustations I've had in a long time. Crab, scampi, prawns were very delicious. For appetizers we ordered the carpaccio which was heaven. I could have eaten the whole plate to myself. The mains were outstanding! So many different types of flavors on one plate! My favourite dish of the night was the duck confit with hazelnut dressing and pure. Only downfall was that the service was a little slow. The bottles of water we ordered right at the beginning took about 15 minutes to be brought to our table and the time between each meal was too spaced out.
  • Malibu Sydney

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Love, love, love! This place hasn't changed since the last time I visited here which was back in 2011. The same owners, same guy who makes your fresh salads and sandwiches but now the salads appear to be even bigger and better! Such good value for money. The boiled chicken is always cooked to perfection. If you ever want to grab a salad or sandwich from here then you better be ready to line up and wait. Otherwise come before the lunch time run.
  • Great Aunty Three

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    I ordered the pork rice paper rolls and almost fell off my chair!! They are so so tasty and delicious! The slice of apple just made these rolls perfection. Really, really quick service, my friend ordered the pork roll and she got her order within a matter of minutes! They are also very generous with the crackling on top! And whats great about this place is they are affordable whilst filling you up too!
  • Single Origin Roasters

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    Oh yeah. This is one of the best coffee's I've had. There is so much competition around but this one seems to be the most busiest in the mornings. The queue was long but I only waited about 5 minutes for my coffee. It was delicious! Just the right amount of milk and wasn't too hot. I can't wait to try the food!
  • Corduroy

    Cafes Surry Hills, NSW
    I'm sold! I love this little tiny cafe! Great coffee, really friendly staff/ baristas, and the basic food menu is just enough to make you smile and dance and the same time. Its also very affordable too!
  • Mad Pizza e Bar Newtown

    Restaurants Newtown, NSW
    What terrible customer service! This wasn't my choice to come here for lunch, I came here whilst doing a course at the education learning centre down the road, the lunch was provided on them so I decided to go along with everyone. My salad I had pre-ordered was quite delicious however there wasn't enough of it. A few kale leaves thrown in an over sized bowl that also included 5 or 6 mini prawns. I wasn't aware that I could have pre-ordered my coffee so I kindly asked the guy behind the bar (who turned out to be the owner) if I could have a macchiato. He didn't seem too impressed. Then told me that for next time I should remember to put my order down through the education centre because the coffee he was making for me now comes out of his staff wages. I asked if he wanted the whole $3 and he declined. He just told me to make sure to put it down next time. He was rude, arrogant and lazy! I definitely won't be coming back next week and I expressed that to him also. I'd rather go somewhere that delivers good customer service and show pride in their business. Mad Pizza you're a joke! No wonder there was no one else dining in there! You'd think on a Saturday at lunch time it would be pumping with customers... Poor form.
  • The Sandwich Shop

    Takeaways Surry Hills, NSW
    What an awesome little find! Just moved to Surry Hills and I'm loving the wide range of cafes/ restaurants. This places does a really cheap lunch, $7.50 for a big and tasty toasted sandwich. I had the BLT and it was everything I wanted. Really tasty and the staff are really friendly.
  • Cornersmith

    Cafes Marrickville, NSW
    Apart from waiting 40 minutes for a table, I was pretty impressed with the innovative and creativeness of this cafe. The menu is very different to what you usually expect. Its not your average 'bacon and egg roll' type cafe. I was a little surprised that they didn't offer bacon as a side but they only offered ham instead which was still really yummy anyway. The staff are super chilled and friendly and all of our orders came out very quickly. The coffee is really great too!! I loved my macchiato, it had the perfect amount of milk (very little :)) which is the way is should be. I've heard they offer cheese making classes so I'm keen to try that out!
  • Hoyts Cinemas

    Cinema Broadway, NSW
    Hoyts at Broadway has had a huge revamp! LUX cinema is the ultimate experience by far! The friendly staff at the bar take your order (other than the complimentary popcorn and a drink) and they bring it to you whilst reclined in your lounge chair. You can order anything from hot food, alcohol (including Aperol Spritzers!) to your traditional choc top. LUX tickets cost $40 but its worth every penny.
  • Cheeky Burger Bar

    Restaurants Paddington, NSW
    Cute little joint!! Was recommended by a friend because I was looking for a quick feed. It's has an American style to it- cheesy cheese burgers, mac and cheese and lots of jalepenos! It's a little on the pricey side.. Maybe because of the location and the extra bacon we kept ordering. :)
  • La Casa Ristorante

    Restaurants Russell Lea, NSW
    I visited this place a few months ago. I was a little skeptical because I hadn't heard too many good things about this place but I was proven wrong! The entrees (salt and pepper squid) were delicious and the pizzas were on point. Perfectly authentic Italian cooked pizzas. The reason why I gave 3 and a half stars is because we waited quite a long time for our food so by the time the meter long pizzas came out, it wasn't enough to feed our hungry bellies.
  • Tommys Beer Cafe

    Restaurants Glebe, NSW
    The last time I visited this restaurant I remember the food being a lot better. I came here tonight for a quick bite to eat and was not impressed at all. We ordered a couple of starters, the pork crackling strings I thought were going to be hot and crunchy, they tasted like they'd just come out of a chip packet that the bought from Coles at Broadway. The olives were straight out of the jar, I didn't mind those and the bread was cold and was sliced bread from 7-11 up the street. We then realized that maybe this place is only good for beer and schnitzel. When our mains arrived, I really wasn't happy with the schnitzel, it was small and covered in oil. The breadcrumbs were falling off. I probably wouldn't come here again unless I was highly intoxicated.
  • Chauvel Cinema

    Cinema Paddington, NSW
    I probably wouldn't ever come back here willingly to watch a movie. I visited this cinema to watch an alien documentary, the cinema is quite old, bus some people might like to call it 'vintage' but each to their own. The popcorn wasn't very good, it was cold and it was probably sitting there all day. I found a hair curled up in one of the popcorns which then really turned me right off everything about the cinema. The seats are smelly and old, once the movie started playing the audio was ridiculously loud! I assume it was hurting everyones ears because then after about 10 minutes someone had turned it down. Overall I watched the documentary with no fuss, my experience wasn't terrible but as I said, I probably wouldn't come back again to watch a blockbuster.
  • Fine Food Store Coffee Bar

    Cafes Darlinghurst, NSW
    I like to come here in the mornings for a yummy coffee! The cool hipsters that work here and really friendly too. I love the tasty food they have, seeded sourdough with a poached egg and fresh avocado is always a winner.