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I'm 34 years old & recently started a family so I've gone from enjoying the finer things in life to enjoying family type activities...with a few finer things still thrown in for good measure! I love dining out, having a bit of a drink (fine wines & tasty beers & cocktails) I love shopping & finding great bargains, mainly fashion, gadgets, anything I can get my hands on - I love shopping OK?

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  • Harba Oyster Bar & Grill
    Restaurants    Mornington, VIC

    We visited here with friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon in winter. Based on Harba's location on the waterfront I'm sure they'd do the bulk of their trade during the warmer months but nonetheless the location & the venue itself were great! They have a seasonal menu complemented by a page of specials & we were happy to find out they had a good kids menu, presented on a mini blackboard & were more than happy to dish out a bucket of chalk to entertain the kids. Child friendly - tick! The wine list was quite good, focused on regional wines but supplemented by a good range of other Australian & some international wines. We opted for the soup special, an interesting blend of potato & Camembert, yum! Then we had the seafood platter. Wow! That's all I can say! Talk about huge & tasty! The staff were extremely attentive, to the point of being almost too pesky, but I'd much rather that than staff you have to beg for attention. Overall, this place was well worth it. If you're in the area, it's a great view & a great place to dine

  • Akshaya Indian Restaurant
    Restaurants    Braybrook, VIC

    hmm, looking at the other reviews it seems I need to try the Chicken Biriyani. I have never eaten in here but regularly get curries, naan & rice take away. Overall these items are good but not great. The curries are usually tasty but meat portions are small & often they are poor cuts. breads are good but for what you pay, I always expect more....Biriyani next & then a re-review!

  • Sam's Boat Shed
    Restaurants    Williamstown, VIC

    This kinda feels like an Aussie take on a TGI Fridays type eatery, with things having off the walls & ceiling. I haven't dined here in the last 18 months or so (and I've heard so so news) but previously they were dishing out decent pizzas, good pub type fare & yummy desserts!

  • Anchorage Restaurant
    Restaurants    Williamstown, VIC

    A great high end dining experience with a beautiful view. Definitely a place to take any visiting friends the view's aren't matched by the food (just) but that's just because the locale is so good.

  • The Langham, Melbourne
    Hotels    Southbank, VIC

    Its like stepping back into historical luxury, not my cup of tea in styling terms, preferring those "soulless" ultra modern hotels but the Langham is high end, id classy, is in a time warp & is one of Melbourne's best

  • Maria's Trattoria Restaurant
    Restaurants    North Melbourne, VIC

    Maria's Trattoria puts the OLD in old school. This place is stick in a time warp & its all the better for it. Dine here & you'll get traditional old school Italian fare, in GENEROUS portions at great prices.

  • Happy Palace Restaurant
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    so this has changed a GREAT deal since my last review in Jan 2013. Its now more of a retro kitsch bar that serves up old school/modern/aussie Chinese fare. A good place to hang out, drink & snack on well priced, yummy food. Try it, its a little bit different!

  • City BBQ Chinese Restaurant
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    great tasty BBQ chinese fare smack bang in the middle of the city packed in a tight busy space in a shopping centre....yum! Try squeeze past all the diners & other waiting patrons, pull up a table & chair & tuck into some yummy, authentic food. BBQ duck, pork, chicken...mmmmm

  • Big Boy BBQ
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    Only been here the once for a quick, unexpected burger but mmmm, it was good, not to mention the chips & the onion rings! I wanted to go to Big Boy when the only option was in Caulfield (or somewhere like that) but now I get to access my American BBQ craving in the city! Oh yeah! A good range of options, covering burgers, sandwiches, ribs & chicken with all the usual USA sides! It made me want to come back again & try the chicken & the ribs, which I will do & that'll involve a follow-up & more detailed review!

  • Kenny's Bakery Cafe
    Takeaways    Melbourne, VIC

    There are a few Kenny's around now but this was the first one I ever saw. Kenny's serve's a blend of traditional bakery goods mixed with what you'd expect from a Vietnamese bakery, banh mi etc. Unfortunately, I feel they get lost in the middle. The pork rolls are nowhere near as authentic as you'd get in a traditional Vietnamese bakery - and at a decent price hike vs your usual Vietnamese bakery...then the bakery fare doesn't seem to have the love or care you'd get from a good country bakery. All in all, good if you have a hankering & you're there but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit

  • La Porchetta
    Takeaways    Sunshine, VIC

    Not your regular la porchetta, the decor, the feel - they have a bit of a 50's thing going on but a little bit wrong, kind of like some other stores with that try-hard 50's feel that you occasionally see...but the food is all la porchetta & thankfully, the staff are very attentive, very courteous but sometimes too casual. But if you want a quick bit of la porchetta fare, you're OK coming to this outlet

  • Triple A Parking
    Parking    Sunshine, VIC

    Easy simple & cheap parking option when going to sunshine hospital! Far cheaper & easier than the onsite parking, 12 hours here costs $7, no idea how much that would cost at the hospital car park but I do know that a 1.5 hour park at the hospital park cost my father in law $6.50 so this option is definitely the more economical option

  • Big Field Fruit & Vegetables
    Fruits & Vegetables    Sunshine, VIC

    Good, big, fresh & cheerful, with lots of fruit & vegetables on offer with other items, eg flat breads, flowers etc.

  • Glengala Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Sunshine West, VIC

    Decided to visit the glengala last week when short on options & full of hope. Our hope was quickly dashed when we had to avoid a drunk patron when driving in (at 1pm mind you) & when greeted with a bunch of empties dumped near our car park. Our confidence wasn't boosted when we were the only diners in what is a sizeable dining area. Now the meals are cheap, $5 kids meals (a temp special) & lunch specials & drink specials that saw us get a kids nuggets, chips & drink, a burger & chips & Parma, chips & vegetables & a pint for $32! That's right, $32. Quality...well what do you expect for so little outlay? So bang for buck was big but that's about all. There is no reason to return & I think that sums up our visit

  • Streat
    Cafes    Melbourne, VIC

    Streat moved in to this oft changing location a little while ago & they have done a great job of updating the decor. The place is fresh, airy, friendly & cool, a lot like the service you get at Streat! Streat is also a cafe with a conscious & a purpose - helping marginalised young people make positive change in their lives. They do this by operating a number of successful hospitality businesses and using the profits to fund a range of training and life skills programs. The coffee here is great, made exactly how you want it. I was shocked to see a 30c charge for a take away cup (???) but hey, good cause!

  • Aangan
    Restaurants    West Footscray, VIC

    A neighbourhood institution that keeps on delivering even after many years & many food trend changes. The food here is delicious, the decor is nice but is a little bit cramped, especially when uid at capacity. I haven't dined in the beer garden but that looks the goods, perfect for a ling summer night of curry & beer! The food is standard Indian fare but with a few non standard menu items & what they do, they do well! Have been here numerous times & the good is always of a good consistent standard. The one variable that can change night to night is the service, but get them on a good night & that's great too.

  • Kealba Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Kealba, VIC

    Went to the kealba hotel for the first time last night. First impressions, man this place is huge! It takes up a massive area, covered by some fairly large buildings. & heaps of car parks, which were almost full, go generally a good sign. When we got there the bistro was half full so I'm guessing the gaming areas must get the bulk of the patronage. Anyway, we were here to catch up with friends & let the kids play in what was a pretty good kids area, large, lots of equipment & a fairy princess painting faces, needless to say the kids had a great time! The menu was ok, standard pub fare. I went for a Parma special (wed & fri, additional parmas on offer, eg Hawaiian, Mexican, Italian etc for 15.90) Carly got the salmon & a cheese burger kids meal for Oscar. All in all the food was pretty good. I'd return , mainly because of the kids play area

  • Hofbrauhaus
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    I went to Hofbrauhaus years ago when the dark dungeon like downstairs location was it. Recently wanting to give it another try for Octoberfest I was surprised to be directed upstairs to a light filled beer hall that looked so fresh in comparison to the old digs. This was the first time we went as a family, my last visit was pre-child. Hofbrauhaus is now family friendly, the kids were running around having a great time & the waitresses, all in the traditional garb were more than accommodating. There is a vast menu of traditional German fare accompanied by a great beer & cider menu which comes in normal pot sizes, 500ml & litre sized steins. I opted for the Octoberfest special of a Bavarian breakfast - 500ml beer, bretzel (fresh BIG pretzel) & sausage...yum! The kids meals were generous & apparently tasty as were the meals from the main menu - yep, its all big at Hofbrauhaus, but now its big, tasty & fum in a great environment! I'll be back soon to tackle the schnitzel challenge - 1.5kg schnitz, a mound of chips & a litre of beer in 45 on!

  • Strozzi Restaurant
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    Had been here for coffee quite a few times & they do it well but had breakfast here today & by all accounts the consensus across our group of diners was that we can add breakfasts to the list of things Strozzi does well. I had baked eggs, which had olives, chorizo & goats cheese - a great combination. Washed down with not one but two of their good coffee's & I was a happy camper, ready to take on the day!

  • Supper Inn Chinese Restaurant
    Restaurants    Melbourne, VIC

    This is a late night dining Melbourne institution. Full of history, and looking every bit its age, Supper Inn could do with a makeover & some menu changes, but on the other hand, its that consistency that makes this place seem so familiar, so reliable & so easy regardless of how long it's been in between visits. Supper Inn serves what I'd class tradition Chinese cuisine. The beauty of Supper Inn is that it's open so late. Been out drinking & need a meal at midnight to get you through? Go to Supper Inn. The food is quick, tasty, albeit not that fresh, but as I said, this is traditional Chinese not some modern twist on Asian.

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