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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Europcar
    Car Rental    Hobart, TAS

    Renting from here one cold night, it didn't feel great to have to wander everywhere to find their counter. Our feeling wasn't greatly enhanced by the counter staff's inability to give even simple directions to the main road we were looking for - instead they directed us to some windy dark uninhabited roads. We trusted their directions as they were local but upon arriving where we ended up we realised we should have asked someone else...
    Having said that, the car was nice and warm, drove well, spacious, and the price was the best we could get.

  • South Australian Whale Centre
    Tourist Attractions    Victor Harbor, SA

    This centre, run primarily by volunteeers, is a source of all manner of interesting facts about whales and sea life. They've got an information service that tells you where the whales are when they're around (tip: you can call for an exorbitant fee or just look at the blackboard out the front for free). The exhibits inside are interesting for older kids (maybe 9+) and adults, I could spend ages looking through them. They added a special section on sharks last year and do add other ones at times.
    They also have fantastic kids' programs for all ages with the infamous 'Professor Blubber' who all kids will love, these run during the school holidays at the centre plus at special events in the town too.
    I love the gift shop too, it's only little but it's full of all types of things whale/sealife-related.
    Price is OK though perhaps a little on the pricey side. It's well worth a visit especially so as to support their non-profit local venture.

  • The Big Orange
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks    Berri, SA

    We've all heard that Australia is the 'big country' - big koala/big pineapple/big everything. Well, I reckon I'd have to describe this 'big' as the relaxed cousin of the big family. Run by some pretty laid back people, with a cheap entry fee but lots of true blue knowledge and fun to keep you interested. There's a sort of train around led by a guy who taught me more about oranges than I ever knew (which admittedly wasn't much) with a real sense of humour and down to earth nature. Of course there were plenty of oranges for tasting and a trip up to this place where you get a great view of the orchard. A little bit dull at times for small kids, but well worth it for others and a genuine way of supporting a real local business.

  • Encounter Centre
    Toys & Computer Games Retailers    Victor Harbor, SA

    These guys make a world of difference to people in the Victor Harbor area who would otherwise be left out. The disabled, those who socially struggle, the elderly - all are welcome here for a chat, an activity like maybe making the wooden toys they're known for. The cafe is full of friendly volunteers and tasty food professionally prepared at a very reasonable price. Well done guys.

  • Sfera's Park Suites & Convention Centre
    Hotels    Modbury, SA

    We had an overnight stay in their spa suites and really enjoyed it. The price was fanstastic for what the room had.
    As you can see from the photo, the layout is a little unusual in that the bathroom is in the room separated by a glass window, but this actually added to the whole experience as it meant we were still 'together' even when one was in the spa.
    The spa itself was a bath (ie not a round spa) so only fit one person but was easily large enough for that one person. One thing to be aware of is that the bath is so big that it takes AGES to fill up, so not something you go in on a whim!
    Loved the concept of the shower head, it was massive - and we thought this would make for a nice powerful shower. Unfortunately again because of water pressure it actually ended up being a bit underwhelming primarily because of its size - too many holes and not enough water to go through them.
    The bed was lovely and comfy, and certainly big enough, and the TV was OK too. It was a bit hard to find the foxtel channels & there weren't really any instructions to go with any equipment.
    It was also a bit disappointing at the end of the stay that we had to wait about 10 minutes to find a staff member at reception to check us out (which took all of 30 seconds), I think because they're a small establishment then you don't quite get the customer service bigger places can afford staff to supply. They also had told us they'd booked a late check-out, but twice enquired with us about when we were checking out (once when we checked in, they had no record of the late checkout but happily provided it & once the next day when they actually rang our room to see if we were ready to check out at 10am!)
    All up this was lovely but would have been 5 stars with some more of those personalised touches and customer service that make something very wonderful and seamless.

  • Hyde Park Tavern
    Pubs & Bars    Hyde Park, SA

    Had a lunch here with 3 friends and we all really enjoyed the food. Price was OK, not on the cheap side but serving sizes were generous. Their chips are to die for, they've got that CRUNCH that you really look forward to in chips, and I think they're probably hand cut because they're a big size. Everything came fairly quickly to us, though the dining room here isn't huge, so if it were busy I suspect I might have had a different experience.
    All up it's a good pub worth going back to though if I'd had the family then at the prices they charge I think I'd be looking for somewhere a bit cheaper. They are trendy & upmarket more than they are 'family'.

  • Noodle Bento
    Restaurants    Victor Harbor, SA

    For $10 you'd normally struggle to buy much to fill your tummy at tea time. Well, not here! Almost all their meals are $10 or less - yep, or less! Whatsmore they don't skimp on size for their $10 - I could barely finish my noodle box, and the sweet & sour pork a friend had was equally big.
    Taste wise it probably did lack a bit of punch but was tasty enough. Would have liked more veggies in mine, and the fried rice and prawn crackers were both pretty dry.
    But for $10 as a takeaway meal that's pretty darn good, I'll be back!

  • Modbury Tree Loppers
    Timber & Forestry    Modbury North, SA

    The owners of this business are the most honest people you'd want to meet - if they give you a price, they'll keep to it and if they say they'll do something then they will. Whatsmore, it's not only the big trees and such that they'll help with. They took on a huge overrun prickly bush that was literally a whole day's work on an incredibly hot day and just kept going and going til it was gone. The neighbours even commented on how nice it looked afterwards, and I've kept in touch with the owners since because I was so impressed. Highly recommended.

  • Waterworld Swim School
    Swimming Pools    Ridgehaven, SA

    The main disadvantage of this swim school is that it's only open for a part of the year - the times when the swim centre is open. So if you want your kids to keep learning during winter you either have to take them to a different swim school or just wait.
    Having said that, their prices are very reasonable and class sizes are good, instructors are friendly and patient even with scared kids and there's lots of space for classes. There's also almost always spare lanes for parents to swim in while waiting for kids to finish &/or for kids to swim around before/after lessons.
    I just wish they'd find somewhere else to be able to continue lessons outside of summer.

  • Golden Dragon Museum & Chinese Gardens
    Amusement Parks    Bendigo, VIC

    If you're in Bendigo, this is pretty much a 'must' in terms of seeing a whole different side of the town. Their Chinese heritage goes back all the way to mining days and this museum has some really fascinating tidbits of information about the way things began and developed over time amongst the Chinese. It also has this incredibly hugely massively long Chinese dragon, I think it's like the largest in the Southern Hemisphere or something like that.
    Now this isn't really a 'kid friendly' museum - infact it'd be dead boring for most kids because there's nothing you're allowed to touch, so leave them at home. On the positive side, entry is cheap and it doesn't seem busy.
    The Chinese gardens are really nice too, a relaxing place to sit aside for a while and with some nice views over Bendigo.

  • Dolphin Watch Cruises
    Tourist Attractions    Huskisson, NSW

    This adventure, if I'm honest, ended up not being as adventurous as it sounded. Having said that, it's in part because we only really saw dolphins from a far distance away - and that's not really the operators' fault. They did have a special treat at least in that we could sit in a special section on the back of the boat once they slowed down and actually be in the water behind the boat, which was pretty unique (though our dreams of seeing dolphins from there didn't happen at all). It was a fair enough family day out at an OK price.

  • Mount Tamborine Convention & Conference Centre
    Interest Groups    North Tamborine, QLD

    This has been the home of Christian conventions for many years, and up til about 10 years ago it was really showing its age. I've been amazed, however, to see the massive improvements especially to the accommodation in more recent years. The WEC cabins on-site were pretty much completely demolished and revived and they're far more comfortable now - still bunk/dormitory accommodation but not bad, and there are a couple of rooms for couples.
    The food is fantastic there, especially the breakfasts - it's worth getting out of bed for.
    The actual conference hall hasn't really changed much but is pretty much standard for these types of places, it can fit a heck of a lot of people in it and is comfortable enough.
    The property is well looked after and is certainly beautiful and very natural.
    I'll certainly be glad to go back when I can.

  • Bankstown Basketball Association
    Sports Clubs    Condell Park, NSW

    This is a really well set up basketball association with facilities that they look after. Have been involved in kids' basketball competitions here and the referees are well trained (which is really important especially for younger kids) and some of the older teams I've watche have got real talent. The main courts especially have ample space for spectators, even a corporate-type box. Could probably do with a better canteen with healthier food, and the areas surrounding the stadium could do with a bit of a neatening up too.

  • Australian Museum
    Museums    Sydney, NSW

    It's probably pretty hard to make a museum that's a mix of quality genuine artefacts and something families will go to. They make a fair job of it here - especially for those who have kids as there is a fairly large number of genuinely fun things for kids to do. It's not cheap to get in, however, so is something larger families would probably want to think twice about. It's also really big, so not necessarily great for little kids if you want to see it all.
    'Good' is probably how I'd describe it, but wouldn't go so far as fantastic or marvellous.

  • Cleland Wildlife Park
    Zoos    Crafers, SA

    This park has been around forever, and I have to say I reckon it's showing its age. The enclosures and some of the older areas are worn. Having said that, there's still stacks of animals including the requisite kangaroos & emus who will eat as much as you can put anywhere near them, and their collection of snakes/lizards/spiders are pretty good. The scenery is fantastic too, lots of land and plenty of natural wildlife like kookaburras too - nice for overseas visitors.
    It's a nice place, just not sure if it's worth the entry price.

  • Adelaide Booksellers
    Bookstores    Adelaide, SA

    This store is an oasis in the busyness and glam of the city. Being underground it's quiet & there's light music in the background. It's a bit musty smelling but that's real part of the whole ambience of the place.
    There's books here on topics I'd never even heard of, like the medals horses wear in triage competitions! I was looking for a very specific title which they didn't have but incredibly had heard of, and they were even willing to tell me where else they'd recommend me to look.
    They're not cheap, but to be fair that's not their niche. I'll be back if only to enjoy wandering through and basking in what they are - a very unique complete used bookstore.

  • Hotel Crown
    Takeaways    Victor Harbor, SA

    2.5 years after I first reviewed here, my recent experience was like chalk & cheese - this visit was a really positive one.
    First up, their salad and veggie bar (which is a disappearing feature in most pubs) - it was huge, well stocked, fresh, and very tasty. To be honest I could have just eaten from there & been happy.
    Then their menu - it was diverse, reasonably priced (perhaps a little pricey, but there were cheaper options) and tasty looking.
    The food was of really generous portion sizes. It's been a long time since I haven't finished everything on my plate at a dining establishment but I couldn't finish my 'medium sized' schnitzel here, and I wasn't the only one on the table who couldn't eat all of their food. One disappointment was that one member had ordered fish & chips, the fish was beer battered which wasn't advertised and they didn't like this.
    The staff were really super incredibly friendly and personable, willing to joke and very good with our kids, even putting up with some indecisiveness about the big issues of life (what flavour topping to have)!!
    Very happy customer!

  • Highbury Hair Designs
    Hairdressers    Highbury, SA

    My daughter saved up for months to get her hair dip-dyed here, and they were even cheaper than they'd quoted! Whatsmore, it wasn't a half-baked job, we were really happy with the results - they took their time and explained the best way to care for her hair with the colouring in and even told her how to avoid needing to have to see them again in a few months by taking a few steps to keep the dye in.
    Based on this, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to get that special look for a special time at a special price with special service.

  • Buckingham Arms Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Gilberton, SA

    This is one of Adelaide's oldest smorgasboards, and it's been around that long for a good reason. I think the donut machine is probably Adelaide's oldest but also makes the most delicious on-demand cinnamon donuts you could imagine. The prawns are of great quality and fresh, and the salads are also super-fresh. Especially around Christmas time the ham is beautifully smoked and worth drooling over. Desserts are delicious.
    The star I took off is for the price. It's probably debatable whether it's worth the price because at the end of the day you can only eat so much food in a sitting regardless of how good it is. Drinks aren't super cheap either.
    If you're taking a date there, my tip would be to ask for a seat in one of the corners of the older section as anywhere near the food gets really noisy. I'd also say to eat as much as you can in the first half hour because after that you'll be full and can make eyes at each other across the table...

  • Ryde Aquatic Centre
    Swimming Pools    Ryde, NSW

    Stacks to do here for kids of all ages, through from the funseeking little kids to the lovestruck teenagers and the spa-seeking adults. There's slides, a rapid current round pool, they whack up the waves every 15 minutes or so for stacks of fun in one of the pools, have a 50m pool for serious swimmers and facilities like a spa & sauna too. The entry price is really reasonable especially given the amount there is to do.

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