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I'm Sean & I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Chi Chi's Modern Asian

    Restaurants Golden Grove, SA
    Although the photos I uploaded are of desserts, the winner here is their savoury in my opinion - especially at their great prices. $1 for spring rolls or about $5 for a generously sized main, really that's hard to go past, easily the best value eating in the Village.
  • Bryce's bakery

    Bakeries Golden Grove, SA
    I love this bakery, a real icon. But icons don't normally taste THIS good! My favourite would have to be the creamy Kitchener buns, though to be honest anything with cream is a winner for me.
    What's equally great is their prices, very reasonable even though they're in an expensive area.
    Gotta run, I'm just going to get something with cream...
  • Fort Glanville Conservation Park

    Museums Semaphore Park, SA
    I've got to admit I'd driven past this place hundreds of times and never gone in. Now I'm wishing I'd done so earlier. It really is a gem of history that is actually interesting and interactive for both adults and kids.
    Between the cannons (that are real, we were lucky enough to have the biggest one be set off while we were there), the dungeons, the displays and the volunteers' demonstrations there's really a lot to this. To be fair it's not the most 'professional' presentation but given that it is really staffed by volunteers that's ok - and because they're volunteers they do actually care about the place, not just people paid to be there.
    History or war battle buffs will find the visitor centre particularly interesting though for my 9 year old that part was dull - but she still enjoyed the whole experience. All this for just a few bucks entry means it's a great family activity when they're open (it's only about once a month).
  • Bunnings Modbury Warehouse

    Hardware Stores Modbury, SA
    It feels to me like I'm forever popping into here for some little thing or another - and I always find what I want! Prices are (as promised) low, but I reckon it's actually the huge choice available that keeps bringing me back. If I want a $12 fan I can buy one here, but can also buy a $100 fan. Same for gardening gloves, tools, lawnmowers, weed killer - all are things I've gone in for. They didn't have any heaters in October which was a bit disappointing, but then again no-one did.
    Recently I took back an electric lawnmower that had died, it was their brand and they were very helpful with the return process, had to go through a couple of hoops as I didn't have the complete proof of purchase but they made it happen and so I bought another (more expensive) one there. That's the sort of thing that will bring me back again and again.
  • Savers

    Used, Vintage & Consignment Clothing Retailers Modbury, SA
    This is a BIG store. There's a LOT of clothes. A LOT of junky type trinket things that could be good for that 'just the thing I was looking for' moment. A LOT of stuffed toys and kids' play things. A LOT of books. A LOT of hangings for your wall. The only thing I'm not excited about is that it is a business at its' heart, aimed at making money (of which some goes to charity) so I really prefer a local op-shop where it all goes to my choice of charity that run it. However I take the kids here with $5 when it doesn't too much matter what we get or to add on to something else.
  • Velvet Henna

    Makeup Artists Adelaide, SA
    The artist behind Velvet Henna is self taught but you wouldn't know it by her skills - she was more than able to create interesting unique designs, even copying (for example) my wife's earrings with henna on her hand. The henna is still going strong a week later. There were a lot of people waiting for her but I have to say she could have shown a little more patience or been more relaxed about people being around her or waiting - wouldn't suggest her for a kids' party. A good choice for a henna artist.
  • Bazinga Balloons

    Circus Adelaide, SA
    It was easy to give 5 stars here - hands down this is the best balloon artist I have ever come across. No request was impossible, from jet packs to octopus' to aliens (which had a balloon inside a balloon!) to pretty much anything the mind could imagine. All of this with a hearty laugh and patience while also making sure poolitely that everyone got a turn by telling some kids that they should come back later (this was at a private party so there was plenty of time). I really can't overstate the quality and skill he has and would very much highly reccomend Baz to anyone who wants a balloon artist.
  • Hilton Adelaide

    Hotels Adelaide, SA
    What was great - well, where to begin?
    The pool is a great place to begin, being on the 4th floor roof is fantastic along with the view and associated area to sit and relax. The attached gym & spa/sauna is spacious and well equipped.
    Or maybe to begin with the buffet breakfast - I honestly have never had anything like it, complete with champagne and every single imaginable breakfast ingredient I could imagine.
    Perhaps the staff would be a good place to begin, as they're great too and from the time you check in to when you leave if you have a positive experience like mine you'll be very happy.
    Maybe start at the bed, especially those pillows would be a good place to begin because there's nothing like a good night's sleep and they are the softest nicest greatest pillows ever invented by human hands (or maybe they're made by angels they're that good!)
    The room too is wonderful, I loved the personal welcome message on the TV with my name on it and the interconnecting rooms we had were just right for the family. The view from the windows is great both day and night time.
    4.5 stars only because the price is through the (eighteenth storey) roof, but if you're looking for somewhere very special then here's a great choice.
  • Marrakech Restaurant

    Restaurants North Adelaide, SA
    I had the privelege of being part of a party these guys catered for. Well, when I say catered, they did a whole experience with a Middle Eastern tent, music, entertainment and masses of food. It really was unique and memorable. Having said that, the food probably wasn't the highlight of it all - it was more the experience. There was more than enough food and variety was good (including vegetarian options), the dips were fantastic, the barramundi was delectable and the dessert was quite unique but I would have liked to see more spice in the rest of the entree/mains. I'm looking forward to going to the restaurant where I'm sure I will get more choice, even though not everything was exactly as tasty as I'd like, everyone had a really great time and enjoyed the food.
  • BBS Espresso

    Cafes Smithfield, SA
    We were obviously there at a busy time but having our order taken was a slower process than I would have expected - but having said that once we ordered they were quick to bring our food. The food/drink was great, I was especially happy that their low-fat muffins fit with Weight Watchers (was even in the WW book), and my chai latte was simply delectable. Good choice of food/drinks too. Clean dining room with lots of seating & nice places to sit and talk. I'll be back.
  • Goyder St Cafe

    Cafes Kadina, SA
    Visiting family members in Kadina, I asked what they wanted for lunch. Without a moments doubt they said "Chips from Goyder St Cafe. Now I know why! Upon ordering $10 of chips I wondered if that would be enough for 6 of us. It was. Infact it was even enough for 4 more chickens in the back yard that joined us (and we had lots left over). Not only was it a generous serving size the chips were delciously tasty - crunchy, not too salty (a common problem with hot chips). So now you know where to go in Kadina for hot chips (they had other yummy looking things too).
  • Prices Fresh

    Bakeries Golden Grove, SA
    After walking in the door with a group of 12 people I suddenly wondered whether I should have pre-warned the staff here we were coming. I need not have worried though - the staff here were well and truly able to handle our last minute rush. From taking individual orders to catering for specific needs to bringing it all to our table super-quick to tallying the bill up at the end and handwriting a receipt (!!) all was done with a friendly smile and helpful manner. The food was reasonable priced and tasty, including me being able to introduce interstate friends to this bakery's version of the SA pie floater which several people chose and loved. Certainly confident to come back here again any time with friends.
  • George's Seafood Restaurant

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Although this is a nicer place to sit than some other restaurants along Gouger St, I prefer others. The food here felt overpriced - it tasted fine, and was well presented but was just 'average', and given the prices they charge I'd be looking for something more than average. Having said that, the atmosphere is nice, not too noisy and enough staff to fill orders without waiting too long, comfortable seating.
  • Blue & White Cafe

    Cafes North Adelaide, SA
    This is my choice of burger bar in North Adelaide though the North Adelaide Burger Bar down the road is a close second. Prices are cheaper here, and serving sizes about the same. The menu of all manner of delicious fried things from dim sims to pineapple fritters to (of course) burgers with the lot will make it hard for you to choose what you want - I'd suggest their burgers with the lot - but I reckon you'll walk away happy whatever it is. BTW, they're open ridiculously long hours too so don't worry even if it's 2.00 Saturday morning, because they'll be waiting for you (though they do get busy, so be prepared to wait at popular times)
  • North Adelaide Burger Bar

    Takeaways North Adelaide, SA
    I don't think a visit to North Adelaide is really complete without at least trying to fill your tummy with something incredibly greasy but so delicious from here. They've been clogging arteries in the most yummy way for many many years, and just thinking about one of their AB's is probably enough to have a heart attack while salivating and driving to get one all at the same time. The decor here is incredible too, very retro in a cool way. Having said that, I actually prefer the blue & white down the road because they're better value.
  • Mok-Lee Flower Queen Chinese Restaurant

    Takeaways Redwood Park, SA
    This place has stuck around in an environment where anything half rate wouldn't stay - that's a good review in itself. Having said that, I reckon their takeaway is what keeps it going rather than the dine in. There's nothing wrong with the dine-in but it's very 70's and not really somewhere you'd take that someone special on a first date (unless that someone special loves reminiscing!). Their prices are good though and probably most importantly the food is good.
  • IGA

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Redwood Park, SA
    This store's not big, but that makes for some big advantages. Customer service is brilliant & personal for a start. Hours are long too, because they're not bound by SA laws for Sunday trading etc (so come here Sunday morning for that fix!). Range of food is not huge but I've gotta say their flowers are INCREDIBLE and really well priced.
    Visit recommended.
  • The Coffee Barn Gelateria

    Cafes Moonta, SA
    At $5.50 for 2 scoops this is about on par with what I'd expect, but the flavour was even better than I expected - and apparently the flavours even change regularly.
    This is out of the way so you'd have to go looking for it, and it's not open all the time so check before you go but if you do then take along an empty tummy so you can try lots of different flavours!
  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

    Tourist Attractions Sydney, NSW
    If you've only got a short time to spend in Sydney and want to see some wildlife, this is a good choice. But it has its shortcomings. Firstly, it's expensive - especially for the time you can spend there which is realistically only about 2 hours max. Secondly there isn't a lot to come close to, and those things you can touch (like the koalas) cost extra. However they do have a fair number of animals, the butterfly house is cool and the massive crocodile is...well...massive! There's better places to see wildlife but this one has the key of location and isn't bad - just not great in my experience.
  • Woodsies Gem Shop

    Jewellery & Watch Retailers Nichols Point, VIC
    This is a 'must visit' if you're in Mildura. For adults there's lots of interesting information on gems, they make their own jewelry there and there's presentations plus the staff are very friendly and helpful. For kids (and adults) there's a cave with real gems in it to walk through and enjoy. And then out the back there is this MASSIVE maze that will honestly take you quite a while to get through - and entry into it is only a couple of bucks. Real fun, and if you're wanting to buy something special for that someone special you'll find it here too.