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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Cafe Numero Uno

    Takeaways Ingle Farm, SA
    Friday night I figured this would be busy but it wasn't - maybe people read the other reviews here! I found the service to actually be really friendly and prompt, the food to be quite delicious, the atmosphere great (no loud music or the like, and comfy seating even though we were there for a couple of hours). I did have the entertainment book which dropped the price down but even without that the prices for coffee/hot chocolate and cakes was far better than most cafes. I'll be back - probably not for that 'special date' as the location/scenery etc isn't really on the romantic side, but fine for a catchup with mates.
  • Goodwood Park Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Goodwood, SA
    The food was really nice here with very generous portion sizes. I can't give this anything more than 2 stars though because despite having booked well ahead for a group it took 1.5 hours for our food to come out - without any prior warning or the like. Given especially that this was a celebration primarily with older members in the group this was unacceptable and really put a negative dampener on the whole night. I don't know why, and staff were semi-apologetic but really that's not good enough and I won't be back.
  • Cartridge Wizz

    Computers Retailers Ridgehaven, SA
    I must admit I was hesitant to go here, figuring they'd probably be one of those cheap dodgy refill spots. I was pleasantly surprised though when the guy behind the counter clearly showed he knew what he was doing, gave advice, refilled and was genuinely friendly. Price was great too, a positive experience all up.
  • Woolworths Liquor

    Bottle Shops Modbury, SA
    It would seem this would be a good place to be able to easily go to if looking for the value you expect from woolworths liquor. That would be true if they were open more than very standard (or some might say 'substandard') hours. They close far earlier than any other bottle shop I've come across - a big negative for a liquor store really.
    On the positive side if you're at the plaza it's convenient, and their prices are fair though they don't really have specials apart from what you find in their catalogues. Haven't really found their staff to be very friendly either or willing to help choose something - they're just checkout operators really. Better off going to a bottle shop if you want to shop after 5pm or actually want help.
  • The Shaver Shop

    Other Manufacturers Modbury, SA
    I guess as I walked in here looking for a shaver, I thought the customer service might involve more than just trying to sell me the most expensive model. That's how it felt though. The only question I was asked was whether I wanted rotary or foil, and when I answered I was immediately told how (model x) was by far the best. And what do you know - it was also the most expensive shaver in the store. When I asked to look at other models, the next one shown to me was the next most expensive and so it continued - except the gushing testimony got less excited as the shavers got cheaper (and I wasn't even shown the lower priced models).
    I went away and did my own research within my own price range and got the sort of unbiased information that would have been useful at the store - like whether some gave a closer shave, or the pros & cons of each (yes, even expensive ones have cons) and then went back to buy exactly the one I wanted based on real information and not just the shop assistant's desire to sell $$$ worth. They still annoyed me by trying to add on expensive shaver cleaner, but I guess that's no surprise.
    The advantage of this store is they have lots of stock and brands - and actually their prices are good, but unfortunately their advice is overly and overtly tainted by desire for profit.
  • Smiggle

    Stationery Retailers Adelaide, SA
    Snuggled in amongst other Rundle mall stores you might miss this store - but you shouldn't, because although it's not big it's full of fun!
    What's more of you can't find a specific item at other smiggles then this one's worth trying &/or asking if they can get it in. Had something like this on hold & it was very easy to pick up, in&bout in literally 2 minutes.
    Friendly staff, bright store, good shop!
  • National Pharmacies

    Chemists Modbury, SA
    What to say? This is a small overpriced pharmacy. They've got plenty of staff though, so service is reasonable time-wise and they will help you find things/give advice. But you might well not find it (or there might only be one brand of it) & you won't get it for cheap.
  • Coles

    Department Stores Norwood, SA
    This Coles really needs a facelift - it's in the old style of bizarre entryways, hard-to-find stock, hard-to-reach thick shelves and flooring that looks like it's from the 70's (which I think it might be...) The staff seem to have this similar feel, not super-friendly although they do their job well.
    Having said that, their stock is the same as other Coles' and they even have a fairly large section with local produce that you might not find in other Coles' - especially good for smallgoods, cheeses etc from SA. Parking is fairly easy which is a plus for Norwood as parking is pretty scarce there. All up just an OK store, nothing special.
  • Central Market Souvenirs

    Cards & Gift Shops Adelaide, SA
    This is the cheapest spot for all manner of souvenirs in the CBD. They've got the range of things you'd expect like stuffed toys of Aussie animals, hats and t-shirts with Aussie slogans on them and the like. They've also got the funny signs you can stick on the back of your car or toilet door and gifty-type merchandise, and all at a cheap price. I love wandering through on my way through & having a laugh. My only criticism is you wouldn't find it unless you were looking, and it's not the neatest cleanest most nicely laid out store, but it sure does have what you'd want if you're a tourist looking for stuff to take home or if you're wanting gifts from Australia for Aunt Betty and her family of 12 in Kalamazoo.
  • Michael Treloar Antiquarian Booksellers

    Bookstores Adelaide, SA
    A precursor - I'm not really an antique book aficionado. Having said that, a visit here to look through in a specific area of interest to me (books about or from wartime) did bring about some interest and there was plenty to browse through. The prices, however, were through the roof and the layout of the store wasn't helpful. I've certainly seen similar online and in other used book stores for cheaper. Staff were essentially disinterested and I won't be back unless I win the lottery and plan to spend a lot of it on a lot of old books. Or perhaps if I'm looking for something I couldn't get anywhere else - they did seem to have a huge number of very specific rare titles.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    What I can't understand about this McDonalds is that although it looks like it would be a great place to run by (with an entry from the mall & inside a food court), on the occasions I've been there it's not really all that quick an experience. Maybe it's because their kitchen is small as is their waiting area (actually, make that 'very small'), but I've certainly been to other Maccas' with larger areas to eat and faster service. They do have both the regular food plus a McCafe which is good, although I've also had to wait for McCafe staff at times too. Food and drinks are tasty and fresh though, just not what I'd hope for in terms of a quick spot.
  • Legendary Barbers

    Hairdressers Modbury, SA
    Today I had the most relaxing haircut I've ever had. First up it was by a barber - not a random hairdresser who can do anyone's hair, but a specialist in cutting men's hair who has been cutting men's hair for 30 years, and the whole design of the store was incredibly professional in a 'man-like way' - no women's mags or pictures of models with weird haircuts here. Second they gave me a coffee - and not just any coffee, but one of the best coffees I've had in a long time. I was only half joking when I said I'd pay for a haircut just to get the coffee! Thirdly the barber was so meticulous in every part of the cut that I ended up with a very refeshing great looking cut, and a fresh feel plus nice aroma from something they put in my hair (not actually sure what it was - but it sure feels & smells great). Fourthly I walked away with change from $25 and it wasn't busy at all so all this took under half an hour. This will be my regular abode whenever I need a haircut (or even think about needing a haircut!), and given that they also do shaves and the like I might even go back for something else too.
  • Gully Reptile Centa

    Pet Shops Modbury North, SA
    I've never been to a pet shop with so many reptiles! Snakes - tick; Turtles - tick; Lizards - tick; and not just one of each - nope, there's literally dozens of different types of snakes, some of which I'd never even heard of before. Even some tiny spiders! The staff are more than happy for you to just look around, they've even got an open air display which has a couple of animals walking round in it like a wildlife park. There's not just animals though - there's also thousands of crickets (yummo for lizards so I'm told) and other food plus accessories like tanks and the like. It's really the place to go if you want to see unique animals and if you're in the market to buy them too.
  • Animal Welfare League (AWL)

    Pet Boarding Wingfield, SA
    Who wouldn't give these guys a great review? After all, they take any animal that is abandoned, give it a home, food, vet care, say g'day to during the day & look for a long-term home for it. They don't euthanise any of their animals and are very proactive in looking for people for the animals to adopt ;-) Their facilities are pretty basic, however (and haven't really changed in 30 years) - though they rely on donations for funding, they could probably add a bit of modern style to make it nicer. Must say though that the animals, especially the cute little cats, do make it a nice place to visit and share some love.
  • Pets Domain

    Pet Shops Gepps Cross, SA
    I don't think I've ever been to a pet shop this big - it just keeps going on and on! Having said that, it seemed to me that it was better if you're looking for 10 x 50kg bags of dog food rather than if you want to view a lot of different options for pet-related products. They had a few cute pets (especially a good range of fish & birds), but not many other animals - apart from a very cute bird that had a big sign saying not to put your fingers near him but which jumped onto my jumper & climbed all over me (guess he couldn't read!), very cute.
  • Toys R Us

    Toys & Computer Games Retailers Gepps Cross, SA
    Toys R Us are usually big - that's true. But this one is really big. Whatsmore it's got the best parking of any store I've been to (it's in a homemaker complex, so there are lots of other stores there). The bonus of it being so big is stock is everywhere - went there recently for a specific beanie boo that no other store in the north-east of Adelaide had, and they had several of them. Whats more they have some great in store specials, and can pretty much get whatever you want in. Great spot to go if you want 'that toy'.
  • Kelly's Farm Newsagency

    Newsagents Modbury, SA
    Really not sure how this business survives, but their stock is expensive, store is cramped, staff are scarce and as others noted they're not real friendly either. Not somewhere I'll head back to.
  • Bamboo Zone

    Takeaways Noarlunga Centre, SA
    In some ways this is just another Asian food buffet choice style in a food court - there's the regular choices with fried rice etc. A couple of the better parts of it though are the price (you can easily fill up for under $10) and that the food is really quite yum and not as greasy as you might find elsewhere. The teriyaki chicken is especially tasty, lots of flavour. A big negative for me though is that they only take cash - and I could only find one ATM (of a different brand than mine) within a couple of minutes of there.
  • Saipan Kebabs

    Takeaways Noarlunga Centre, SA
    First up, do you know anyone that can cut 30 tomatoes into neatly equally sized portions in 15 minutes? I do - it's the owner of this store! Perhaps irrelevant but impressive. More relevant is that they make really tasty incredibly filling kebabs here. And with a drink plus chips you'll pay about $14 which will tastily leave you full for the day. Very filling and tasty. Did I tell you they're filling? And tasty? Thought so. They've got the usual choice of chicken or beef (and you can add cheese and chili which I did, mmm!), plus some other middle-eastern treats like baclava that I was too full to try. The kebab really filled me up! It was tasty too. When I'm back at the Colonnades if I want to be filled up, with something tasty you know where I'll go!
  • Electra House

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    The atmosphere here is worth the visit. Not sure what the building used to be, but it's got a really smart look about it, especially for those wanting a modern business look.
    Drink prices are about what you'd expect and they have a huge range but nothing under $8 a glass. The shame of my visit is I'd hoped to spend a relaxing 25 minutes sipping on a nice cool white with a snack. The snack ($8 curly fries that weren't curly & were too salty) took 20 minutes to come to me. Disappointing.