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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Glenelg Beach Cottage
    Serviced Apartments    Glenelg, SA

    I've been to a lot of holiday cottages & this one's right in my favourites.
    From the inviting long passage, there's the three spacious old-world charm bedrooms. This leads to the living room with its comfy lounge, fireplace and big tv. Then comes the kitchen (usually it seems with a little gift from the owners - ours was wine, a thoughtful touch) and it really really has everything you'd need from an ice bucket to plastic cups for kids/beach picnics. The dining table's plenty big enough and there's even a chaise lounge to rest on if you wish. Then comes the bathroom - with a spa that's described as 2 person though I'd call it more 1.5 people. The laundry is also in there and it's well equipped though it does take a bit of romance away from the spa. The back area isn't huge (nor is the car parking) but it would be great for 1-2 people on a sunny day to enjoy being alive & not at work.
    It's about a 10 min walk to the beach along the ecclectic jetty rd.
    Fantastic really.

  • Birks Chemists - Hope Valley
    Cosmetics & Beauty Retailers    Hope Valley, SA

    Good range of products & this is an 'old fashioned' chemist where the staff and pharmacist actually want to help you to find what you're looking for and give helpful advice. Price-wise they seem about on par with larger pharmacies but the main real bonus that keeps me going back is because they're genuinely helpful. Good and easy parking out the front too.

  • Woolworths
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Salisbury, SA

    Busy - and busy. Did I mention busy? Long checkout lines. And it seems that the staff can't really do much about it - even at the self-service section where people try to scan masses of products and put them in their trolley, which just adds to the busyness. Apart from that though it's a good store in terms of size and of course it is a woolies so there's the regular savings.

  • OPSM Salisbury
    Opticians    Salisbury, SA

    Really busy - dropped in just for a simple thing and it took me over 5 minutes just waiting to find someone to help me with it. Then they were polite and helpful, though a little distant and quick to move me on to the next thing.

  • Stockland Parabanks
    Shopping Centres    Salisbury, SA

    The first impression of this shopping centre every time I walk in is that it's a maze. Then I walk through and this is confirmed. There's passages to nowhere, stores hidden around corners, and a distinct lack of any maps that show you where any of the stores are. I suspect that if you went here regularly this wouldn't be such an issue - parking is huge and it basically surrounds the centre so if you knew where you were going you could strategically park nearby. As a result though it always takes me ages to get where I want to go (especially to another shopping centre which is in a corner).
    There is a good range of shops here though it could do with a couple more choices of eating places - mostly greasy food joints with average taste. So not my first choice, but not a bad one for a shopping centre.

  • Harris Scarfe
    Department Stores    Salisbury, SA

    This isn't the biggest Harris Scarfe around, and in my mind the deals aren't as impressive as other HS's. Maybe it's because they don't have the same level of stock, or that it's not as neat. Having said that, it's still a Harris Scarfe and there's still bargains to be found - but I'd head up to TTP instead if you're looking for something specific.

  • Raelene Johnson Property Services
    Real Estate Agents    St Agnes, SA

    Raelene and her team have been our landlords this year & it's been a very smooth tenant/landlord relationship. Signing the contract, arranging bond etc all happened easily and the house was well prepared for us. Inspections are given the appropriate importance (and we're given plenty of notice) without unnecessary bickering. When we've had things to bring to their attention for repair they've been attentive and again haven't bickered over little things.
    It can take a bit of time to get answers to general questions from them but asking twice usually works!

  • Modbury Hospital Foundation
    Hospitals    Modbury, SA

    Monday morning - I expected to wait at A&E and was ready to, because after all all drs were booked out at local clinics. But my daughter had injured her arm do I went...and DIDN'T wait!!! Well, I did - for 5 minutes ;-) and the dr was friendly, helpful, accurate, understandable. Impressive.

  • Kwan Yen Restaurant
    Restaurants    Para Vista, SA

    Had a hankering for Chinese & thought I'd give this one a try for the first time. Don't think I'll try them again. It's not so much that they were bad as there wasn't much to stand out. Some dishes were even unrecognisable as to what I'd expect from the many Chinese restaurants I've eaten at - fried rice was yellow, beef & black bean was with steak pieces, and honey chicken had cashews in it.
    Staff were clearly flat out, I had takeaway & was glad I didn't eat in as they were rushing round noisily through the restaurant as I waited. Price was average, like the food.

  • Aami Customer Service Centre
    Insurance    Adelaide, SA

    One would think that Saturday afternoon & Sunday would be common days to buy car insurance. AAMI obviously does, because unlike most other insurance companies, AAMI is open on those days. And when I called them, I talked to a real person! Whatsmore, they valued my car at what it's worth - again making them better than other insurers. The premium's a bit higher but it's worth it for these pluses.

  • Graham Cornes Used Cars
    Car Dealers    Medindie, SA

    Had contact with Andrew here after seeing their impressive selection online. He responded to my online enquiry within minutes, provided all the information I was looking for & without pressuring me he let me know how I could view the car & how to get in touch with him. He followed this up (again in a non-pressuring way), in the end I didn't buy from there but the customer service was great - I'd certainly look there again if I was in the market for a car.

  • Timco Mitre 10 South Coast
    Hardware Stores    Port Elliot, SA

    This is a huge mitre 10, with lots of parking to match. Staff actually know what they're talking about including a gardener. Prices are fair & range is great. Opening hours are the best in the area.

  • RAA
    Vehicle Inspections    Mile End, SA

    9am Sunday morning. Throw stuff in boot as heading to Victor. Shut (lock) boot. Then realise keys are in boot & car doors are locked!
    By 9.30, am on the road having rung the raa & gotten said car unlocked. Phew.
    The negatives? Although my household has only 1 car we have 2 drivers. It was 'the other' driver with membership, so had to get them to do the running around to come and call etc. the RAA's membership system is a money grabber with no benefit to the consumer unless you have multiple cars. Also their 'tiered' years of membership is a rort made up to pretend there's real benefit in staying where it's only worth a few bucks of 'other product' saving.

  • Village Flowers & Gifts
    Florists    Golden Grove, SA

    Springtime has come - what a great time to surprise someone special. If you're looking for a florist who will give you some really beautiful choices of what to give, then here's the place to go. Every time I walk in here & see their flowers, it's hard to tell what's 'fake' and what's real - though I'm guessing the ones in the fridge are because they're real ;-) I've seen some huge bouquets in the fridge that I'd be happy to give to anyone.
    They're not the cheapest - hence the lack of 5 stars - but everything I've seen and got from here has been of excellent quality.

  • M &R Airconditioning Services
    Air Conditioning & Heating Installation    Greenacres, SA

    Every time it's a major season change (Autumn & Spring) Mark from here is sent by our landlord to do a shut-down/start-up service on our aircon. They always let us know beforehand when they're coming, never leave a mess, and do the job thoroughly. They always give me a flyer too to have my 'family & friends' evaporative service for a good price ($60 at the moment) which seems like a pretty good price for the advantage of not having to go up on the roof and clean it out myself - and get a nice clean aircon unit.

  • Royal Adelaide Show
    Venues & Event Spaces    Wayville, SA

    The start of spring brings something every child (& many adults) in Adelaide looks forward to: "The Show". Rides (& there's new ones every year), Sideshow Alley with multi discounts, stacks of animals - this year there were heaps of dogs on show - the 'must have' Dagwood dog (I had a foot-long one this year, great for $6) along with every other type of fast food, tastings, and of course show bags.
    The con in all this? If you don't have $$$$ - esp for your family, don't bother going. Entrance fees are too high, rides expensive, and cheap show bags aren't worth getting.
    It's an experience, but be pre-warned that it comes at a cost.

  • priceline pharmacy
    Chemists    Surrey Downs, sa

    I've bought all manner of things here including aftershave from their massive well-priced range. Most impressive though was a script I've had filled elsewhere in the past but was $8 cheaper here - about 1/3 of the price!
    Big store, friendly and plentiful staff, good opening hours. I'll certainly be back.

  • MM Landscape Gardening
    Gardeners    Adelaide, SA

    Spring sprung so quickly on me & I had so much fun enjoying the sun that my garden felt sad - it was showing it missed me. So I called a professional. Mark left the garden looking smiley again. Lawns really spiff - edged very cleanly; weeds disappeared or sprayed; trees neatened. And all in a time-conscious manner, meaning a lively garden didn't kill my wallet. I wasn't home but from experience knew I could trust him to work & walk round the property safely.

  • Hungry Jack's
    Takeaways    Adelaide, SA

    After my rather scathing review 6 months ago, I've been back to this Hugry's a couple of times and they seem to be doing better than they were - cleaner, sometimes faster service (though there's still often queues literally out the door) and some ok food. Still wouldn't go there if it wasn't next door to work - but they're better than they were.

  • La Vita Fresh Pasta
    Takeaways    Mawson Lakes, SA

    If I ran a cafe, here's how I'd want it to be - just like this one. In a lovely corner spot with lots of parking around, a few tables but not too big, a really delicious scrumdiddlyumptious yummy selection of foods, and friendly staff who actually interact with you. Even had one of the staff stop and tell us the story behind some of the food which is handmade locally. And as for the flavour - well, it was just really yummo. Just had their sweets & hot chocolate but there were others on a nearby table who had their main courses and they looked great. They also sell pretty much all of their mains as a takeaway option and sell various other smallgoods.
    The only thing I'd change is the price, it's not horrendous but I would have liked to have walked away with more change from a $20 than I did for coffee & dessert. It was yum though (did I mention that?)

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