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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Highbury Hair Designs
    Hairdressers    Highbury, SA

    My daughter saved up for months to get her hair dip-dyed here, and they were even cheaper than they'd quoted! Whatsmore, it wasn't a half-baked job, we were really happy with the results - they took their time and explained the best way to care for her hair with the colouring in and even told her how to avoid needing to have to see them again in a few months by taking a few steps to keep the dye in.
    Based on this, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to get that special look for a special time at a special price with special service.

  • Buckingham Arms Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Gilberton, SA

    This is one of Adelaide's oldest smorgasboards, and it's been around that long for a good reason. I think the donut machine is probably Adelaide's oldest but also makes the most delicious on-demand cinnamon donuts you could imagine. The prawns are of great quality and fresh, and the salads are also super-fresh. Especially around Christmas time the ham is beautifully smoked and worth drooling over. Desserts are delicious.
    The star I took off is for the price. It's probably debatable whether it's worth the price because at the end of the day you can only eat so much food in a sitting regardless of how good it is. Drinks aren't super cheap either.
    If you're taking a date there, my tip would be to ask for a seat in one of the corners of the older section as anywhere near the food gets really noisy. I'd also say to eat as much as you can in the first half hour because after that you'll be full and can make eyes at each other across the table...

  • Ryde Aquatic Centre
    Swimming Pools    Ryde, NSW

    Stacks to do here for kids of all ages, through from the funseeking little kids to the lovestruck teenagers and the spa-seeking adults. There's slides, a rapid current round pool, they whack up the waves every 15 minutes or so for stacks of fun in one of the pools, have a 50m pool for serious swimmers and facilities like a spa & sauna too. The entry price is really reasonable especially given the amount there is to do.

  • Harvey Norman Wiley Park
    Department Stores    Wiley Park, NSW

    Easy parking underground here, and a really generously sized store (meaning they've often got stock even of harder-to-find advertised specials) with a good number of staff to help you seek out that bargain. Have found them happy to help too, and to work on the advertised price. I really like their little bargain bins too, don't often walk out without some trinket that I may or may not have needed but got at a good price!

  • Nanking Restaurant
    Restaurants    Salisbury East, SA

    First up if you want to step into a time machine that takes you to 1970-something, then make sure you dine here! The decor is so 70's that it's almost back in fashion.
    I ate takeaway here but the dine-in was certainly unique. Not sure I'd take that 'someone special' there unless they have a fantastic vinyl record and cassette collection ;-)
    The food was pretty much average Chinese takeaway standard fare/quality. We all thought some of the dishes were drier than we would have liked, but the flavour was there & maybe it's just their style. Serving portions were generous, especially for the prices which were great - our family of 4 ate for under $50 and had food left over.

  • Bubbles Indoor Play Cafe
    Playgrounds    Golden Grove, SA

    As others have said, this is 'just another play cafe' but with a few less things in it. Really not much there at all for bigger kids, the price for entry isn't really in line with what they offer, it's not big and so it gets really noisy and busy especially on weekends. As you're (hopefully) feeling, it's not somewhere I'd jump at going to again, though your really little kids will probably enjoy it.

  • Monash Adventure Park Playground
    Playgrounds    Monash, SA

    I think if this wasn't a place I had fantastic memories of in the past it would have gotten more stars!
    This used to be a really unique place that pushed the boundaries of fun until OH&S fears shut it down and left it closed. To their credit, the council then took up the challenge of making this back into a park that people will talk about.
    Although it doesn't have the huge range of all sorts of equipment that it used to have, it is a big playground with some unique features like a big swin and a fairly decent range of play equipment. It is really nicely landscaped and there's plenty of space to sit and relax even on a hot day.
    My kids loved it and spent an hour there on one long trip, it sure did make for a nice break from driving and they ask to go back when we're in the area. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but it's a good stop if you're in the area.

  • Granite Island Nature Park
    Landmarks & Historical Buildings    Victor Harbor, SA

    Granite Island has been a staple since I was little, but it's a shame that over the years it's degraded. The penguins have left to wherever they went and the cafe has gone through about 3 owners unsucessfully (each successively more expensive). The horse drawn tram continues and it is certainly worth a ride for the experience, and to their credit the walkway around the island has been upgraded and kept up really well. The view continues to be lovely but sadly there's not a lot more to draw people in now.

  • The Big Galah
    Tourist Attractions    Kimba, SA

    This listing pretty much describes what a stop at the big Galah will get you - a unique photo with a huge galah and the chance to take a break on your drive. The bakery is OK, the display of gems is a little underwhelming but nice enough for a break, and the souveniers are reasonable too. All of the above is far better than sitting in the car singing '99 bottles' as you drive, so if you see the big galah then stop in and say I said hi!

  • Zambrero
    Takeaways    Adelaide, SA

    Let me say this: the food here is good. If you breathe burritos, or want to quench your need for a quesadilla, nibble on nachos or any other mexican treat, it's good here. But I won't be there - because the staff's attitude ruins it all.
    If I want a staff member to yell at me that 'I'm with a customer right now', only to have another staff member offer to help but have them loudly stopped by staff member one because 'they're serving a customer too', then I guess I might go back. If I want to be treated like a second class customer for asking for the key to the locked toilet, then I guess I might go back.
    But I don't want to have that happen again. So I won't go back.

  • Deb's Designs
    Sewing & Alterations    Surrey Downs, SA

    After 6 months of attempting to get our daughter's school dress to fit properly & not unstitch, we were about to pay another alterations shop a considerable amount of money to get it right. One google search later we discovered Deb's designs. Not only was it less than half the price, it was personalised service + advice + a plan to work out what to do as our daughter grows (which saved us money, effectively 'losing' Deb money as she wouldn't have to do another fix later). The work was done in a day and it was perfect - not a sign of the work done apart from the fact that the dress fits perfectly now.
    We will most definitely be back for similar services and strongly advise you to do so too.

  • Klika
    Department Stores    Oakleigh South, VIC

    Bought a trampoline from here for Christmas last year.
    On the positive side, the price was the best around & shipping was fast enough in the end.
    On the negative side, well - everything else.
    - Communication beforehand was average, including on whether it would arrive before Christmas (even though their site gave dates, these didn't match with what they told us), and also on what date it would arrive & where it actually was at any time;
    - The assembly instructions were appalling and impossible to correctly follow (for example, 2 manuals showed 2 different ways of putting the legs on);
    - Communication after the failed assembly to receive support or a refund was so poor I had to threaten taking civil action before I got a response, despite having called x 2 and emailed x 3 including detailed descriptions and photos of the problem.
    No trust left here, though to be fair we did manage to assemble it on the third attempt after they sent a hand drawn picture of what should be done...

  • St Vincent De Paul Society
    Community Service/Non-Profit    Semaphore, SA

    Looked for pants in my size at a whole lot of op shops, it seems I'm a common size. Then came across this store & found just what I was looking for. Prices are probably a bit higher than some other op shops but at $6 for a good quality barely used pair of trousers I can't complain really! They also had bargain racks and a good selection of books, well worth a visit.

  • Herbalife Eastwood
    Weight Loss Treatment    College Park, SA

    What looks like a weight loss program, sounds like a weight loss program, tells you it's a weight loss program but is actually just a money-making scheme? If you answered Herbalife then you'd agree with me.
    Their advertising really appealed to me as I was looking for a way to lose weight but one visit to their office to 'look at the product' completely put me off as really what they wanted me to do through their high-pressure sales pitch was to on-sell their product and pay them a whole lot of money for the product (which, surprise surprise went back to the person who sold it to me). No real interest in weight loss, just in making money. I will never consider using them again.

  • Weight Watchers
    Weight Loss Treatment    Adelaide, SA

    Weight Watchers is the only dieting plan that has ever worked for me. It matches my lifestyle (which needs variety), my personality (which needs a challenge and something to 'work on'), and my budget (which doesn't like spending more than I need to!). Several years ago I lost a fair amount with them, admittedly I put it on again over the next several years but that was by choice. I'm now in the process again and have lost 10kgs and am enjoying better health and freedom with it. I just have the online plan and have found it well and truly helpful, the app and website help me tally how I'm going and to keep going. The offer of coaching is fantastic for the price though I've yet to take it up. Another family member also joined with me & goes to their meetings and they have found them helpful. I can certainly vouch that it works for us.

  • Wizbang Family Fun Centre
    Amusement Parks    St Agnes, SA

    I discovered this hidden gem the other week when looking for something affordable and fun for the family. It certainly ticks both those boxes!
    The mini golf is a bit on the small side but at about $5 and with a cool fluro design & a reasonable level of difficulty it's great.
    The free play gym area out the front keeps younger kids happy and the cafe menu is great.
    Didn't get to try the laser tag but it looked a bit small from the outside.
    The opening hours could be longer but I'll definitely be back again when they are open!

  • St Agnes Surgery
    Doctors    Ridgehaven, SA

    This surgery is a partner with the Tea Tree Surgery & so many drs consult at both. This makes for a wide range of drs which is good. It's a nice friendly clean fresh surgery, carpark is tiny but the shopping centre across the road usually has spots available. Not a bad place to go, though their hours are limited.

  • Adelaide Airport
    Airports    Adelaide, SA

    When the airport was opened, I thought it was great - having a kids' playground inside plus lots of seats, not over-commercialised, easy to get into.
    Then for some reason they took away all the things I liked. They replaced the playground with some bizarre expensive shop, took away some of the seats (and replaced them with seats reserved for coffee shop customers), and added an inconveniently placed entry that doubles the amount of time it takes you to get in.
    They built a carpark that's about 10 times bigger than it needs to be and is ugly, and put parking officers on the (now reduced in size) pickup/dropoff point.
    On the positive side, it's still small enough to easily get to the gates. There is a Hungry Jacks for people looking for a quick-ish family friendly meal, but the rest of the places are standard airport expensive fare.

  • Smiggle
    Stationery Retailers    Modbury, SA

    Any parent of a tween knows that Smiggle is going to be popular. The people that run this particular store seemed to not know this as well - given that they had the grand sum of 1 sales assistant on a busy Sunday afternoon. As this staff member juggled helping customers, taking payment, and answering the phone I had to wonder what the store was thinking. It made for a less pleasant experience, though to be fair my kids minded less than I did about the wait as they got to look around the fun store more.

  • South Coast District Hospital
    Hospitals    Victor Harbor, SA

    When my mum married my dad and promised to love 'in sickness and in health' she probably didn't realise all it would mean later in life. With over 40 admissions to various hospitals in the last 10 years, it's been tough for them.
    The staff at this hospital (their 'local') have made this difficult time as easy as they can for all of us as a family. If there's an advantage to having visited so many hospitals, it's that you know when you find a good one - and this is one of them.
    How often, when you go to hospital, do the staff give you a hug?
    How many hospitals do you know where the staff call you and the patient by name when they see you - even in the street?
    Can you imagine a hospital that actually offers to help you at any point in time, not just when you're one of 'their' patients?
    How many hospitals do you actually look forward to going to - whether as a patient or visitor?
    This is all true here.
    Don't get sick like Dad did if you can help it, but if you must then I'd suggest moving to Victor just so you can experience the awesome care and service here.

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