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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Subway
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    I like the fact that this store's open even when the shops around it close, makes it convenient. And there's plenty of staff there even in the later parts of the day.
    Enjoyed my sub here, stacked full of fillings as others have noted, and staff were friendly. They could probably have a bit more product knowledge though, I had a couple of simple questions about the fillings & their catering options that received a rather hesitant unsure answer. They could also do with some neatness in presentation of the food & tables.

  • Charlesworth Nuts
    Cards & Gift Shops    Adelaide, SA

    There's something incredibly nice about this store - whether it's the smell that wafts through the central market because they roast their nuts freshly, or the huge number of choices, or the yummy taste (perhaps it's all of the above!). I love their Christmas mix - especially at Christmas (and I've often given their mixed nut packages as Chrissie presents too!), love their lollies as well as the various nutty delicacies. Really I pretty much love it all...Just took half a star off because they're not the cheapest nut seller in the market, but they sure are yummy!!

  • Samtass Bros Seafoods
    Seafood    Adelaide, SA

    Christmas in Adelaide always equals a visit to Samtass - because Samtass are the seafood experts, and Christmas is seafood time. Whatever seafood is in season (and plenty that's not) will end up on your Christmas platter. If I'm ever not sure how to cook something, or want advice then they're ready with it too - although especially during popular times of year they get incredibly busy, so be prepared to wait or turn up early. Can't speak highly enough of them here, it's a brilliant choice for seafood and they've been so forever.

  • Kmart
    General Retailers    Adelaide, SA

    Here's a good place for that quick purchase of just about anything. Stacks of checkouts, long opening hours, good range (though as another reviewer noted, they don't have as much stock as some of the suburban Kmart's) and right in the centre of Rundle Mall. I picked up some last minute Christmas bits n pieces here as well as picking from their tons of really well priced Christmas decorations. Best place in the mall for them I reckon.

  • Harvey Norman City Cross
    Mobile Phones Retailers    Adelaide, SA

    Christmas shopping in the city can be a hassle - I've walked from store to store looking for the best price/range etc, but have to say that this is the place to take a look at different options in the electronics world and get an idea of price etc even before looking anywhere else. It's a big store with a really wide range.
    Staff aren't into the 'hard sell' (though to be honest this could be because there aren't many staff around - this isn't the place to drop into for a quick sale, which is a disadvantage) and are happy for you to play with the equipment, get a feel for it.
    They are happy to pricematch from experience, I don't find them to be the cheapest on a number of items (though when on special there are bargains to be found), so I still shop around.

  • The Teddy Bear Shop
    Toys & Computer Games Retailers    Rundle Mall, SA

    If you're looking for a unique Christmas (or any other time!) present and have some dollars to spend, here's the place to go. Looking through their stock, there's a lot of collectables at the sorts of prices you'd expect to pay if you're looking for that very specific bear, I'd have to say that there are cheaper places to buy 'every day type of bears' but a visit here is worth it just to see their range - and certainly if you want to get something big or very special or just to show you love someone & are willing to spend money then come here too.

  • The Reject Shop
    General Retailers    Adelaide, SA

    Kris Kringle (aka Secret Santa) problem #1: Where to get something that looks good & isn't junky for under the low price limit? This place is my solution! Huge range of everything from novelty items to homewares to food - especially chocies to fill that last $2 worth. Problem solved, and all in good time plus without even leaving Rundle Mall!

  • Cafe Sia
    Cafes    Evanston, SA

    Came here with a 25% off voucher & I think that's what made it better, especially with their better-priced lunch specials. Both had a burger, the beef patty was lovely and thick & juicy, toppings were adequate but not super generous. Good sized serve of chips on the side which were nice and crunchy.
    The menu lacked a bit of pizzazz in my mind, and also distinctly lacked healthier options.
    It was ok overall but I won't be rushing back.

  • Warner Bros Movie World
    Amusement Parks    Oxenford, QLD

    Spent the money going here with the family and didn't regret it at all. Unfortunately we went on holidays during some of the wettest weather the Gold Coast had seen in years, but this place was recommended as it's got lots of undercover attractions - and this was true! Whenever the sun would pop out, we'd go to the outside parts, but there was enough undercover/indoors to keep us happy during the rain too.
    The rides are awesome - with a range from 'mild' to 'scare your pants off!', the parade is active and fun (though not so much for little ones), it's easy to spend a day there.
    Negatives would be the price - especially if you're a family, and the food options plus cost of food. Save your pennies up though & you'll be happy you went.

  • Sea World
    Amusement Parks    Main Beach, QLD

    Completely agree with the other reviewer below, this is the most suitable park for little kids - it's less 'big people ride' based, and has a great section especially made for little kids. Probably the downside of this is unless you love sealife there's less for older kids or adults to do, though you could easily fill a day here anyway. I actually didn't think the prices of food were too overpriced, especially as it saves you carrying things around all day - but the choices of foods were really mostly fatty fried options, would have preferred more that were healthy.

  • Terry White Chemists Rundle Mall
    Agriculture    Adelaide, SA

    This is the closest chemist to the Rundle St end of the mall, and it's well placed to pop in and grab something. Service is super quick, even on prescriptions, and there's ample staff to help you find something. They've saved my bacon at work more than once when I've had a headache or cold or some other thing that needs a 'pick me up'. Prices are better than I'd expect for somewhere so strategically placed, infact there's medication I can pick up for cheaper there than in the suburbs. It's become my regular 'go-to' pharmacy.

  • Rundle Mall Management Authority
    Shopping Centres    Adelaide, SA

    They've just undertaken a huge renovation of Rundle mall and what I love about it is there is a stack more open seating than there was before - can't think of much of a better place to sit and enjoy a drink or snack or lunch on a sunny day. However I don't think they do as good a job as they used to of decorating the mall, for example this Christmas there's a tiny smattering of lights and some very ugly statues - no baubles, no tinsel, no lights. At least there's still the buskers which give it a really alive atmosphere.

  • Victor Harbor Visitor Information Centre
    Travel & Tourism    Victor Harbor, SA

    This is a nice bright information centre, right near the foreshore & next to the horrendously priced car park. They've got the usual tourist guides etc plus you can book accommodation here, their real bonus is 'local knowledge', if you're looking for something last minute or in a rush they know the local places that are more likely to have room available - though their prices aren't super-competitive. Friendly enough though not overwhelmingly so.

  • Pappa Roti
    Cafes    Kogarah, NSW

    The first thing you've got to say about here is their roti is delicious. Mouthwatering, melts in your mouth - especially because it's always fresh out of the oven. However, the second thing you've got to say is it's not really all that well priced for what it is - a small treat - no matter how delicious it is. Good as a unique sort of experience, but not something I rush back to get every time I'm nearby.

  • Holden Hill Vet Clinic
    Veterinarians    Holden Hill, SA

    This is a very efficient veterinary surgery. Got in for an appointment on a Saturday when everyone else was booked up, and that's great. What I felt they might've lacked in that though is a bit of the personal care, they weren't impolite, just efficient.
    Price was on par with other vets, and likely I'll go back.

  • Sukhumvit Soi.38
    Restaurants    Adelaide, SA

    I had the most delicious Pad Thai here - beautiful smoky peanut flavour, fresh veggies & moist meat. Also had a dish I've never tried before with sago & beef, certainly worth trying even just for the experience & taste.
    Would've given 4.5 stars except for the price which I think is a touch above its class - the decor etc is chic & neat and food's good for a meal with mates but not many courses under $20.

  • Centrepoint Car Park
    Parking    Adelaide, SA

    This is the closest carpark to the Eastern end of the mall/Rundle St, easy to get in & out of on the whole, and if you shop at target (which is on the ground floor), you'll get discount on your park.
    My one complaint? Why on earth don't they take cards? Cash only died in the 1980's...

  • Medical Centre Car Park (women's & Children's Hospital)
    Parking    North Adelaide, SA

    When a child is sick, the last thing you want to be messing around with is parking - and unfortunately there's really not many choices near the women's & children's hospital. This carpark is the closest, and in the few months my child was in hospital I could always find a park here easily enough.
    It's not cheap, especially for a day - but having said that, they've got a great agreement with the hospital for long term patients' families (& maybe staff), where prices are really reasonable. It's a shame it's limited, but I guess they have to make money - and it is a good clean large carpark.

  • Modbury Plaza Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Melbourne, VIC

    I've been here a lot over the years, and if there's one thing they've improved it's their seating area. They've got some really nice options, especially on the deck outside which even has its own mini-bar open during busy times.
    I've got to say though that on a recent visit the food didn't really inspire me. The salad bar is great (though there aren't stacks of 'healthy salads', there are lots of veggies), but the steak I had was average sized for the price and not super-tender. My wife's schnitzel was big enough but not incredibly tasty.
    Good enough, but not the sort of place I'll dream of going back to.

  • Golden Grove Bakery
    Bakeries    Surrey Downs, SA

    I'm pretty sure this bakery is also called 'Sonny's bakery', in the Surrey Downs shopping centre. I've loved going here for a long time - for 2 great reasons: the price & the taste!
    They've got a huge range of yummylicious things, my favourite is their choccie donuts (regular or family size!), all of which are priced far cheaper than even the foodland next door.
    The smell of freshly baked yummies is hard to beat too, and their individual rolls are well priced and always crunchy-fresh. Mmmmm.

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