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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Lee Garden Chinese Restaurant
    Restaurants    Surrey Downs, SA

    As far as Chinese restaurants go, this one fits in with the rest - nothing too special but not too bad either. Fair prices, good enough food and quick enough service. They did miss something off an order once but also didn't charge us for it so I guess that evens it up. We'll order again but mainly because it's local and a bit cheaper than some others rather than because it's anything special.

  • Coles
    General Retailers    St Agnes, SA

    This Coles has something I've never seen before - a salad bar. Not just the usual selection of potoato salads and juicy coleslaw, but an actual bar where you can choose your selection of different salad items put together to make a salad of your choice!
    Add to this a huge veg selection, massive butcher and seafood - bigger than any I've seen - and you've got a winning Coles. One thing that did disappoint me though was the bakery isn't anywhere near as big as the other sections, and infact isn't even as big as the bakeries in other Coles'.
    The rest of the store is big too, and nice wide aisles with well-stocked selections.
    Great choice for shopping.

  • Walkers Arms Hotel
    Hotels    Walkerville, SA

    Went here for 'kids eat free' on Sunday night only to be told kids didn't eat free anymore on Sundays, then to be told they did...Seems we were on the last Sunday they do that. The place was packed out, maybe everyone heard that!
    There's a great range of food here, but it runs out really quickly and with so many people waiting you have to get in quick if you really want something. You will want some things like the burritos because they're delish, but avoid the roasts which are dry and tasteless. Salads are nice, Chinese is average - our table was split on whether the fried rice was great or gross (half thought each).
    If it wasn't kids eat free then I don't think it would be worth it, it's fairly pricey.

  • Central Grocers
    Wholesalers    Salisbury Plain, SA

    If you are looking for food in bulk, this is an absolute must of a place to visit. Big slab cakes (and they're YUMMY!), bulk packs of frozen food, those little vegemite packs you usually only get at hotels - it's all here, and at really good prices. One thing that they're fantastic for too is chicken salt. You'd think this was easy to find, but I've only ever found it here - and it makes everything taste yummier. The location's a bit out of the way, but there is enough parking there or on the street. Bring a big car, because you're going to go home with all sorts of things...

  • Beyond Bank
    Banks    Adelaide, SA

    I've been with this bank for 20 years (including when they were a credit union) and what I really like about them is that they're personal - there's a genuine sense of friendliness when you contact them and they've even rewarded me for long-term membership: won't see that from 'the big 4'. They also support a lot of charities & events like the credit union Christmas parade. Because they're not so big, however, I do find their charges can get a bit confusing or seemingly larger/tighter than other banks. However I'm sticking with them because they truly are local.

  • Personal Image Hair & Beauty
    Beauty Salons    Modbury Heights, SA

    Friendly reasonably priced hairdresser, they did a fair job with our kids (including a 7 year old who doesn't really like getting her hair cut!). They've got decent opening hours on Saturdays too, so don't have to rush out of bed - though I think they close by about 3pm. In a small shopping centre with easy parking so no hassles there.

  • Cheap As Chips
    General Retailers    Windsor Gardens, SA

    This is probably the biggest Cheap As Chips I've been into, so there's plenty of stock although it can get a bit messy if people have picked through things and there doesn't seem to be lots of staff waiting to help. As TasteSA noted below, there's also only 2 tiny checkouts so it's a hassle to get out of (though if you need help I've found they're happy to call someone - it just takes time). Big pickup bay out the back for larger items to be picked up in your car.

  • Cheap As Chips
    General Retailers    Golden Grove, SA

    This is a BIG cheap as chips, I can spend ages here just looking round for things I never knew I needed til I went there ;-) Can be great for home furniture/whitegoods because they've got a display of it and so you can test it out, see it put together and decide whether it's worth the time putting it together (mostly flat-pack). Has a pickup area if you're needing to bring the car over, and even have had the staff offer to take larger items out to the car for me.

  • KFC
    Takeaways    Modbury, SA

    Not a bad choice $ wise in this pricey-ish food court, but there's often long lines because of this. This does mean though that their food's usually freshly cooked so it's not so greasy or cold. They accept all sorts of coupons too or have store-specific specials that can be good.

  • Domino's Pizza
    Takeaways    Modbury, SA

    This Domino's actually has a small eat-in area, only really big enough for a family but it's a nice change from most other Dominos where there's nothing at all. Have found their pizza's to be quite nice here, especially the supreme that they do a great job of. Pickup waiting times can sometimes be a bit slower than other stores but other times it's as normal. They don't accept as many discount codes as some other stores either, but then Domino's isn't often expensive in the first place.

  • Domino's Pizza
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    This store's had a revamp relatively recently and is nice and clean, it's nice to have a waiting area that's more than just a couple of cold benches. Taste/topping-wise I've been happy with their pizzas and ahven't had any issues in terms of having to wait too long for pickup or them having the wrong order. A good domino's.

  • Ladywood Clinic
    Medical Centres    Modbury Heights, SA

    I've visited this clinic a couple of times they've got a good number of drs so I've not had trouble getting in. It's a shame that they don't bulk bill most of the time, but their facilities are good and they do bulk bill sometimes.

  • Heights Bakery
    Bakeries    Modbury Heights, SA

    I usually love visiting little bakeries like this one for their great prices & freshly cooked breads/sweets. However having been here and seen their prices there's not much special there (even 'day old' is only slightly discounted) and having tried their donuts I've certainly tasted better for a smaller cost.

  • Liquorland
    Bottle Shops    Modbury, SA

    For a small store they pack a fair bit in here - and it's never busy because it's small. Staff are helpful and seemed knowledgable on product choices, certainly I ended up with a fair range of wine for a good price. Easy parking close to the store too, and decent opening hours.

  • Foodland
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Golden Grove, SA

    This store has just had a MASSIVE renovation and now it's top class. Fresh food dept goes on forever, the aisles are wide, floor clean, the whole store is just nice.
    Added to this the car park that only really fills up at about 3.15 every day and the tasty bakery next door to add to treats and you'll see why I shop here!

  • Roman Pizza
    Takeaways    Modbury Heights, SA

    After seeing the signs out the front here for cheap pizzas I thought I'd check it out. Gotta say I was disappointed. The pizzas that they have in their regular range (with the advertised cheap prices) were very limited in range and everything else was a fair bit more expensive. Got 3 pizzas from that regular range and the price was OK but the pizzas really weren't all that special - could have gotten similar from Dominos.
    Having said that, their other pizzas looked delicious - but they were much more expensive.
    Not sure I'd go back unless I was willing to spend $20 a pizza.

  • The Chicken Joint
    Takeaways    Modbury Heights, SA

    Since moving just down the road from this great shop, we've bought countless numbers of hot chips here (they're the crunchiest you could find and great value) plus various delicious treats like hamburgers, chicken, deep fried delicacies and other very yummies. The staff are friendly, there's a real 'local' feel to this and it's open til late enough to get help when you've got the munchies. We'll most certainly be back again.

  • The Big Rocking Horse And The Toy Factory
    Tourist Attractions    Gumeracha, SA

    This really is unique - who'd believe that the largest rocking horse in the world is right in the middle of the Adelaide Hills?
    We love bringing our kids here and visitors from elsewhere in the world, especially because the park next to it has some wildlife and nice scenery.
    The climb to the top of the rocking horse takes a bit and is very steep so make sure you're fit enough and not scared of heights, it is pretty tall. It costs a few dollars from memory but they'll give you a certificate to say you've climbed it if you ask. It doesn't actually rock though, so don't be worried about movement!
    The toy factory part used to be more interesting til it became more commercial in my opinion, but there's still lots of handmade wooden toys that are a bit fun to play with.

  • Woolworths
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Modbury, SA

    I like this store because it's big - so there's lots of stock and choice. I don't like this store because it's big - so there's lots of people & the queues are almost always long. Whatsmore, when I've tried to find staff to point out where something is, they're almost always busy with the masses of other people. Add to this that parking can be a nightmare then it's not my choice for weekly shopping but I do go there if I'm already at the plaza or needing something specific.

  • Foodland
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Hope Valley, SA

    This store has a great 'local' feel, from offering the 'tiser for free regularly to having local produce easily accessible. Their pricing has gotten a lot more competitive in recent times & at this store there's often heavily discounted bread & meat on clearance.
    Other big bonuses here are really easy parking & queues that are never more than 10 min long. Love shopping here (though often shop elsewhere just for more expensive items as their regular prices on some goods are still sometimes a bit high here).

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