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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Sizzler
    Restaurants    Carramar, NSW

    Visited here today for the first time in ages, they've trended their food up in terms of presentation, plus their salads are a bit more modern. Prices are the same (not super cheap but you'll get a decent feed) & service the same too. Perhaps most importantly the cheese toast is delicioso and seemingly unlimited. Clean area, friendly staff, good food - so 4 stars from me.

  • BWS
    Bottle Shops    Salisbury Plain, SA

    Keep your eyes open if you're looking for this BWS because it is off the road, though the bonus of that is there will never be any parking hassles as it's part of a big group of buildings.
    Medium sized store, but a good number of staff to help/serve which makes life easier especially as they are friendly in my experience.
    I found they did have decent amounts of stock and their prices are certainly the best in the area, there's not another BWS for quite a ways - will be back.

  • Burwood Library
    Libraries    Burwood, NSW

    Just had the chance to visit this after its renovation and have to say they've done a great job of making this a comfortable space with a modern neat spacious design. The weakness as I see it, however, is that there's so much space that it doesn't actually feel like there's all that many books!
    Added to this, putting the youth books on a whole separate floor to the younger kids' books is a bit odd as it splits families up.
    However it's certainly a nice place and if the book collection grows it'll be even better.

  • YogurBerry
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt    Burwood, NSW

    Let's start by making something clear: this is yummy! Tasty. Delish. Mmmm.
    Now let's make something else clear. It's not cheap. It's not light on the wallet.
    So if you want somewhere chic to sit that's got yummy yoghurt and ok toppings (though to be honest I didn't find them as nice as other similar shops) then come here. Bring a friend & swing on their cool seats.
    Otherwise buy a tub of yoghurt & a Mars bar from woolies & eat at home!

  • Quench Cafe
    Cafes    Modbury, SA

    This brand new hidden gem is located in the same building as Clovercrest Baptist Church, but is open all week long. What to say? Well, first up once you've been here you'll definitely be back - so try it out! Why?
    - The atmosphere is really relaxed with comfy seats and a really fun play area for kids. The staff are friendly and not pushy at all.
    - The coffee is greatly priced & great quality
    - The sweet treats, other snacks & light meals are superb and different every week, including catering for various allergies etc and are generously sized and value priced
    - Opening hours include times when there's other events on in the property (like Friday nights) so you can veg while others do things there
    Can't really think of what else you'd want in a café really! See you there!

  • APIA
    Insurance    Adelaide, SA

    This is one of the few businesses to whom I can truly say if I could give 6 stars I'd give them 7! Upon a recently very stressful time including a family medical emergency, I had to make 2 claims with APIA on behalf of my parents. So many things happened smoothly that it's hard to list them all, but here's the highlights:

    1) A real person answered the call straight away & transferred me to another real person very quickly.
    2) The operator who took the details of the claim was absolutely brilliant. He was able to give me concise but helpful information, arrange absolutely everything I needed for the claim (without even hesitating to ask unnecessary questions about the event in question), gave me a direct number to call back to if I needed help, was patient as I passed information on to my parents while on the call - really just fantastic.
    3) The claim related to something that I would have thought might have been questioned in terms of its value or inclusion in the insurance plan. This was never ever an issue (and I had 2 claims that I thought might have been questioned). There was a trust and professionalism that is irreplacable.
    4) Everything the operator promised would happen did happen - from emailing a summary of what I needed to know to being able to call one number later to get an update.

    I wish I was a pensioner so I could join them too, because I would in an instant. They are the best insurance agency I could hope to deal with.

  • Ambulance Service of SA
    Emergency Services    Eastwood, SA

    I don't know if you've ever been in an ambulance. If you should happen to need one, I hope you're in South Australia because my experience is that you will then come across truly top-notch ambulance officers and paramedics. Their calming nature regardless of whether your condition is seemingly small or major will relax you. And if you should happen to need to wait at a hospital being 'ramped' as recently happened to an ambulance I was in, you'll get to hear the stories of the 'ambos' and realise that they are incredibly honourable people who deserve every praise they can get.
    A special shout out to the officers at Victor Harbor who have helped my family on more occasions than I can count without even a smidgeon of begrudging it and without whom life would have been so much harder for my family.

  • Scripture Union Of SA Inc
    Community Service/Non-Profit    Keswick, SA

    I've taken part in all sorts of activities these guys have run - from camps to day activities, and interacted with materials they've produced for both kids and adults. This leads me to have absolute trust in them. They're not as big as some of their Eastern State companions but what they are able to run here in SA is top quality, fun and trustworthy. Only shortcoming is because they're not so big some of their activities can be a bit pricey but well and truly worth it.

  • The Shaver Shop
    Other Manufacturers    Adelaide, SA

    Looking for a back massager, the first place that came to mind was the Shaver Shop. I figured, however, that I'd shop around - so I went here first to get a price then looked in 5 other places in the Mall. After looking high & low, I came back here because they were the best price (and infact they were one of the only places that had a product like it) - and what's more, they actually had staff that could explain the product, offer a refund if it wasn't right, and generally be friendly about the whole process. I'd go back again for all of those reasons!

  • Cafe Presto
    Cafes    Fullarton, SA

    Generosity is worth 100% of an excellent review - it can't be paid for. This cafe showed some incredible customer service & generosity when I recently visited and was short of money while taking a much older relative there.
    Whatsmore the coffee was great, my rellie's hot choc was delicious and the cakes were as fresh as the day!

  • Harris Scarfe
    Department Stores    Adelaide, SA

    Although this store will never have the ambience of the old location, it has kept the massive range, pricing (everything will eventually be on sale or already is!) and has added a chic cafe.
    It can be very hard to get someone to help you find what you want & checkouts are sometimes undermanned, I'm regularly back here especially for kitchenware & shoes which they're great at.

  • Pooraka (Ween Rd) Bottle & Can Recycling Pty Ltd
    Rubbish & Waste Removal    Pooraka, SA

    So, it's school holidays (or some other time you need a few $). How are you going to find them? Well, grab some cans/bottles/etc (they even do a whole range of other goods incl metal) and head here. Don't worry, it's not a dodgy dirty spot, I was surprised at how clean and professional it was. Service is fast (there's 3 lanes to drive through) and they'll have your cans counted in no time at all. Whats more, they give you a print out that tells you exactly what you had counted so there's accountability (no pun intended!) on whether they counted right. You'll walk away with some $ and now all that's left is to spend them!

  • Coles
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Modbury, SA

    There's one thing this Coles does have - space! I like the fact that you won't bump into some random pole in the middle of an aisle and can get past the lovely but rather slow person in front of you in the aisle without bumping their behind. It's usually pretty easy to find someone to help you find things too which is great.
    Having said that, I often find their queues at checkouts longer than I'd like, and their specials are the same as any other Coles - they don't seem to have so many markdowns or 'managers specials' as I'd like.
    All up it's a good shop, just not my first preference.

  • Woolworths
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Golden Grove, SA

    Perhaps I'm biased, but I have to say that I don't really enjoy shopping at this Woolworths. There's not much 'wrong' with it, but I do find parking in the centre a real hassle, that the store isn't as clean as others, that the queues to get out are longer than I'd like, and that when I've got the kids with me there isn't as much in the whole shopping centre to get them excited about going here. I'd rather get a quicker experience at Woolies Modbury Heights (5 minutes down the road) or even TTP where I can do other shopping too.

  • Foodland
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Wynn Vale, SA

    Let's just imagine for a minute that it's school holidays. Not just any holidays, but Easter. Easter Sunday. And let's imagine you've got 10 people coming over for tea. Then you realise you didn't buy pappadams and Olive Oil. What to do? The shops are closed. This is a problem. Well, here's your solution - go to this Foodland. Not only will they be open (albeit busy because everyone else is like you!) but they will have a good selection of the above and they'll even have real specials so that you won't pay the earth. Bigger than a corner shop but small enough to still be local (a lot of their produce is SA's) and small enough to be allowed to open 7 days a week, this is a great shop. I personally wouldn't do all my weekly shopping there as they can't keep up with the discounts the conglomerates grab, but great for everything else.

  • Pearns Steam World
    Museums    Westbury, TAS

    The reason for the 4 stars here is more about the genuineness than the size of this attraction. The guys that run this have been there forever and hopefully will be so for a long time to come. They run it because they love old trains and machinery - not to make a huge profit. Infact don't tell them this, but I'd pay even more than I did to go in. The kids got to see some things they'd only normally see in some posh hidden away glassed off area of another museum, and even got to touch & climb on them. The mini train was really gorgeous. The guys that run it could answer any question about anything there, especially because this place will never be busy - it's too out of the way. Having said that, it's well worth your trip (and it's only 15 minutes out of Launceston) and we'll definitely be back again.

  • Hanuman
    Restaurants    Alice Springs, NT

    The food was amazing - shared 4 choices between our group and all were delicious, even if one wasn't one I'd have chosen myself. There was a Barramundi Meen Moolie, Beef Masaman, Pork Belly & Cashew Chicken that was my favourite - unlike any other cashew chicken I've ever had.
    It was a little pricey but well worth it. On the night we went we did have a long wait (over 30 minutes) for our food and although we were told this is unusual I did have to take a star off for that.
    Not somewhere I'd necessarily take younger kids as there wasn't really a kids menu as such and food was strong flavoured, but great if you're looking for a special meal with good friends.

  • Barra On Todd Restaurant And Bar
    Restaurants    Alice Springs, NT

    We were a group of 7 and it took a mighty long time for our meal to come out - at least 30-40 minutes, which was surprising given that the restaurant wasn't super busy. Was the food worth the wait? The jury is still out on that.
    I had salt & pepper squid with chips and salad which was cooked just right with a tasty crumb. Others in our group had barramundi which they enjoyed or burgers which were absolutely huge. It was all good food but I wouldn't call it fantastic - though prices were reasonable.
    Would've been more stars if the service had been quicker.

  • Alice Springs Desert Park - General Enquiries
    State Government    Alice Springs, NT

    The real great thing about this park is their guides and tours - especially the nocturnal house which was different to what you'll hear at zoos and the like. The setting here too is really unique, it actually is in the wild - being on the edge of the Macdonnell ranges, which also makes for some genuine beauty. It's also easy to find your way around, well signposted.
    Having said that, the price of entry to the park doesn't really match the not-so-large size of the park. If it was anywhere else than in the middle of nowhere I'd say it wasn't really worth the money (especially if you've got a family), but given that most of the time if you're here you'll be on holidays or the like then it could be worth the money.

  • Old Noarlunga Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Old Noarlunga, SA

    This could have been a 5* review except for 2 things: The really overly-basic salad/veg bar and the slightly-higher-than-I'd-expect prices. Other than that, the food is great - our family had steak (which was absolutely delicious & perfectly cooked), seafood (also perfectly cooked & tasty), Indian curry (full-on taste & tastefully presented), schnitzel (a reasonable size) and 2 kids' meals - calamari (real, not the fake chewy stuff) and spag bol (a bit basic but fine).
    Service was ok though we waited a little while longer than I would have thought given it wasn't super-busy, but staff were friendly and efficient. The dining room was clean and had a nice view. I'll be back, especially if someone else is paying!

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