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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Kelly's Farm Newsagency

    Newsagents Modbury, SA
    Really not sure how this business survives, but their stock is expensive, store is cramped, staff are scarce and as others noted they're not real friendly either. Not somewhere I'll head back to.
  • Bamboo Zone

    Takeaways Noarlunga Centre, SA
    In some ways this is just another Asian food buffet choice style in a food court - there's the regular choices with fried rice etc. A couple of the better parts of it though are the price (you can easily fill up for under $10) and that the food is really quite yum and not as greasy as you might find elsewhere. The teriyaki chicken is especially tasty, lots of flavour. A big negative for me though is that they only take cash - and I could only find one ATM (of a different brand than mine) within a couple of minutes of there.
  • Saipan Kebabs

    Takeaways Noarlunga Centre, SA
    First up, do you know anyone that can cut 30 tomatoes into neatly equally sized portions in 15 minutes? I do - it's the owner of this store! Perhaps irrelevant but impressive. More relevant is that they make really tasty incredibly filling kebabs here. And with a drink plus chips you'll pay about $14 which will tastily leave you full for the day. Very filling and tasty. Did I tell you they're filling? And tasty? Thought so. They've got the usual choice of chicken or beef (and you can add cheese and chili which I did, mmm!), plus some other middle-eastern treats like baclava that I was too full to try. The kebab really filled me up! It was tasty too. When I'm back at the Colonnades if I want to be filled up, with something tasty you know where I'll go!
  • Electra House

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    The atmosphere here is worth the visit. Not sure what the building used to be, but it's got a really smart look about it, especially for those wanting a modern business look.
    Drink prices are about what you'd expect and they have a huge range but nothing under $8 a glass. The shame of my visit is I'd hoped to spend a relaxing 25 minutes sipping on a nice cool white with a snack. The snack ($8 curly fries that weren't curly & were too salty) took 20 minutes to come to me. Disappointing.
  • Ned's Victor Harbor

    General Retailers Victor Harbor, SA
    You know, I'm only half joking when I say I'd drive from Adelaide just to shop here! I could furnish my house with stax of cool homewares or buy decorations for a party or get art & craft supplies - or all of the above, and be very happy with the change left in my pocket & quality plus range of products I'd bought.
    Always wander through here when I'm in Victor as it's the best kind of discount store!
  • Cheap As Chips

    General Retailers Noarlunga Centre, SA
    I actually geneuinely lost my family in here today! It's so big and full of things that every member was interested in (including teenagers, middle aged adult - me - and grandparents) that we all went our ways and with the size of this place it took half an hour til we all found each other. From electrical goods to health/protein-rich foods to toys to sauces to pets fun things to pretty much anything else, this store had it all. And to be honest despite its reputation, I didn't find the goods to be cheap and nasty - just practical and well-priced.
    Checkouts were very busy so it took ages to get out, so lost half a star - but there were staff in store which is positive.
  • JB Hi-Fi

    Home Entertainment Retailers Noarlunga Centre, SA
    Really impressed with the range of stock at this store - especially their laptops. Everything from $185 - $2,000+, and a great number of staff to chat through what's best and offer better prices (my hint: never accept their ticketed price, even if you 'only' save another $20 it's money you can have back in your pocket). Did appreciate also that the staff didn't pressure me to help as I really knew what I was looking for.
    Also a huge selection of headphones, with pretty much one of every brand to try out - the sound quality of some of them was awesome. Also really impressed by their marked down stock, could have easily bought 5 things I didn't need just because of their well-marked down prices. Walked away a happy customer.
  • The Yoghurt Shop

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Adelaide, SA
    This store was pretty new to me the first time I visited, and since then I've been a regular whenever I am at the Central Market. They have this incredible range of youghurt treats and are very happy for you to try any of them before you buy (which is a good idea, because some of them have a very unique taste that you'll either love or hate - like their coffee one which isn't my favourite). Their prices are really very good, especially as they have 3 sizes and fill the tubs right up, and very often there's people floating round the market with buy one/get one free vouchers. Always enough staff to serve and offer samples (can you tell I like the samples?!?!) and give suggestions, and always very friendly. Just a great place to visit!
  • Standom Smallgoods Butchers

    Butchers Adelaide, SA
    If you don't like metwurst, fantastically smoked ham, hand-cured meat, South Aussie fritz or other really delicious things then this isn't the shop for you. But since you do, because everyone I know does, then you should definitely come here. Their range of smallgoods is just incredible, and their prices are very reasonable especially as a lot of the products are their own. I can't come to the Central Market without stopping here, and there's always something to tempt me!
  • The Smelly Cheese Shop

    Delis Adelaide, SA
    I have to confess: the part of this store I love the best is their free tastings. They're part of the 'traditional' feel of the Central Market where sellers encouraged you to trial their product before buying. In their case, the cheeses they have out for tasting are usually very unique and not something I'd have ever bought without tasting and so I love the chance to give them a try and give my kids a taste of something they wouldn't usually try.
    Aside from the free stuff they also have this incredibly huge massive range of cheeses for sale - if you want something then I'd almost guarantee they've got it. Staff are also incredibly knowledgable about the products and very willing to make suggestions. They do lose half a star as they're not cheap - but if you know what you want then this is clearly the place to buy it.
  • The Adelaide Nut

    Delis Adelaide, SA
    The only negative about this store is their hot nuts (the ones that smell soooo good & are delicious) are overpriced - but if you're willing to fork out the dollars you'll instantly make friends! The serving sizes are reasonable and they do put them in a handy cone to carry round with you. They do have a great selection of nuts (and some lollies etc too) and their non-hot nut products are better priced than Charlesworth who are just down the aisle.
  • Chemist Warehouse

    Chemists Ridgehaven, SA
    I must admit I'd ignored this chemist for a while as it's in a small shopping centre & from the outside it doesn't look all that big. When you step in the door, however, you'll realise how big it is - long aisles full of all manner of stock. While waiting for a script to be filled, I compared some of their products with things I'd bought just a day earlier, and they were cheaper by 10-20%. Bit late then :-( but at leat I know where to go next time. Perhaps because it doesn't look that big it wasn't busy at all either, and is open til later hours so is quite convenient. I'll be back.
  • Samtass Bros Seafoods Pty Ltd

    Seafood Adelaide, SA
    I think it's actually pretty much impossible to go to the Central Market and not visit here. Whether you're looking for a simple seafood mix or the most delicate gourmet seafood selection for an exquisite dinner party you will get it here. And if you're not fussy what you want then their ever-changing specials are definitely for you - there will always be something to tickle your fancy without emptying your wallet. I usually go for something I wouldn't normally have at home but can get from here, got a great feed of rainbow trout for $10 here last time. Even though they're always busy, they've also always got time to make a suggestion for you (especially during their quieter times earlier on in the day), either on what to buy or how to cook it.
    But don't just take my word for it - just go!
  • Carousel Nut Bar

    Wholesalers Adelaide, SA
    I actually think this store is better at selling lollies than nuts despite its name - and there's better places (like Adelaide Nut Bar & Charlesworth) to buy nuts in the Central Market. Having said that, their selection of all manner of confectionerial treats is a real treat! What I especially love is that you can choose a bit of this and a bit of that, so end up with a bag of yumminess. They've also got all manner of price ranges from (literally) 10 cents to five dollars for this incredibly huge rock candy ball that would take you about 5 years to get through!
    Worth a visit even if just to get a few sweet niceties as you wander through the Central Markets.
  • OG Hotel

    Pubs & Bars Klemzig, SA
    Very very impresses after going here for the first time a couple of weeks ago on their steak special night. At $10.50 the steak was of a very generous portion size and well cooked. Took a little longer to come out than I might have thought given that they weren't busy (yet - though they did get busy) but that was well and truly made up for by the availability of a massive salad and veggie bar plus bread en masse, I honestly could have just eaten from there and come away satisfied. Drink prices were quite good too especially for a pub. Parking is OK though by the time we left it was getting a bit squeezy out there.
    I'll be back!
  • Paul's Seafood On Gouger

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    This place has a great history, I've been here a few times over the years but last time I have to say I wasn't overly impressed. Had the soft shelled crab and although it was soft it was also very salty - more salt flavour than crab flavour. Others had calamari, theirs was very generously sized but very greasy, to be honest not really much of a taste difference from what you'd find at a pub. Their fish dishes were a little better and less greasy but pricey for what they were. Chips are cool but not really chips - more like little potatoes than chips. All up for the nearly $100 I spent for my family I could have gotten a great meal with dessert somewhere else but instead ended up with greasyness here. Seating is squeezy too but that's not unusual or new.
  • Mister Minit

    Shoe Repair Modbury , SA
    The first 'not-so-great' sign I should have taken notice of here is that when I first asked for a quote to re-sole my shoes they gave one price ($55) and then when I actually went to get them they wanted another ($75). Then when I said about the earlier price, they immediately said they would 'give me a discount' to make it $55. I still don't know which one was the true price but I don't appreciate being taken for a ride.
    The result of the re-sole was not really satisfactory. First up, it was messy - glue stuck to the sides, some parts not stuck all that well. Also the material of the main part of the sole doesn't look like it will last long at all (they do offer a 6 month guarantee, I'm keeping my receipt as I'm sure it won't last 6 months). Also they only stuck another part on top of my existing sole which had cracks on it - didn't mention that they wouldn't replace the sole, rather just glue on to it. To their credit they did a reasonable job of building up the heel in the parts it had worn unevenly, but anyone else would do the same.
    Not happy but waiting to see if it stays together for more than a couple of months before taking it back.
  • Endue Cafe & Homewares

    Cafes Valley View, SA
    This cafe is such a quaint spot, lovely atmosphere with both the homewares area & the food section. Pancakes were lovely and fluffy, fast service (though it could have taken longer so we could keep looking at all the bits & bobs there!), also really enjoyed the milkshakes which were a generous size and reasonably priced. Tucked away out of the busyness of the road, but good parking area. Will be back again! #reviewtowin
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  • Cafe Va Bene

    Cafes Campbelltown, SA
    Can't count the number of times I've visited here over the last 20 years, it's a bit of a fave for an evening coffee & cake or milkshake & cake or coke and cake...You're probably getting the picture that I like their cake, and you'd be right! Unfortunately last night when I went they'd sold out of their regular cheesecake, but I have to say that what I had instead - the baci chocolate cake & baked cheesecake [yes, I did share it!] was delicious and well worth going back for. Could have well done with a splash of cream or some dressing which was a disappointment. The mug of hot chocolate I had was just the right temperature and generously sized, my partner's caramel milkshake was slurp-to-the-bottom-worthy.
    The one big negative is the price, at $23 for 2 average-sized slices of cake, a hot chocolate and milkshake is a bit over the top. Looking at their meals menu they're even pricier. Seem to remember this is why it's only a 'for special times' fave rather than a regular. Open til late every night which is a bonus, and unlike other reviewers I haven't found the staff to be anything less than polite.#reviewtowin
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  • Jamie's Italian

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I'd heard 2 things about this before going - that the portion sizes were small and that the prices were high. Surprisingly I didn't find either to be overly true.

    I was in a group of 14 (warning: they do charge an 8% surcharge for groups of over 12, which did annoy me especially as they didn't mention it except in tiny writing) and all of us really enjoyed most of what we ate. Loved having a special corner of the restaurant for our group, though the noise in this place was fairly overpowering, couldn't hear more than the 2 people next to me.
    It was gourmet food - my 24 hour slow smoked octopus was absolutely delicious, and I've never had squid ink pasta before (enjoyed it), and I have to say I was comfortably full at the end of the main. Others that had smaller portions such as the creamy truffle pasta said they were still comfortably full as it was a creamy dish (and I snuck some sauce off my wife's plate, have to say it was one of the most delicious sauces I've ever eaten). Staff were friendly & happy to help with suggestions.

    What we were all really disappointed in was the drinks. They were overpriced, undersized and sometimes just not tasty - for example, the cider smelt like the rubbish bin outside of a pub and the 'mocktails' were a mishmash of overpowering flavours, the wine came in huge glasses but with very little wine in them.I honestly think we'd have been better off drinking water. To me the price was about what I'd expect to pay at an upper-class pub, so not somewhere I'd go regularly but if I want to impress someone by saying where I'd take them, I'd choose here.#reviewtowin
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