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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Modbury Plaza Hotel
    Restaurants    Modbury, SA

    I've been here a lot over the years, and if there's one thing they've improved it's their seating area. They've got some really nice options, especially on the deck outside which even has its own mini-bar open during busy times.
    I've got to say though that on a recent visit the food didn't really inspire me. The salad bar is great (though there aren't stacks of 'healthy salads', there are lots of veggies), but the steak I had was average sized for the price and not super-tender. My wife's schnitzel was big enough but not incredibly tasty.
    Good enough, but not the sort of place I'll dream of going back to.

  • Golden Grove Bakery
    Bakeries    Surrey Downs, SA

    I'm pretty sure this bakery is also called 'Sonny's bakery', in the Surrey Downs shopping centre. I've loved going here for a long time - for 2 great reasons: the price & the taste!
    They've got a huge range of yummylicious things, my favourite is their choccie donuts (regular or family size!), all of which are priced far cheaper than even the foodland next door.
    The smell of freshly baked yummies is hard to beat too, and their individual rolls are well priced and always crunchy-fresh. Mmmmm.

  • Woolworths
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Felixstow, SA

    What I like about this woolies is that they carry some items that others don't - especially European made foods.
    Having said that, as other reviewers noted it's not a big woolies, and it's really dated with no self-serve, I guess if you like the 'old fashioned' look then you'd be very comfortable here. It does make for more personalised service on the whole, but if it gets busy there's not much slack to rush through.
    Parking is easy, but it's not a huge carpark either so again it's OK if they're not busy.
    Not my favourite woolies but OK for a few things or to drop into.

  • Otto's Bakery
    Bakeries    Hahndorf, SA

    If I were to own a bakery like this one, I'd put on 20kgs in a week from eating all their delicious hugely-sized treats! What's more, I wouldn't sleep because I'd be drinking their wonderful coffee all day long.
    The trouble would be that I'd never get to do either of these, because they're so popular - so I'd be run off my feet serving all the happy customers here. I suggest sharing their choc donuts with a friend as well as any of their German treats. If the kids are with you there's no problems as they do milkshakes that are really nice too.
    Seating is ample inside & out, their verandah has a great view of the street. Off street parking is available just up the road too.

  • Kings Mechanical
    Vehicle Electrical Repairs    Golden Grove, SA

    Just took my recently-purchased used car here for a minor service & overall check before warranty runs out. Very happy with their thoroughness to detail, promptness and professional manner. Price was fair for personalised service and trust that comes with going here.

  • Soul Food Espresso
    Cafes    Redwood Park, SA

    Went here for the first time in ages, the people managing it have changed and I reckon it's made for a warmer feel and better menu.
    Loved the iced coffee & cake was tasty too.
    Love the comfy chairs, chic artwork primarily by local artists (they've got a real local community focus). Staff had time for a chat with customers & seemed to have plenty of regulars.
    I'll not wait this long to be back again!

  • The Salvation Army
    Community Service/Non-Profit    Greenwith, SA

    This salvos has the most awesome op shop in the Southern Hemisphere. Fifty cent books (yep - every one of them is 50cents!). One dollar clothes (yep- every piece $1!). That plus all the bits and bobs you might want, need, or think you want/need, or that you never wanted or needed!
    Staff are really friendly too, happy to chat and not just serve.
    It's not the prettiest op shop round but I'll be back, so don't take all the good duff will you!

  • Lotus Chinese Restaurant
    Restaurants    North Adelaide, SA

    I went back here for the first time in too long last night & it was just as brilliant as it'd been before.
    Friendly staff, they knew many of the customers by name which is a great sign & gives a beautiful atmosphere.
    Had one of the banquet choices and really couldn't fault a single dish. Changed the dessert to fried ice cream for $1 more, no stress as their prices are brilliant.
    My only criticism is that their soft drink prices are through the roof, at $5 for a can I can't see why? Oddly their beers/wines/spirits are well priced. To their credit they're v happy to keep bringing water for free.
    I'll be back - and happy about it!!

  • Pizza Hut
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    At $4.95, one might not expect much from a pizza. I'm pretty happy with what I got for that! Tasty pizza that was ready on time, a box of yummy sides for another $10, and so for under $20 lunch was sorted. Friendly staff, plenty of parking right out front to run in & pick up - I'm happy.

  • McDonald's
    Takeaways    Port Augusta, SA

    When you're travelling you never know what sort of place you'll come across. This Maccas is one of the good ones - the store is clean, polite staff, food is fresh, toilets were clean (very important on a pit stop after hours of driving), service was fast and all up a pretty enjoyable place to stop.

  • McDonald's
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    Went through their drive-thru last weekend and when I got home the order wasn't quite right. Wasn't too hassled but rang them just to check it. Their customer service was fantastic - straight away they apologised and said they'd replace our order at a time that suited us. Went back tonight for the replacement and it was easily given to us plus a little extra. It can get busy, like tonight - but they have plenty of staff and are polite about the wait. Food was tasty and fresh.

  • MSY Holden Hill
    Computers Retailers    Holden Hill, SA

    I'd heard horror stories about waiting times here, so was a bit hesitant to go. I did know, however, that they had the best prices and greatest range around.
    I wasn't disappointed - the waiting time was non-existent, and they did have the best prices around. Customer service was great - I had a couple of questions that they easily answered and even when I asked for a second receipt after leaving & coming back. They have a great range, their website is really ugly but functional and there's pretty much everything you'd want. I'll be back.

  • Caffe Primo
    Cafes    Modbury, SA

    Unfortunately I think the quality and value for money here has dropped considerably since it opened a few years ago. Used to be a huge selection of choices for a set price, now the set menu is just a few dishes.
    Went here for dessert & coffeee the other night and left with several less dollars than I started with (though the pancakes are only $1.50!). Unfortunately too the first slice of cake we got was as dry as dust on one side (?maybe the side that had been cut and left out), though to their credit they replaced it without any problems - but still not what I would have expected. Also we'd ordered a 'chocolate pizza' dessert, told it would be 5 minutes - 20 minutes later I had to ask & they unapologetically told me it would be another 10 minutes. When it came out, I was surprised that something so small would take 30 minutes to prepare.

  • Natee Thai Restaurant
    Restaurants    Adelaide, SA

    'Good' probably sums up this restaurant. Their prices are really good, the choices are what you'd expect from a Thai restaurant - pretty large range. The food flavour is 'good' - I wouldn't call it wonderful but it wasn't dreadful either. I would have expected a bit more zest from the flavour, but it was filling and as another reviewer has mentioned the interior is pretty cool (though it's moved since most of the photos on this page were taken - so it doesn't quite look as nice at the front anymore), nicely decorated and the staff are friendly. All up 'good'.

  • The Deck Restaurant
    Restaurants    Adelaide, SA

    If your idea of a nice lunch involves ordering a bit of a roll with some tasty enough meat and fillings that takes over 20 minutes to prepare, here's your place. I must say, the 'Signature Bap' was tasty, but giving it a nice name that needs them to tell you what it is and charging $10 doesn't really make it any more special. On the day we were there, there was about 2 other people in the cafe and so I'm even more confused why it took so long to 'cook' it. But it was tasty, so I guess that makes up for some of it.
    Drinks were reasonably priced though 2 of us ordered one drink and got something different (mine was a diet coke, not a coke, and another person ordered fresh juice & got a pop top?!?). Not really what I would have expected, but it was tasty enough (except the pop top...)

  • Foodland
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores    Streaky Bay, SA

    This is a newer store than the IGA & this makes it a bit more pleasant to shop in. It's bigger too, and prices are fairly reasonable for a country supermarket. They've got really yummy minimelts here too! Staff had that nice country welcome-ness about them, and opening hours were reasonable - though beware, they close at 6.30 most nights, so no late night snacks available!

  • Streaky Bay National Trust Museum
    Museums    Streaky Bay, SA

    At $1 for schoolkids the price can't be complained about, really good entertainment especially for kids on holidays. Easily spent about an hour here with lots to look at.
    After we visited here, my 8 year old daughter said
    This was interesting because it had 3 sections - one with the old school, an old doctor/dentist place, and a little cottage. My favourite was the old doctor place because it was an old example of how they did things.

  • Caffe Buongiorno Tea Tree Plus
    Cafes    Modbury, SA

    If I'm going to pay $22 for a salad, I'm going to want something fresh, crisp and if it's not that then I'm going to expect it to be replaced. Not here apparently. Ordered a ceasar salad - used a birthday voucher they'd given for $20 and this was almost the cheapest thing on the menu (apart from specials, which they told me I couldn't use my voucher for!?!).
    When it came, as I took a bite (which was delicious) I immediately noticed brown lettuce - and then as I looked further I saw more lettuce that was wilted. I called a staff member over who took a very close look at it before thinking staff could take it to the chef. 5 minutes later staff came back and reported that the chef said 'that's what happens when you cut lettuce'. Funny, cutting lettuce and putting it on a salad straight away has never made it go brown and wilted for me.
    They did offer me a replacement but this time I thought I'd trust the chef, especially as the taste was great and I had limited time. As I went further in I stopped enjoying the taste as I discovered more wilted lettuce but thought I'd make the best of a bad visit by just leaving. Have to say I tried 2 different doors (each of which I asked the staff if they were open - and they said 'yes') before I found my way out.
    Not happy.

  • Largs Bay Kiosk
    Takeaways    Largs Bay, SA

    The bonus of this place is probably its location - right on the beachfront, with inside and outdoor seating. They've got the choice of foods you'd expect with fried fish/chips, burgers etc and the flavour is OK though I wouldn't rave about it. Price is probably about on par with what you'd pay elsewhere, and although we were there at a busy time their service was fairly quick. Overall it was an 'OK' visit.

  • Streaky Bay School Community Library
    Libraries    Streaky Bay, SA

    This library's part of the school and it's great that they open it to the public too - especially if you're on holidays and looking for something to do - whatsmore you can borrow anywhere in SA and take it back anywhere if you've got a library card from anywhere in SA. Good amount of books and some movies, nice atmosphere and reasonable opening hours. A good find!

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