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I'm Sean & I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Harry's Bar

    Pubs & Bars Adelaide, SA
    This is in the old Tatersall's building which gives it an 'old' feel, downstairs to be honest that isn't a great look as it looks like a 70's bar complete with dagginess - but upstairs is a different matter altogether.
    The balcony is a real stunner, but book if you want it as it's often busy. It's just the right place to sit and watch the sun go down with a corona after work.
    Speaking of Corona, their drinks are incredibly well priced - especially with their specials like Friday night $5 all drinks. Even without the specials they're well priced and bar staff are attentive and helpful too.
    Food is super well priced, I had their 'famous' $10 burger & drink deal and it was certainly tasty. Didn't come with chips but the $6 chips I bought more than compensated for that - beware if you buy that you'll need a big tummy or a friend to share with!
    Stacks of seating, though it can be noisy if it's busy. All up though it's a great spot especially if you're in a group.
  • EB Games

    Toys & Computer Games Retailers Modbury, SA
    It's big - and that means a lot of stock. The con of this is it's just massively busy and there's only this one little counter with room for 2 staff max. Staff are knowledgable and friendly though, one walked me through the whole process of buying games for a new machine without being stressed about the busyness of the store & people waiting. Knew what I'd need to know and expressed it in a great manner.
    Great sales manner too, not pushy nor judging what I wanted to buy and I even ended up with a 10 cent voucher because a couple of trade-ins came to 10 cents more than what I bought - that's honesty!
  • Coles Express

    Petrol & Service Stations Golden Grove, SA
    The store attached to this servo is huge - and the prices aren't nearly as bad as I'd imagined. For $10 I walked away with chocolate, lollies & Iced coffee - all the essentials for a road trip (along with the $50 of petrol I came for!).
    Lots of pumps, fast flow so no delays and enough space to get in and out easily.
  • Woolworths Petrol

    Petrol & Service Stations Golden Grove, SA
    These guys' prices are kept competitive by the Coles Express just down the road, and I actually find they often are cheaper earlier in the cycle than Coles, and almost always cheaper than the other nearest Woolworths Petrol in Modbury.
    Pumps are new so the petrol flies out of them, and it's not often so busy here that you have to wait long - though to be honest that's quite possibly often because this is so small that there's no place to queue more than 1-2 cars so on occasion I just go right by - that's its biggest disadvantage - also it's not the place to go if you want to pick a few things up at the shop as they have very much only the basics of bread and milk and a few chocccy bars and nothing more. Go to the Coles for anything more!
  • National Pharmacies

    Chemists Adelaide, SA
    The staff are the main reason that this 'Average' review isn't a 'below average' review. The pharmacy itself on the whole isn't price competitive, nor is their stock huge, and really there's 3 other pharmacies in a 2 minute walk I'd go to otherwise for these reasons.
    However the staff are knowledgable, friendly, not pushy, and allow space for you to look around or try products such as the aftershaves/perfumes without looking over your shoulder or trying to push a purchase/product.
    Not enough to have me go there often but helps.
  • JB Hi-Fi

    Home Entertainment Retailers Elizabeth, SA
    From the front this store doesn't look like much - but they pack a lot in. Went here as they were one of the few SA stores that had stock of a particular camera, it did take a few minutes to find a staff member but once we did we had their full attention for as long as we needed it - including answering questions, giving advice, finding stock, and perhaps most importantly discounting the price for us! After the fact I realised the discount wasn't quite as good as it felt but having said that this was a positive experience.
    Enjoyed looking through the rest of the store too including some cool hands-on 3D toys.
  • EB Games

    Toys & Computer Games Retailers Golden Grove, SA
    This isn't the biggest EB games around, but they do fit a lot in - especially in their pre-owned range. Not just thrown everywhere though, it is pretty well kept clean and in order, and they have decent stock levels of other games etc as well. Doesn't seem to get too busy either though there's not a lot of staff either so it could get busy on weekends. Good if you're in the area and wanting to browse.
  • Scales & Tails

    Pet Shops Pooraka, SA
    Nothing will create a positive review in the world of Sean's reviews more than excellent caring genuine customer service. That's what wins this business 4.5 stars. That and because they let me cuddle their snake!
    The store isn't necessarily one of those glamorous pet stores with everything you can imagine - but what it does specialise in (reptiles) it is brilliant in. When we went in, the assistant was explaining to a young boy who was so excited to hear about the ins & outs of keeping reptiles, and even more excited that they gave him the snake to hold and got the crocodile out of the tank too. The little boy in me had to ask to hold the snake as well and they let me.
    We had a great chat about looking after animals, no pressure at all from the assistant to move us on or for us to buy anything - he was just a genuinely nice guy with an obvious real passion for animals and a desire to share what he knew.
    That will get me back again. I only took half a star off because the store could do with a neatening and their prices were more than elsewhere we looked. But I'll pay more for this experience.
  • Officeworks

    Office Equipment Retailers Gilles Plains, SA
    This store has just had a big makeover and now looks more like a neat well-stocked store than the mass of goods plonked together that it used to be like.
    Having said that, even before it was neat I regularly went there because
    - They've almost always got lots of stock
    - They're more than happy to price match without making you feel cheap (and even without price matching their prices are more than competitive)
    - There's always staff available to help
    - It's hardly ever busy
    I'll keep going back.
  • Just Guys Mens Hairdresser

    Hairdressers Adelaide, SA
    The pro's? Barber here was one of the friendliest guys I've ever met - when (for example) he said it would be 'a pleasure to trim my eyebrows' I believed it. My haircut was neat and didn't take too long.
    The con's? It was busy - I think because he's good at what he does and has a genuine likeability so people go back, he welcomed his customers by name and even waited while a young boy went off to the toilet. Also at $25 it's more than I would expect to pay for what was a razor cut - no scissors used at all, and for the short time I was in the chair. Wouldn't rush to go back for the price, but if I found a time it wasn't busy I may well try him again and ask for a scissor cut - I think he would please.
  • Northside Souvenirs

    Cards & Gift Shops Pooraka, SA
    This place is a great find for anyone about to travel overseas and wanting to take well-priced souveniers with them. At their prices you won't feel bad about giving away Aussie things to that random stranger you meet or the little boy who stole your heart away. It's not all cheap junk though, there's all manner of goods right up to jewellery though I must say if you want 'high end' you're better off going elsewhere. Good to take tourists too, though it's not the 'pretty' store that a lot of other tourist stores are but they'll thank you for the money they save on gifts to take home with them if they don't mind that the store looks like a big warehouse (which is what it really is).
    Tea towels, placemats, stuffed toys, stationery, t-shirts/clothing, ugg boots and woolen items - they have them all.
    What also impressed me was that a lot of their stock is Australian made but doesn't carry the premium price tag that this usually has. Brilliant shop.
  • Westfalia Meat Store

    Butchers Fulham Gardens, SA
    As I took the sausage at the sausage sizzle I figured I knew what to expect - greasy same-old-tasting sausage. When I took a bite everything changed. Never have I had a sausage on the BBQ that actually had distinctive flavour of its own that I'd call nice like this one. I'm told it's because they make their own here, they also make all sorts of other delicacies like haggis that I very much doubt I shall engage in - one can only go so far - but I'll certainly be back for their other meats based on this delicious BBQ sausage experience.
  • Modbury Bowling Club Incorporated

    Bowling Ridgehaven, SA
    Didn't think I'd ever write a review for a bowls club til I was...a little older! But went here for a friend's birthday and have to say it was a ball. Their clubrooms are nice enough, the bar is well priced and they were happy to let us use their BBQ and bring our own snacks in.
    A couple of the club members then gave us some basic rules and hints on how to go about the sport of bowls and let us loose - no pressure to 'do the right thing' though they were around to help if we wanted it. Their very friendly manner made our poor performance seem fun rather than embarassing!
    Recommend it for your party.
  • Marion Megaplex - Event Cinemas

    Cinema Marion, SA
    I really don't understand how any business can not answer their phone. I rang this cinema several times at different times of the day over a 2 week period and they did not answer once - instead after 5 minutes of being on hold I was able to leave a message. Finally I gave feedback on their website and did get an email helping me but really that's poor.
    Went to a session in their Gold Class that I'm glad I was given as a gift as it's definitely not worth $41 per person. Yes, nice seats but then there's the overpriced snacks on top of that. Not really a lot better than a normal seat. Won't be back.
  • Bag Heaven

    General Retailers Adelaide, SA
    2 stories of bags - what more to say! Not just handbags and the like (though there's plenty of them), but a whole floor of suitcases, of travel bags like backpacks and 'man bags', all at discounted prices. I found their prices a little lower than strandbags (which is just around the corner) on most items, though they didn't really have the lower priced bags that strandbags do.
    Only one staff member here which would be a problem if you wanted to look a lot downstairs where all the suitcases are.
  • JB Hi-Fi

    Home Entertainment Retailers Adelaide, SA
    This store would be a great choice if you knew what you wanted and/or were happy to choose between a big selection of products in a range without assistance from a sales assistant. It really is big, and they have a lot of stock that can't be found in other JB Hi-Fi (like vacuum cleaners, great range) and their prices seemed right on the mark.
    But because it's big there will probably never be enough staff to meet demand. This is frustrating when it comes to items like their cameras which are locked away, and isn't really my choice if I want to get help.
  • Strandbags

    Clothing Retailers Adelaide, SA
    At face value this store doesn't look all that big or like they have much stock. But go downstairs and you'll find a massive selection of travel goods like suitcases & travel bags. Prices are good, pretty much in line with other strandbags', though actually I found some goods at other strandbags that weren't here which was surprising. Having said that, there was also stock here (especially in the upper end of suitcases etc which they had a very large range of). Regular bags are ok, though again if you're looking for value there's probably other stores with more stock.
  • Bing Boy

    Cafes Adelaide, SA
    If you're looking for a crunchy zingy wrap of deliciousness for a good price then her is your destination!
    Great range of flavours, fresh ingredients, yummy, unique style of preparation, healthy, and available for under $10.
    Can get busy & take a little while as it's freshly made but otherwise this is a great choice night or day.
  • Knoodle Junction

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    $8.80 will buy you about 2 spring rolls at most city dining establishments. Here it'll buy you a meal that'll leave you full and satisfied. And not full of greasy fat either, this is pretty good food. All the Asian norms like honey chicken & Mongolian beef but also some vegetarian choices and other yummo meat dishes.
    Oh, and you must try their spicy rice, goes great with...well, everything!
    Last thing - if you're a student you'll save even more on the cost.
    Brilliant really. Takeaway or eat in too.
  • Chinese Noodle Bar

    Restaurants Burwood, NSW
    Cheap? Yep. Nasty? NO! Although I wouldn't take a date here as it's more than squeezy, hot in summer, this is the perfect place for a very filling very tasty meal for around $10.
    Of course you might end up spending more because the menu is so wide & delicious you can't decide on just one dish! Sshhh, I won't tell if you don't.