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I'm Sean & I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • The Happy Nut

    Specialty Food Campbelltown, NSW
    As I was enjoying a really tasty mix from these guys I was surprised to find something particularly 'crunchy'. So crunchy it couldn't even be bitten. I was impressed when the company quickly responded to my pointing out of this, however I've gotta say that it took a lot longer than I would have expected to get it all sorted out - including getting a box with a bag in it to return the product in. Eventually I appreciated their response after looking into what it might have been, and that they sent a complimetary product to replace mine. Food was tasty and filling but it was a bit of a downer to go through that.
  • Ferryden Park Laundrette

    Dry Cleaning & Laundry Ferryden Park, SA
    It can be hard to find a laundromat with clean working machines and owners that answer when you need help. Here's somewhere that meets both those criteria. Completely trustworthy, open long hours, helpful phonable owners, and probably most importantly a place that you can go to get your clothes clean & dry!
  • Austral-Asian Chinese Church

    Churches Adelaide, SA
    Despite being called an Asian and Chinese church, there's also a good number of Anglo-Saxan members too, and they have a pastor specifically for their English speaking congregation to cater for 2nd generation Asians too who are more comfortable with English than their parents' languages. Nice feel, friendly staff, I recommend it!
    The location of this church is also fantastic if you're looking to host a meeting or the like - and their facilities are good for small or larger groups.
  • Kim Wang Asian Supermarket

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Adelaide, SA
    It really would be hard to find a bigger Asian supermarket than this one - it just goes on and on. Chinese dumplings? Tick. Indonesian Satay sauce? Tick. Japanese things (can't tell what they are because I can't read Japanese)? Tick! And not just one choice of each, rather many. Prices are fantastic. Probably my only negative comment is it's not the most well laid out store and staff can be difficult to find - especially if you're looking for advice rather than where to get a specific product. But it's worth a trip through their aisles just to feel like you're right in the middle of Asia.
  • North China Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurants Gilles Plains, SA
    Had heard good things about this restaurant and so a group of us went there. Unfortunately it's not a great location for groups as we were really quite squeezed in a small table among other tables. Food prices were good - cheap even - but quality/taste was just like pretty much any Chinese restaurant. Service was friendly but it was hard to get past the squeeziness and it wasn't well cooled either. Wouldn't rush back - but this place has been here for years and years so maybe we just had a bad day...
  • BP

    Petrol & Service Stations Rosewater, SA
    Although it seems unusual to review a servo, this one's a cracker. They pack a whole lot into their 'On The Run' - a Wendy's, an incredibly tasty coffee bar, Wok in a Box, even a Subway. They're all clean and neat, and as far as I can tell prices were the same as you'd pay at their regular retail stores and certainly the food we had tasted just as good as elsewhere. Staff were friendly too, and it wasn't busy. Oh - they did have petrol too (and the obligatory expensive car wash)!
  • Chocolates Del Mondo

    Cafes Burwood, NSW
    Went on a week night and it wasn't too busy at all, didn't have to wait long to be welcomed and for the food to be ready. The menu is fantastically superbly yummily extensive (as long as you like chocolate - and if you don't, why are you reading this??) though prices were a bit high though not excessively so given what you get. Food lived right up to the expectation, the chocolate sauce was divine. It is true this can get busy on weekends but we avoided that time for that reason, looking at the previous review that seems a wise choice.
    Did I mention it was delicous? Delectable? Tasty? Yummo? It certainly is...
  • Wendy's

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Ingle Farm, SA
    Unfortunately while I was here they ran out of several items - hot dogs and cookies for shakes, and although they replaced them with alternatives it wasn't a great look. However what we had was certainly yummy, sweet, and the price is good. Staff were a reserved sort of friendly, but it is just an icecream spot.
  • Ingle Bakehouse

    Bakeries Ingle Farm, SA
    The best time to visit this bakehouse is near the end of their business day - you will walk away with more yummy-liciousness than is good for you but more money in your pocket than you thought! And you'll be satisfied with the taste.
    Sweet buns, donuts, bread loaves and rolls - all the things you'd expect but at the end of the day they'll do you a great price. Their regular prices are good too, especially as their sizes are generous.
  • Dillons Norwood Bookshop

    Bookstores Norwood, SA
    This shop has everything - books (of course!), music, and DVD's. All laid out attractively in an easy to find manner and their stock levels are really quite good, not just stocking hardly-read titles or exclusive and expensive titles. Their prices aren't as cheap as you'd find in a discount store but then it's not a discount store and I was actually surprised at how affordable they were. Their staff were a bonus too, they actually know and care about what they sell, can find what you're looking for and will give suggestions, talk about what they have and how they like it.
    All up, an old fashioned bookstore that has transitioned well into today's world.
  • Hog's Breath Cafe

    Restaurants Glenelg, SA
    A group of teenage girls can be hard to cook for. No problems here though! The staff were very friendly to them at a friend's birthday party, though service could have been quicker but everyone really loved their food - whether it was chicken wraps or beef or fish. Price was surprisingly cheap (though it was lunchtime), $10-15 and it wasn't too busy either even though it was school holidays. Walked away very happy.
  • McDonald's

    Takeaways Pooraka, SA
    I really didn't expect much from this McDonalds - after all, it's located in a servo on a busy industrial corner. I was surprised - it's probably the cleanest, freshest, fastest Maccas I've been to. All fitted out with electronic menu boards and well-staffed, and not a spot of rubbish in the store. Seats were comfy and clean too, and perhaps most importantly the food was just right - well cooked, fast service, well presented. Well done!
  • Community Connections Australia

    Community Service/Non-Profit Parramatta, NSW
    This company is unique - a mobile phone service provider that actually helps others in a viable way. I like that. I like their plan prices too, as a reseller of Optus their prices are on par with other resellers and certainly cheaper than going direct.
    What I don't like is their customer service. 3 weeks from ordering til I got my SIM card, then 3 phone calls to make it work - each of which had a hold time of over 15 minutes. Then to be told I would be charged from a week before I even got the card (let alone when it was working). I hope there's no problems with my account because I'd rather change providers than go through that again.
  • Salvos Stores

    Community Service/Non-Profit Golden Grove, SA
    This isn't my favourite op shop - or even my second or in the top ten op shop. Prices are at least 3-4 times more than other op shops, even those in the same area - and quality is lower than many of them. Stock is minimal, and yet the store is squishy. Staff don't greet or really go out of their way to be friendly. All that's really in its favour is location which is handy if you shop at the Village.

    Department Stores South Melbourne, VIC
    Have had very positive experiences shopping from here.
    Price = really close to unbeatable, certainly great
    Range = growing, and a lot of it is great quality
    Shipping = Better than advertised, especially for their goods shipped from Australia
    Customer Service = No problems.
    I'll buy from them again.
  • China Town

    Takeaways Adelaide, SA
    Adelaide's China Town can't hold a candle to other bigger cities' china towns - but it has a feel of its own, and that is a nice feel, especially around the big celebrations like Chinese New Year. Food courts have some fantastic choices from all across Asia, shops have all manner of Chinese 'things' and tourist shops sell bargain Australian souvenirs made in China, and the resulting mix of cultures and personalities result in a great experience for visitors.
    My tip? Avoid the expensive and look for the cheap - there's plenty of bargains to be found!
  • Eckersley's Art & Craft

    Arts & Crafts Retailers Adelaide, SA
    It's hard to believe how much they pack into this little store. One thing they pack in too is staff - even though the store was busy I was approached within a minute of arriving to see if I needed help, and the staff member was very knowledgable. Even though they didn't have what I wanted (not quite within their specialty of art/craft), I did walk away realising that if I ever need anything for any type of art/craft project and I want expertise plus high quality goods then I'd be crazy not to go here.
    They didn't really stock the cheaper type kids' projects or primary school art, but you can get that at plenty of other places.
  • Urban Cow Studio Pty Ltd

    Arts & Crafts Retailers Adelaide, SA
    This is a really unique shop - especially for the middle of the city. An ecclectic mix of designs all from local artists, ranging from silly t-shirts of Farmers Union Iced Coffee to rare jewellery painstakingly crafted by hand. There's 2 floors of items, mostly gift-type goods but most of it is high-end, not a lot of junky type things.
    The staff didn't seem all that interested in helping, could probably do with a bit more SA friendliness but at least they won't bother you.
    I don't think you'd go here for a bargain, but next time I'm looking for something uniquely South Aussie and eclectic (or ludicrously special) I'll certainly go here.
  • Autograph

    Clothing Retailers Kilkenny, SA
    Bargains. That is the best way to describe this store. And it lives up to that word. To be fair there probably isn't a huge range of sizes etc available in every type of bargain here, but that's probably what you'd come to expect - and they do have their 'regular' range at 'regular' prices (still good) for that too. It's impressive that this is all for 'larger' sized clothing too.
    I reckon if you walk out of here without having at least looked for that perfect top/skirt/... for $10 then you're probably letting yourself down.
  • Sanity

    Music & DVD's Retailers Kilkenny, SA
    You know the prices and levels of stock and staff are great at a shop when you go in to replace one DVD and walk out with 6 - and you're happy about it! In their sale we found something for every member of the family - no small feat, and both DVD's & Blu-Rays were included.
    Perhaps most impressive though was that we asked a staff member for suggestions and specific information about a couple of movies and they actually were helpful - clearly someone interested in their job and industry, not just working for the sake of something to do. Impressive.