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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Premium Vehicle Sales
    Car Dealers    Blair Athol, SA

    I wouldn't have imagines giving a used car dealer 4.5 stars - but my experience here made it possible.
    Firstly the cars: I could have bought about every car in the yard. Km's low (or priced with km's in mind), mostly late model, very neat. Pretty much what I'd put in a yard if I ran one. Turns out that's how they choose their cars (on their opinion, not mine!). Every one of them's checked by motacheck - an independent service.
    Secondly the staff: not pressured at all by them, willing to reasonably talk about the cars without any hard sell, and friendly in a non-salesmany type way.
    Third the price: this was the bit I feared most from experience. But the process of working this out was over before I knew it, and I was very happy with the outcome.
    Yes, there were a couple of times I felt a bit like I feared buying a car might be like (hence the .5 star drop) but I am a very happy customer & suggest you go here to be one too.

  • Motacheck
    Vehicle Inspections    Morphettville, SA

    When someone does their job impressively and in a timely manner despite unavoidable difficult personal circumstances they should be rewarded - and this is just what Mark from here did.
    His communication about when he could do our car's check was effective, he was on time to the dealers & gave a helpful and thorough report that helped us to buy with more confidence - and at a good price.
    He was available for discussion once we got the report to explain anything that might have been unclear.
    All of this while arranging a family member's funeral.
    I'd use him again & recommend you too too.

  • Marion Road Car Sales
    Car Dealers    Plympton, SA

    I nearly bought a car from here. Glad it was only 'nearly' as the experience didn't really excite me.
    The car looked good but when I had it inspected there were some pretty clear faults that should have been dealt with before even putting it up for sale. When I told them I wasn't taking the car they asked why & their response when I told them about the faults was a very curt 'ok' - no offer to try and fix the faults or anything like that, nor seemingly any surprise about the faults.
    An earlier time when I rang to speak to a certain team member to negotiate a price I was told 'they wouldn't be in all day'. I rang back about 15 minutes later and surprise surprise it was that staff member who answered the phone.
    Buying a car from here after these types of things happening would not have inspired me with confidence about them.

  • Treasured Designs Op Shop
    Used Goods Retailers    Modbury, SA

    This is a hidden gem - especially if you're looking for brilliant prices, quality goods and friendly staff who are happy to chat as to let you look around. Every week on their facebook they've also got specials that mean you can honestly walk away with whole sets of clothes for a couple of bucks or the like. All monies raised go back into the work that they do with disadvantaged members of the community through their centre. I always love visiting here and will continue to do so regularly.

  • Westpac
    Banks    Adelaide, SA

    This branch is a bit of an oasis in the city! Tucked away in a corner you wouldn't necessarily see it unless you were looking for it - and I think that's why it's so nice and quiet there, even at the lunch break when you'd expect busyness. Despite being small however it's well staffed and there's a spot to sit if you're waiting for an appointment and a TV to watch. My choice of branches in the city.

  • Plaster Fun House
    Playgrounds    Pooraka, SA

    Fantastic idea - the chance to go somewhere where the kids can make a mess while having fun, use paint and brushes and other things and then I can walk away without having to clean up or even worry who will clean up! Whatsmore for a few bucks the kids have fun and end up with something that they got to make themselves and that's unique to each of them.
    They even have set birthday party packs including a drink and things here, which aren't expensive at all. Will be back!

  • Hungry Jack's
    Takeaways    Salisbury, SA

    This is a Hungrys where it's actually nice to sit - just refurbished and seats are comfy and it's all clean. Had a really yummy storm here, lots of toppings and tasty icecream and it wasn't busy today - plenty of staff on too.

  • Salvos Stores
    Community Service/Non-Profit    Salisbury, SA

    Clothes. And clothes. And clothes. Oh - and did I mention they've got clothes here? There's more clothes than you could poke a stick at - even a very big stick! Saw everything from formal dresses & wedding dresses to shorts, and as you might guess there's lots of them here (even for an op shop).
    Thankfully there's more than just clothes, they've also got a decent book selection (though their book prices aren't as cheap as some other op shops) and a good amount of furniture which is really well priced.
    Very happily visited here and spent some $ that help the salvos while getting me bargains and will do so again.

  • Big W
    Department Stores    Salisbury, SA

    Great clearance items pretty much all the time here, esp end of season stock, when stock's often over half price. Big store incl decent sized electronics & an optometrist on site too.

  • Rio Motors
    Car Dealers    Holden Hill, SA

    After very reluctantly being allowed to test drive a car here, we returned to the yard and asked the dealer about the middle rear seat belt. Rather horrified when we saw the state of under the seat as they pulled the belt out. There was broken glass (!?!?), dirt, coins and general gunk. We pointed these out to the dealer figuring they'd be shocked too & they simply ignored it.
    That attitude was enough to convince us to go no further.

  • Northpoint Toyota - Hillcrest
    Car Dealers    Hillcrest, SA

    Have been really happy to chat with Carradean here several times about optionsfor cars here, there's a lot of good options to go with and he knows his cars well. Great manner and never stressed when I put him off with various reasons for not buying ;-) Would certainly recommend people go here and take a look at their stock and encourage them to get in touch with you if they don't have what you need that day.

  • Jarvis Ford Hillcrest
    Car Dealers    Hillcrest, SA

    Spent a fair bit of time talking over options for a used car here, found the sales consultant to be very relaxed, friendly and to have a huge number of options to choose from which they were happy for us to drive for more than just the usual few minutes. In the end they were a bit pricier than we were looking at but I'd definitely recommend people looking for cars to visit here and chat with them.

  • St Agnes Chemplus
    Chemists    St Agnes, SA

    When the chemist takes one quick look at your script & from then on calls you by name, you feel valued.
    And when the sales assistant searches for a product with you, you feel valued (and it's because they've got lots of products that you have to look!)
    And when they're open with 4 staff (!!) til 9pm, you know this'll last. Great customer service trumps most other things - though if they were just a bit cheaper they'd get that extra 1/2 star.

  • Pets Domain
    Pet Shops    Modbury, SA

    This store is bright, airy and always has the cutest bunnies in the world in store! So cute that I had to buy one - and they were helpful in giving info on how to care for it, with suggestions that didn't just involve me spending money with them - they just cared that we looked after it well. They have a fish area, fish look healthy and as happy as a fish can look and they also have a good selection of food etc for pets.

  • Zamel's
    Jewellery & Watch Retailers    Salisbury, SA

    I went in with a limited budget but an idea of what I'd like and can say I was very happy with what I came away with. Sales staff were very happy to show different stock and negotiate a price that worked, threw in a chain which wasn't included otherwise and all this led to one happy daughter on her 13th birthday!

  • The Cheesecake Shop
    Bakeries    Modbury, SA

    It's hard to find something not nice to say about a shop with so many nice things to eat! I've ordered all sorts of cheesecakes from here, my favourite is the caramel, it is so delicious and filling - can easily feed us and visitors and still have leftovers to sneak in at night while everyone's asleep... Their prices can be a bit on the high side but they do often have seconds which taste just as yummy but are cheaper due to a flaw in something.

  • Barnacle Bill Fish & Chippery
    Takeaways    Holden Hill, SA

    The onslaught of choices will make a visit here difficult for a perfectionist! To choose the pack with so many yummy options like calamari, fish, mussels and of course chips - or just to choose your favourite (of course if everything's your favourite then that's even harder). Either way you'll be in for some delicious food, and the price is cheaper than I expected - especially if you choose the packs for a family. Very happy with their quick service too - and free sauces were an unexpected bonus.

  • Subway
    Takeaways    Modbury, SA

    The only disadvantage of this subway is it's often busy - because their subs are so tasty! Having said that they're busy, they almost always have 3-4 staff on which is incredible given the tininess of the shop. Because they're so busy the ingredients really are fresh, have seen them swap them over regularly. And did I mention their subs are tasty?

  • Waterworld Aquatic Centre
    Aquariums    Golden Grove, SA

    After its refurbishment a couple of years ago, this place has really improved. Lots more undercover swimming spots, and the waterslide is really cool. Having said that, it still lacks shade in the seating area - there's trees but not much more. There is a BBQ which is handy if it's not too busy a day and as mentioned their cafe bit is fairly well priced.
    Have had kids do swimming lessons here & it's the cheapest around, but still small class sizes and friendly instructors - both kids happy with their time there. Only shame is it's only open 6 months of the year so can't have all year round lessons.

  • Hungry Jack's
    Takeaways    Adelaide, SA

    Although this is a small Hungry Jack's, there is enough seating for a family. Only one toilet though which is a hassle.
    Because it's not so big it's not so busy and so some of the most delicious freshly-made burgers I've had come from here. Really happy especially with their food presentation, burgers actually look like they do in the advertising and taste really nice. Handy location so can pull in from West Tce, though hardly any parking which can be a hassle.

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