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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • South Coast District Hospital
    Hospitals    Victor Harbor, SA

    When my mum married my dad and promised to love 'in sickness and in health' she probably didn't realise all it would mean later in life. With over 40 admissions to various hospitals in the last 10 years, it's been tough for them.
    The staff at this hospital (their 'local') have made this difficult time as easy as they can for all of us as a family. If there's an advantage to having visited so many hospitals, it's that you know when you find a good one - and this is one of them.
    How often, when you go to hospital, do the staff give you a hug?
    How many hospitals do you know where the staff call you and the patient by name when they see you - even in the street?
    Can you imagine a hospital that actually offers to help you at any point in time, not just when you're one of 'their' patients?
    How many hospitals do you actually look forward to going to - whether as a patient or visitor?
    This is all true here.
    Don't get sick like Dad did if you can help it, but if you must then I'd suggest moving to Victor just so you can experience the awesome care and service here.

  • KFC
    Takeaways    Victor Harbor, SA

    Visiting here today was like a rerun of a bad movie. Maybe the movie 'Frozen' - you'll see why in a minute!
    After 3 years of not visiting here, in a rush we came through today. Order taking was a bit quicker than 3 years ago, but it still ended up being a long visit as it took them ages to prepare our 3 tiny meals. It's a tiny kitchen but I counted 5 staff in it all looking at each other, perhaps trying to work out where the chicken was (they actually did run out of fillets after my order?!?)
    Then came the frozen bit. As my wife bit into her original fillet burger, she mentioned it was cold. Then she noticed the bread & lettuce was actually not just cold, but frozen! I took one feel of my zinger works burger and sure enough it was also cold. A bite confirmed that my bread & lettuce too was...frozen!
    So I went up to the counter (we were the only customers in the store). The staredown began as the 5 staff looked busily around at each other in the kitchen & I waited at the counter. After 1 minute had passed, I actually had to call out to them. To their credit when I gave them the burger they immediately offered to replace it (my wife had just taken off the frozen parts because she doesn't like lettuce anyway!). There was no apology, just an offer to replace it.
    After a couple of minutes they brought my burger to the table with a rather muted and very quick apology. I'm a bit confused about this as it was incredibly clear that there was a problem with the bun & lettuce: anyone who even took a brief feel of it would know that it was frozen, even through rubber gloves.
    Can you guess what happened next? Yep, a frozen re-run! I honestly thought I must have been imagining it, but got my wife to check and lo and behold my second zinger works burger also contained frozen lettuce and partially frozen bun. I really truly can't believe they didn't notice this this time.
    So I followed my wife's lead, took the lettuce out, broke off the frozen part of the bun & left vowing to never return again.
    (I did give them half a star as my daughter's popcorn chicken wasn't frozen...Infact they were so hot she couldn't eat them at first!!)

  • Bean Bar
    Takeaways    Adelaide, SA

    For $5.95 somewhere else than here, I could buy 4 chocolate bars; or 2 packs of lollies; or 3 cans of coke; or 2 loaves of bread - you get the picture. For $5.95 here, I could get an average sized iced coffee. And nothing else. Yes, it was tasty enough. Yes the cream was nice (and the icecream - though I needed a magnifying glass to find it). Yes, it was cold. But after about 3 sips through the straw it was gone. Next time I think I'll go somewhere else with my $5.95 - and I'll probably even be able to buy a snack to go with the equally refreshing drink I'd buy there.

  • Gallery Gifts
    Cards & Gift Shops    Hahndorf, SA

    This shop is the perfect antithesis to the oft-quoted statement that 'all that glitters is gold'. Everything glitters here - and most of it isn't gold!
    The crystal glitters in the light - and they've got every single thing you could imagine in crystal from platypus' to mickey mouse to bloodhounds to flowers to cars to frozen characters to everything - really!
    The earrings glitter, and they're not all expensive.
    The collectable figurines glitter, and I don't think I've ever seen such a huge collection of them (I'm sure I even saw that meerkat from the ad!).
    I guess the novelty signs don't glitter, but there is one for everyone you know from the pretty signs you'd see at grandma's house to the slightly rude ones you'd buy for your brother-in-law (or if not your brother-in-law, then mine - he'd like it!)
    The calendars, postcards, books glitter if the light shines on them at the right angle.
    Then there's the ornaments of all varieties for every budget from the interested onlooker to the serious collector. The glitter there is on your coins as you pay for them.
    I reckon that even the panda statue out the front of the shop has a little glitter on his paws as he welcomes people into the store.
    The final glitter will be the smile your friends have when they see what you bought them (or the envy in their eyes when they see what you bought yourself). Because you will buy something - but you won't regret it!

  • Treats Of Hahndorf
    Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt    Hahndorf, SA

    Picture this: you're walking down the main street of Hahndorf. Oh, no - it's another ice-cream/fudge shop. You begin to walk past and then you stop. You see the price of their icecream is cheaper than others on the street. Immediately you realise your calling in life (or at least this part of it) is to buy icecream & fudge from this very shop. And so you enter.
    That's when you realise there is so much more to this store than cheaper icecream. Seeing the range of treats, you pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming. Whatsmore, you realise you have a dreadful problem. You must buy every flavour of icecream they have - and there's over 12 of them. My, what a big icecream you must buy.
    Walking into the store as you consider this vexacious problem, you are faced with another problem. The Mega m&m packet. What is this, you ask yourself - and so you place it in your basket for future exploration (after you finish your 12 scoop icecream). Then as you turn around you see the fudge. The fudge. Handmade. Also well priced. Also too many flavours for any average person to buy. You decide you are not an average person & so you place them in there to be eaten after the 12 scoop icecream & Mega m&m's. You wonder to yourself as you attempt to make your way past the immense number of other sweets 'could I not just buy the whole shop?'; or at least 'could I live here?'
    As you leave with a 2 scoop icecream cone - having spent considerable energy attempting simply to decide on 2 flavours, and having bought so many treats that you emptied your wallet and the coin jar you were saving for your retirement - you think 'I shall surely be back again'. 'Maybe tomorrow'.

  • A Taste In Hahndorf
    Gourmet    Hahndorf, SA

    I have to say that for a shop named 'a taste in...', I was expecting tastings. These were noticeably absent.
    There was a fairly wide variety of foods, a positively local feel but I'm not sure I'm going to pay $8 for a jam if I've never heard of it or tasted it.
    My suggestion - change name or offer tastings, because I left disappointed and with a full wallet.

  • The Grand Chifley
    Hotels    Adelaide, SA

    I've reviewed many hotels on facebook, and usually it's about their rooms etc. Although this hotel did have rooms (shock horror!) & they were nice enough, and their breakfast was reasonable (though both could be a bit nicer), the main reason for this 4.5 star review is their response to a medical situation that arose with a family member on a recent stay. The manner in which the maintenance staff who assisted and Damian Gillings (the Executive Assistant Manager) responded was professional, caring and competent with understanding that was truly appreciated at the time. The medical issue is ongoing and we have experienced various levels of understanding and helpfulness from businesses in the past but each of them could learn from Damian's reaction to the situation. Well done - this is the sort of response that invites repeat business.

  • Hahndorf sweets
    Confectionery    Hahndorf, SA

    There's only 2 reasons I can think of you might not like this shop. First - perhaps you don't like lollies (and I mean 'any sort of lollies at all'). If you're that 1 in a million person, then don't bother reading on. The other is if you don't like lollies. Oh - I already did that one. Perhaps there's only one reason...
    The shop has lollies from the US, the UK, the AU, the EU, Other planets (well, that might be stretching it - but you get the idea!), ranging in price from cheap to higher end. There's lollies they make themselves (which they offer samples of - tried their fudge & it was yummylicious), and mass produced ones. They even have sugar free lollies (see the photo!), though I can't imagine them...
    It isn't a huge shop, and was busy the day we went there, but it's well worth the visit.

  • Hahndorf Old Mill
    Restaurants    Hahndorf, SA

    I might have been happier with our meal here had they not talked up the wonderful-ness of their buffet on their advertising - it left us with an expectation of something that it just didn't end up being.
    They described it as 'a value for money feast which doesnt compromise on quality'. At $25 it was just fair value for money. That's where the description stops for me. I certainly wouldn't use the word feast as there was average variety but not lots of anything. Some of the regular buffet suspects like chips, calamari, nuggets, stir fries, salads were there & that didn't leave much space for anythign particularly unusual.
    They also proudly state it is the largest buffet in the Adelaide Hills which unfortunately doesn't make me want to visit any other buffet in the Adelaide Hills as they must all be very small if this is the largest...
    As for quality, unfortunately again none of us on the table would really have used that word for the food. There wasn't much wrong with it, but it was just average buffet style food.
    They mention that their buffet includes 'German specialties'. There was a few slices of mettwurst, some strudel, a few hot german sausages & sauerkraut.
    I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone looking for a nice night out in Hahndorf - though it did fill our stomachs it didn't do much else.

  • Beerenberg
    Specialty Food    Hahndorf, SA

    As the old saying goes, 'If friends were strawberries, I'd pick you' (or something like that!). Anyway, if you love strawberries, you should really come here and pick a lot of them - not just one! Or even better, bring your friends and pick strawberries together.
    I came with my family and we had a ball of a time being picky about picking the pick of the bunch strawberries, as well as tasting some (because after all, how do you know what a good strawberry is unless you've tried others!) At $4 for adults & kids free (which includes being able to taste as you pick) plus $9.50/kg for the strawberries you hand-picked and chose yourself then you can't go wrong.
    Even if you don't want to pick, then their shop is very well priced and well-presented, it's the best place especially to pick up their sample-sized products for a very good price, and there's chutneys/jams etc to try. So you can be picky - it's like trying on a friend before deciding whether to pick them or not!

  • Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park
    Holiday Resorts    Hahndorf, SA

    If you are feeling the stress of life and begin to spar with those you love, here's an idea: book a spa cabin here! Not only will you find tranquility in your neat room, you will also discover the pull of the pool, you'll get a jump out of the bouncing pillow (no - not the one in your bed: the one you can jump on outside!), you'll get a quack out of watching the ducks on the pond and can even bash your cares away on the mini tennis court.
    The price, I think you'll find, won't add to your stress (though they don't really do late checkouts, which was a shame), the location close to perfect as it's just 5 minutes from the main street of Hahndorf and yet still in the relaxing countryside, and as an added bonus the cabins are serviced - so don't bother making your bed, they'll do it for you. Now that's got to help with stress!
    The only stress you'll have is the sadness that it must all end...But don't worry, if you're like me then you'll definitely be back again!

  • Hahndorf Farm Barn
    Tours    Hahndorf, SA

    Heading here, we wondered if it'd really al-pac-a punch or not. Well it sure did! I'm not sheepish to say I had a great day, milked every minute of fun out of it. There's plenty of chances to horse around, especially if you're not chicken to kid around (they call it a kid's farm but I'm no kid & had the time of my life!).
    I goat the most fun from feeding the animals as I snaked my way through the farm - I camelong with food and they ate it as fast as they could: it really quacked me up, wasn't lam(e)b at all!
    Taking a peek(ock) at their shows was great fun, the staff have this incredible sense of humour (they had 4 men with our shirts up at one stage - you have to go to understand...), no chance of it being a cow of a day here.
    It's true that it isn't the cheapest day out (the prices arerabbit high - might even say they're deer), but all jokes aside I think it's the best $50 our family has spent in a long time - we all had fun. Wouldn't bother with the pony rides again at $5, but this was such a mooving day quacker full of fun that ow'll definitely be back again.

  • Hoyts Cinemas
    Cinema    Salisbury, SA

    One of those great activities on a hot summer's day is to seek solace in the cool of a cinema. I did just this today at this cinema, only chose it because the times were better suited but I'll now definitely be back. Loved the fact that lines were short, parking easy, seats really comfortable, and staff were actually genuinely friendly - asking how we enjoyed the movie, chatting, just a nice atmosphere. A lot less corporate and certainly less busy than Hoyts TTP or others.

  • Dan Murphy's
    Bottle Shops    Golden Grove, SA

    Summer time is a great time to enjoy fine wine/mixers/pretty much anything from Dan Murhpy's as you enjoy the warmth of the day and the cool and flavour of the drink. I like Dan's for their great prices and great range - but I do have to say I wasn't as happy with my visit here as I have been at other Dan Murphy's. This store feels a bit more like a warehouse just full of product that wasn't as intuitively placed as other stores and the staff felt a bit more removed to me, and it was consequently harder to find my way around. There was also only 1 staff member on checkout (he was quite friendly) so the queue was longer.
    Having said all that, their range and prices are great so I'll likely be back - though the first choice liquor next door might be more of my first choice.

  • Plaza Newsagency
    Newsagents    Modbury, SA

    Summertime is fun time - whether it's my mother-in-law's birthday (as it was when I wrote this review!), Christmas, New Years, Australia Day, or some other celebration.
    I was pleasantly surprised while walking through the Plaza looking for help in planning a fun event to see that this newsagent specialises in providing decorations for events. Decided to give them a try for baloons especially for an 80th and wasn't disappointed. They were ready on time (the store even rang to check if we were still coming about an hour before the party), price was great, and a week later the baloons are still lively. They also had other decorations and next time I'm looking to have fun with friends I'll certainly look here.

  • Fasta Pasta
    Restaurants    Gawler, SA

    There's no better time than summertime to sit back, enjoy the sunshine on a relaxing deck and enjoy great food and your drink of choice while getting away from it all. This Fasta Pasta is one of the perfect places to do just that.
    Not often busy, so fast service but also freedom to sit around and enjoy the day, plenty of indoor & outdoor seating, and genuinely friendly service. Perhaps most importantly, the food is top notch - went there today and each of us enjoyed our meals including an entree of calamari which for $8.95 was great to share.
    I've been there before and certainly will be back (it was even better today), the place to be if I'm looking for the chance to do something great either on the way through to the wineries just up the road or just for the enjoyment of it.

  • Subway
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    I like the fact that this store's open even when the shops around it close, makes it convenient. And there's plenty of staff there even in the later parts of the day.
    Enjoyed my sub here, stacked full of fillings as others have noted, and staff were friendly. They could probably have a bit more product knowledge though, I had a couple of simple questions about the fillings & their catering options that received a rather hesitant unsure answer. They could also do with some neatness in presentation of the food & tables.

  • Charlesworth Nuts
    Cards & Gift Shops    Adelaide, SA

    There's something incredibly nice about this store - whether it's the smell that wafts through the central market because they roast their nuts freshly, or the huge number of choices, or the yummy taste (perhaps it's all of the above!). I love their Christmas mix - especially at Christmas (and I've often given their mixed nut packages as Chrissie presents too!), love their lollies as well as the various nutty delicacies. Really I pretty much love it all...Just took half a star off because they're not the cheapest nut seller in the market, but they sure are yummy!!

  • Samtass Bros Seafoods
    Seafood    Adelaide, SA

    Christmas in Adelaide always equals a visit to Samtass - because Samtass are the seafood experts, and Christmas is seafood time. Whatever seafood is in season (and plenty that's not) will end up on your Christmas platter. If I'm ever not sure how to cook something, or want advice then they're ready with it too - although especially during popular times of year they get incredibly busy, so be prepared to wait or turn up early. Can't speak highly enough of them here, it's a brilliant choice for seafood and they've been so forever.

  • Kmart
    General Retailers    Adelaide, SA

    Here's a good place for that quick purchase of just about anything. Stacks of checkouts, long opening hours, good range (though as another reviewer noted, they don't have as much stock as some of the suburban Kmart's) and right in the centre of Rundle Mall. I picked up some last minute Christmas bits n pieces here as well as picking from their tons of really well priced Christmas decorations. Best place in the mall for them I reckon.

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