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seanaussie Local Star

I'm Sean & I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Tech2Go

    Computers Retailers Adelaide Airport, SA
    If you realised you left your charger at home or need a power bank or really anything you think you might need technological for your trip, here's where to go - they've got all this and more. That is if you don't mind the price. Probably no surprise here as it's in an airport but it is handy and it is quite complete, even for 'lesser known brands' - not just Apple or Samsung accessories.
  • Cash Converters

    Used Goods Retailers Modbury, SA
    Although I've sold a number of items here and bought a few more I don't think I'd say I've ever had a positive experience in either manner. Pittance given for items, and what I've bought has usually been just because I'm there rather than because of quality of goods. Some other Cash Converters often have almost new or good quality items but most of what I've come across has been noticeably used but still high priced.
  • Target

    Department Stores Modbury, SA
    Given this Target is in the same shopping centre as Kmart, Big W and a stack of other stores I don't hink their range and prices are great. The one exception is at Christmas (and after Christmas) when they do have the biggest range of decorations and lights. Clothing is a bit hit & miss here - I always seem to struggle to get my size - but their return policy is easy, have had plenty of experience with that. Sometimes they've had great prices on technology too.
  • National Pharmacies

    Chemists Modbury, SA
    This pharmacy feels like it's more aimed at people who like to shop in clean stores than anything else - it is a very neat and fashionably laid out store. Prices for most regular items can be found cheaper elsewhere (though if you're a member their prices are OK after your discount).
    Having said that, one day I literally rang 5 pharmacies after having a vaccination order at another one unexpectedly cancelled and this pharmacy had stock when no-one else did, it was ready in a matter of minutes, and they respected my rush - kudos to them for that.
    Easy parking (except if it's Saturday or Thursday night), not super long opening hours.
  • Bridgestone Select

    Tyres Modbury, SA
    Despite advertising that they offer great prices, I've never found their tyre prices to be great. They do have a good range of mags and the like if that's what you're looking for, and I've used them for quick puncture fixes (they're not usually busy which means they're often available at short notice) but when it comes to buying new tyres for me price is important and they haven't been able to match the prices of others.
  • Bob Jane T-marts

    Tyres Modbury, SA
    Have bought more than one set of tires here, always happy with them. Only disadvantage is I've found their range isn't as large as some other stores - very 'Home Brand' (aka Bob Jane) focussed, though to be honest that's what I've usually ended up buying as their brand's prices are the cheapest.
    Plenty of stock (especially of common sizes in their own brand), never had to wait for them to order in and they've had appointments for the next day or when suited me. I always shop around when looking for tyres so can't honestly say I would always use these guys but they're certainly worth checking out if you're looking for tyres.
  • Woolworths Ltd

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Adelaide, SA
    I like the location of this store just a little more than the Coles across the Mall as you don't have to walk far at all to get in and out - especially to the chocolate bars (not that I'd know that ;-)), and their self-serve checkouts point out to the mall rather than Grenfell St.
    Great range of other goods too, though to be honest their fresh food isn't as great as Coles' and some other fresh items like flowers are horrendously overpriced - can get cheaper in the mall. However, if you want somewhere just to zip in to and pick up a few things then this is a good choice.
  • Coles Supermarket - Adelaide

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Adelaide, SA
    This Coles has looked old for as long as I can remember (which is from a long time ago!) - but having said that, it's a part of its appeal as it is located within the Central Market facade. Whatsmore, inside its actually quite a modern Coles and (as it has always been) it's quite huge too. Being in the Asiatown area there's a more-than-decent Asian selection (though nothing compared to the Asian stores within the rest of the complex). Their butcher isn't anything to sing and dance about but I think that's because there's stacks of other options in the market.
    Lots of parking though it comes at a premium, self-check out as well as a reasonable number of staffed checkouts.
  • Relay

    Bookstores Adelaide Airport, SA
    There's not much different than what this store offers that you'd expect from an airport bookstore: Expensive books (but I've got to say they had a LOT of choice here - not all just mainstream authors, there was a surprisingly large non-fiction section too which was great), the normal range of magazines you could have bought at Coles before you arrived for less; snacks that cost too much; and a few chemist-y type goods including travel sickness tablets incase you didn't remember you get travel sickness before getting to the airport...though the prices might make you think twice.
    So it's OK but most 'customers' I noticed were just like me - browsing because they'd already saved many a dollar by buying before hitting the airport.
  • Coles

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Kilkenny, SA
    From the front this store doesn't look as big as it is inside - but infact it is a good size. Handy location, clean, lots of checkouts and I was impressed with the amount of stock including discounts - found a tasty lunch for the family made up of lots of 'near end date' goods that was very affordable.
  • Sonic HealthPlus

    Medical Centres Adelaide, SA
    When booking a pre-employment health check here, I made sure I checked how long the appointment would be - and allowed the 40 minutes they said.
    Arriving on time, I was surprised not to be seen for 20 minutes (Especially as this was at 8.30am!). Then after doing some basic tests I couldn't believe that I waited another 40 minutes - meaning before I even had the major part of it over an hour had gone. I was already late for my existing job - despite allowing time.
    The appointment with the dr was disappointing, not all the answers/areas I'd given on the form were addressed (some were even just ticked without consulting me), and the drs manner more felt like he was there to complete the form quickly rather than check my health in preparation for a job. Maybe that's because the whole time taken was over 1.5 hours. But all it meant was I was late for work, and yes everything was done but if I were a potential employer looking for a good health check I wouldn't be happy with what was received.
  • Torrens Valley Christian School

    Schools Hope Valley, SA
    4 years after my previous review of this school, I have to say I'm still incredibly impressed with the educational prowess and caring nature this school has for my 2 kids who attend here. They've had different teachers each year and each has shown the same individualised attention to the kids' needs, an often innovative manner (one classroom now has 4 different zones that a child can choose from depending on whether they want to 'feel' or 'experience' or sit/stand etc) and in a very noticeable contrast to schools we've previously had our kids in their school reports and parent/teacher interviews are actually honest and helpful, not just copy/paste.
    The school's also continued to be considerate of our financial situation which has meant we can continue to send our kids here.
    Full marks, 10/10, A+ for this school!
  • Cocolat & Wicked Desserts

    Cafes Adelaide Airport, SA
    Quite the place to sit and watch the world go by as people meander through the airport in a hip atmosphere. And while you're at it, also quite the place to indulge in some delicious calories of the chocolate variety, be it edible or drinkable. Prices are a bit steep but the variety and quality are great. Staff are fun, can tell they have a good time working there, and service is a good speed.
  • Adelaide Airport Duty Free

    General Retailers Adelaide Airport, SA
    This isn't really worth visiting - except that if you're like me & most people you'll wander through just because it's right there. It is, infact, pretty much the only store once you pass through customs.
    Really just full of the usual stuff you'd expect - liquor you could buy at the same price on special 'non duty free', perfume that fits in the same category, and chocolates/tech gear etc that you could have bought a LOT cheaper beforehand.
    Not somewhere worth any more than 2 stars.
  • Tiger Airways

    Airlines Gladstone Park, VIC
    Have had nothing but positive experiences with Tiger despite their reputation.
    One time I arrived after check-in had closed - got confused - and I knew it was my fault, what I liked was that they readily offered a rebooking for a set fee which was a LOT cheaper than any other airline.
    Recently travelled to Bali from Adelaide with them (for about $300 pp return!) and couldn't fault their service. On time (even arrived early both ways), and what was a genuine surprise was that they offer in-flight TV/radio/movies for free (or premium ones for a small fee) if you bring your own device, through their app. Plenty of things to while the time away.
    They're also not stressed at all if you bring your own food/drink, though theirs is actually reasonably priced. Staff were friendly and efficient, plane was clean and comfortable enough for the price. I'd certainly fly with them again.
  • Adelaide Independent Taxis

    Taxis Mile End, SA
    Caught a 5 seater from the airport, because it was next in line they didn't charge us any more than for a normal cab which was great - especially as we had a lot of luggage and probably would have needed the larger cab anyway.
    Driver was friendly and overall knew where to go although also was happy to take our guidance on the best way to get to our house (after all, we knew how to get there!)
    Cab was clean, fare was OK though it's shocking that all companies charge 10% for using a credit/debit card.
  • Hungry Jack's

    Takeaways Adelaide Airport, SA
    The best bit of this HJ's is that it's the cheapest place to eat at the airport. That's probably why there's often lines that make it not the quickest place to order from. The menu is pretty much the same as any other HJ's, except that for some bizarre reason they don't have ice cream products - so no sundaes, shakes etc??
    Food quality is ok though service is slow and last time I was there they missed a couple of parts of our order.
  • Bp Express Modbury

    Petrol & Service Stations Modbury, SA
    Not happy.
    I just bought petrol at BP Modbury (SA) specifically because I had a $25 gift card. To emphasise: I only went here because of the card.
    I put $50 of petrol in the tank and went to pay. I was told I could not. Why? Because in direct contravention of the cards terms and conditions I could not use it for part payment. Unless I had cash. I don't carry cash, and the cards t&c's clearly state:

    The Card has a stored value which may be used to purchase (or part pay) any goods or services at participating BP outlets which has an EFTPOS terminal.

    I wasted my time and money as I could have purchased petrol cheaper elsewhere. Whatsmore I now still have a $25 gift card as no matter how much I pointed out that this practice is not pre-noted (and in fact is against the card's own t&c's) I had no choice than to pay for overpriced petrol in full with my credit card.
  • Nyu Sakura Sushi Bar Tea Tree Plaza

    Takeaways Modbury, SA
    Rushing through at the end of the day I didn't really expect much from my hastily purchased half-price snack box here (it was the last thing left!). But I was really pleasantly surprised. The food was still fresh, didn't fall apart, lots of meat as well as other ingredients in my rice paper roll, and the sauce that came with it was absolutely delicious. All for a couple of bucks - I'll be back again and be happy to even pay full price next time!
  • Fasta Pasta

    Restaurants Gilles Plains, SA
    4 years on from my first review of this restaurant (and 2 years since my last!) I still go back here regularly. Can't say that about a lot of places I visit - but this one still has delicious food, refresh their style regularly, staff are friendly - even when the inevitable things like dropped food by kids happens, and service is usually quick. My only complaint is they're not as well priced as they once were, now they're on par with a mid-level restaurant rather than an affordable family option.