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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

Joined 04 March 2008 Modbury Heights, SA

  • Endue Cafe & Homewares

    Cafes Valley View, SA
    This cafe is such a quaint spot, lovely atmosphere with both the homewares area & the food section. Pancakes were lovely and fluffy, fast service (though it could have taken longer so we could keep looking at all the bits & bobs there!), also really enjoyed the milkshakes which were a generous size and reasonably priced. Tucked away out of the busyness of the road, but good parking area. Will be back again! #reviewtowin
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  • Cafe Va Bene

    Cafes Campbelltown, SA
    Can't count the number of times I've visited here over the last 20 years, it's a bit of a fave for an evening coffee & cake or milkshake & cake or coke and cake...You're probably getting the picture that I like their cake, and you'd be right! Unfortunately last night when I went they'd sold out of their regular cheesecake, but I have to say that what I had instead - the baci chocolate cake & baked cheesecake [yes, I did share it!] was delicious and well worth going back for. Could have well done with a splash of cream or some dressing which was a disappointment. The mug of hot chocolate I had was just the right temperature and generously sized, my partner's caramel milkshake was slurp-to-the-bottom-worthy.
    The one big negative is the price, at $23 for 2 average-sized slices of cake, a hot chocolate and milkshake is a bit over the top. Looking at their meals menu they're even pricier. Seem to remember this is why it's only a 'for special times' fave rather than a regular. Open til late every night which is a bonus, and unlike other reviewers I haven't found the staff to be anything less than polite.#reviewtowin
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  • Jamie's Italian

    Restaurants Adelaide, SA
    I'd heard 2 things about this before going - that the portion sizes were small and that the prices were high. Surprisingly I didn't find either to be overly true.

    I was in a group of 14 (warning: they do charge an 8% surcharge for groups of over 12, which did annoy me especially as they didn't mention it except in tiny writing) and all of us really enjoyed most of what we ate. Loved having a special corner of the restaurant for our group, though the noise in this place was fairly overpowering, couldn't hear more than the 2 people next to me.
    It was gourmet food - my 24 hour slow smoked octopus was absolutely delicious, and I've never had squid ink pasta before (enjoyed it), and I have to say I was comfortably full at the end of the main. Others that had smaller portions such as the creamy truffle pasta said they were still comfortably full as it was a creamy dish (and I snuck some sauce off my wife's plate, have to say it was one of the most delicious sauces I've ever eaten). Staff were friendly & happy to help with suggestions.

    What we were all really disappointed in was the drinks. They were overpriced, undersized and sometimes just not tasty - for example, the cider smelt like the rubbish bin outside of a pub and the 'mocktails' were a mishmash of overpowering flavours, the wine came in huge glasses but with very little wine in them.I honestly think we'd have been better off drinking water. To me the price was about what I'd expect to pay at an upper-class pub, so not somewhere I'd go regularly but if I want to impress someone by saying where I'd take them, I'd choose here.#reviewtowin
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  • Cafe Ivy

    Specialty Food Norwood, SA
    There wasn't really much wrong here - maybe it was just the absence of anything incredible to grab my attention that gives it just 2.5 stars. One negative that was sort of a positive is we ordered a side of 'Ivy Chips' thinking they'd be chips. When they came and were slices of salted potato we weren't necessarily happy as it wasn't what we thought they'd be. Thankfully they tasted fine (though a little greasy and quite salty), it would have been good if the menu had explained what 'Ivy chips' were. The mini burgers/sliders were nicely presented and tasty enough, unfortunately our foccacia was burnt but that didn't put the flavour off too badly. All up it was OK though for the price I might have expected a bit better, won't be rushing back.#reviewtowin
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  • Apple Store

    Computers Retailers Adelaide, SA
    Apple has their fair share of haters, but here's what's to like about this store. Free speedy wi-fi (for everyone - not just customers, and not just for Apple devices)? Check! Masses of Apple products just waiting to be played and fiddled with including installing apps on them and playing around? Check! Generous staffing numbers who actually know their product? Check! A 'Genius bar' where you can take any Apple product no matter how old and get help with it? Check! Classes on how to use Apple products? Check! Really I can't see what else they could do - apart from making their products a bit cheaper so the rest of us could afford it. But I've spent more than my fair share of hours here, and will continue to do so...#reviewtowin
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  • Carclew Youth Arts Centre Inc - Theatre

    State Government Norwood, SA
    If you're looking to host a play or the like, here's the place to go. My daughter's school held their musical here over 2 days and we were very happy with the location. Dedicated section of the theatre for the orchestra, really wide space on the stage, generously sized seating for the audience (although it only fits perhaps 200 people, this is perfect for a small performance as it gives everyone a great view and adds character even if only half full), plenty of space for lighting etc, well set-up change rooms, and a genuine atmosphere right down to the toilets which are down a funny little set of stairs and look like they're from the 1950's because (I'm told) they are - this used to be a picture theatre many years ago. They could probably do with a little more space in the foyer but not much they can do about that, overall it is a great location. #reviewtowin
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  • Caffe Primo

    Cafes Unley , SA
    I like the Caffe Primo experience on the whole - good food, average prices, and you know what you're getting. This location on the whole is no different. A couple of standouts, however, are that it's in an area not known for reasonably priced food and yet their prices are the same as elsewhere, and their decor and seating is comfy and fashionable. Staff are OK, though their level of friendliness could be upped a notch as could their awareness of what's on the menu (though this store is fairly new). Food was tasty and service time was good. All up not a bad experience.#reviewtowin
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  • American Candy Stand Cupcakes

    Bakeries Norwood, SA
    There are not enough words that mean 'BIG' to describe the average portion sizes here. Here's a few: They serve COLOSSAL sized burgers; ENORMOUS slabs of cake; GIGANTIC hot dogs; SUBSTANTIAL cupcakes; and a MASSIVE range of American treats including soft drinks and candy. I have to say that I honestly could not finish the slice of banana custard cake - but thankfully they were happy to give me a takeaway container and I had it for brekky the next day! A couple of minor negatives - firstly, although the atmosphere is really cool with design just like an American diner, it's a tiny place with seating for only about 10 people and so if there's no room then you're pretty stuck (and even if there is room, you'll share elbow space with other diners). Also the price isn't all that cheap, though as I might have mentioned the serving size is...well, the only word big enough is SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ;-) #reviewtowin
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  • Pasta Go Go

    Takeaways Norwood, SA
    Think about takeaway pasta. Probably you're thinking dry or bland or small sizes. Well if you're thinking about Pasta Go Go Norwood then think again! Really yummy tasty pasta with quite generous serving sizes especially given that their prices are about the $12 mark. Good range of choices both in regards to sauces & types of pasta, and very friendly customer service. They give you a fork & spoon to eat it with and the boxes are really solid - I kept a serving in one for about an hour & it was still slightly warm and not soggy even after that time! Their garlic bread is really tasty too. Be aware however that they charge $1 more for parmesan without making it clear - they just ask if you want it & then add the price on at the end. I'll be back! #reviewtowin
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  • Wok In A Box

    Takeaways Norwood, SA
    A downfall of this place is there isn't really any space to sit in their premises - but this isn't uncommon on the parade. Other than taht, their food is delicious, quite reasonably priced especially given their location, and service is really quite fast. Staff are friendly and their boxes are quite hard-wearing so you can keep the food in there for a fair while without it going soggy or falling out. Just what you'd want for a quick eat out. #reviewtowin
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  • Adiant Solutions Australia

    Mobility Aids Malaga, WA
    I'm sad to say that this company's products and customer service just don't match what their important products promise. After considerable research & energy to find a product, we purchased an S-911 bracelet ST (watch) from them to assist tracking a family member with health issues. Their website promised things such as 'state of the art software' and 'ease of use'. These words should never be used unless they're true.

    The positive feature of this watch is it does lock in as promised so it can't come off even if knocked (though it did take a full hour of fiddling with it when first gotten to make the locking mechanism work as it was not correctly fitted nor did it have good instructions).

    The negatives far outweigh this. To summarise

    * The whole system comes with appallingly few instructions either online, by email, in the box, or really any way. An email outlining several problems was semi-helpfully answered but it's shockingly clear that this product is made somewhere in the non-English speaking world, imported here and then left in the hands of people here. This company is Australian owned - but their products are not designed for the Australian audience.

    * Their tracking abilities are average at best - it regularly lost contact both inside and outside, and was frequently way out in terms of where it was showing it was & where it actually was. It regularly reported itself as being outside of a preset area when infact it just was sitting in exactly the same spot all the time, well inside the preset area.

    * The software and web based solutions lack any ease of use (once again it's clear they're not created by someone with a good grasp of the English language). It took several hours of setup to make any sense of it and even then it was never ever clear if it infact was doing what it was designed for.

    * Costs of the ongoing tracking options were not clearly outlined before purchase, and were very difficult to pry out of the company. For example, only after the watch sending several SMS' to advise (incorrectly) that the watch was out of range plus another several SMS stating (incorrectly) that it had been dropped, did we discover that each SMS costs per SMS.

    * The watch could not tell the time correctly. That's really a pretty basic thing for a watch. Enough said...

    I could go on but I hope this has helped you see this isn't really a good option. All up unfortunately this purchase of several hundred dollars was a waste of time and resources that - instead of creating peace of mind - created extra stress and should have been avoided. I really would love to give this business 5 stars. And if they'd even been able to offer half of what it looked like they would, I'd give them 6 stars. But instead they get half a star.
  • QBD The Bookshop

    Bookstores Adelaide, SA
    My only negative comment about this store is that I can't go in without buying something!! Having said that, if you're looking for a specific title or author this isn't the place to go. It's more where you go when you're buying that random present for someone you know a little and know what they like a little. Whether you're looking for something funny, cookbooks, novels or you don't even really know what you're looking for but know they like to read - you'll find something here in whatever price range you have. This store does move around from shop to shop, but when you find it then I'd certainly recommend going long as there's money in your wallet!
  • Australias Pizza House

    Takeaways Modbury, SA
    Really, there's no shortage of pizza shops in Modbury. It's true this one has been around for a while and they started out as being cheap. However since they franchised and added gourmet and other pizzas their price went up while quality went down. As a result, their gourmet pizzas aren't nice but are overpriced, and their cheap pizzas aren't cheap and also aren't all that nice. Not somewhere I go anymore.
  • Tropicana Fruit & Veg

    Supermarket & Grocery Stores Modbury, SA
    I love the fact that this store has such an open layout, it's easy to see where items are and what range they've got. What doesn't do it for me is their prices. Don't know if it's because they're in a big shopping centre or otherwise, but it's very rare to see a genuinely better price than one that could be found in the woolies across the way or the coles 2 minutes' walk away. Having said that, it's usually quicker to get through here and they do have a big range, so could be worth it if you just need fruit & veg.
  • Roger David

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    I was really unimpressed with this Roger David vs most of the other outlets in this location. It seemed to me that they weren't really any different from their regular stores - same stock, same prices, but the only difference being that they didn't have the range other stores do because they're an 'outlet'. On the off chance I wanted to buy cheaply made men's clothing I'd go to one of their regular stores, not here. Or even better, I'd go to one of the other men's clothing outlet stores in the same location and end up with something that was a real bargain.
  • Ron Bennett

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    This isn't the type of store I would have thought I'd find modern fashionable clothing in - they're more well known for business/suit attire in a more formal way. However this outlet had a great range that actually made it hard to choose, especially when the price was great. Maybe I was just lucky the day I went, but certainly came out with just what I was looking for in a jacket in just the right style and colour and at the price I was hoping to pay.
    Staff member was helpful in terms of finding what I was looking for although he favoured the more formal end of things style-wise so I didn't so much take his opinion on what looked good. Certainly worth a visit to see if your experience matches mine.
  • Oxford

    Clothing Retailers Drummoyne, NSW
    Oxford is one of my favourite places to browse for fashion though I can't often stomach their prices. This outlet store is the answer to my problems - it's got a great range and yet prices are at least 1/3rd cheaper than in their regular stores. Store is well laid out but (as I'd expect) sizes are only what they've got in store so it's not the place to go if you've got a specific piece of clothing in mind. But if you want something stylish, modern and fashionable at a better than in store price then here's your place.

    Travel Agents Milton, QLD
    I've booked through wotif literally dozens of times, and have never been unhappy at all with the quality of rooms and have always paid the best price available. I've especially found this site great when I need time away at a set time but aren't so worried about where I go. The mass of options available and the chance to narrow them down by pretty much every choice I might want possible makes for a certainty that I'll find something great every time. I'll keep using them and look forward to a stack of great memories from that.
  • Webjet

    Travel Agents Melbourne, VIC
    This site is fair for comparing airfares - though there's a stack of other sites you can use to do exactly the same thing, especially domestically. It's a waste of my money to book through though - why charge three lots of fees just for a simple booking?? The only time it's worth it is if you've found a specific international fare here that you can't find elsewhere, and to their credit they do make searching easier than some other sites - though I've yet to find something that I couldn't get elsewhere cheaper.
    And as for hotels/car hire/the other services they try to flog off, their prices are absolutely ridiculously high, 5 minutes on the web would find them cheaper anywhere else (especially when considering they also still charge those 3 lots of fees). Really can't think of any good idea to use this site.
  • Dance FX

    Costumes & Formal Wear Windsor Gardens, SA
    If you're looking for something like a white leotard or that other essential piece of dance wear in a specific size that you can't find anywhere, look no further. Called them, got friendly service, stock was in, and I spent all of 30 seconds in store to pay for it. Well priced given what it was & I'd be back.