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My name's Sean. I've lived in Sydney, Adelaide, Launceston & visited every state of Australia - that's why they call me seanaussie! So I've reviewed anywhere that either annoys me, amazes me or ably accepts me into their establishment! I hope my reviews help you as you travel around too.

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  • Waterloo Station Hotel
    Pubs & Bars    Paralowie, SA

    What a meat-filled menu!! Steak x much, meat massed kebabs, schnitzel - and some fish if you're not meaty.
    The kids menu options are pretty good too, and the salad on plates is tasty.
    Drinks are well priced which was a nice surprise. I was a bit disappointed with my steak - given that it's their specialty I felt it was a bit over cooked, and not quite as big as I thought for the price. Having said that, it was tasty & everyone enjoyed their meal. I'll be back - and next time I'll get the biggest steak!!!

  • South Australian Museum - Discovery Centre
    Museums    Adelaide, SA

    The one disadvantage of this museum is it's a rabbit warren of little hallways, staircases and dispaly areas hidden round corners - I think it's because it's so old and has been added on to bit by bit. There's some parts there that haven't changed since I went there 30 years ago as a kid.
    They do, however, run excellent kids' workshops during school holidays - enough to keep your child interested for a while. Displays are interesting on the whole though it can be hard to find staff to help you work out what you're looking at or how to get around.
    Certainly worth a visit.

  • Clovercrest Hotel Motel
    Pubs & Bars    Modbury North, SA

    This pub has been renovated on the outside & the dining room has had a coat of paint, looks nicer than it used to.
    The menu is pretty good although for the size of meal we got it seemed overpriced to me. Also presentation of the meals was lacking - if you're going to charge $29 for a steak and prawns then you'd want to at least make it look like it's worth $29. We had a voucher which made it good value but I wouldn't go without one.
    aste was fine 'for a pub' but didn't really match to the hype of the menu and renovations.

  • Art Gallery Of South Australia
    Art Galleries    Adelaide, SA

    The layout of this gallery is really nice in itself - the walk through from one section to the other is fascinating, especially as they vary each gallery by theme. There's a huge variety of different types of art from the first oil painting done in Australia to modern art and a good focus on Australian artists too.
    They have some special galleries from time to time that can be good although often pricey.
    Love the fact that they have a kids' section where kids can make their own art too.

  • Fasta Pasta
    Restaurants    Golden Grove, SA

    Have visited here several more times since my last review & still loving it. They've managed to keep the restaurant clean, the seats comfortable, and it's a great place to sit and watch the world go by - though they won't give you much time to do that before bringing your food because service has always been very fast here.
    Perhaps most importantly, food is great and I feel like their portion sizes are bigger than other Fasta Pastas - I've had trouble finishing a main sized meal on more than one occasion. Very happy, will certainly be back again.

  • Todai Sushi King
    Takeaways    Adelaide, SA

    The only real disadvantage here is the food's so tasty that you'll eat too much!!
    The bonus is that at $3 per plate you won't walk away with an empty wallet from this experience. My daughter & I ate here and went away completely full after about 8 plates - all of which were really tasty. Love the variety, there's a mass of different choices including vegetarian and they'll plate up whatever you order from the menu too. I think I'll be overeating here again!

  • KFC
    Takeaways    Hillcrest, SA

    Steps to get a meal here:
    1) Wait. Although it may be Saturday lunchtime, you will find 3 staff on duty - and each of them doing 1 thing at a time very meticulously despite there being many customers waiting.
    2) Wait (see 1) above)
    3) Order. Due to staff doing 1 thing at a time, don't ask for anything special as they'll likely forget it.
    4) Wait (see 1) & 2) above)
    5) Eat. Sadly despite the intention of staff to do just one thing this is no guarantee that your order will be correct nor well-prepared nor tasty. Neither my wrap nor my daughter's burger were warm or appetising.
    6) If you wish to ask for the right order, return to steps 1) & 2) above. Try not to annoy the other customers also waiting.
    I think you'd be better going somewhere else.

  • adelaide vehicle inspections
    Vehicle Inspections    Happy Valley, SA

    Following the excellent reviews here & elsewhere I booked an inspection through this company and was disappointed.
    The positive in this was that the inspection was thorough and the price was as advertised.
    Apart from that, there were multiple problems:
    * They didn't turn up at the yard at the time they promised, and upon being asked why they indicated that their car had broken down (? not a good sign...). When I asked why they hadn't rung the yard to tell them they'd be late they said they didn't feel they needed to as they'd be there all day. This wasn't the case and it's disappointing that they felt no need to let them know nor to tell me as they'd rung me to see where they were.
    * They had promised to text an initial response to the report as to whether the car was a good buy. They did not do so.
    * They promised to ring me after doing the report to discuss it. They did not do so, nor did they ever reply to the message I left on their phone'd voicemail asking me to call them to discuss it.
    They did, of course, take his money despite not honouring their promises.
    I won't be using them again.

  • BT Super for Life
    Investing    Sydney, NSW

    After having been messed around by another major super fund I thought I'd give BT a call. My experience was seamless. The application process literally took 2 minutes online, there were 2-3 options to choose from in terms of the type of super fund options I wanted and the fund was set up followed by an email with everything I'd need to know - forms, PDS etc.
    I rang them back today as I had a query about the fund and the phone was answered in 5 rings by a helpful operator who dealt with my question promptly and ensured I was happy.

  • AMP Superannuation
    Banks    Parramatta, NSW

    Very disappointed. Chose this super fund because of their reputation and good reviews from financial people.
    Tried to get super on their website and just got bamboozled by the mass of information/options/questions, so rang them at 10am Fri. Operator helped to the extent of putting me in a fund that suited their little box of easiness and then promised to email me the forms to sign (I mentioned I needed the fund ASAP). At 4.30pm I rang back as I'd gotten no emails, to be told they'd gone home and no-one else could help with the forms. Expected Monday morning to get the email first thing. Rang back at 10.30am to be told operator was on the phone but they'd send them an urgent message & inform their management also. At 11.00am got a very abrupt email with no subject, no apology, just a command to sign papers and email them back.
    I wrote back advising that I wasn't going to trust a company with my thousands of dollars of super if this was their idea of customer service.

  • Adelaide College of Ministries Inc
    Religious Organisations    Klemzig, SA

    This college has a great relaxed feel to it, the staff and students share a good relationship. Having said that, the topics they cover aren't as relaxed - there's a real sense of needing to understand important truths of the Bible in a way that will help students interact with the real world. They also offer a good number of intensives/night courses for those who can't study full-time and these are taught by professionals in their fields - a great way to try out this college.

  • City Bible Forum
    Religious Organisations    Sydney, NSW

    Here's a group of people who aren't afraid to tackle issues head on, and help others to think it through too. They've held lunchtime meetings/debates/discussion groups on areas as broad as atheism, other religions, evangelism, music styles, the basis of the Christian faith - and much more. All done in a spirit of love and by people who actually have studied and believe what they're talking about and aren't afraid to take questions from others (no matter what those others may believe). I highly recommend you go along to one of their forums and see it for yourself.

  • Enfield Baptist Church
    Churches    Broadview, SA

    I've joined these guys a few times for services and special events and really enjoyed the 'vibe' there - not too formal, but still a real sense of keeping God at the forefront (which is pretty important for a church!). Good mix of younger families, young adults and a chunk of older attendees too. The pastoral staff took time to say hello and were friendly which is also important. Auditorium could do with some more comfortable seats but other than that it was inviting.

  • King's Baptist Grammar School
    Schools    Wynn Vale, SA

    Having been through this school for various events over time I've seen firsthand the staff's care for their students and the facilities they make available. Classrooms are well decked out and the whole property is neat and tidy (well - as much as it can be with a mass of kids coming through every day!) Students treat teachers with respect and I think that's because they (and I) can see how the teachers respect the kids. Fees aren't the cheapest in town, but their curriculum is extensive.

  • Medicare Australia - Head Office
    Federal Government    Greenway, ACT

    What other government department would you call that has an average waiting time of less than 10 minutes (often much less from my experience)? And the staff at the call centre have always been helpful. I'm equally amazed by the way this department has taken up technology to make life easier with online claiming and even a smartphone app to keep your medicare card on your phone & update anything there too.
    On the negative side their offices can have much longer waiting times & with them only being open 'regular' business hours I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to visit an office.

  • Shiloh Hills Christian Retreat
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks    Ironbank, SA

    My daughter had a school camp here and really enjoyed it. Camp style bedding, 2-6 people in bunks per cabin. Had to go outside in the cold to the (apparently very low) showers. Activities here are fantastic - they're run by ActiveEd so include geocaching, walking trail, ropes course all supervised by qualified staff. Food is great too, I'm told the cook is 'great' and 'got up one morning at 5am just to make 'McEl's' which are like McMuffins but even tastier!' One happy camper.

  • Icearena
    Skating Rinks    Thebarton, SA

    I was surprised at how busy this was when we went here, because they're only open for very specific times - I thought it must be because they weren't popular any more. The busyness especially meant that if the main rink was closed then the smaller (learners) rink was very crowded, which was a problem, wouldn't want to be there if there was a problem with the larger rink.
    There was a stack of birthday parties there, a shame as there was masses of food wasted - they were of the opinion, it seems, that shovelling masses of fried food equals a good idea. Not sure I'd have a party there for that reason.
    Having said that, it's a unique experience in Adelaide, and they've got plenty of skates for hire plus tools to help newer skaters, and the staff fly around the rink just waiting to help people who need it. The disco music blasting out is part of the fun/atmosphere too.
    The price is OK, though it won't be a regular activity for me with their current prices. As other reviewers have noted, it really needs a facelift too, there's parts there that haven't changed since I last went...which was in 1994!

  • Pizza Star
    Takeaways    Surrey Downs, SA

    When I read great reviews for food places I must confess I sometimes wonder if they were made up. Well, I have to say I agree with all that's been said about this pizza joint so far.
    I say pizza 'joint' because restaurant doesn't really match - it's a tiny place you'd miss if you didn't see it, and besides the menu and a couple of seats + a TV there's nowhere to sit. But that's all part of the atmosphere. The TV is great while you wait, it's nice and warm on a cold night and you can smell your delicious pizza coming up, as well as hearing the guys make orders for other lucky pizza eater-ers.
    The menu (see my photo!) isn't pretty. But the prices on it are hard to believe - yes, every pizza is the same price per size. No chicken/seafood/yummy things surcharge, and to pay these prices in 2014 is value at its best. Sizings are generous.
    The best part, of course, is the pizza. Real toppings, no doughy fatty cheap processed base or toppings - just fresh ingredients on a beatiful base. One family member never eats pizza because it gives him stomach problems - but he eats this happily. I too didn't end up bloated or incredibly thirsty or with heartburn like I usually do with pizza.
    We got 4 pizzas thinking there'd be leftovers but it was so delicious that it all got eaten up. Next time I won't invite my family because I really really need to have more of this for myself.
    Of course, that is if you don't beat me there first and eat up all their yummy pizza. Please don't - just save some for me!!

  • Rugs A Million
    Home Decor Retailers    Modbury, SA

    I was worried about going in to a rug store, imagining shady salesmen looking to sell me overpriced goods that I didn't want. Didn't need to worry at all. The products here are all out to see as well as clearly marked prices - and the range is huge from the very cheap to the mid-priced. I was really surprised at the low prices - always figured that only 'sale' items would be cheap, but everything was cheap.
    Staff were available when we needed them (to help choose and get the rug out for us from a pile), and didn't pressure us at all to buy or spend anything more.
    I'll be back next time I need a rug!

  • KFC
    Takeaways    Golden Grove, SA

    This review is strongly influenced by the incredible waiting time I had in their drive-thru on a recent public holiday. I waited so long my family at home were worried about me, and I only live 5 minutes from here. Whatsmore when they threw my order at me, there was a quick apology that could barely be heard - this was the only time I got any acknowledgement that I'd waited so long (letalone the cars behind me).
    Having said that, the food was nice enough, not overcooked and no greasier than you'd expect from KFC. One other weird thing was we'd ordered 2 of the same product (popcorn chicken snack pack) and one of them had half the number of popcorn chicken as the other. This just doesn't work when you've got 2 kids!
    All up, an average experience today.

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