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  • Birchwood Of Yarra Glen

    Telephone Services Yarra Glen, VIC
    This is a fascinating place to explore antique radios and have one repaired. Radio is a part of entertainment history and it's quiet intriguing seeing all the old radios. If you have an old radio, don't throw it out as people collect them! Peter is so knowledgeable. I always wondered why newer technologies seem to lack the warmth or depth of sound that vinyl had and he explained to me that it was the use of the old valves. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so either.
  • Nelson Eugene H, Dr

    Dentists Melbourne, VIC
    My gums were so bad when I first came here that I couldn't floss and sometimes even struggled to brush my teeth properly. My referral to a periodontist had me worried I might eventually lose all my teeth. Dr Nelson and his staff go out of their way to answer all your questions and make helpful suggestions. Such as switching to a sulphate-free toothpaste, which was invaluable as it turned out the toothpaste I was using irritated my gums and a low-dose tetracycline antibiotic which helped clear the inflammation. I had been to so many dentists but no one made the suggestions he did.
  • Moffatt Harley L Dr

    Dentists Kew East, VIC
    Harley Moffatt is a charming person and a great dentist who treats you with great care and skill. He also has a lot of experience with gum disease and its treatment. He is up on the latest research and is very knowledgeable. He takes a wholistic approach to health and hygiene.

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  • Woolworths took one of the best supermarkets in Australia, and turned it into one of the worst. Although they have kept many of the staff from the previous supermarket, they have removed all of the interesting, gourmet produce by small, niche, quality producers and replaced it with Woolworths brand stuff. So in the past, there would be excellent, interesting breads from artisan bread makers, sour dough, etc. Now there is Woolworths brand 'gourmet' bread. It says 'sour dough' on it, but when you read the ingredients, there is yeast! Anyone that knows anything about sourdough bread, knows that it is made from sourdough culture and contains no yeast. Just because Woolworths says something is 'gourmet' doesn't mean it is.
    So because it is a small supermarket, with not much space, they have had to reduce the brand choice you would normally get in a Woolworths. So when you go to get jam (for example) there is just two jams and one of them is Woolworths brand.
    So it doesn't give you the choice of a normal Woolworths, it just gives you rubbish to choose from. You know, cartons of 12 ridiculous cupcakes. Or some monster box of lamingtons. Not something I would ever want to buy.
    The old supermarket before this used to actually offer breads that were on a par with Baker D Chirico across the road. Proper artisan products. Now it is filled with Woolworths brand rubbish. The only thing it is good for is picking up something like yogurt that you need for a recipe and forgot to get when you went shopping at your regular supermarket, which would never be this one.
    It is no good. I am very, very disappointed. I used to rave about the old IGA and the interesting things they had. It was a supermarket you could be proud of. I would go interstate and only occasionally see a supermarket as good, one at Surry HIlls in Sydney. Otherwise, there were none as good. Now, it is the worst of the worst. To go from the best to the worst! Such horror.
    Woolworths should have thought more about what they were doing and realised where they are. This isn't some regional town where they can force their 'Woolworths' stuff on us. This is St Kilda!!! St Kilda deserves better than this. Massive Fail.
    • This review is spot-on! You now have to try order those wonderful niche products at the online website and often they are out of stock. By the way, the organic range offers no certification that I can see of its organic provenance.
  • As I had driven a long way, I thought it would be a nice way to end the day to have my hair done. The staff seemed to understand my instructions just fine. Then the staff completely ignored them. My hair was a complete mess and I had to go elsewhere to try to rectify some of it- not easy.
    • Unless you will pay for hair extensions or a wig, you can't rectify such a dreadful cut. I will simply have to wait for it to grow.