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  • Strong & Lean Australia

    Personal Trainers Bondi Junction, NSW
    A life changing experience...
    my back ground...I started training with them over 3 years ago. when we met I was battling with bullimia and depression. I was unfit both physically and mentally. Simple to say, I hated who I was. I was ashamed of my reflection in the mirror. I had no self esteem.

    When we began i was a vegetarian and only interested in cardio training. I think I was their worst nightmare. I was a believer of that myth of " weight training is going to make me bulky!! With the desperation that comes when hitting rock bottom, I took a leap of faith. I threw myself into training 3 times a week and took on board all of his suggestions regarding weight training, diet, and sleeping patterns. Sure enough I began to see and feel changes... i was getting leaner and stronger. A day at a time - stronger body led to stronger mind..

    Almost 3 years later I'm still training with them. Today he's more of a mentor and coach. He pushes me and helps continue to get results. My first dream came true that of teaching Body attack.
    Today those results are to do with olympic lifting. He doesn't accept my excuses or BS. He makes me feel like I can do anything.