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  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service

    Tyres North Ryde, NSW
    I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and helpful the team here were. After mistakingly booking in at the North Ryde Auto Centre instead of the Macquarie centre one, the Macquarie boys squeezed me in and were very accommodating. Very refreshing! Ill be getting all services done here from now on.
  • Wolfgang`s Removals

    Furniture Stores Cammeray, NSW

    They brought 3 guys instead of 2 (to move two bedrooms worth of property) and said they would get the job done more quickly but I would be charged more. So when they asked for $543 for a two hour job, I thought it was excessive, but I trusted them somewhat as I had used them twice before and I didn't have a calculator handy so I paid. Soon after they left I visited the website which said it should be $180.50 per hour for three men + half hour call out, so I should have been charged $453... I thought the driver must have just calculated incorrectly so I phoned to notify and asked to be refunded.

    The owner asked me to text my account details for a refund. He then phoned and offered to move a fridge (whose fridge I don't know) instead of refunding them money. He also told me that the driver said they were there for 2.5 hours, and in between swallowing whatever he was eating he scoffed and said he's not going to argue over $100.... but continued to argue.

    By the end of the phonecall he told me that they don't owe me anything because I needed to pay the tolls for the driver to get to the first house just like in a cab and then the tolls to get to the new house (there are no tolls to the new house.) When I told him I didn't pay tolls the other two times and he told me that then I owe HIM $120 in tolls and petrol from the previous moves and said that he wouldn't be in business if he didn't charge people petrol and tolls on top of the hourly rate.

    I then phoned him back the next day to give him the opportunity to say he would refund the money before I spread the word about his dodginess and he said that the driver now says it was a 3 hour job so he owes me nothing. I said if it were a 3 hour job + half hour call out that would be $598 so clearly someone is lying. And if it takes 3 men and two women (as my sister and I helped both load and unload the truck) 3 hours to move 2 bedrooms, I would hate to move an entire house with them.

    Long story short, I got burned by these so hopefully you don't too!