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  • Gang Thai Restaurant
    Restaurants    Rockdale, NSW

    This place is amazing. The prices are ridiculously cheap and the food is great. I have had a number of amazing dinner experiences here with my girlfriend. They play traditional Thai music, the people that serve you are dressed in traditional Thai clthing, and the desert's are simply amazing. I recommend the thai pudding! Mmmmmm

  • Peakhurst Inn
    Pubs & Bars    Peakhurst, NSW

    Not a bad place to be on a Friday night, especially if you live locally. Never tried the food but the beers a reasonable price for a place that doesn't shut until 5am on a Friday/Saturday night.

  • Drummoyne Auto Care
    Shoe Repair    Drummoyne, NSW

    BLOODY UNBELIEVABLE!!! Drummoyne Auto Care customer service is close to none, and there is just no honesty or heart, when it comes to dealing with these people. I recently had my car serviced at Drummoyne Auto Care, and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. The quote for the service was $257 after the initial inspection, which I was fine with. I came back 8 hours later to retrieve my vehicle to find out that the original quote of $257 had blown up to $497. My jaw dropped to the floor! To say I was shocked would have been an understatement! I expressed my bewilderment and they then began to fill my ears with mechanical jargon, pretty much telling me how all of this was necessary. I was not content with what had just happened, but i decided to trust this man and put my faith in his expertise.

    The next morning I had a look at the quote and saw a list of changes that had been made to my car. One of them stating he had changed four spark plugs. I thought this was a little odd as four new spark plugs had been installed two weeks prior to my visit by a mechanic from my church. I opened the hood of my car and couldn't help but notice the same spark plugs that were just installed two weeks ago. This was strange because he had charged me $32 for all four at $8 a piece. I decided to take the car back to the same mechanic from my church that installed the four spark plugs two weeks ago, which I should have done in the first place. Regardless, I knew I didn't have the experience or knowledge to be make an informed decision on the spark plugs at this time.

    Not even 20 seconds after opening the hood of my car he began to tell me how these were the same spark plugs he had installed two weeks ago. He even showed me the packaging and the original box. I couldn't believe it! Even to this day my blood still boils just thinking about the incident. He then explained to me that I should get the whole car re-assessed and that it would cost $110 for a full assessment. Now I was even more mad, but decided to go with it. I came back two hours later. He explained and ran me through the things that had not been changed. Showing me the condition of the product and what the product would look like if it were new. This what he found

    SPARK PLUGS - were not changed
    AIR FILTER - were not changed
    POWER STEERING BELT - were not changed
    ALTERNATOR BELT - were not changed
    BRAKE FLUID - were not changed
    FLUSH CLUTCH FLUID - were not changed
    CLUTCH FLUID - were not changed
    FLUSH BRAKE FLUID - were not changed

    They over-charged me! They never did what they said they would! They made a decision on my behalf without first verifying with me! This whole ordeal ended up costing me well over $600! $696 to be exact.

    Groupon Voucher- $89
    Car service- $497
    Assessment of car service- $110

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