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  • Angel Carpet Cleaning Sydney

    Cleaning Sydney, NSW
    After searching online for the cheapest price I could find I came across these guys.
    From the girl who quoted me over the phone, to the guy who came out to clean my carpets, the service was great.
    My carpets look and smell new and the price didn't change. I have used other companies in the past who quote you one price and then charge you another but I was impressed to say the least when they price stayed the same.
    Will look for you again in a years time.
  • Pure Dry Home Services

    Cleaning Minto Heights, NSW
    So I had my carpets cleaned a few days ago but couldn't be there to inspect the carpets when they had finished. When I got home from work I could see all the rooms looked fine except for my daughters room. I do understand that some of the stains wouldn't come out but I was still a little upset.
    I rang head office and explained my situation to a young girl on the phone who explained that customer service was on the phone but would be calling me back.
    A few hours later I received a phone call from a girl who said she had already contacted the technician and he explained that it was make up stains that had remained, they had tried to get it out the first time but if I wished they would come back and try again.
    I appreciated the call and asked them to come back. They returned and re-cleaned the entire room, the stains are no longer there, the man said he used a stronger clean this time round.
    I was very pleased with the final results of my carpets, as well as with the service I received.
    I will definitely be using them again in the near future.