A Feast of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones

On the 25th day of this April, quiet gatherings will be held in dimly lit rooms. All noise-making will be banned as clusters of zombie-like eyes become glued to the television screen. Yes, my friends, Game of Thrones is soon to be back in our lives.

Accompanying these GOT-filled Monday nights are the inevitable invites to medieval-themed feasts and parties, where lamb shank pies and mulled wine clutter candle-covered tables. Just like the Seven Kingdoms, the kitchen can be full of mayhem and intrigue. So we’ve plundered our library to find nine magnificent recipes to ensure that your feast reigns supreme. No matter what Cersei says, there is a winner in the fight for kitchen supremacy, and it will be you.

To the un-initiated; fair warning, there are spoilers ahead.

Easing us into the feast will be the cheesey and herby fondue dubbed The Grundlegend. With a name that George R.R. Martin will surely be pilfering for his next epic, this cheese fondue from Milk the Cow, St Kilda, is the next level of indulgence.

It’s a commonly known fact that our favourite sexy dragon queen loves to nibble on a honey-flavoured delicacy. To entice Khaleesi to our table, try whipping up these Honey-Butter Cocktailslaced with Bourbon, or better yet, taste them yourself at Eau de Vie, Sydney. Pair it with the deliciously tender Ox Cheek, the closest protein to horse heart (you remember the scene). Taste for yourself at Ladro Gertude, Fitzroy.

Ever wondered what was in those bowls o’ brown Arya survived on during her time in Flea Bottom? It was probably this Roast Cauliflower & Pork Sausage Freekeh Pilaf, a concoction of spices and nutty grains. All that porky goodness kept that poor gal ticking after witnessing her father’s beheading (R.I.P. Ned Stark).

No feast is complete without a Duck and Mushroom Pot Pie with generous lashings of gravy and wine. If you’ve got international guests, those feisty Dornishmen are big fans of our Firepit Pumpkin, from Street ADL, Adelaide. They feast upon this tasty seasonal squash, roasted in spices, chilli and pepper, before fighting to the death in duels of honour and skull-cracking gore (R.I.P. Prince Oberyn).

Everyone knows that Sansa has a preference for lemon cakes. Yet, we all know that her judgment isn’t the soundest in the Seven Kingdoms (Joffrey was just swell, wasn’t he?) So instead, we think you (and she) should try some Spiced Orange and Almond Cakes, served with cashmere pannacotta and rhubarb sous vide. Much more delicious, and infinitely more crazy boy-king free.

To complement all this, one must have a freshly baked loaf of Fig and Walnut Soda Bread to dunk in your gravy, or to drizzle with olive oil. As Walder Frey can attest, this bread perfectly complements the free-flowing blood of recently-murdered Starks, a feature that is inevitably involved in any GOT feast (R.I.P. Robb Stark, Talisa Stark, unborn-baby Stark, Catelyn Stark, etc. etc.)

Lastly, but not least, we’ve got Jon Snow’s favourite, the Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder with patates, taste for yourself at Zucca Greek Mezze, Glenelg. It’s as tender as the man himself, and it’s the second-best way to warm up your body whilst on the Wall.

(R.I.P. …. No. He’s not dead. We’re not saying it.*)


Article contributed by Smudge Eats | Georgie MacRae, who loves haggis and red velvet equally, but not together.

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