Adding Your Logo to Your Listing


Add your logo to your business listing for FREE to increase your brand awareness add a little visual flair to your business page.

Add a logo to your True Local listing

  • Log into your Business Centre
  • Click on the tab labelled ‘Images’, then click ‘Add Logo’ to follow the prompts
  • It is important to note that the logo you are uploading will be resized to a maximum of 101 pixels wide by 76 pixels high. You will also have the opportunity to write a caption for the logo you have uploaded.

Don’t have a logo? Create one!

A good logo should reflect the image of your business with your name clearly shown. There are a number of options to help you create an effective logo for your business.

  • You could attempt to design it yourself.
  • Hire a professional design firm if you have the budget.
  • Shop around for a freelance designer who is familiar with the field your business is in. These designers often charge far less than a design firm and can still create a great logo.

Log into your Business Centre and update your listing now.

Your business isn’t on True Local? Add your business.

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