5 Adelaide Bars You Have to Check Out This Summer

It’s not hard to find a good pub these days, but what about the perfect spot for a summer bevvy with your mates? All sorts of interesting establishments are popping in Adelaide, and these are the ones that our summers just wouldn’t be the same without. Cheers to that!




If there’s one thing better than a rooftop bar on a warm summer’s eve, it’s a rooftop bar on a warm summer’s eve with fairy lights. And such fairy lights they are! Of course, there’s plenty more to love about 2KW than just the lighting. From the gorgeous cityscapes to the fabulous restaurant (get a taste of the steaks!), everything just oozes with classy sophistication. It’s definitely the answer if you’re feeling swanky.

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Cathedral Hotel

North Adelaide

The good old Cathedral’s been around since 1860, which was a fine year indeed (Abe Lincoln’s Cooper Union speech, the birth of Will Kellogg, Bono forming U2 maybe?). It’s been renovated a lot over the years, and it’s now a modern gastropub that’s held onto much of its classical elegance. The rooftop beer garden is awesome, and the Sunday sessions up there include $20 cocktail jugs!

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The Gallery


Ultra-trendy and highly inviting, The Gallery is a cutting-edge fusion of food, drink and art. We like all of those things! The rooftop bar features an alluring “garden meets city” theme, mixing walls of plants with open views of adjacent skyscrapers. It’s a lovely space, and the wine list is massive enough to keep you busy for many a pleasant night out.

“I went to the Gallery on Waymouth on Saturday night it was great they had a new cocktail list with Mojitos, Cosmos, Toffee Apples etc. I also noticed they have a new menu with a solid selection of tapas and also mains i didn’t have any but from what I saw coming out it looked yummy like marinated octopus, tempura prawns and crispy pork belly. The Gallery feels like the place to be.” – 1982


The Unley


Another rooftop bar? Oh, go on then. The Unley has the casual summer vibe down to a T, and the views over Parkside are simply unmatched. The ‘10/10 Fridays’ are well worth a gander, featuring both $10 pizzas, $10 off a bottle of wine and $6.50 pints all the livelong day. Settle in and let the DJ carry you off into happy land with his sultry beats.

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Somerset Hotel

Para Hills

We’re back down to ground level for this one, and straight outside to the lush and leafy beer garden of Somerset Hotel. It’s a great spot to see local bands in action, and the giant screens are perfect for sports fans looking to catch a game (especially with $5 Carlsberg bottles). The menu is pure pub food bliss, with a rich bounty of burgers, hot dogs and schnitzels ready to fill you up royally.

“Fantastic value for money and one of the best salad & vegetable bars in the area. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful and have never had a bad meal. Well worth a visit.” – kait

Hmm, it’s hard to pick just one, isn’t it? Don’t worry though, we’re sure you’ll find time to fit them all in. Don’t forget to review them afterwards!


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