Where to Find Adelaide’s Yummiest Asian Eats

Asian food! It’s rich, spicy and bursting with goodness, and perfect for lifting your mood when you’re getting hangry. There’s an awful lot of it around though, so read on to find the best.


Image credit: The Orient
Image credit: From Orient Facebook

From Orient


As the proverb goes, “The Changjiang River waves behind drive the waves ahead” (“Chángjiāng hòulàng tuī qiánlàng”). It means the energy of the new inspires the old, which is just what happens when slick, contemporary style meets traditional delicacies at From Orient. This is Chinese fine dining at its elegant best, and you seriously have to try the Black Bean Wagyu Beef. Gorgeous!

“Prior to the dinner I was hearing really good things from my workmates so was really looking forward to finally trying the food. We had a set banquet and just looking at the menu when we arrived, my mouth was watering! Dish after dish came out and they all looked, smelt and tasted amazing! All the flavours worked well together and everything was cooked perfectly.” – xbabydollx


Image credit: Matsuri Facebook
Image credit: Matsuri Facebook



If you ask any discerning foodie about the most authentic Japanese food in Adelaide, they’ll almost certainly point you in the direction of Matsuri. This tranquil, classically attired restaurant serves the most delectable sushi in town, with our favourite being the Aburi Prawn Sushi Roll. It’s fresh, colourful and beautifully flavoured, so bon appetit! Or, Itadakimasu, as they say in glorious Nippon.

“I’m Japanese. I know Japanese food. Matsuri is one of the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Adelaide. I keep coming back to them because they are GOOD! Not so many places offer a hot pot for one and they do. The prices are reasonable and the service is very good. You might have to take off your shoes before seated, but the traditional seating is quite comfortable and relaxing.” – kat2010





Specialising in sumptuous dumplings, Mandoo is a clean, bright, bustling haven of top-notch Korean fare. Your meaty options are plentiful, of course, but we’re going to recommend the veggie-friendly Bi-bim-mandoo this time. That’s a crispy vegetable fried dumpling, stuffed with cabbage, spring onion, cucumber and carrot. We honestly had no idea that vegetables could be so filling!

“While I have not had dumplings all that much I decided that I would give it a shot, and I have to admit they were pretty nice. The customer service is awesome, and the dumplings came out before I could even sit down at my table, and yes, they were really, really nice, and the serve was actually quite generous as well.” – David Sarkies


Image credit: Nghi Ngan Quan Facebook
Image credit: Nghi Ngan Quan Facebook

Nghi Ngan Quan


Friends, a fireplace and a big pot of pho. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Nghi Ngan Quan is the place to be for some hearty nourishment , and we’re sure you’ll agree once you step inside. If you like your food a little more interactive, go for the Roll Your Own Sugar Cane Prawn Cold Rolls. A delicious snack, and great for anyone who an khoe nhu voi (“eats as strongly as an elephant”).

“Long time fan of Nghi Ngan Quan but haven’t visited since they changed premises. A family dinner was the perfect opportunity to do so. It is a large space and we were seated upstairs however, considering this the service was reasonable. The food, as ever, was excellent. Cold rolls, banh xeo, roll your own cold rolls, rice hotpot, salt and pepper soft shell crab, beef, dessert – tick, tick, tick, tick.” – 4chillis


Image credit: Nu Thai Restaurant Facebook
Image credit: Nu Thai Restaurant Facebook

Nu Thai


Are you pining for a healing broth to rejuvenate your weary bones? We’ve got a doozie for you! Simply head over to Nu Thai, and order up a steaming hot bowl of Tom Yum Goong. It’s a kind of sour, spicy soup with prawns, chilli, lime juice, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves and mushrooms, and words cannot describe just how wonderful it is. You’ll feel reborn!

“One of my favourite Thai restaurants in SA. Innovative tastes, fabulous food and friendly service.” – adelaidefoodlover


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