Get The Party Started at These Board Game Bars in Adelaide

Board games are great for bringing people together (except maybe for Monopoly where the banker always seems to win). If you’re looking for a grand old time with your mates, why not head down to these bars? With drinks and games galore, it’s the best way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Hungry Hippo
Image credit: The Hungry Hippo Cafe

The Hungry Hippo

West End

The board-gamiest joint in town, Hungry Hippos is a bright, colourful cafe/bar with hundreds of games to choose from. It’s got absolutely everything, from simple card games like Uno to hundreds-of-pieces strategy epics like Star Wars: Rebellion. Funnily enough, the one game they don’t have here is Hungry Hungry Hippos (but we’re sure they’re getting it soon). Either way, have a fun and make sure you try the sweet potato Battlechips!

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Edinburgh Castle Hotel


Boasting the biggest beer garden in Adelaide, Edinburgh Castle is all about fun times with good people. From Scrabble meet-ups to the famous Thursday nights (hosting such favourites as comedy trivia contests and Cards Against Humanity), there’s always something great going down at this friendly pub!

“Good food, no argument. Great prices, no complaint. I would happily go again.” – Ange Kenos

Hotel Wright Street


An attractive, artsy kind of space, Hotel Wright Street is a cosy haven of wood frame lampshades, fascinating paintings and various plants, knickknacks and feature furnishings to keep your eyes engaged. The food is top quality (with plenty of vegan options, too) and they also offer a big selection of board games. Curl up by the fire and have a laugh as you heartlessly demolish your friends!

“I have to say that the staff are incredibly warm and friendly, and the new beer garden in nothing short of awesome. What this is one of this back street pubs that has a whole character of it own, and it would definitely be one of those pubs I would have no hesitation coming back to again if I were back in Adelaide some time.” – David Sarkies

The Kentish Hotel

North Adelaide

The old Kentish Hotel is one of Adelaide’s most beautiful pubs. All sandstone archways, oaken barrels and spacious elegance, it strikes a lovely balance between its old-timey origins and modern renovations. More importantly, however, it does a trivia night on Tuesdays! Get your brains picked by Quizmaster Kamleh, and tuck into a tasty chicken parmy and the beer of the months for just $10.

“when in Adelaide you have to visit the Kentish Arms hotel. A charming heritage listed building, great food, great atmosphere, great service. Nice outside beer garden with a roof, good for a wet and rainy Sunday arvo” – Tomula

The Curious Squire

North Adelaide

Offering hearty American grub, The Curious Squire is the place to get your fix of ribs, burgers, wings, pizzas and much more. It’s also the only pub in town with the full set of James Squire beers, so there’s always something good on tap. Just don’t overdo it on Tuesdays, because you’ll need your wits about you for quiz night! Although that might be hard, with $15 James Squire Jugs all night…

“My girlfriend and I decided to have celebratory/well-deserved drinks and that dessert pizza here on the weekend and OMG – May I just say, that Nutella Dessert Pizza is AMAZING!!! Wow! That hit the sweet spot of satisfaction. I certainly will be coming back for that in the near future and introducing it to other friends who haven’t tried it! 🙂 :D” – xbabydollx


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