Adelaide’s Exotic Vietnamese

Fancy some pho? Of course you do. We’ve grabbed Adelaide’s top spots for Vietnamese cuisine – peruse at your pleasure!

TrueLocal - Sit Lo: Vietnamese in Adelaide

Sit Lo


Sit Lo was formed by three friends from vastly different backgrounds, one of whom being an expert Vietnamese chef. Since the others aren’t specified, we’re going to assume they were a royal taste-tester and a time-travelling food lord. Anyway, expect simple, Western-tinged Vietnamese food served up to absolute mouthwatering perfection. Yum! Read more

I felt like I had ants in my pants getting into this joint! I was seriously excited!! And boy oh boy did it live up to the expectation. Simple, easy but so effective. The food was so well executed that it lived up to my expectations. Ohhhhh man… This is good! So good! Man this is SWEET!! – The MiddleIngredient

TrueLocal - Pho Hong Tam: Vietnamese in Adelaide

Pho Hong Tam


One of the most authentic pho joints you’ll find anywhere outside Vietnam, the lovely staff at Pho Hong Tam make sure nobody leaves without stuffing themselves full with a flavoursome feast of fabulous food. The pho is traditionally crafted, unpretentious and incomparably tasty, and the only problem is that you might not actually be able to stop eating it. Like, ever. You have been warned.Read more

The real deal, this is how Pho should be, fast hot and noisy. If you want to try authentic Pho in a setting about as authentic as you will get outside of Saigon, ie shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers all enjoying great soup then this is the place to try. They also have other real Vietnamese dishes such as broken rice with pork and clear noodle soups. – Another Ray

TrueLocal - Nghi Ngan Quan: Vietnamese in Adelaide

Nghi Ngan Quan

Ferryden Park

If you want phantastic pho, you’ll certainly phind it here, phriend. Anyway, Nghi Ngan Quan is as delicious as it is unpronounceable and prides itself on being tasty, cheap and fresh. That’s music to any respectable restaurant-goer’s ears, so go there now and stuff your face. Read more

I think this is one of the best pho restaurants I have ever been to. The quality and service is great! The interior is also very nice, too bad that it’s hidden in the streets of Arndale and is usually hard to find. But once your familiar with it, you’ll know just where your heading 🙂 If you haven’t tried this place, you’d better check it out soon. You won’t be disappointed. – Sisana Vongpraseut

TrueLocal - Little NNQ: Vietnamese in Adelaide

Little NNQ

Ferryden Park

Despite sounding like a short-lived 90s rapper, Little NNQ is actually an extremely swanky Vietnamese restaurant on Gouger Street. It’s so swanky, in fact, that it was just named in Financial Review’s top 500 Australian restaurants! That’s a fairly good sign you’re in for something special, so waste no time in popping down to check things out. Read more

Finally came back for my exotic fried rice fix. Still satisfies my belly just as it it the 3 other times I’ve been here 🙂 – xbabydollx

TrueLocal - Saigon Gate: Vietnamese in Adelaide

Saigon Gate


This place is wonderfully traditional, even going as far as to feature waitresses decked out in traditional ao dai (Wikipedia will explain everything). Serving up a tasty blend of Vietnamese and Chinese food, you’re bound to find something sizzling you fancy at Saigon Gate. Besides the waitresses, of course. Read more

This is by far the best Asian food you will ever eat! It’s all authentic Chinese and Vietnamese, always fresh, great selection and seriously the best asian i have ever had. forget gouger street and go here instead. its really cheap too, around 10 bucks for a huge meal! They also have home made Asian drinks which are pretty cool too. –melkgray

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