Adelaide’s Mightiest Milkshakes

Milkshakes – wondrous, creamy, delectable creations. So where are the best ones?


Two-Bit Villains


What a wonderful name! Kinda makes us want to open a restaurant called “Mangy Cur,” “Fiendish Mountebank,” “Knavish Rogue” or “Foul-hearted Slubberdegullion.” Sigh… Some day… What? Oh yeah, the milkshakes here are great. They’re available in vegan options, too!
Shake to try: Spearmint Thickshake. Tastes marvellous, and makes your breath smell nice! Read More »

Love the awesome location, it’s like taking a step back in time. This is an all out vegetarian hipster haven – Polly Polly

TrueLocal - Steven ter Horst Chocolatier: Milkshakes in Adelaide

As you can probably guess, this place is big on chocolate. In fact, there are so many maddeningly delectable varieties of chocolate here that it’s almost obscene, and those with a particular weakness for the brown stuff will have to work hard to control their fiendish urges. A milkshake should help!
Shake to try: The Iced Honeycomb. Mangrove honey, vanilla ice cream and milk. Oh my! Read More »

An artist of fine precision and dedication to detail has empowered ter Horst to comfortably claim to be the best chocolatier in South Australia – Honestlee

TrueLocal - Chocolate Taperia: Milkshakes in Adelaide

Chocolate Taperia

North Adelaide

We thought this place was called Chocolate Tapir for a while, and got very, very excited. Still, the reality turned out to be just as good, especially if your tastes lean towards the Spanishy, desserty side of things.
Shake to try: Mango – because it’s a woefully underrepresented fruit in the milkshake scene. Read More »

I’ve been here a couple of times already and I do really enjoy this place. Love the ambience, setup, the menu and the desserts. The churros here are really good too. I took my girlfriends here the other night as they had never been and they were very pleased as well. I do recommend this place, and I know that I will be back. – xbabydollx

TrueLocal - Jack Ruby: Milkshakes in Adelaide

Jack Ruby


Ahh, nothing invokes the sentiment of “let’s all have a lovely milkshake, guys!” like the name of the nightclub owner who murdered President Kennedy’s assassin. Oh well. Let’s all have a lovely milkshake, guys!
Shake to try: Blueberry Fluff Spiked Shake. Why? Because, quite frankly, you’d be mad not to. Read More »

We popped in for a drink, perched ourselves at the bar and didn’t want to leave! Nice background tunes, friendly staff and a great atmosphere made this place very welcoming. – Kelly T

TrueLocal - Devour Cafe Patisserie: Milkshakes in Adelaide

That’s a name, by the way, not a command, so don’t unhinge your jaw like a snake and try to devour the building whole when you arrive (a misunderstanding that got us a lengthy ban). Just order yourself a nice milkshake and a sausage roll, and settle down to utter bliss.
Shake to try: Malteser. We’ve gotta agree with TheMiddleIngredient on this one. Read More »

I love the Malteser milk shake… real Maltesers in it floating around 🙂 YUM YUM bubblegum. The menu is changing to what’s in season, which is what I love most about this place. I love it! And I’m sure every one else will too. – TheMiddleIngredient


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