Area Spotlight: Brunswick

Indie shops, bargains galore and not a drop of pretension to be found. Brunswick’s bursting with earthly, Euro-style goodness, and we’ve put together the perfect foodie adventure for you! What are you waiting for? Load up your Instagram account and let’s go!

Wide Open Road
Image credit: Wide Open Road

8:00am – Morning Coffee

Wide Open Road

Let’s start bright and early with some radtastic coffee and a big bowl of muesli. Wide Open Road is the quintessential Brunswick cafe, and its simple stylings, friendly service and homely flavours make for a lovely introduction to the area. Oh, and take some time to admire the rather fetching plants preserved in pickle jars. Find out more

“Wide Open Road is a really hip cafe/must-try brunch spot if you are in the Brunswick area. It has its own roastery in the back which you can see in action and this cafe housed in a two story converted warehouse on Barkly St, just off Sydney Road and very close to the popular Barkly Square. The coffee here is excellent and I highly recommend the housemade ginger waffles.” – svchu1

Melb The Green Refectory
Image credit: The Green Refectory

9:30am – Brunch

The Green Refectory

The Green Refectory is a true joyful wonder of great service and even better food, and it’s where we’re going to stop off for a little brunch on our Brunswick tour. The mighty ‘Breakfast Stack’ is the way to go, featuring a potato patty, bacon, haloumi, tomato, spinach and a poached egg on top. It’s a thing of true culinary wonder, and should keep you ticking along very nicely indeed until lunch. Dig in! Find out more

“Such a great place to go, love the cluttered and chaotic interior and the super friendly staff. The menu has something to please everyone and there is a lovely sunny courtyard out the back where you can enjoy your meal or coffee. Has become a regular spot for me and is a must if you are in the area.” – roodavies

Tom Phat
Image credit: Tom Phat

1:30pm – Late Lunch

Tom Phat

Out of all the perfectly lunchable establishments in Brunswick, we’ve gone with jolly old Tom Phat. Why? Because Chilli-Caramel Pork Belly, that’s why. Of course, this tasty morsel is just one of the fine delicacies available at this slick, modern Aussie-Asian fusion joint, and you’ll certainly want a little nibble off everyone else’s plates. Find out more

“Tom Phat is my favourite restaurant in Melbourne. Big call, I know, but that’s just how beautiful the food is. The sweet corn fritters and the yellow curry are personal favourites, but pretty much everything I have tried has been damn near perfect. And they make a mean cocktail too.” – bbutton

Image credit: Hellenic Republic

6:00pm – Dinner

Hellenic Republic

With the biggest Greek population outside of Athens, Melbourne’s the pace to go for amazing Greek food. We’d heartily suggest a jaunt down to Hellenic Republic, wholesome purveyors of the yummiest Greek cuisine this side of the equator. You can’t go wrong with the ‘Paithakia Arniou’, a lamb rack with shank baklava, burnt onion yoghurt and pickled grape jus. Perfect for lining your stomach in anticipation of our fifth and final stop… Find out more

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Image credit: Eydie’s

9:00pm – Drinks


Eydie’s is a cosy bar with a pleasantly leafy interior, known for its first-rate beer and wine lists. However, your interest lies with the splendidly opulent ‘Spiced Apple Crumble’ cocktail, which is vodka and apple juice with cinnamon, hazelnut, clove and vanilla liqueurs, topped off by a dash of cinnamon sugar. It’s like drinks and dessert! That’s what they call “multitasking”, right? Find out more

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Isn’t Brunswick the bomb? We hope you have fun sampling its various treats, and don’t forget to review them all on True Local!


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