Area Spotlight: Leederville

From skateboarders to artists to high-flying businessfolk, Leederville draws in all sorts. It’s cool suburbia for the modern age, and offers up some excellent grub. From breakfast to cocktails, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

Cranked Coffee

8:00am – Morning Coffee

Cranked Coffee

We don’t know about you, but we like our coffee cranked. That’s why we kick off our Leederville trip nice and early at Cranked Coffee, where you can relax with a nice hot beverage and admire the cyclists streaming in from the bike shop next door. This cafe’s right in the heart of the area, making it the perfect place to plan the rest of your day. Find out more

“Lovely place for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Lovely food and nice vibe. Especial thumbs up for the hot chips and the brownies! Dogs are welcome in the alfresco area which is great.” – Jasminescent

Piccolo's Corner

9:30am – Brunch

Piccolo’s Corner

Piccolo’s Corner is a charming little breakfasty-brunchy-lunchy joint, and a firm favourite with the locals for its simple, elegant and utterly delectable eats. Nestled away in a leafy oasis, you’d almost forget that you were in the inner city! Pretty much everything on the menu is yummy but we’d suggest trying the ‘Smashed Pumpkin’ with Danish feta, wilted spinach, homemade pesto and a poached egg on a toasted ciabatta. Find out more

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Image credit: Pincho’s

1:30pm – Late Lunch


We’ve got one word for you: Tapas. Pinchos does the best and most authentic Spanish-style finger food in town, and it’s ideal for replenishing your strength in the midst of all that strenuous Oxford Street browsing. Go for the ‘Albondigas’, which is lamb and pork meatballs (because just one meat won’t do), tomatoes, candied eggplants and pine nuts, and try a little sangria if you really want to go all in. Find out more

“To be honest I can’t believe how enjoyable this little niche place turned out to be. Everyone enjoyed themselves, I wish I lived less than a five hour flight away. One day I will get back to Pinchos.. One day…” – out2often

Image credit: Ria Malay Kitchen

6:00pm – Dinner

Ria Malay Kitchen

Ria Malay brings the exotic thrill of Malaysian street food (with a little Indian, Chinese and Portuguese thrown in) to Leederville, and we’re all better off for it. The ‘Nyonya Chicken Curry’ is definitely the way to go for a truly traditional and wholesome dinner that’s a one-way ticket to flavour country. Find out more

“Absolutely delicious. Chicken curry cannot be beat. It’s difficult to find good Malaysian in this city this is a great find.” – regcal878

Kitsch Bar
Image credit: Kitsch Bar

9:00pm – Drinks

Kitsch Bar

A highly appealing cocktail bar/Asian-fusion place, Kitsch Bar is well worth the slight trek off the beaten path to find it. It’s sleek, stylish and alluringly lit, and their cocktail game is strong. We’re particularly partial to the ‘Red Rickshaw’: a soothing blend of raspberry and vanilla vodkas with peach and cranberry juice. Find out more

“What a hot little spot! If we weren’t with locals, although I had read about it here on TrueLocal I don’t think we would’ve made the attempt. It’s a bit of a walk out of the hub of Leederville, but well worth the adventure (it’s really not that bad, easy walking distance) They host a very cool crowd (but without being pretentious), to complement the very cool decor.” – ShaeShae

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