Area Spotlight: Brisbane’s West End

The bohemian charm and multicultural spark of Brisbane’s West End make it a heck of a place to be. The markets are great, the buildings diverse, and the food covers everything from Greek to Vietnamese. Come on foodies, we’ve got a big day ahead!

West End Coffee

8:00am – Morning Coffee

West End Coffee House

Nothing kicks off a day quite like Campos coffee, and that’s just what you’ll find at the charming West End Coffee House. The walls are dotted with weird and wonderful art, the folk in the kitchen go all out to please, and a snuggly sense of quaintness pervades the air like a warm doona. This is the perfect place to begin your West End adventure, and you’ll soon be looking for an excuse to return. Find out more

“Great coffee and service. Nice atmosphere” – Aid


9:30am – Brunch

Sol Breads

With its wide range of enticing cafes, West End is a very brunchable kind of place indeed. We’re going with the splendid Sol Breads this time, because you just can’t beat a bit of organic sourdough. Especially toasted organic sourdough, topped with cinnamon and honey ricotta and fresh fruit. This is how brunch is meant to be experienced, so do the right thing and give it a go! Find out more

“I love this place! It’s great for breakfast and lunch. The food is well priced and everything tastes fresh. You never leave feeling guilty. They have gluten free options and vegan options so everyone should be happy! There is parking in the area for 2 hours. The coffee is great – organic so you can really taste it!” – Laura Spencer

image credit: Trang

1:30pm – Late Lunch


It’s almost impossible to pick a single lunch spot in West End, but we’ve gone and done it for you anyway! Trang is a local favourite for its cosiness, informality and low prices, not to mention its utterly sumptuous Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Go for the Crispy Chicken with Clear Noodle Soup. It’s a bona fide masterpiece. Find out more

“Huge selection, generous value, good service, & great prices – oh, and did I mention tasty?! … YUM!” – Sharon Stocker

Lock n' Loaded
Image credit: Lock n’ Loaded

6:00pm – Dinner

Lock ‘n’ Load

No West End excursion is ever complete without a trip to Lock ‘n’ Load, and we can’t think of a better place to sit down for the kind of dinner legends are born of. The house-made porcini gnocchi with sautéed mushrooms, shaved parmesan and truffle cream is sublime (as is everything else, really), and there’s always something going on at this lively and thoroughly inviting bistro. Find out more

“Great food. I went here last night, the tasty morsels were… oh so tasty! I had to have another one after my main meal! yum. Highly recommend the food here. The place also had a great atmosphere, which makes for a great night.” – MissSalonOwner

Lychee Lounge
Image credit: Lychee Lounge

9:00pm – Drinks

Lychee Lounge

With its Turkish cushions, dangly lights and striking wall murals, Lychee Lounge is the epitome of cool. This cushy cocktail bar is a temple of dark, modern luxury, and a top place to kick back after a hard day of eating too much. We’d suggest sampling the ‘Boundary St. Punch’ – a mixture of Finlandia Grapefruit, marmalade, Gewürztraminer, passionfruit and blood orange. Yum! Find out more

“Such a great West End bar. It does tend to get busy on Friday and Saturday nights, but that’s to be expected. One of my best experience at this wonderful bar has been on a Thursday night – much less crowded, the bartenders serve you at the table, and extensive list of cocktails to peruse and test at your leisure. I will continue to return until I have tried all the cocktails on the list.” – PeeCeeLark

As you can see, West End holds many wonders. Give them all a go, and deliver your verdict with a True Local review!

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