Aussie feeds for Aussie Day in Brisbane

The Aussiest day in the world is fast approaching, so it’s only sensible to gorge yourself until you fall over.

Muzza’s Gourmet Pies


Muzza, you pastry-pilin’, meat-slingin’, gravy-drippin’ son of a gun! Your crazy pie skills are legendary ‘round these parts, and we can’t think of a better way to describe Australian grub than with a chunky beef or mince pie from this hot spot in Coorparoo.  Find out more

“Best pies in Brisbane…..All steak pies are real tender chunky steak and my favourite is the Thai chicken, but they are all good only complaint is there are too many flavours too choose from. Thanks Muzza” – Oscar99

bris_chesterst 02
Image credit: Chester Street

Chester Street Bakery


This colourful haven of sweetness won Brisbane’s Best Place for Dessert at The Weekend Edition’s 2015 Eat/Drink Awards. That means it’s probably a fairly safe bet if you’re looking to stimulate your sugar receptors this Australia Day. The pavlovas are bona fide works of art, and the Tim Tam milkshake will make you truly remember what it is to be alive. Oh Tim Tams, what would we ever do without you? Find out more

“One of the best places for mouth-watering desserts! This was top of my list when I visited Brisbane, simply because my Instagram was flooded with photos of their cakes and I just couldn’t stop drooling.” – kningja

bris_storybridge 02
Image credit: Story Bridge Hotel

Story Bridge Hotel

Kangaroo Point

Most people would think it’s strange to race cockroaches but here in Australia, we like to live life on the edge. Most pubs would also be happy with a single eating spot, but the Story Bridge Hotel is not most pubs. With the Shelter Bar, Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse, the Outback Bar & Grill, and the Main St Bar & Eatery, you’ve now got four award-winning foodie options in one convenient place. Find out more

“Okay, it can be a bit difficult to get to, but it is one of those pubs that I am more than happy to go out of my way to visit again.” – David Sarkies

Image credit: Green Beacon Brewing Co.

Green Beacon Brewing Co


As Teneriffe’s first independent boutique craft brewery, Green Beacon has firmly won the hearts of locals and visitors alike in its three bountiful years of existence. Australia Day just so happens to be its birthday, so the staff are holding an extra-special week of celebration from the 21st to the 26th. Expect fine food, frivolous fun and a never-ending supply of top-quality local beers. Oh yeah. Find out more

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Gourmet Fish and Chips
Gourmet Fish and Chips

Swampdog Fish and Chips

South Brisbane

Swampdog is all about local, sustainable produce, expert preparation and affordable prices, and quite rightly claims to “change the way you eat fish and chips”. Everyone knows that Australian seafood reigns supreme, so go on and treat yourself to some of the very best around at this charming little joint in beautiful South Brisbane. Find out more

“This cafe says that it is redefining the concept of fish and chips, and I must say that they have succeeded. I first discovered this place as I was walking to church and saw this really cool outdoor area so I decided to make a point of having a meal here, and all I can say is that I am so glad I did. The staff were exceptionally friendly and their chips were nothing short of awesome.” – David Sarkies


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