Behind the Scenes with AAA City Removalist


When it comes to being a reliable and trusted service, these guys pride themselves for being a key part in helping their community. We spoke to David Amaneddine, CEO of AAA City Removalist to hear his story:

What is your business story?

It was in 2005; I realised the gap and need for a quality removals service that wasn’t just affordable, but one that will provide a solution to customers, regardless of budget, location or distance being moved. After moving a few families and offices, AAA City Removalist made quick progress in growing to be one of Australia’s most recognised Removalist who understands customers needs and how to Relocate their Furniture with Care and Consultation to ensure a smooth move.

AAA City Removalist was built on trust, reliability and hard work. We earned our recognition and growth as a result of not just Moving People, but looking after Communities in need by way of lending a helping hand, through donations or moving the helpless, needy and seniors.

AAA City Removalist and its Alliance Partners are proud of the reputation that we have built in Australia. We realize that our customers are the best advertisement. On 22nd March 2011, we were interviewed and praised on radio station Hope 103.2 for lending a helping hand to our community and for the generous donations we give to many reputable organisations listed on our website.

What do you love the most about having a local business?

The fact that locals are entrusting us to move their possessions is overwhelmingly humbling. Seeing familiar faces and referrals that are associates or family allows me to remember that I belong to an interconnected society.

What made you want to start your own small business?

There was a gap in the relocation market. It was either budget or premium companies servicing the community. AAA City Removalist has been able to adhere to high standards with our quality trained removalists and keep our prices exceptionally affordable. We have managed this by increasing our fleet of trucks which helped lower our costs. We are proudly the premier affordable class company.

How do you get the most out of your businesses?

We have a varied marketing mix from online all the way to Word of Mouth. In this day and age, return business is the life jacket for any business. It is also the most rewarding. We have at least 40 return customers or customers that have been referred to us each week.

How important is it for you to have a strong online profile and attract new leads on sites like True Local?

It is imperative for my company to be seen on directories like True Local. Being a large company, if we don’t have exposure in the local community, it may affect us by missing out on opportunities around us. We are big enough to know but small enough to care.


What is your business famous for?

As a removals company in Home Removalists Sydney & Canberra, we are backed by years of quality experience in removals and have served over 100,000 Customers. Our professionals make every effort to transport all your goods in their best condition.

What is your favourite local business in your area?

I don’t have one favourite business. I don’t see businesses, I see people; families and humans doing their best to not only survive, but thrive in a challenging market. I see people trying to navigate through the quagmire of rules and laws and customer expectations.

Do you have any advice for small businesses just starting up?

Have the courage to showcase your difference to consumers. Many businesses get caught up in the sea of sameness and ending losing their passion and identity. They forget why they initially decided to go into business in the first place. Money is just the reward for your product and service; it should not be the only goal.

What’s one quirky fact about your business?

Every customer that moves with us receives a FREE VIP Card valued at $175 at the culmination of your Removal service. The recipients of this Removalist Membership card are entitled to a VIP crew, even at short notice. You will also receive FREE mattress wraps, FREE boxes and many more entitlements. Your friends can even use your AAA City Removalists VIP Card and receive the same VIP service.

Have you worked with AAA City Removalist?

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