Behind the Scenes with BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters

We all have that one friend who seems to have done everything. That’s certainly the case with Bob. Here’s a man whose made it a point to only ever work in jobs that he actually enjoys – no office cubicles for this guy!

Bob’s done everything from groundskeeping to water-skiing, from firefighting to windsurfing. And it doesn’t stop there either. By opening up his own fishing charter company, he’s found a way to pack more fun into every day, than most of us can do in a year.

What’s his secret? It might sound simple but here it is: love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Don’t just take our word for it though. Come and meet Bob – the man who’s on a permanent holiday.

Hi Bob, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What’s the story behind BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters?

I’m a hedonist, and I’ve only ever worked in occupations I’ve enjoyed. At different stages this has included labouring; the heavier the work the better. Then I went into groundskeeping, carpentry, and full-time firefighting. Eventually I found a way to turn hobbies into a way to earn an income, first as a water-ski instructor, then as a windsurfing instructor, and now doing ocean fishing charters.

That’s an amazing career history! What made you want to start your own small business?

Independence and the fact that you will reap what you sow. 

What do you love the most having a local business on the Gold Coast?

Happy people on holidays – gotta love ‘em! The tourist strip holiday feeling rubs off on me, and it feels like I’m on a never-ending holiday myself.

How do you go over and above to create a customer experience that people love coming back to?

Treat each person as an important individual. Our main task is coaching, which means catering to all different experience levels. There are no dumb questions – we’re there to help. 

Do you have any advice for other small businesses that are starting up?

Learn from the competition, even work there first if you can. Don’t even think of starting a business unless you want to give a better service than what is already available. 

One of the five-star reviews on your listing says “Hi I’m Harley and I am 10 years old and I have just been on BK’s Fishing Charter boat. This was my 1st fishing charter and Bob and the Deckie Ben were great and helped me catch my first Spotted Mackerel. This is the biggest fish I have caught and it was so much fun! I would recommend any kids who love fishing to go on BK’S Fishing Charter boat. It was the best!” Locals supporting locals is something we really believe in. How valuable have you found online reviews and feedback to you as a local business?

Online reviews are extremely necessary for the internet-surfing potential customer, and they really keep me and my staff on our toes! We feel like we have failed when we get a poor review, and try hard to resolve the cause. Of course we love the good ones though! Our guests fish for fish, and we fish for the guests’ smiles. 

What advice do you have for other local businesses that might want to increase their online reviews on platforms like True Local?

Too easy – just let your guests know you’re on True Local. Ask them verbally or in print to leave a review, maybe even have an invite to do a review on their receipt. For example, you could have a stamp for the back of their receipt EFT or other. 

It’s important for small businesses to have the support and recommendations of the locals to boost the community. As a small business, what are your favourite local business in your area?

Small, family-run restaurants. You can taste the pride. 

Lastly, for a bit of fun – what’s one fun fact about BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charters that people might not know? 

We know most kids and ladies try harder to beat the men, and without the men knowing we secretly tilt the scales in their favour to catch more fish. And we’re not telling how here! Come out with us blokes to try to catch us out.

You can find BK’s Gold Coast Fishing Charter at The Spit Pontoon, 1 Muriel Henchman Dr, Main Beach QLD. For a fishing experience you won’t forget, head to their website to book a tour today!

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