Business Spotlight: Lash & Dash

Batting your eyelashes has never looked so good. We sat down with Samantha Bonney, the owner of Lash & Dash; a Cheltenham boutique salon that specialises in the art of eyelash extensions, to find out more about Samantha’s personal journey from a role in the corporate world to proud local business owner.

What is your name and role at Lash & Dash?

My name is Samantha Bonney and I am the owner of Lash & Dash in Cheltenham.


Tell us about your business story

I have always been passionate about beauty. Up until five years ago, I was working in the corporate sector. Usual story, It wasn’t where I saw myself long term. It was around this time, I was first introduced to eyelash extensions. I was drawn to how much of a difference it made to my daily beauty routine.  

I have always loved new beauty trends, especially makeup and the ability to enhance your look. After my first eyelash extension experience, I was hooked and the rest is history, my passion for lashes was born.

When did you start in the industry?

In 2012, I started my own eyelash extension business from my spare room at home.


What made you want to start your own small business?

Five years ago not many eyelash salons existed that focused on using quality products and correct application. In my experience, I had visited many beauty salons that offered eyelash extensions and I was never completely happy with their service or quality of work. I saw a gap in the beauty industry for specialisation in the art of eyelash extensions.

How long have you had the business for?

Time has flown by, but it has been 5 years.

What do you love most about having your business in the Bayside area?

As a local Bayside resident myself, I am proud to say we are lucky to be amongst such a supportive community. At Lash & Dash, due to the nature of our work, we get to personally know our customers. In return, we are grateful they have helped us grow Lash & Dash by word of mouth.


What do you do to surprise and delight your customers?

We like to keep things exciting and new in the salon. Last year we entered the Kingston Council Christmas window competition (and won!). We like to delight our customers by providing a calm and relaxing environment to unwind from a busy day, or just take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

What is your favourite local business in your area?

People love to spread the word about things they love, and so do we!

Nail Ink in Beaumaris specialises in the latest Nail Art trends and techniques.

Café Indimand in Cheltenham are a local gem providing a great cup of coffee every time.

Do you have any advice for small businesses just starting up?

Doing what you love is the key to success and will make all the hard work seem worth it. It may seem daunting to start your own business, but if you are passionate about your product or service, this will help your business grow and attract more customers.

What is one quirky fact about your business?

On a busy day we can apply up to 5000 eyelash strands!

Do you have a business tagline or customer promise?

Business Tagline: Specialising in the Art of Eyelash Extensions.
Customer Promise: We offer a 3 day guarantee from date of application.

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