Behind the Scenes with The Elevation Cafe

The Elevation Cafe started by a group who shared a passion for hospitality and more importantly, coffee. The beautiful cafe space is decorated with live indoor plants and modern design touches; the perfect home for a terrarium bar. We spoke to Ada to hear her local story:

Nice meeting you Ada. Can you tell us a little about how The Elevation Cafe started?

The Elevation cafe opens the door on 27th Feb 2016, owning a cafe was a passion and a dream that my husband Sam and I had for a long time. With the help of our friends, who are the top listed barista in NSW and the most important part in setting up our business, we are aiming to offer specialised coffee and Asian-fusion cuisine. The name of The Elevation came from the story of harvesting coffee beans, the higher the attitude the coffee beans grow from the better they are.  

Do you have a signature dish that the locals love?

Our signature is avocado on toast which is served by our house made mash avocado and gourmet sourdough or Rye. Other popular dishes will be Spanish Baked Egg and Haloumi salad.

What do you love most about having a business in Parramatta?

I love my business in Parramatta as our customers are very lovely and friendly. They are open minded with everything we offered and always give us feedback, they help us grow. 

Do you have any advice for small businesses just starting up?

Every business is different, be well planned and get to know your local market is the key.

Have you visited The Elevation Cafe yet?

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