Adelaide’s Buzzing Breweries and Beer Gardens

Nothing brings people together like a hearty dousing of beer. It’s like social superglue!

TrueLocal - Wheatsheaf Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

Wheatsheaf Hotel


Wine, whiskey and gallons of bottled and hand-pumped craft beer make the Wheatsheaf Thebarton’s top stop for swanky booze. You won’t find any of the light, low-carb stuff here, as they recommend “real beer and regular exercise” instead. We like the sound of half of that, at least. Read more

Very cool pub. Love that there are wood fires and no plasmas. Excellent selection of beers. Great place for a lazy drink with friends. –Kelly T

TrueLocal - Earl of Leicester Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

A beautiful 19th century pub overflowing with character (and beer), the Earl of Leicester has a long and fascinating history of serving up food, drink and festivities to the good folks of Parkside. You can even become a part of that history yourself by joining their Beer Legends Club, a hallowed group of champions who’ve worked their way through all 150 beers on offer. See if you have what it takes!
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One of my favourite pubs. Home of the best schnitzel menu in Australia. Big beer selection. Good atmosphere. Staff are on the ball. Order a large “Bulls Bollocks” and pick a beer off the menu that you haven’t seen before. – ToughButFair

TrueLocal - Belgian Beer Café: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

Belgium, beer and cafes. Three things everyone loves! It only makes sense to combine them all into one handy venue, and that’s just what the fine fellows at the Belgian Beer Café have done. With tons of genuine imported Belgian beers to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this place. After all, beer is to Belgium what chocolate is to… well, Belgium. Man, Belgium’s great! Read more

Awesome array of beers, which is what you would expect from a place like this. Best place to get a giant glass of Hoegaarden in Adelaide. – bunglebass

TrueLocal - The Highway: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

The Highway


Beer garden, function rooms, bistro, lounge bar, sports bar, gaming room, bottle shop… it wouldn’t surprise us if they had a petting zoo and a secret submarine pen in there somewhere too. The Highway is a thriving metropolis of exceptional food and drink, with a constant stream of events to keep things fresh, from live music to celebrity guests. Read more

Times have changed, and so has the Highway Inn. I don’t know what it used to be like but these days it is a place for pretty much everybody. They have a fine dining restaurant if you want something romantic, and they have a beer garden that is nothing short of awesome (especially with the Daiquiri Bar that opens in the evening, when the place turns into a nightclub). – David Sarkies

TrueLocal - Gilbert Street Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

“Situated in the thriving south west corner of the city, the Gilbert Street Hotel is the kind of pub everyone wants to be their local.” Big talk, Gilbert Street Hotel. Big talk indeed. Still, they’re probably right. This is place is so nice it’s like Christmas every day. Beer Christmas. It might not make sense now, but it will when you get there.
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Great function room upstairs. Bar access, toilets on the same level, balcony and good space. – xbabydollx

TrueLocal - Edinburgh Castle Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

As old as Adelaide itself, the Edinburgh Castle Hotel is a multi-venued haven of delectable treats to smash your appetite and drown your thirst. The beer is as cold as the atmosphere is warm, and you’d need a true heart of stone not to find something you like about this place.Read more

Good food, no argument. Great prices, no complaint. I would happily go again. – Ange Kenos

TrueLocal - Edinburgh Castle Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Adelaide

Warradale Hotel


Whether you swing by on Thirsty Thursday, Punters Paradise Saturday or Super Dry Sunday ($15 jugs of Hahn Super Dry!), you’re bound to find something at the Warradale Hotel that’ll fill your mug to the brim with happy memories. Relax in the idyllic garden bar, and let yourself drift away into a state of contented bliss… Read more

Fantastic place, great food and great surroundings – Pridal2007

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