Brisbane’s Bustling Breweries and Beer Gardens

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never encountered a problem that beer couldn’t fix.

TrueLocal - Archive Beer Boutique: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

The name of this place certainly doesn’t lie. It truly is a fantabulous archive of full-bodied beers brewed near and far, and you’re bound to find just the one you need to not just hit the spot, but outright hammer it into oblivion. Add that to the pleasant layout and casual, unpretentious atmosphere, and we have ourselves a keeper! Read more

Funky archive, why have I not reviewed you before? I love the atmosphere this place gets on weekends. I tend to stay longer than planned each time I walk through the door. I’ve not eaten here yet, but each time I come I try a different brew. – out2often

TrueLocal - Woolly Mammoth Alehouse: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

Woolly Mammoth Alehouse

Fortitude Valley

You have to hand it to the Woolly Mammoth Alehouse for its conviction. The owners picked their mascot (presumably out of a hat or something) and are sticking it out to the bitter end. Yes, this is indeed the only bar in Brisbane where a giant woolly mammoth watches you drink, silently judging the choices you make from the enormous craft beer selection on offer. Read more

If there’s one thing that I really like about this place and that is the massive Woolly Mammoth just opposite the bar… They have quite a decent selection of beers on tap, as well as quite a selection of spirits behind the bar. – David Sarkies

TrueLocal - Bitter Suite: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

Bitter Suite

New Farm

Seven taps, the occasional hand pump and over 65 bottled craft beers. Phew. If you’re a fan of beer and you ever find yourself in New Farm, your choice is already made. Bitter Suite could satisfy even the most ardent of beer snobs, and that doesn’t even get us started on the food. Read more

Great for after work drinks and menu is great too. – SophiaChan21

TrueLocal - The Burrow: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

The Burrow

West End

A little slice of rustic paradise right in the heart of funky West End, The Burrow offers style, comfort, atmosphere, and a list of craft beers as long as their wooden communal tables. Eat, drink and forget your woes from breakfast to dinner and beyond! You might have to leave at some point, of course, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Read more

There’s a twist to the approach this place takes. Everything seems a little different to the usual, including the odd decor and the naming conventions on the menu. I can honestly say, it’s an experience to eat here. – out2often

TrueLocal - Pineapple Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

Pineapple Hotel

Kangaroo Point

Who doesn’t like pineapples? Well, those unfortunate allergic people whose mouths swell up like angry balloons when they get anywhere near them, of course. But hey! Even they won’t have a problem with the good old Pineapple Hotel in Kangaroo Point, where the outstanding beer flows freely and the food is varied, plentiful and lip-smackingly moreish. Mmm! Read more

The place to go before and after game day at the Gabba. Top atmosphere at this Brisbane icon. – monash

TrueLocal - Pig 'N' Whistle: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Brisbane

Even putting aside the fact that it has the greatest logo ever drawn up by mortal hands (yes, it’s exactly what you think it is), the Pig ‘N’ Whistle on Eagle Street is a haven of quality entertainment, sumptuous a la carte food and more beer choices than you could poke a stick at. No doubt about it, you’ll love every second you spend here. Read more

I was in Brisbane for a holiday, and I’m glad I found Pig ‘N’ Whistle during my first night in. It had a great atmosphere and the food and drinks were great! – m_steins

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