The very best in Perth Breweries and Beer Gardens

Beer makes everything great. These five places do great beer. Therefore, these are the greatest places in Perth.

TrueLocal - Subiaco Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Perth

Subiaco Hotel


Subiaco’s origins lay in a settlement first established by Benedictine monks back in 1800, and we reckon even they’d get a kick out of the lovely range of beers on offer at this newly renovated heritage pub. With over ten beers and ciders on tap, as well as many more bottles and a huge list of wines and spirits to boot, you’re bound to find just the cure for whatever ales you. Read more

Great for work drinks any night of the week! We loved the food in the restaurant and didn’t spend a fortune! – Clare1

TrueLocal - The Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Perth

Nothing beats a lucky shag on the waterfront. Erm, we mean The Lucky Shag on the waterfront. Proper seafood, tremendous views and live entertainment four nights a week make the perfect accompaniment to a nice tall glass of foaming, nut-brown ale. Heavenly! Read more

I love the location of The Lucky Shag, my friends and I had a great time out on the board walk, enjoying a few beers and catching some wonderful West Australian sunshine. – Rambo69

TrueLocal - Sail & Anchor: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Perth

Sail & Anchor


Avast ye, scurvy dogs and take the seas by storm! The Sail & Anchor is one of the beeriest beer spots in Fremantle, offering plentiful flowing bounties from 27 different taps and three hand pumps. Craft beer, mateys. Craft beer, ho! Read more

Choose your beers and ciders if you’re after a tasting board. I loved that the descriptions were delivered with the board in a way that you could keep tabs on your likes… or dislikes… However you chose to drink. – out2often

TrueLocal - Little Creatures Brewery: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Perth

A restaurant, an art gallery and a bar all combine to form the harbourside Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle, and it’s the perfect spot to get your beer on. They say that they were born out of the love of great beer shared by good mates and we have to say – that sounds pretty good to us. Read more

One of the best pubs in Perth/Freo. Good food, super location and it goes without saying that the beer rocks. Any time I have friends in town from interstate or overseas we always take them here and no-one has been disappointed. – ozeguy

TrueLocal - Court Hotel: Breweries and Beer Gardens in Perth

Court Hotel


One of Perth’s most vibrant temples of mirth and merriment, the Court is a huge bar/nightclub/restaurant/beer garden extravaganza that goes out of its way to make everyone feel welcome. They’ve got plenty of entertainment on offer as well with some great DJs, drag shows and live bands kicking it up! Read more

I absolutely love going to The Court. The food and beverages are all very reasonably priced (especially by Perth standards), and not only is the food delicious and quickly prepared, the serving sizes are ENORMOUS. I’ve almost never finished my plate. – Hannah M

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