Weird and Wonderful Foods in Brisbane

Image credit: Chocolate Komberry Co
Image credit: Chocolate Komberry Co

In celebration of some of the weird and wonderful foods found in the city of Brisbane we’ve compiled a selection of dishes to try that will challenge and treat your taste buds. These foods combine popular ingredients in a unique and sometimes even unexpected way, making for a truly memorable meal. In no particular order, here’s five to try:

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Heya Bar

Fortitude Valley

When you’re craving something to eat that’s a little on the naughty side, often the hardest decision to make is what you’re going to order. If you’re in Brisbane and can’t choose between a cheeseburger or spring rolls never fear – Heya Bar have the solution!

Heya Bar combined two of your favourite guilty pleasures in this clever fusion that will solve all your snacking problems. Cheeseburger spring rolls are filled with beef, bacon, caramelised onion, lettuce plus pickle and a dash of hickory aioli. Next time you’re feeling peckish give this one a try.

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Nutella Lasagne

Chocolate Komberry Co


When it comes to indulgent foods, the Italians sure know how to do it best. For a mind-blowing chocolate treat you can’t look past this creation from Chocolate Komberry Co. Here two of Italy’s finest creations, Nutella and lasagne are united to create a heavenly and decadent dessert.

With layers of chocolate hazelnut spread with marshmallows and more, you’ll be lining up for seconds in no time!

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Coffee flavoured Popsicles

Queen of Pops


Like coffee? Like ice cream, popsicles and other icy cold treats? Let us introduce you to coffee pops. Caffeinated popsicles are the summer treat you never knew you needed, with the coffee flavours you know and love in a more refreshing and fun form.

Popping up at the Queen of Pops, you’ll find various frozen coffees on a stick such as long black, chai latte and cappuccino to name a few. Soft serve more your thing, or perhaps just a good old coffee in a cup? All these and more are available, so no matter your coffee preference you’ll find something to satisfy.

Cool off and chill out with something from the Queen of Pops

Charred Eggplant Sorbet

Gerard’s Bistro

Fortitude Valley

OK, so hear us out. We can’t imagine that charred eggplant is the first flavour you think of when you find your tastebuds calling for some sorbet, but Gerard’s Bistro assure us it’s worth stepping out of your flavour comfort zone for.

This unusual dish consists of charred eggplant sorbet, with tahini crumb, cacao and Arabic coffee. Bring some adventure into your next sorbet expedition and give this weird flavour a go.

More on Gerard’s Bistro here


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