Brisbane’s Best Coffee

Wakey, wakey, sleepy head! It’s time for your go-juice.

TrueLocal - Jacu Espresso: Coffee in Brisbane

Jacu Espresso

Norman Park

“A coffee and breakfast meeting place of excellence.” Can’t say fairer than that, can you? Jacu Espresso offers a chilled-out sanctum of excellent coffee and exquisite food, where folks of all shapes and sizes converge to be reminded just exactly why they bothered getting up. Read more

One of the best Cafes in Brisbane in my books! We travel from the other side of town to enjoy their fabulous Breakfasts and great coffee! Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table – they’re usually always busy, especially on weekends! Parking can be a little tricky on weekends too but don’t let that stop you – the food, the staff and the vibe is brilliant! – SayJSay

TrueLocal - Cleanskin Coffee Co: Coffee in Brisbane

Anybody remember that rubbish film, Cleanskin? No? Good. In that case, your perception of Cleanskin Coffee Co won’t be pre-soiled by Sean Bean. Anyway, Cleanskin Coffee Co is a stylish café serving up a bounty of artisan coffee, courtesy of two award-winning roasters. Nice! Read more

Definitely best coffee in Brisbane…even the world. They have stepped up and put a mark in the Australian speciality coffee scene. Worth the visit to Brendale. – JamesMuller

TrueLocal - Cup From Above: Coffee in Brisbane

Ever wanted to enjoy a finely crafted cup of coffee and perform a noble deed at the same time? Well, you’re in luck, hero! Cup From Above is a special charity café geared around helping those who struggle to find work, by training them up as expert coffee baristas and café managers. The quality of food and drink is certainly not neglected in favour of humanitarianism either, so prepare to enjoy! Read more

When you buy a coffee, you can pay for another and this creates a Suspended Coffee. Someone can come in and claim the free coffee, no questions asked. Staff are unpaid, however they are being taught everything about making perfect coffee and running a cafe. This gives them the skills they need to be able to get a paid job elsewhere. The coffee is the best. – The healers

TrueLocal - Dandelion & Driftwood: Coffee in Brisbane

As you can probably guess, Dandelion & Driftwood glides along peacefully on the naturalistic, rustic vibes of days gone by. There’s also a cheeky dash of the modern, however, as classic and contemporary coffee techniques blend to create something uniquely flavoursome. The sweets, savouries and high tea aren’t to be scoffed at either, so do come along and see what’s on offer. Read more

Beautiful place for tea and cake. Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff – Kirby¬_Rushton

TrueLocal - Blackstar Coffee Roasters: Coffee in Brisbane

Probably the most badassly named coffee shop you’ll ever come across, Blackstar Coffee Roasters belies its imposing moniker to offer a warm, friendly and generally outstanding service. Committed to fair trade and an electrifying selection of high-grade coffee, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted from a café right here. Read more

Amazing coffee, great style and very cool attitude. The iced coffee is delicious though my favourite it still a cappuccino or hot chocolate – try their Roma Street counterpart as well, equally awesome! –cammy275

TrueLocal - Cafe Lucid: Coffee in Brisbane

Cafe Lucid


Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that get you through the darker times. Since “darker times” for us include being awake before midday (shudder), we’d be lost without the beautiful coffee and classic bacon ‘n’ egg rolls of Cafe Lucid to keep us struggling onwards. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like this place to get your blood pumping for the rigours of the day ahead. Read more

Loved my coffee and bacon and egg roll – very tasty! – becmez

TrueLocal - Abode Cafe: Coffee in Brisbane

Abode Cafe


Abode Cafe is a place of genuine beauty (and not just because of the staff). It’s a tranquil, cosy utopia of a coffee shop that truly says, “Welcome to paradise.” If you’re looking for a new place to call home, you probably won’t find much better than this. Read more

Nothing better has happened than to have Abode Cafe open up in our peaceful little courtyard gardens. It’s not a big space, but service is genuine, friendly and laid back. Food is nearly all made on site, including the delicious relishes and jams. Coffee is by Black Sheep and it’s consistently good, really good. Prices are fair and good value for the portion sizes of the food. – Kazsexton

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