Brisbane’s Brunchy Delights

Of all the made-up meals, brunch is definitely the greatest.  We think it’s time you taste some of Brisbane’s best.

TrueLocal - Lock 'n' Load: Brunches in Brisbane

“Lock ‘n’ Load” used to be nothing more than the standard, go-to line for 80s action heroes when they couldn’t think of anything else to say. Thankfully, it’s now also a very stylish restaurant in Brisbane’s West End. The serene ambience of days gone by drifts about the place like a pleasant dream and the tasty menu should satisfy even the pickiest brunch-goers. Read more

I’ve had breakfast and lunch and was blown away each time. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is chilled, sunny and easy-going. Most memorable lunch was the spanner crab in seafood bisque pasta, DROOL! – snvs

TrueLocal - Cowch: Brunches in Brisbane


South Brisbane

Cowch describes itself as a “cocktail dessert bar” – now that is a glorious combination of words! Seriously, what more do you need to know? Now they do brunch! So throw off the shackles and brunch indulgently like there’s no tomorrow. Read more

Cowch. South Brisbane. Great variety of food and drinks. Also not too expensive for what you get. Great atmosphere and open till late every day- The healers

TrueLocal - Willow and Spoon: Brunches in Brisbane

Willow and Spoon


Willow and Spoon is a beautifully presented café where you can “indulge in a whole new world of savoury goodness”. Honestly, anywhere that serves up a meal called ‘Johnny Utah’ is fine by us. Why don’t more restaurants take inspiration from Point Break?
Read more

Love it, you must go! Fantastic coffee, attentive and warm service. Such a friendly cafe. They just started their dinner menu and it is amazing. Say hello to Keith for me. – Ahmet’s

TrueLocal - The Ponycat: Brunches in Brisbane

The Ponycat

New Farm

Ponycat – hybrid creature resulting from science gone mad, or cute little café over in New Farm? Very possibly both, but we’re talking about the latter today. Yummy, inventive food without a hint of pretension is the order the day, served up amidst an atmosphere of inviting warmth. What better way to enjoy a darn good brunch?  Read more

Fantastic eclectic cafe with delicious coffee. – Smma79

TrueLocal - Au Cirque: Brunches in Brisbane

Au Cirque

New Farm

A very popular local brunch spot, Au Cirque serves up delectable, modern cuisine. It’s definitely a place to bring your mates if a relaxed meal is the order of the day. With a whopping selection of delicious organic things on the menu, you really can’t go wrong. Read more

Cirque has a great menu at a reasonable price and the food definitely does not disappoint. More than your average breakfast with fresh and vibrant flavours. The coffee is Genovese (a Melbourne company) and is really good. – Laura Spencer



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