Brisbane’s Top Ten Christmas Hidden Gems


Looking for something quirky, fun and original gifts to give this Christmas? Find something for everyone with these Christmas ideas!

Eclectic Gifts


Six Things

Burleigh Heads

Do you know anybody who might appreciate a wall-mounted bison’s head for Christmas? How about a Mickey Mouse skull statue? Perhaps a notebook adorned with a sepia-toned picture of Yoda wearing a top hat, or even a Christmas card featuring Father Christmas elbow-dropping the Grinch? Wait, what are we saying? Who wouldn’t appreciate all that stuff? Thanks, Six Things!  Read More »

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Boutique Decorations


Paper Boat Press


Paper Boat Press is the brainchild of Kylie Johnson, a renowned local artist and poet with a mighty knack for ceramics. From ornate, colourful brooches to inscribed tags, fridge magnets and wall pieces, everything Kylie creates is brimming with homely, knickknacky charm. And where would Christmas be without homely, knick knacky charm, eh? Read More »

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Treats Galore


The Nut Market

New Farm

Chestnuts roasting over an open fire. The Nutcracker. Old-timey stocking fillers. Yes, Christmas and nuts go back a long, long way, so we’d be remiss to leave out the glorious Nut Market in this little festive list of ours. Expect the very finest in local and imported nuts, dried fruits, healthy (and not so healthy!) snacks and chocolates, and expect a lot of them. Read More »

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Foodie Books


Scrumptious Reads 

Fortitude Valley

Now here’s an interesting one! A bookshop, event space and private dining room, all rolled into one beautifully configured building interior (the founders happen to be designers too, which probably helps with that sort of thing). A wealth of deliciously fascinating culinary tomes await you within, and any keen chefs on your Christmas presents list will no doubt love what you pick out for them.  Read More »

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Boutique Wine, Beer and Cider 


Malt Traders


“Malt Traders is a locally owned and operated purveyor of fine consumables”. What a great description! That’s better than anything we could come up with. It sounds like it should be said in a smooth drawl by a venerable, silver-haired Texan with his thumbs in his braces. Anyway, this place sells really nice booze, and you can’t very well have Christmas without nice booze, can you?  Read More »

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Mince Pies


Jocelyn’s Provisions

Fortitude Valley

We aren’t quite sure who Jocelyn is, but we really hope she’s married to the venerable, silver-haired Texan from the last one. And continuing on from the ‘things you can’t have Christmas without’ theme, it’s time for mince pies! Jocelyn’s Provisions is one of the very best bakeries around these parts, and we highly recommend choosing it as your primary mince pie supplier this yuletide. Read More »

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Retro Goods and Collectables




There’s one thing for certain; if you like stuff, you’ll like Hobohemia. It’s hard to explain exactly what they sell, because there’s simply no rhyme or reason to it. It’s just… stuff. Cool, unique, jumbled-up, wonderfully retro stuff. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Christmas present, or merely fancy gazing through all the amazing sorted thingamabobs for a while, Hobohemia is your new friend. Read More »

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Jewellery, Homewares and More


Thousand Island Dressing

Bulimba, New Farm, Paddington

Ooh, shiny things! Shiny things always go down very nicely on Christmas day (as well as around 364 other days), Thousand Island Dressing boasts some of the very shiniest. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a human being or the house they live in, this place is a treasure trove of gorgeous necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, homeware, and tons of other pretty trinkets. Read More »

‘Beautiful and one of a kind products. Come here for gifts or something extra special for yourself.’ – sugarbaby

Vintage Records 


Rocking Horse


This diverse record shop has been around since 1975, and it’s collected a host of awards in recent years for its outstanding diverse-record-shopolology. It’s both the largest and oldest independent record shop in Queensland, which is rather cool, and it’s guaranteed to have the perfect present for your hard-core music fan friends. (You know, the one who liked the band before they got famous.) Read More »

‘Excellent for a great range of 2nd hand CDs. I Love vinyl and you have a great collection. I think the range of imported music has to be the best in Brisbane.’ – TSUJONG

Day Spa


Harbour Day Spa


“Harbour Day Spa in Raby Bay” sounds a bit like a tongue twister, doesn’t it? Still, we’d imagine you know quite a few overworked souls suffering some serious festive fatigue. We’re also willing to bet that they’d be very appreciative of anyone who would think to get them a gift voucher for one of the area’s top day spas for Christmas. Very appreciative indeed!  Read More »

‘Heaven!’ – babuf

Did we miss out any of your top Christmas present hotspots? No worries! Just review them on True Local, and we’ll feature them as soon as we can!



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