Brisbane’s got the Shakes

These wondrous milkshakes are jam packed with more feel good vibes than Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off.’

TrueLocal - Bitter Suite: Milkshakes in Brisbane

Bitter Suite

New Farm

Bitter Suite is like a kind of wondrous temple dedicated exclusively to ingestible liquids. Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, mocktails, juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, smoothies and, of course, milkshakes! You’d have to have a level of pickiness as yet unheard of by man to leave this place thirsty.
Shake to try: Hands down, the Lemon Meringue Pie milkshake. You can taste the deliciousness in the image above. Read more

Great for after work drinks and menu is great too. – SophiaChan21

TrueLocal - Milk Café: Milkshakes in Brisbane

Milk Café


If a place called ‘Milk Café’ ended up serving substandard milkshakes, something would certainly be amiss in the world. Fortunately, it does quite the opposite, so everything’s fine! The legendary specialty shakes are all must-tries, as is pretty much everything else.
Shake to try: Turkish Delight, just to see how they manage to translate this into milkshake language. Read more

A must try for anyone looking for a great milkshake. They actually taste like the flavour you order, unlike so many places theses days… The food is also pretty good and reasonably priced. One of the things that stood out the most was the friendly staff. Some of the most polite staff I have encountered in a long time! Highly recommended. –LocalGuy83

TrueLocal - Cowch: Milkshakes in Brisbane


South Brisbane

A swanky bar/dessert restaurant hybrid (has science finally gone too far..?), Cowch will give you the rigorous milkshaking you’ve been so desperately pining for. Memorable, mighty and made to please, these shakes will kick-start your life.
Shake to try: Cookies and Cream. It tastes like being five years old again. Read more

Cowch. South Brisbane. Great variety of food and drinks. Also not too expensive for what you get. Great atmosphere and open till late everyday – The healers

TrueLocal - South Side Diner: Milkshakes in Brisbane

South Side Diner

South Brisbane

Nobody seems to enjoy milkshakes quite like those 30-year-old “teenagers” you see in black and white Hollywood movies. South Side Diner is the place to for a wholesome slice of old-timey Americana, and it sure is swell.
Shake to try: The Tootsie Roll – a milkshaked spiked with a little bit of alcohol. Read more

This is one of those places, where atmosphere, character and service will have me return. That and the “hard milkshake” called “Tootsie Roll”, yes… a spiked milkshake. You wouldn’t know it. Service here is great, so is the standard menu available between main menu service hours. – out2often

TrueLocal - Dello Mano: Milkshakes in Brisbane

Dello Mano


Dello Mano is a blissful chocolatey wonderland, where you’ll find sweets to tempt even the trickiest tongues. It’s also got a beautiful café attached, where you can laze about and feel extremely pleased with yourself while you tuck into your scrumptious lunch.
Shake to try: Peanut Butter Fudge. Let’s not mess around here. Read more

The best chocolate ever! – Liz Murrihy

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