Brisbane’s Sizzling Schnitzel Spots

Schnitzel time is best time so come on down for a good time.

TrueLocal - The Fox Hotel: The best schnitzel in Brisbane

The Fox Hotel

South Brisbane

Dating all the way back to the 1800s, The Fox Hotel is a large, stylishly renovated house of cultural flavour and… well, regular flavour, too. There’s a plethora of food and drink available across multiple function rooms, restaurants and bars, and it’s all well worth a sniff. Perhaps even two!
Schnicest schnitty: Panko Crumbed Chicken. Comes garnished with fries, salad and happiness. Read more

Dined at the BBQ and smoke house a few times. Meals are big, steak was good, very affordable too. Staff are always friendly and professional. – SocialSass

TrueLocal - Pig 'N' Whistle: The best schnitzel in Brisbane

Part of a chain of splendidly British pubby-restauranty-alehousey-type joints, the homely Riverside Pig ‘N’ Whistle specialises in spectacular eats. This is certainly not your average pub menu, ranging from Tex-Mex chicken burgers to Estiva pizzas to Camembert cheese. And, of course, schnitzel.
Schnicest schnitty: Middlesbrough ‘Parmo’ Chicken. Béchamel, cheese, chunky chips, salad. Yum. Read more

I was in Brisbane for a holiday, and I’m glad I found Pig and Whistle during my first night in. It had a great atmosphere and the food and drinks were great! – m_steins

TrueLocal - Brewhouse Brisbane: The best schnitzel in Brisbane

Brewhouse Brisbane


An entire house of brew? What will they think of next? More importantly, however, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm every Monday, chicken schnitzels are a “poultry” $10! Yes, that’s tender, breadcrumby goodness with a rich range of toppings, for a steal.
Schnicest schnitty: Hey, at ten bucks a pop, who cares? Try ’em all!Read more

Love it! The food was absolutely delicious and incredibly reasonably priced. Great to see the return of the Sunshine Wheat Beer. – Steph Maker

TrueLocal - The German Club: The best schnitzel in Brisbane

The German Club

East Brisbane

Formed back in the 19th century by genuine, bona fide Germans, the German Club seeks to keep the sturdy Bavarian spirit alive and thriving in Brisbane. Naturally, this includes the hearty, wholesome cuisine, which is largely comprised of pork and beer. Sounds just fine to us!
Schnicest schnitty: Pork with buttered mash and seasonal veg, and extra pork (probably). Read more

The German Club is definitely a great night out if you have a big group. The bar is well priced & they have a large variety of drinks to cater for everyone. The food is to die for – wholesome, hearty German food without a big price tag. The atmosphere is great & I must say, Andrew is one of the reasons I always go back! – Lollen94

TrueLocal - Jak + Hill: The best schnitzel in Brisbane

Jak + Hill

Spring Hill

Jak + Hill is a spacious, airy and warmly welcoming café in the midst of balmy Astor Terrace, where you can eat and drink stuff in exchange for genuine Australian currency. Got your head around all that? Good! Then saunter on down and sample the schnitzel.
Schnicest schnitty: Herbed Free-Range Chicken, with pecan maple slaw and chunky chips. Perfect. Read more

Great little cafe/restaurant at Spring Hill in Brisbane. Easy to find and popular with all the locals who work in the area. I think quite a few of them use Jak + Hill for clients meetings & lunches. There’s always lots of “suits” having coffee there. They make great coffee & fruit/nut toast, muffins, salads, even fresh fruit & more. Jak + Hill is close by a lot of specialists in the area also. – Amy Neeson

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