Our 2015 Top Picks for Brunch in Adelaide

Nothing beats a wholesome mid-morning meal and these lovely Adelaide spots will satisfy all your brunching needs!

Bar 9


Image credit: Bar 9 - Specialist Coffee Boutique
Image credit: Bar 9 – Specialist Coffee Boutique

Bar 9 is one of those ultra-trendy places you just can’t help but love. They treat their coffee with a near-religious reverence, and it’s undoubtedly some of the very best in the city. The food isn’t too bad either, and you can munch on a range of options while observing true coffee masters do their thing. Read more »

Definitely the best coffee you’ll ever drink outside of the Adelaide CBD. The baristas are friendly and are one of the few coffee houses in Adelaide that serve rich syphon coffee! The good guys from Bar Nine are also sympathetic to motorists stuck in traffic jams… – Rubina Carlson

Pickle in the Middle



Definitely one for the foodies out there, as well as people that just really like pickles, Pickle in the Middle is a bright, warmly inviting place on the fringes of the city specialising in breakfast, lunch and everything in between. Gourmet excellence is the order of the day here, and they even run pickling workshops throughout the year! Read more »

What a beautiful little unique cafe. The staff were warm and welcoming, and the food was pretty delish! Can’t be more in love with all the preserved pickles and jalapenos and other assorted goodies! Totally yum! – TheMiddleIngredient

The Loose Caboose Cafe


Image credit: The Loose Caboose Cafe
Image credit: The Loose Caboose Cafe

While it may sound like a lost Dr. Seuss story, The Loose Caboose is actually a converted railway station in Hindmarsh that now serves as an excellent brunch spot. In fact, you could say it’s your first stop when choosing the perfect brunch, and it’s guaranteed to keep you on track for a tasty, nutritious… well, you get the point. Read more »

Set a little further out in Hindmarsh, this old railway station has been converted into one of Adelaide’s best brunch spots (if the crowds are anything to go by). They make a mean coffee, and their breakfast board sure hits the spot. Let’s not forget the free sparkling water on tap too! A must! – ReviewedbyCheri

Cafe Troppo



Now here we have an absolutely beautiful little café, decked out to the brim with lush greenery and stylish trappings. It’s like a tropical paradise right in your own backyard, and they’ll certainly serve you up a brunch to remember. Or maybe even forget, if you get a little too carried away with the drinks menu… Read more »

Customers can choose between high tables and stools or lower table and chairs. Fair trade and organic origin coffee, fresh food on offer, cakes and pastries displayed, with both lunch and breakfast menus available. – Trev Scott

Froth and Fodder

Kurralta Park

Image credit: Froth & Fodder
Image credit: Froth & Fodder

With a name like something out of a Tolkien novel, you’d expect a place called Froth and Fodder to serve up hearty, wholesome and utterly delicious grub. And that’s just what they do! There are no flagons of mead, table-dancing hobbits or Viggo Mortensens lurking in the corner, but if you want a scrumptious brunch that’ll fill you up for the rest of the day, this place is for you. Read more »

Incredible chef! Hats off to you! Seriously, if you’re in the area, do yourself a favour and call in for a burger and coffee. Ah-MAZING! You will love every bite and go back again and again as I have done and will be doing every time I’m nearby. –TheMiddleIngredient

What’s your go-to for the perfect brunch? Make sure to leave them a True Local review!

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