Our 2015 Top Picks for Brunch in Melbourne

Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch. Let’s see who does the best brunch in Melbourne!

Hammer and Tong 412


Image credit: Hammer & Tong 412
Image credit: Hammer & Tong 412

Despite sounding a bit like an electropop duo from the 70s, Hammer and Tong 412 is actually a spacious, stylishly presented and very inviting restaurant/café/bar-type place. Divided into three distinct dining areas, it’s a lovely place to come for a spot of gourmet and a splash of specialised coffee. They do wine and cocktails too if you’re feeling a bit rock ‘n’ roll. Read more »

We went all the way when ordering the dishes. The corn and zucchini fritters is one of their unique dishes, with peculiar mixes of flavours and topped with salted caramel ice cream. Then there is a breakfast ramen that had a beautiful taste and delicious soup. – Easternian

Top Paddock



This place is just an absolutely first class example of quality paddockery, no doubt about it. It’s a pretty good cafe too, serving up a big range of fresh, tasty food with a slick, contemporary vibe. It rocks a bustling, energetic atmosphere as well, giving you a proper glimpse into the beating heart of Melbourne. Read more »

I must say this place is buzzing! Beautiful food, with great taste, texture and all the right looks! As the saying goes, ‘If it looks good, it probably is good’! And in this case, it certainly was good food. My taste buds were dancing on my tongue and wanted more. – TheMiddleIngredient

St. Ali

South Melbourne


These people seem to be obsessed with coffee, but it certainly reaps outstanding results. It’s the kind of coffee that truly makes you go “phwoar” (or possibly “OW!” if you sip it too quickly), and the food isn’t half bad either. Award-winning chef Andy Gale keeps things fresh, interesting and thoroughly delectable, so give it a try! Read more »

Would have to be right up there as Melbourne’s best coffee venue and that is saying something. The food is also good – especially the freshly baked sweet or savoury muffins. –Tessielou

Pope Joan

Brunswick East

Image credit: Pope Joan
Image credit: Pope Joan

Pope Joan was a mythical medieval lady who disguised herself a man and got elected pope. Pope Joan is also a very nice café, restaurant and bar on Nicholson Street. No, we don’t know what they have in common either, but the food is vibrant, varied and fulsomely flavoured, so you’re bound to find your ideal brunch here! Read more »

Fabulous breakfast/lunch place with an awesome array of choices, including some you may not see elsewhere. Very reasonably priced and always packed! Wonderful, friendly staff – they always try to accommodate you. – starwoman8

Auction Rooms

North Melbourne

Image credit: Auction Rooms Cafe
Image credit: Auction Rooms Cafe

Sitting soundly in the magnificent building that once housed the WB Ellis auction rooms, this place is a specialised coffee house that also serves up a selection of beautiful, brunch-style sustenance all day long. Unique décor and delicious menu offerings? Count us in. Read more »

I love warehouse conversions, which is probably why I wanted to go here as I heard they did an amazing job on the conversion – and they sure did. The staff are young and hip, happy to explain the menu in depth if it’s your first time. I had the pork belly with potatoes and ham terrine that is perfectly seasoned and cooked. – mass.d

Hardware Société

North Melbourne

Image credit: True Local user: werxj
Image credit: True Local user: werxj

When you can’t even pronounce a restaurant’s name, you just know it’s going to be good. Tough to recommend to your friends, of course, but still good. Hardware Société is an excellent brunch place infused with a Spanish twist, offering unique choices for those craving a little more excitement in their brunch. Read more »

The Hardware Société is a great little café for a relaxed brunch with your friends or partner! The food is delicious and the coffee knows what’s going on because I had two! – thumb

Mixed Business

Clifton Hill

Image credit: Mixed Business Cafe
Image credit: Mixed Business Cafe

Mixed Business is a cosy little café in Clifton Hill, specialising in high-grade coffee and the kind of interesting menu options you might not be able to find elsewhere. If you fancy venturing slightly off the beaten brunch track, this might be just the spot for you! Read more »

Very cosy café with a great menu. Slightly different things on offer to the usual fare, very fresh and healthy with great customer service. It’s a place that you want to go back to just to try everything on the menu. – lwalshy

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