Our 2015 Top Picks for Brunch in Sydney

Ahh, brunch. The saviour of those too lazy for breakfast and too impatient for lunch. Read on to discover Sydney’s very best.


Three Williams


Apparently, this place was established for urban dwellers, famished people, lazy dads and those nursing hangovers. This pretty much covers the entire spectrum of humanity, so you’re bound to find something sumptuous to sate your eleven o’clock cravings. Find out more

Adding this place to one of my all-time favourite cafes. Adorned with beautiful paintings along the walls, as well as a place for your children to create their own works of art (on a giant chalkboard at the end of the shop), this modern and fresh cafe is very popular and have superb food and service.



Blacksmith Cafe & Bakery

Surry Hills

A rustic little hideaway cluttered with interesting trinkets and knickknacks (also thingamajigs, whatsits, and we think we may have even seen a couple of whatchamacallits), Blacksmith is a wonderful place to check out if you fancy a tasty brunch somewhere that’s like a bit like a three-way mashup between a cafe, an eccentric billionaire’s attic and a pirate ship. Find out more

Dine in messy elegance. What is messy elegance? Messy elegance is the term I have decided perfectly describes Blacksmith’s food – rustic presentation mixed with the sophistication of soft shelled crab, poached chicken or quinoa. Absolutely delicious! – ShrimpyNoodle



Kepos Street Kitchen


The head chef and owner of Kepos Street Kitchen, Michael Rantissi, grew up learning exotic Tel Aviv cuisine, and was later trained in both Paris and at the Culinary Institute of America. That basically means he’s really, really good at cooking, and brunch is a particular specialty at his cafe. Find out more

Had breakfast at Kepos Street Kitchen with a friend last Saturday and the food and coffee was just perfect! Had the zucchini fritters with smoked salmon and poached eggs and my mate had the poached eggs with polenta chips. Just amazing! Presentation, portions, flavour and great friendly service. –Bondi1983





Continuing our ‘smith’ theme here, Cornersmith is a beautiful little family-run cafe based in Marrickville. Putting ethical food practices and sublime freshness above all, it’s a bright, airy and friendly spot to grab a wholesome bite to eat whenever you fancy. Find out more

Cornersmith is great for coffee and food – expect a wait if you turn up after 9am on a weekend. You can order a coffee while you wait for a seat. Food is really good with breakfast sides regularly changing. – tinyavatar



Brewtown Newtown


You know who should go to Brewtown Newtown? You… town! Brewtown Newtown describes itself as a cafe, micro-roastery, brew bar and retail centre, which basically makes it Brunch Command Alpha. If you’re feeling super hungry and/or adventurous, try their signature burger, The Elvis. Even The King himself would be proud. Find out more

The coffee here is fantastic. I’ve been three times now, and there’s usually a line-up outside to get in, but people don’t stay too long so the tables turn quickly, meaning there isn’t a long wait. Plus you can look around upstairs in the store to kill some time. – jaydeedw


Image credit: four.ate.five
Image credit: four.ate.five

Four Ate Five

Surry Hills

Cheesy names aside, this cute little cafe offers a vibrant, trendy and utterly relaxed eating establishment to satisfy all your brunch desires. The hipsterness level is fairly high, but the staff are some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. Find out more

Big thumbs up all round for this coffee and cafe joint. Staff are friendly and prompt, food is fresh and super tasty, surrounds are relaxed and comfortable – AND the coffee is really, really good. Great actually. They use Single Origin Roasters coffee, and they do a fine job preparing it too. – HiFalutin’




John Montagu

Surry Hills

John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, is widely believed to have invented the sandwich. John Montagu, the cafe on Cathedral Street, merely serves them. But what a job it does! If an irresistible, handcrafted sandwich is your idea of brunch heaven, then John Montagu is your new god. Kneel before Montagu, and let us all gloriously ascend to the divine Kingdom of Sandwich! Find out more

An excellent brunch spot. Food is beautifully prepared and very well priced. This place is always packed and for good reason! –Jones_A

What’s your go-to for the perfect brunch? Make sure to leave them a True Local review!

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