Hunger-Busting Burgers in Adelaide

You may recall our burger article from last year. Well, we love them so much we couldn’t resist giving burgers a little more love!


Relish’d Burger Bar


Nice and simple is just what you need sometimes, and Relish’d Burger Bar is here to provide it. This friendly little place does a selection of beef, chicken, lamb, pork and veggie burgers, and it does so beautifully. We’d suggest the Single Six Chilli Burger, with lean beef, cheese, jalapenos, salad, mustard aioli and chilli relish. Add a cheeky milkshake and a side of chips, and you’re good to go. Find out more

Relish’d is light on True Local reviews. Please help!



Chuck Wagon 175

North Adelaide

This place is like a teenager’s bedroom that just kept growing and growing until it somehow evolved into a trendy bar. Posters, art and memorabilia cover the walls. Knickknacks abound. Captain America himself even stands guard while you tackle your Burgernator. That’s beef, chicken, cheese, bacon, onion rings and salad, prepared to perfection. Find out more

“The big burger was big – two delicious, homemade patties that were cooked well and juicy. The Portobello chips were my favourite – crunchy batter with juicy mushrooms inside. Washed down with a cold cider – great Friday night meal.” – 4chillis



Fancy Burger


These burgers are fancy with a capital F! More importantly, with their prime local beef, homemade sauces, freshly baked buns and a distinct lack of preservatives and other nasty no-nos, they’re also mighty tasty. We recommend The Sunrise Surprise, a thing of vibrantly flavoursome joy, comprised of beef, avocado, sun-kissed tomatoes, grilled pineapple, herb mayo, lettuce, red onion and relish. Find out more

“Been going to Fancy Burger forever! Every time I’m in town I try to go to the stop off Rundle Street. The burgers are great, extremely savoury and flavoursome and they even do sweet potato chips! The decor has a lovely a post-modern retro vibe. I only give five stars to services I love.” – Anja kreides



Enuf Burger

Glenelg North

You can never have enuf of these burgers, and not least because they’re so darn good for you. All ingredients are fresh, local and of the highest quality, and you’ve got to try the Sam Kekovich. It’s got a lamb patty (obviously), bacon, pineapple, red onion, cheese, salad and mayo, and anyone who doesn’t like it is clearly un-Australian.  Find out more

“Came here on a Friday night and man this place was busy as! People sitting eating, people waiting for orders, people picking up take away, people in line waiting to make orders or waiting for tables. It was crazy! And I know why – their burgers are delicious! Love how you can pick from different buns and their menu is quite large for a burger joint.” – xbabydollx


Image credit: Nordburger



Nordburger is a pure and happy place where only wonderful things happen. One of these things is called the Big Kahuna, and it’s a tasty mix of ground beef, bacon, pineapple, American cheese, mustard, ketchup and Nord sauce. Also, the crinkle-cut fries are mandatory. We refuse to live in a world in which people visit Nordburger and pass up on the crinklies! Find out more

“Definitely the best burgers I’ve ever had in Adelaide, absolutely brilliant.” –  ReviewTime

That list should ease your burger yearnings for now. When you’ve tried them, rate and review them on True Local, too!

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