Perth’s Juiciest Burgers

You may remember our previous burger coverage, but it barely scratched the surface. We’re diving deeper in Perth’s burger culture to find the best spots all over the city.



Flipside Burger Bar

North Fremantle

From the fresh produce to the quick service, Flipside is all about being the best burger joint it can be. The Pear & Parmesan Chicken Burger is a joy to devour, with the salad, relish and mayo perfectly complementing the aforementioned goodies. So, head down for a taste, and we’ll catch you on the Flipside! Find out more

“Love the burgers here – order burger and fries and sit at Mrs Browns wine bar next door. They’ll bring the burger over to you because they’re owned by the same company.” – pitchmj


Bilby's Burgers

Bilby’s Chargrilled Burgers


As classic an Aussie burger place as you’ll ever find, Bilby’s is here to bring us big flavours, small prices and happy satisfaction. Thanks, Bilby’s! Keeping with the classic Aussie theme, we’re going to recommend Ol’ Salty, a crocodile tail fillet burger complete with grilled pineapple, onions, pickles, lettuce and Bilby’s very own mayo. This thing is fierce, and it’ll never let your taste buds down. Find out more

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Alfred’s Kitchen


Here we have a true institution of the Perth foodie scene. Alfred’s has been keeping us all well-fed since 1946, and it’s had time to fill out its menu with over 40 mouth-watering varieties in the intervening decades. We like to go for the simple-yet-sensational Egg, Cheese and Bacon Hamburger, because, as you can tell, it’s got all the major food groups covered. Find out more

“The atmosphere of this awesome place is something to truly savour! The front raised fire pit is cosy to sit around and the burgers are huge and really tasty! Its great value and quality… the only bad comment I could say is that it can sometimes be so packed with people ‘cause it’s so good so there is sometimes a wait, but definitely worth it!” – memi2410


V Burger

V Burger Bar

East Victoria Park

V Burger Bar is renowned for serving up some of the finest gourmet burgers in the state, from beef, lamb, and chicken to pork, fish and more. As for which one to munch down on first, we’re rather partial to the veggie-friendly Guacaloumi, which is grilled haloumi, mushroom, guacamole, lettuce, onion and aioli. Oh, and those sweet potato chips they also do? You must try them. Find out more

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South East

The Merrywell
Image credit: The Merrywell

The Merrywell


Woody, curvy, sprawling and sunny, the Merrywell is a beautiful venue indeed. The beer garden’s great, the views are sublime and the drinks list is extensive. More importantly, however, it’s gone some epic burgers. If you can handle the heat, we’d thoroughly suggest trying the Red Eye, a mouth-watering bundle of beef, jalapenos, chilli, harissa, cheese, chipotle mayo and sriracha. Find out more

“Always busy, always a great vibe. Awesome place to catch up for drinks with friends or for a casual meal before or after a show at the Theatre.” – Kikininja


Image credit: Varsity Burgers Northbridge Facebook

Varisty Burgers


Sister to Varsity Bar Nedlands, this hole in the wall brings you American style burgers and snack food. Sink your teeth into their ‘Presley’ burger; not just your usual double cheeseburger but packed with bacon crunchy peanut butter and smashed banana too! These burgers are the real deal so if you think you’ve got game, indulge in one for yourself.  Find out more

“Best burgers around. Go to the original Varsity Bar and get the real experience!” – matt_1987

Wow, look at all those burgers! They should keep you full for now but don’t forget to review them on True Local!

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