5 Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Chill Factor

Every workplace comes with its own stresses, and it’s inevitable that your employees will get a bit highly strung every now and then. If your team needs a dose of relaxation, we’ve got five proven techniques for you to try.

Gym membership

gym membership

The link between mental and physical wellbeing is extremely well documented, and it’s vital that everyone gets enough exercise to keep them healthy, happy and thinking straight. Regular trips to the gym will do wonders for your people, so it’s very much worth introducing some kind of membership incentive policy. Here are a few recommended fitness centres to consider.


Virgin Active

“I have been a member of many gyms in the past and the Virgin Active Gym Sydney Pitt Street is the most organised, clean and welcoming that I have been to. The facilities are outstanding including a 25 meter pool and yoga room as well as a really good mix of classes to attend. Staff from my experience are consistently friendly and the instructors they employ are inspiring and genuinely help you get results.” – ChristinaCo


Vibes Fitness

“Amazing!! I never thought I would be the kind of person who wanted to work out and exercise, but Margie’s got me hooked. She got me off the couch and constantly harassing her to squeeze me into any free sessions that open up. The atmosphere, the goals, the trainer (Margie) all top notch. I couldn’t find better if I tried. Vibes fitness is an experience to be had by all. Keep it up.” – SweetPear


PB Fitness & Body Transformation

“Hey big shout out to Luke, he is doing a fantastic job on motivating me to achieve my goals of ‘being fit enough to chase my 3 little angels around’, and my eating & fitness has improved remarkably because of Luke. My girls even said Daddy you look thinner which was absolutely adorable to hear. Thanks heaps mate you’re a good man & great PT!” – JeffAlleO


O’Mara Fitness

“Excellent gym with fantastic equipment. The Staff are very friendly, professional and helped me achieve my goals in the shortest time possible. Rob.” – mikeomara


Vital Body Fitness Centre

“I started visiting Vital Body Fitness in early Dec 2013 as just an hourly PT session/week, with Cheryl as my instructor. She helped me decide my goals (strength, muscle tone, weight loss) gave excellent advice on healthy eating plans & her coaxing during my whinging was excellent & motivating. In that time I have lost 8.5kgs, am now a size 8-10, dropped 11% body fat, increased my muscle mass and bone density and have a metabolic age that’s 16 yrs younger than my actual age.” – Ailze



Yoga is kind of like duct tape – it fixes everything! Regular sessions can improve your blood flow, flexibility, bone strength and immune system, and that’s just for starters. The mental benefits are also extensive, including better sleep, higher focus, more self-discipline and a big improvement in both mood and relaxation levels. Just check this lot out and see for yourself!


Pranamoves Yoga

“Best place for practicing yoga if you are living in Sydney. Personally, what drew me to this place is the perfect combination on asanas practice, pranayama and meditation. So, if you are looking for a place to practice authentic yoga, guided by knowledgeable, warm-hearted teachers then Pranamoves is the place you are looking for.” – GeorgianaN


three clouds yoga

“Jemma is a fabulous teacher who has developed and guided our workplace into a stress free zone. I always look forward to our lunch time Yoga classes, which are not only rejuvenating but also challenging. Jemma’s knowledge, guidance and individual help has really assisted me in developing my Yoga skills and clearing my mind. She makes a lunch time work out very easy by coming to the office, and is always flexible with time. I would highly recommend Three Clouds Yoga.” – Gleach


Stretch Yoga

“LOVE stretch. The vibe and atmosphere is awesome, and the teachers are excellent. The variety of classes and styles is perfect, there’s always a class no matter how you’re feeling. They’re also on nearly any time of day – such a good timetable. I’ve been to plenty of yoga studios, but have never felt as at home as I do every time I walk through the doors at Stretch!” – harrietmcatee


MOJO Physiotherapy & Yoga

“MOJO Yoga is brilliant the instructors are experienced and supportive. I started off as a beginner and have learnt so much over the last couple of years. I recommend MOJO Yoga to everyone.” – Michelle79


Shamata Pilates & Yoga

“Shamata Pilates and yoga has been an exciting addition to my life. I was really nervous to attend but the staff were kind and welcoming. I’ve been surprised to find that the low impact, strengthening, and technique has improved the way I feel and move and has helped my running! If you are unsure or nervous about giving Pilates a go, definitely try Shamata first.” – Jessapplebee

Day Spa

Day spa relax

Yep! if we’re talking destressing, we can hardly leave out a purpose-built facility dedicated entirely to it, can we? A group trip to the spa might be just what your team needs to unwind from all their hard work, and they’ll very much appreciate the chance to lay back and relax amongst the saunas, masseuses and fancy skin treatments.


Ayurve Spa

“I completely relaxed and felt like i had gone on holiday. good products too and you must try the foot massage. Friendly and caring service too. thank you.” – Vanity_Girl


Natskin Day Spa Retreat

“One of the best place to relax from a stressful day! I’d experienced the body massage and facial treatment and ohhhhhhhhh! It was awesome! I was satisfied! thank you so much Natskin!” – katefarleigh


Dome Spa Retreat

“I just had my second visit to the Dome Spa and it was superb. If you are looking for a real treat that lasts all day this is the place. Excellent staff, beautiful environment with high tea available at extra cost. Pure bliss.” – Darlene Clews


Bali Beautique Spa

“Had a great spa and massage, calming relaxing atmosphere at Bali Beautique Spa in East Perth, I am a convert and will be recommending your business to my colleagues and friends.” – brettsorento


Universal Body

“Thank you so much. It was such a relaxing experience! That was most definitely the best massage I have been given. Will definitely come back again!” – lilian2008

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

These days, meditation isn’t just for Buddhist monks and wannabe-Jedi. It’s a universally recognised method of regulating emotion, improving concentration and significantly reducing stress; as well as boosting the practitioner’s cardio and immune systems. Heck, it’s even been linked to slowing down the ageing process! If you’re wondering how to get started, these folks are happy to help.


Transcendental Meditation

“I grew up in Sydney and learnt Transcendental Meditation in Sydney about 15 years ago. I really love my practice and get tremendous benefits in all areas of my life. More recently I’ve visited the centre in York St and really enjoyed speaking with the TM teachers there. If you want to improve your quality of life I recommend learning Transcendental Meditation. Best Wishes, Asher.” – Asher Ferguson


Brahma Kumaris Australia

“I have been meditating with the BKs for over 20 years, and I can still remember how stressed and unhappy I was before I started. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga changed my life. Courses in meditation are free of charge with this not-for-profit world-wide organisation – so why not give it a try – a lesson once a week for 8 weeks is not a lot of time to give for the life-changing results you can achieve.” – Jaju


Streamline Meditation

This spot offers regular group meditation sessions for businesses, so they definitely know their stuff. Whether you’ve never meditated before in your life or you’re a Zen master, Streamline Meditation will cater to everyone in the group.

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Beyond Rest

A little different to the regular meditation technique, Beyond Rest offers flotation therapy, which is basically exactly what it sounds like! Lay back and relax in a flotation tank designed to refresh and refocus your attention.

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Blue Fire Reiki and Meditation

“I can’t begin to thank Mandi from Blue Fire Reiki, for all the healing and support for our family she has openly given over the years.” – Lin Blum

Tranquil Office Environment


Prevention is always the best cure, as you’ve probably heard before. You need to ensure that your workplace is as clean and calming as possible, and office plants are a great way to start. They clean the air, provide something nice to look at, and have been genuinely proven to lower stress and boost mood and productivity. Here’s where to get them.


The Plant Man

When it comes to plants in Sydney, The Plant Man is your go-to guy. Whether you’re just in a small space or have a larger, more corporate office, you can hire out all sorts of indoor and outdoor plants to suit your space.

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The lovely people at Glasshaus focus on using unusual and eclectic plants that really make a statement in your office space. That means they’re a double whammy – providing a relaxing environment for your employees and a talking point for customers!

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IEQ Indoor Plants

As these guys rightfully point out, humans evolved to like looking at plants because it meant food and shelter for us. Sounds like they have a firm grip on the whole plants-for-wellbeing thing, so give them a go!

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With a mission to create harmonious and innovative surroundings. The team at Ambius are here to help “greenify” your office.

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Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire

Adelaide’s workspaces would be much blander without the green-thumbed team over at Jarrett Indoor Plant Hire. They offer a range of options for hire like desktop plants, floor standing plants and even vertical plant walls on a short or long-term basis.

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