Business Spotlight: Image Technique


A picture paints a thousand words, but Philippe Flatt captures moments to last a lifetime. We had a quick chat with him to hear his story:

What is your name and role at Image Technique?

I’m Philippe Flatt. Owner and Photographer.

What is your business story? How did you come to start this business?

Since I was 15 years old I had been taking photos including developing my own film and printing photos in a darkroom at home. I was fascinated by the photographic process and I admired the classic portrait photographers of yesteryear as much as I did the contemporaries of the present time.

I think it was my association with using film that gave me an added appreciation for the preservation of one’s family history through a printed photograph. Holding an old photograph in your hand evokes memories in a different way compared to looking at images on a computer or portable device. I was lucky to be part of a family that loved photos- we had loads of albums at home.
Image Technique was born in 2007. I had been working full time in the photography industry since 2000 for established studios.  I wanted Image Technique to be as much about having an enjoyable experience as well as providing affordable quality products. I wanted the studio to reflect my approach to life which is to relax and have fun.

What type of photo shoots do you offer?

We offer all types of portraiture: Families, new born babies, toddlers & kids. We also offer portraits for business people in our studio and on location. Our studio has kitchen and bathroom facilities-ideal for newborn & baby shoots. Sessions are at a relaxed pace to ensure we get beautiful images every time.

From these photo shoots our clients can choose between a wide range of premium quality finishes: Prints, framed prints, canvas, photo albums, acrylic products. We also offer digital packages or a combination of digital and print packages.

One thing we do promise is no high pressure selling.

Tell me about the philosophy behind your photography style

In a nutshell I tell your story, not mine. I’m not here to promote my brand through the photos; I’m here to cater to  individuals. Candid, playful, classical, or a combination of all of these.  Because of this the style of the images can be quite varied. After all the images are for my clients, not me.

The common element I strive for is to show the relationships, personalities and connection between people. I guess I also have a signature lighting style for portraiture; it’s usually very emotive yet flattering while avoiding the clichés of glamour photography. This harks back to the days when I was perfecting the contrast and tonal range of prints in the darkroom. We put a lot of time into preparing our photos before they are printed to ensure they look amazing.

I prefer simple, timeless images that won’t date. We don’t often use props although we’re happy to if our clients ask. For example our newborn photos are a basket and flowerpot – free zone. I think a much more meaningful photo is a newborn cradled in their parent’s arms or hands instead of being placed in a basket. I think the baby will treasure those photos more once they have grown up.


What do you love most about having a business in Marrickville?

I love the cultural diversity of Marrickville. I have lived here since 1995 and I liked it then. The suburb has a great energy and a lot of people seem to have a laissez faire approach to life, it’s very laid back, everyone gets on. I also love food from every nation and it’s a great place to buy ingredients and eat out. I love recommending local restaurants and café’s to my clients, many who have travelled from other suburbs, who are often in need of a meal after their family shoot. I’ve tried nearly all of them so I can confidently put the icing on the cake so to speak; a successful photography session capped off by a great lunch.  It’s not too far from the city which is handy for corporate clients based in town

What is the most rewarding aspect of managing your own business?

Being able to make a living from doing what I love and making people happy. My clients cherish their photos; they will keep them for the rest of their life so I really feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. I love that I’ve been able to provide a service that reflects the way I like to experience life; a lot of laughter and fun. Just as importantly being my own boss gives me complete control over the quality of the finished product I produce, I’m very particular about quality myself when I buy things or when I engage the services of a professional and this permeates into every aspect of my business.

Are there any local businesses in the area that you love?

Many! Some of the speciality food shops. I buy my spices and rice from Namaste spices on Illawarra Rd. There is a wonderful family owned Greek deli called Danas foods, I have been buying Birthday cakes from Athena Cakes for about 10 years. The best crispy chicken in Sydney comes from Thuy Huong, it’s amazing! I could go on and on, there are so many great businesses.


If you’re looking for a great photographer in Sydney, get in touch with Philippe today.

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