Business Spotlight: Minx Hair Studio

Minx Hair Studio

We spoke to Robin from Minx Hair Studio to discover his local story:

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Robin. Tell us a little about who you are.

I’m Robin, I’m the senior hairdresser at Minx Hair Studio.

How did you start in the hairdressing industry?

I started off hairdressing 21 years ago – I just fell into it. Finishing school, I didn’t know what to do, but I had a few friends friends and cousins of mine who were hairdressers. Basically I got into that thinking that it would be a bludge, but there’s no bludging! After working for people for about 16 years, I thought it was time that I went on my own and I haven’t looked back.

It must be really rewarding having your own business, would you agree?

It’s the best job I’ve ever had. People always tell me “you look like you’re just loving it”. There’s no other job where I get to talk to people, do my own creativity, and dictate how my day goes, get paid for it, and really love it. The business is currently at its stage where it’s repeat clientele, so every client that comes in are seriously like your friend. I’ve known them for years now, so they know everything about my business and I know about theirs, and we really take off this way. 

One thing that his industry has given me is a great set of customers who are now my friends – I’ve been best man for a customer, god father for another, and customers have now dated.. It’s just such a great meeting point for friends and a place that brings people together.

What do you love most about having a business in Surry Hills?

Surry Hills is actually going through a transition right now. You find that sometimes the locals no longer exist – they’ve moved on so to speak, but you do get a lot of clients from surrounding suburbs who do like to travel. However, I love the diversity – I love that you’ve got the young and the old. There isn’t a set culture, not a set type of person that lives in Surry Hills, so it’s basically like a bag of mixed people, and I love it because every day it offers a different client.

Are most of your customers from the local area?

A lot of them are from surrounding areas and greater Sydney – Western Suburbs in particular, and Northern Beaches. That’s actually because of True Local because a lot of the people that tend to come in the beginning was because they wanted a good hairdresser and people would use True Local as a directory to do so, plus they look at the ratings and reviews.

What is Minx Hair Studio most famous for?

Cut and colour – more specifically, colour correction. So, I fix up when they’re hairdresser stuff-up or whether they’re personal stuff-ups.

What is your fave local business in Surry Hills?

Next door there’s Chainsmith Bike Shop that has just opened up where I’ve just purchased my bike.

Do you have any advice for small businesses just starting up?

Do your research and know your area. I had been working in the area for 6 years, for someone else, so I learned about the culture, the average age group, and what I was aiming for. I knew the clientele that I really wanted, through trial and error, but I made sure I invested in e-marketing. I focused on gaining word-of-mouth exposure because I believe you have to be true to yourself – when you are opening up a new business, you need to commit 110% and be strong for what you believe in. Research for what you want, – set your goal and aim for it.

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